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Found 8 results

  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/politics/singapore-has-to-tighten-measures-promptly-if-needed-to-clamp-down-on-spread-of The recent ban on travellers from India, amid record infection figures surpassing 300,000 there, has further worsened the situation for the construction sector, he added. The Government is therefore working on emergency legislation to address this severe disruption and to "share the burden more fairly between the different parties - the contractors, the developers, and the buyers", he said. "We will introduce the legislation, I hope in the next sitting of Parliament," he added.
  2. Atrecord

    "Solid" MOM

    Lately so many instances of low standard of Chinese... Our MOM became 坚硬的内政部 Lucky didn't use 奸 instead 🤣
  3. Someone please tell me what the point of this exercise is? The employer's address will no longer be printed on the card. Great for privacy, right? Wrong. The free app still allows pretty much anyone to scan the QR code and display all the details on their phone. So how exactly does this protect the employer from, say, harassment by loan sharks whom the FDW owes money to? In fact, not displaying the employer's address on the card has the downside of discouraging good samaritans from directly returning the card to employers if it's convenient for them. Especially if they're not tech savvy enough to scan in the code. I simply don't get it. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. pls do not judge ... i am just asking what your employers are/would be doing as i do not want mine to get into trouble also. in the last Q&A, MTI and MOM said they will be telling some essential services providers(ESP) to further reduce active head count even though they are ESP. let's say your coy has 100 staff and are told to reduce active head count by 50%, what are the criteria that you would use to decide which staff goes home for the time being ? and do you still continue to pay those who are told to stop work ? would it be unfair to those who have to continue going to work at the workplace. we are 3PL - meaning we provide manpower who does physical work .... not possible to WFH ... eg, how to deliver goods if WFH ? I uderstand that the govt has the wgae support program to help defray the cost of salary for the coy. But again, will the working staff feel its unfair if their colleagues are paid to SAH ? I doubt we will be allowed to "rotate" who works and who SAH ? I don't need to know what is morally right but need to know what is legally right. * i am still waiting to see if we receive the reduction instruction from MTI.
  5. A pity, because I think this is a very good restaurant. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/lei-garden-closes-orchard-shopping-centre-branch-2014070 With so many restaurants closing down, or on the brink of closing down, due to manpower shortage issues, and such news being repeatedly published on MSM, I think the message is clear. It reminds me of an oatmeal comic. Food can really get people to react like nothing else can:
  6. Manpower costs the main reason for increase in food price? Really ?. http://www.soshiok.com/multimedia/photos/1999 I would think it's the increase in rent. Why no labour cost ? Due to inflation, everyone deserved a higher salary because of higher cost of living. So it natural to expect labour cost to increase in proportion of inflation. However, why does malls/food stall has their rent increase more than inflation by so much over the years... Actually, every increase in profit didnt not go the owner or those that labor.. But went to the fat bonus of the landlords.. Why is these scholars so blind not to see the real cause of the problem?
  7. Sabbie

    How to Manage Manpower

    You got a fu(ked up staff you want to sack but you need the manpower, to get a replacement manpower you need to sack her or him first and the new staff will take time to come and train up, you need all the manpower at the moment but you also know that this staff cmi in the long run, how to solve???
  8. Chinablue

    Anyone from manpower agency here?

    do you provide short term foreign workers for about 3-5 mths and it's for those low levels jobs like construction sector. what are the costs for such short term worker?