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Found 91 results

  1. BabyBlade

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Kicking off part 6 of my makan thread with pics taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Makan sessions with @kobayashigt. Circuit Road Hawker Center Nakhon Kitchen The Burning Oak at Simpang Bedok Hawker Center. Love their melt-in-your-mouth pork cheeks!
  2. Fast food meals have fewer calories than restaurant dishes, BMJ finds Fast food meals are less calorific than many restaurant dishes, research published in the BMJ has found. The study found that meals served by popular high street eateries - including Harvester and Hungry Horse - contain more than twice the amount of recommended calories. Health officials say that a main meal should contain no more than 600 calories. But the study found that the average dish served in a chain restaurant contains 1033 calories. The figure far exceeds the average 751 calorie countent found in meals served by fast-food joints including MacDonalds, Wimpy and Burger King. The biggest offenders were the Hungry Horse and Stone House restaurant chains, which which clocked up 1,358 and 1,275calories in an average main meal respectively. Other well-known restaurant chains with high calorie content included Harvester, at 1,166 calories, JD Wetherspoon, with 1119 calories, and Nandos, on 1,019 calories. Advice issued by Public Health England in March said people should be aiming to consume 600 calories for lunch and dinner. Author Dr Eric Robinson, a behavioural psychologist at Liverpool University, said the findings were "shocking". But he warned that they under-estimate the true picture, since drinks, starters, desserts and side orders were excluded from the study. He said: "Only one-in-ten of the meals we surveyed could be considered a healthy number of calories. "Although some of the results are shocking our findings probably underestimate the number of calories consumed in restaurants because our analysis did not include drinks, starters, desserts or side orders." He said: "It's really clear what the food industry need to do - they need to act more responsibly and reduce the number of calories that they're serving." Britain’s restaurant habits are fuelling its obesity crisis he said, with four in ten adults eat out at least once a week. Dr Robinson said the poor nutritional content of 'fast food' is well known but full service restaurants where dining tables are provided have received less attention. The study analysed the calories in 13,500 main meals from 21 full-service and six fast-food chains. Among fast food chains, meals at Burger King had an average of 711 calories, followed by Wimpy, at 721 calories, and McDonald’s at 726 calories. The highest meal in a restaurant classed as “fast-food” was at KFC, with an average of 987 calories. Dr Robinson said: "On average, the energy content of main meals served by full service restaurants was 268 calories higher than that of main meals served by fast food restaurants.” Researchers said many public health experts had focussed concern on fast foods, but not paid enough attention to the stodgy and fatty fare sold in high street restaurants. The UK is the most overweight nation in Western Europe - with levels of obesity growing faster than in the US. Last year a study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Britain was the sixth-worst country in its 35 member states - coming behind Mexico, the USA, New Zealand, Finland and Australia. Two in three adults are overweight or obese. The Government is consulting on introducing mandatory calorie labels on restaurant menus, while health officials are working on plans to cut the calorie content of meals. https://www.msn.com/en-sg/health/fitness/fast-food-meals-have-fewer-calories-than-restaurant-dishes-bmj-finds/ar-BBQYCUr?ocid=spartanntp
  3. Post: https://mothership.sg/2018/12/cake-cutting-ieatishootipost-leslie-tay-singapore/?fbclid=IwAR3FfG0ZyBVQGryIq_XHe-Q6yMro33bWPZrnOoBWQJe9DFZ5x_vIpFmB2Zc So far I've brought birthday cakes to numerous restaurants and yet to be charged for cakeage. The only thing to take note is for halal joints, ensure cake bought externally is from a halal certified bakery. Certain restaurants/cafes selling their own cakes may not allow outside cakes to be brought in as well since it affects their revenue. So... Should customers be charged for bringing in a cake to celebrate after dinner? After all, this means having to provide you with extra plates, fork, and probably an extra 30 mins you'll be spending at their restaurants (possibly affecting their turnover) etc?
  4. Dear Customers, Thank you for your support for the past 10 years Our restaurant Bottle Tree Pte Ltd will be ending our business in 31/3/2014 which is also our last day for all the activities in Bottle Tree Park. For information on new location for our restaurant do call 67597077 to find out. Thank you so much for your support so many year. we wish everyone here have your fun and happy memories here. This is taken from their website , sad to see a good place go. Its lease with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will run out tomorrow.
  5. Restaurant are practically everywhere in this small island. Recommend the restaurants that you have tried before and discuss why you recommend other to go there. Is it because of food, ambience, costs, service standards, variety, trend, etc? It can be any cuisine, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western, Thai, Brazilian, Turkish, Italian, African, etc. Indoors or open air, old names or Michelin stars awarded, atas or non atas. Please discuss here.
  6. sounds like a good idea for many lonely mcf who eat alone Quite convenience for people who work in CBD or town area, i might give it a try
  7. Fcw75

    Northern Thai Restaurant

    This stall used to be at Tyrwhitt Road near Jalan Besar but the coffeeshop has closed down. The stall has now moved to: 145 Upper Paya Lebar Road Serve decent thai food (pineapple rice, fried fish tom yam soup, etc) at reasonable price. For those who are patronised them and wondering where they have moved to. The boss uncle Ben and his wife are very nice people too. For your information.
  8. Ysc3

    Food poisoning

    in the wake of Summer Palace in Regent Hotel being downgraded in terms of hygiene (damn !! C for a 5 star hotel !!??) ... I was wondering how do authorities classify it as a mass food poisoning situation ?? must all the victims all start to vomit and fall sick in the restaurant then be considered as the restaurant's fault ?
  9. God bless him. Real big heart in doing his part for the needy. In cool weather, restaurant owner delivers blankets to those sleeping on the streets in Chinatown 1 of 2 Mr Francis Ng (left) delivering a blanket to carpenter Chua Yong Sia, 61, who has been sleeping homeless in Chinatown for the last few years.PHOTO: LIM MIN ZHANG PUBLISHED5 HOURS AGO UPDATED43 MIN AGO FACEBOOK1,993TWITTEREMAIL Lim Min Zhang SINGAPORE - While many are sleeping comfortably at home in the cool weather, some people spending the night on the streets get by without a blanket. The sight of an old man in Chinatown shivering while trying to sleep moved Mr Francis Ng to action last week. Since last Thursday (Jan 4), the restaurant owner has been giving out blankets to those sleeping on the streets, mainly in mature estates such as Tiong Bahru, Redhill and Toa Payoh. He estimated that he has given out more than 100 blankets so far. They cost around $10 per piece. In the early hours of a rainy Saturday morning (Jan 13), The Straits Times followed Mr Ng, 44, on his solo mission to do good. In about an hour, he delivered nine blankets in Chinatown to mostly elderly men. Some of them lie on benches and reclining chairs, while make do with a piece of cardboard on the ground. The heartwarming act came amid the cool spell in recent days.
  10. Duo who caused ruckus at Balestier Bak Kut Teh stall charged in court http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/duo-who-caused-ruckus-balestier-bak-kut-teh-stall-charged-court PS to mods: please feel free to place this post in the relevant thread if available, thanks.
  11. There used to be a restaurant serving affordable Thai food at the old sembawang shopping centre. Can anyone advise where it has moved to? Hasn't been that place for years and it has changed so much. Thank you.
  12. Marine Cove reopens end-June: 5 things about the recreational enclave at East Coast Park The McDonald's outlet at Marine Cove features a new look: loft-like space, sleek metallic counter, yellow flooring and gigantic food decals. Photo: The Straits Times SINGAPORE - Marine Cove at East Coast Park reopens from this week, after being in development for two years. The National Parks Board (NParks) promises facilities that are family-friendly, great views of the sea and a 3,500 sqm playground with a marine theme. Here's more about the revamped park recreation area. 1. MEGA PLAY AREA FOR THE KIDS The highlight of the playground is a 8m tower modelled after a lighthouse. It comes with many play elements that include three slides, a rope bridge and climbing net courses. There are also inclusive play equipment to encourage children of different abilities to play together. They are designed to let children spin, rock and swing to improve muscle control. 2. MACS IS BACK Those hankering for the return of a 30-year-old icon can look forward to gourmet food options alongside the usual fast-food fare when McDonald's reopens on July 2. The beach-style 8,439 sq ft outlet will act as a test kitchen to incubate new products, and feature a salad bar, a dessert bar and a trio of premium burgers like the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slaw. 3. MORE DIVERSE FOOD OPTIONS While the children play, parents can chill at the new F&B outlets opening progressively from Tuesday (June 28). Family restaurant Babalicious will serve Peranakan dishes together with Hainanese chicken rice, while visitors can tuck into kopi and steamed kaya butter bread at Hill Street Coffee Shop. There is also halal-certified My Briyani House and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet. More details on their opening promotions here. 4. NO MORE PARKING WOES? Located at East Coast Park Area C, Marine Cove is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road. Its two carparks have been reconfigured to increase the number of parking lots. Carparks C2 and C3 will have a total of around 430 car parking lots - up from about 300 previously. 5. REMEMBER MARINE COVE'S PREVIOUS INCARNATION? Singaporeans who grew up in the 1980s will remember Marine Cove's former life as the East Coast Recreation Centre. It was developed by Mr George Wuu in 1980 and had replicas of nostalgic landmarks like the old Lido Theatre and Odeon cinemas. Marine Cove was then sold to Rock Productions, the business arm of New Creation Church which also manages The Rock Auditorium and The Star Vista, a shopping mall in Buona Vista. It bought the recreation and restaurant cluster from George Wuu in 2002 for about $10 million and renamed it Marine Cove. The land, managed by the Singapore Land Authority, was handed back to NParks in 2011 and the area closed in 2012 for redevelopment. http://news.asiaone.com/news/lifestyle/marine-cove-reopens-end-june-5-things-about-recreational-enclave-east-coast-park
  13. how the heck would he recognize the texture of faeces so quickly unless he tried it before? LOL
  14. Tianmo

    The Warmest Fridge

    Will this happen here???......... Restaurant owner installs fridge outside to feed the homeless A restaurant owner who put a fridge laden with uneaten food on the street outside her business to help the needy has said she felt compelled to act. “If I kept doing nothing then nothing would have happened,” she said. Minu Pauline, owner of the Pappadavada restaurant, in Kochi, southern India, was moved to combat both food waste and hunger after seeing people scavanging waste food from bins. The fridge – nicknamed nanma maram, meaning ‘tree of goodness’ – began as a place people in need could pick up excess food from the restaurant. It has now become a community hub, with people from across town donating to it. Ms Pauline, 28, was inspired to install the fridge after seeing a woman searcing her rubbish bags for food late one night. “It was very sad,” she told The Independent. Minu Pauline, left, as the fridge is opened for use (Minu Pauline/Facebook) “Just imagine being in the situation where you should be asleep but you feel too hungry and you have to go out to find food.” At the same time, she realised how much food is wasted by society, including in her own restaurant. “Money is yours but resources belong to society,” Ms Pauline said. “If you’re wasting your money, it’s your money, but you’re wasting the society’s resources. Don’t waste the resource, don’t waste the food.” She came to a resolution to do something and hit upon the simple idea of installing a fridge and encouraging her customers to put in it whatever they didn’t eat. The fridge is left unlocked and unsupervised for 24 hours a day, and anyone who needs to can utilise it. It feeds dozens of people every night. Critics, seeing the idea of a businesswoman installing an attraction deliberately drawing the homeless to outside her source of income as crazy, initially dismissed the idea. “I know it’s risky,” she said. “But it’s for the good of the community. Nothing has happened before because no one wanted to take a risk. “Nothing has happened yet, but I’ll take it out if I need to.” “You should stand up for the change you wish to see. “I have so many smiling customers,” Ms Pauline said. “I can feel the positivity in my shop.” One of the best aspects of the project is that her example seems to be spreading. “I recently saw two kids outside the fridge,” said Ms Pauline. “After they left, I went to see what they had been doing and in the fridge was some pomegranates and candy that they had donated. “I’m so happy to see the message being spread to the next. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/restaurant-owner-installs-fridge-outside-to-feed-the-homeless-a6963861.html
  15. Some pictures of 2 PM dining at regular joint in Serangoon Road - Komala Vilas yesterday evening- Enjoy!!
  16. This deserves a new thread and awareness of this kind lady. Also how mean people can be and the person who asked for the poor fellow to be sacked. Karma is a bitch Ms Sharon Guan, 54, (right) defended one of her staff - dishwasher Mr Jimmy Wee, 53 - from an intolerant customer who complained about his skin condition. TNP PHOTO: PHYLLICIA WANG SHE'S THE RESTAURANT BOSS WHO STOOD BY DISHWASHER WITH SKIN CONDITION WOMAN BOSS WHO DEFENDS EMPLOYEE WITH SKIN CONDITION SAYS COMPANIES SHOULD BE KIND TO THE NEEDY Nov 25, 2015 6:00amBY NG JUN SEN It was hardly a well-kept secret. When The New Paper on Sunday wrote about an intolerant customer, who wanted a dishwasher suffering from a genetic skin condition fired over "health reasons", the report went viral online. His employer stood by his side, saying she would rather lose the customer than lose 53-year-old Jimmy Wee. Back then, Ms Sharon Guan Xue-er declined to be named because she did not want to be seen as trying to gain publicity for Mr Wee's plight. Mr Wee suffers from neurofibromatosis, which causes thousands of tumours to grow on his face and body. It is not infectious. The report, which was published on Nov 15, sparked a hunt by netizens to identify the restaurant as they wanted to "give business" to an ethical company. And they did. Details of her restaurant, the Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat's Rangoon Road outlet, were posted on Facebook. The restaurant's main branch is in Balestier Road. Ms Guan, who runs the restaurants with a partner, said she was initially uncomfortable with the notion but was eventually persuaded by customers and the media to come forward. The 54-year-old said in Mandarin: "I prefer not be identified, but it makes no difference now that we are named. "I hope that by coming forward, we can convince others to be kind towards the unfortunate and the needy, and for companies not to discriminate in their hiring." Ms Guan is in charge of all front-end operations at the restaurant, entertaining guests and taking orders. Ms Guan hired Lok Wei Qiang (right) as a chef, after he was turned down by nine other employers.The Singaporean is no stranger to hiring staff whom other businesses may reject. (See report below.) As a getai singer, she frequently participates in events organised by Tanjong Pagar Community Centre to entertain residents at old folks' homes for free. Early this year, Mr Wee approached Ms Guan after a friend recommended him to the job. He was hired when a medical check-up showed that his condition will not affect customers. His job was to clean dishes at the back of the restaurant, avoiding contact with customers. That was his request, said Ms Guan. But in March, a female customer called to complain after she saw Mr Wee cleaning dishes at the back of the restaurant. TNP found out about this when Ms Guan shared the story with us over dinner - her usual way of chatting with customers. When this reporter asked to write about Mr Wee three weeks ago, she immediately asked to leave her identity and her restaurant out of the report. PERSONAL Ms Guan had said then: "I don't want others to think that I am trying to benefit from Jimmy's ill fate. It is his personal story to tell." The report went viral overnight, with netizens sharing it more than a thousand times on social media. Even publications in Malaysia and Taiwan picked up the story of Mr Wee, who has been living with the condition since he was diagnosed at the age of seven. Several readers wrote to TNP to ask about the restaurant's identity but were turned down as per Ms Guan's wishes. But that did not stop netizens from finding out and revealing the information online. Since then, the restaurant has seen a small boost in business, though that could be attributed to other factors too, said Ms Guan. She added: "It would be sad if people dismiss this as a publicity gimmick. Extra business is always good but that is not what I am after. "I just want to use this opportunity to inform people that the unfortunate and the needy should not be cast aside or feared." Mr Wee is overwhelmed by the amount of support he has received since TNP broke the story. He said that the day after the report came out, some customers visited him at the back of the restaurant to offer words of support and encouragement. He was also recognised in the train and on the streets. Strangers smiled, greeted him and thanked him for sharing his story. Mr Wee said: "This is the first time something like that has happened to me. I am very happy that more people understand my condition better." About that intolerant customer who had wanted him fired, Mr Wee had only one thing to say: "If she could be so mean to someone like me then I hope, for her sake, that she doesn't get sick." I hope that by coming forward, we can convince others to be kind towards the unfortunate and the needy, and for companies not to discriminate in their hiring. - Ms Sharon Guan Xue-er
  17. ST Forum Jun 23, 2011 Unhappy about experience at restaurant ON JUNE 9, my family and I went to Jack's Place to celebrate my husband's birthday. We arrived there at 7.30pm and placed our order. Thereafter, four couples strolled in. Thirty minutes after we had our soup, we were still waiting for our main course of NZ striploin steak and baked codfish. On the other hand, the four couples were already digging into their steaks. We asked a waiter to check on our order but he did not update us. We then approached the manager, who said the food we had ordered would normally take a longer time to prepare. I am not convinced this was the reason. I believe the staff forgot the order. Ironically, the bill came before we asked for it. Is this the type of service to expect from Jack's Place? Why wasn't there any follow-up from the manager when we were the only table left waiting? Stacey Ng (Ms)
  18. Ysc3

    Shashlik Restaurant

    anyone eaten here recently ?? thinking of going there next week ... but got mixed reviews on HGW ... esp on their service and waiting times .... at that kind of prices:feedback, got to do some research first.
  19. RadX

    Cathay Restaurant closes

    SINGAPORE - Iconic eatery The Cathay Restaurant, located on the second floor of The Cathay building in Handy Road, closed its doors on Monday. On the restaurant's website, a notice read: "Please be informed The Cathay Restaurant has ceased operation with effect from 15th June 2015." The restaurant, which opened in 1940, initially served European food, but it was renovated and reopened as a Chinese restaurant in 1951. In its heyday, it was considered one of the finest restaurants in town, with a bar serving Western cocktails, a dancefloor and a resident band accompanying popular songbirds of the era such as Ruby Wah and Chang Lu. And the chefs whipped up Cantonese and Shanghainese dishes that were much admired. But by the 1960s, the restaurant's popularity had dwindled and it closed on Dec 31, 1964. Its owner, Cathay Organisation, resurrected the restaurant in 2007, when it opened The Cathay, its cineplex-cum-shopping mall in Handy Road. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/iconic-eatery-the-cathay-restaurant-popular-the-1950s-sh#xtor=CS1-10
  20. Happened last saturday at 重庆正宗老火锅 along Beach Road. http://www.wanbao.com.sg/local/story20150407-51911 scary....
  21. Perhaps some of you had your wedding dinner there? Boon Lay Raja Restaurant may close next year http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/boon-lay-raja-restaurant/1404056.html The owners are retiring, and are seeking a reserve price of S$15 million for the 11,248 square foot space at Jurong Gateway Road. SINGAPORE: The Boon Lay Raja Restaurant, a popular Chinese dining establishment that has been operating for more than 20 years, will close next year if a buyer for its Jurong premises is found. Marketing agency Savills Singapore, which is managing the sale of the 11,248 square foot space at Jurong Gateway Road, said the vendors "would have preferred to continue operating if not for their impending retirement". "This is a rare opportunity for restaurateurs facing escalating rentals to operate on their own premise, and establish or consolidate their presence in this highly sought-after location," Savills said in a media statement on Wednesday (Oct 8). Boon Lay Raja Restaurant is located about 200 metres from Jurong East MRT station and bus interchange, and is near the Jurong Regional Library and JCube shopping mall. Savills said the vendors are looking at a reserve price of S$15 million, or S$1,334 per square foot, for the restaurant space, which has a remaining lease of 69 years. The tender closes on Nov 6 at 3pm. - CNA/xy
  22. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/12/magazine/fine-dining-for-second-graders.html?ref=magazine&_r=0 Thought to share a cute video on kids at a fine dining restaurant, while also looking at the food involved...
  23. Had a go at the cold crab a few days ago. The last visit was a couple of years back. I honestly couldn't remember the price and did not bother to check on the Internet hence I was very surprised when I was charged $80 for 2 cold crabs! It is pretty good (with the chilli) if you disregard price but I definitely will not visit again.
  24. Hi All, Anyone know the way to Restaurant Todak as with the enclosed map? Seem like there is some construction worksbeng going on where even with signages available also not able to get in.
  25. 4 Sri Lanka crab above 2kg $812? 1 person Pu Er tea cost $80? I know their fried rice is well known to be expensive (and standard drop when the two sisters died) but then the pricing is too ridiculously high man... Original post here http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=473...e=1&theater P.S..chio mm posted this...