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Found 63 results

  1. But this time , it's a small one ... More like it's branch fell off along buangkok green and compassvale bow .. And the Police closed 2 lanes ..looks like it's the tree falling season ;( *** Pics will be uploaded soon ***
  2. The National Parks Board (NParks) says it has a public liability insurance policy which covers its legal liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property following a fallen tree incident. But it will consider each case only on its merit. "Every case has to be assessed based on its own facts. In assessing liability, NParks' insurers will carefully consider all the facts and circumstances of the case, including inspection and maintenance records, the weather report, and NParks' or external experts' findings on the cause of the incident," a spokesman said in response to queries from The Straits Times. "Each case involving trees will have to be assessed on its own merit," added the spokesman. NParks, which manages about two million trees lining the streets, in parks and on state land, declined to comment on any specific case. In 2017, two car owners managed to recover more than $12,000 in repair costs to their vehicles damaged by a falling tree branch. NParks' insurer, First Capital, paid the amount without admitting liability. STAY PUT AND REPORT IMMEDIATELY It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it. If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property. MR HENRY KHOO, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. In the incident on May 27, 2017, a tree branch snapped and landed on the roof of a white Toyota Estima and a silver Kia Rio, both of which were parked in Turf Club Road. The windscreens and roofs of the two cars were badly damaged. Mr Henry Khoo, 38, manager of car workshop Poon Poong Motors, rushed to the scene after a client, one of the car owners, alerted him to the incident. He called the police, who in turn alerted NParks. "It is important not to remove your car from the incident site. You should report the incident immediately to the police or agency that is responsible for the tree and wait for someone to come and inspect it," said Mr Khoo, who has handled six cases of fallen tree claims. "If the incident happens at a private property, you should alert the management of the property," he added. Mr Khoo, whose workshop repaired the two damaged cars, spent the following six months trying to recover the costs from NParks on behalf of the owners. ST understands that Mr Khoo's claims were initially dismissed. A loss adjuster appointed by First Capital said the fallen tree branch was found to be alive and healthy. "The snapping of the tree branch was most likely due to strong wind conditions over the days before and on the day of the incident," said the loss adjuster, adding that the unfavourable weather condition was beyond the reasonable control of NParks. But Mr Khoo stood his ground, maintaining that his own investigation found the affected tree to be infested with termites. He had videos and photographs taken on the day of the incident as proof. The owners were eventually fully reimbursed for the more than $12,000 in repair costs for the two cars through the workshop. Lawyer Chia Boon Teck of Chia Wong LLP said: "In most cases, fallen trees would be covered by motor insurance as an Act of God so the motorist may claim insurance. Alternatively, the motorist may make a claim against the tree owner, whether NParks or the town council, but it will not be easy to prove their negligence." Mr Chia said: "Our citizens trust our government agencies to conduct themselves honestly and fairly. Most times we have to take their words at face value because we don't have the resources to prove them wrong. This trust is sacred and must never be abused." In an earlier incident in 2013, car owner Victor Yew managed to recover 75 per cent of his repair costs of some $2,800. The 52-year-old businessman was driving his Volkswagen Golf R along Somerset Road in heavy rain when a tree branch fell and hit the car's windscreen and bonnet in front of TripleOne Somerset. Mr Yew took photos of the 1m tree branch and made a police report on the same day. "I called NParks the next day and met its officers at the incident site. I wasn't told what caused the tree branch to fall, but I was compensated out of goodwill within three months," said Mr Yew. On Dec 20 last year, two trees fell at Sembawang Park, injuring 14 people. While investigations are still ongoing, NParks said in a statement a day after the incident that the uprooted trees, which were last inspected in May last year, were found to be healthy. About 400 cases of fallen trees were recorded last year, up from the 361 reported a year earlier. There were 800 cases recorded in 2016.
  3. Hope no one got injured! Big tree covering all lanes. Heard there was a car underneath the tree. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/huge-tree-falls-onto-car-along-scotts-road-in-front-of-grand-hyatt-hotel#xtor=CS1-10
  4. SMRT staff were having a picnic there and took shelter under a but the tree fell upon them I say Khaw at fault. He opened his big mouth. this time not trains but staff May they get well soon. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/14-people-taken-to-hospital-after-tree-falls-in-sembawang-park
  5. Dear Customers, Thank you for your support for the past 10 years Our restaurant Bottle Tree Pte Ltd will be ending our business in 31/3/2014 which is also our last day for all the activities in Bottle Tree Park. For information on new location for our restaurant do call 67597077 to find out. Thank you so much for your support so many year. we wish everyone here have your fun and happy memories here. This is taken from their website , sad to see a good place go. Its lease with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will run out tomorrow.
  6. Zenithpool

    Fallen tree and other objects

    this morning when listening to radio, seem like every corner on this island got road close due to fallen tree. Didn't count to exact but I think at least like 5-6 sites? Anyone kana? middle of the night got heavy rain?
  7. Wanted to try a water chalet. Found two resorts offer such in MY. Read thru the other thread abt Lexis(former Legends). Anyone been to Golden Palm Tree??? Aerial view looks very nice. Lexis : http://www.lexispd.com/index Golden Palm Tree : http://www.goldenpalmtree.com/v2/theexperience/index.html
  8. Achtung

    Buy Christmas tree

    Any lobang to buy cheap good ones?
  9. This morning witnessed the start of a fallen tree event along Marine Parade Road just outside Neptune Court. As the attached pictures showed, the tree blocked all the 3 lanes. As I walked along to Still Road to catch the connecting bus, managed to alert fellow commuters waiting in the next 2 bus-stops about the fallen tree. It was not easy for me to do it, but I did not think I could forgive myself for withholding the information so I did it anyway. Felt good. I hope all would do like-wise when face with similar situation. But looking at the root of the fallen tree really make me worried, as to how it could break so easily. Could be due to thunder storm the last few days? With the monsoon season arriving, we should be expecting more of such events.
  10. Neutrino

    Family Trees

    Another topic got me to write this. Both my parents already dead and the missuses father as well so only the wife's mother still around. Although she's lost a lot of near term memory,slight dementia, her long term memory is amazing. So for a year or so we've been asking her to tell us about her forfathers and relatives. Based on this info we've drawn up my wife's family tree which is impossible to do without this memory. Most of this family tree has been confirmed with other relatives who couldn't remember to begin with but on prompting by my mil and chatting together they all remember. We've gone back to 1885 with a forfather who was born in Singapore although some of the older members were immigrants from China. We've discussed it all with many relations who have found it very interesting and many even the younger ones have asked for copies of the tree. Without the memory of my mil none of this would have been possible and who knows how much longer she'll be around. Maybe not many of you will be interested with your ancestors history, where they lived, when they moved here and where from, how they survived in the wars, WW1 and WW2 but it can be fascinating. If you are interested you should talk to your oldest family members asap because once that memory has gone it has gone you won't be able to get it back.
  11. Jeffc

    Cutting Tree without reason.

    There are at least 10 plus old trees at Canada Road and Montreal Road being cut down. These trees are strong like pine tree and don't look sick in anyway. Don't understand what are they doing. I also remember there are a few big trees near Yishun Mrt, now cut just left 1.
  12. Such gracious act definitely deserves a mention here. If the driver is a member here and reading this, double thumbs up to u! Going out of your way and creating convenience for other drivers. We need more good and kind drivers like you, thank you! http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/get-inspired/kudos-man-removes-large-fallen-tree-branch-causing-traffic-obstruction Kudos! Man removes large fallen tree branch causing traffic obstruction Posted on 08 September 2014 | 243 views | 1 comments More Sharing Services PHOTO: Video screengrab A man who moved a large fallen tree branch away from the middle of the road has won praises of netizens for his Samaritan spirit. In a video posted by Facebook user Paul PK Wong on Sep 6, it showed the driver pulling the tree branch which was obstructing the traffic on a two-lane road. The video was shared over 60 times and was Liked by over 80 people. In the video caption, he wrote: "Wanted to drive pass the tree branch, and it was blocking the traffic flow. "Then decided, why not move it away. "It took me only a few sec to move it. "Hope my kids inside the car learn some good values of life from me.
  13. Kudos to the workers. Wonder if the public called MSO, how long would it hv taken for the tree to be removed?...... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/construction-workers/1328914.html SINGAPORE: A fallen tree briefly blocked off all the lanes on Still Road on Monday (Aug 26), but a group of construction workers quickly cleared the obstruction, allowing vehicles to pass. All three lanes along Still Road, heading toward Eunos, were rendered impassable after a tree fell at about 2.15pm, following heavy rain. A Twitter user, Grace, told @ChannelNewsAsia that the workers, who were helping to renovate a house nearby, immediately helped to move the fallen trunk, clearing one lane for vehicles to pass.
  14. A black Mazda, travelling along Tanglin Road from Margaret Drive, was crushed by a tree on Saturday afternoon. Twitter user Kim Vernon, who sent The Straits Times a photo of the incident, said it was a "lucky escape" for a couple who were in the car. The police were also spotted at the scene assisting the couple by 12.35pm. The Singapore Land Authority receives about 70 reports of trees falling a year, mainly on forested state land. Over the past 10 years, four people have died and 62 injured by falling trees and branches. There were 122 cases of trees being uprooted from January to April this year. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/tree-along-tanglin-road-falls-crushing-car-occupants-unhurt-20131012
  15. Where to get wholesales christmas tree now? Is it too early?
  16. This morning, Fallen tree hit 3 cars at this junction.
  17. The driver of a white lorry, Mr Ramli Akbar, was arrested after his vehicle swerved across four lanes on Sembawang Road before hitting a tree, tipping over and crashing into an Audi sedan on Monday night. A pill found on the driver has been sent to the Central Narcotics Bureau for testing. A lorry driver who had been taking shipyard workers home was arrested after losing control of his vehicle and swerving across four lanes into a tree. The lorry, with three Indian workers in the back and three locals in the front, ran into the kerb at a junction before careering across Sembawang Road into the tree and tipping over onto its side. It skidded for about 3m before crashing into a white Audi sedan parked in front of a seafood restaurant. One Indian worker, Mr Chala Kannan, in his 30s, was taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. He later regained consciousness and was being treated for a broken finger yesterday. The other workers escaped with superficial injuries. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...s-tree-20130814
  18. Evillusion

    Tree on a pick-up (literally)

    This pick-up has a tree growing at the rear!
  19. Alvinlkw

    How to remove tree sap

    Hi bros, Anyone has advice on removing tree sap on your car? I was parking at the zoo today under a tree. When I came out, I saw the entire car was "sprayed" with tree sap. Even my windscreen was affected. I tried to clean and use claybar and Duragloss polish (105), I still could not remove the stains. THe entire car now looks like having chicken pox. I don't know what else I can do now. My vision is blurrede by the spots on the windscreen and the car looks really ugly. Can I send to someone to perform a thorough polish for me or I can DIY? I have some Duragloss products but am not sure if i can use any. Thanks!
  20. Poor tree. I am sure the driver is usually very safety and never speed A car crashed into a three on a road divider along Jurong West at about 8.55pm yesterday (Sep 13) after apparently being involved in a race with two other cars. STOMPer Vincent, who witnessed the incident while he was jogging along Brickland Road, said: "I was jogging along Brickland Road on at 8.55pm yesterday (Sep 13) when I saw three cars participating in illegal racing. "Just after the curve, the winning car lost control and crashes into a tree at the centre divider, breaking it and swinging 180 degree, hitting another tree. "Both the male drive and female passenger appeared OK." Police said in response to a STOMP query: "Police received a call on 13 Sep at about 8.51pm requesting for assistance along Brickland Road towards Bukit Batok near lamp post 92. "Upon police's arrival, it was established that a car had crashed into a tree. "The driver and the passenger were conveyed conscious to NUH and police investigations are ongoing."
  21. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singap...-at/655740.html
  22. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...-coast-20130401
  23. These clowns just never learn... [shakehead] From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg..._street_23.html Posted on 15 Jun 2012 Car crashes into tree at Bishan Street 23 STOMPer Virdi witnessed a driver who crashed his vehicle into a tree at Bishan Street 23. According to the STOMPer, the driver was drunk. Said the STOMPer: "The driver of this car crashed his vehicle into a tree. "He was totally drunk and the police officers had to hold him since he was falling on the road and putting the lives of others in danger. "I wonder why such heavily drunk drivers choose to drive when they are in no state to."
  24. Hi guys, Found my car with few dents on the roof and a broken tree branch. Must be due to the storm in early morning. 1 major dent is at the area where the front passenger door and the roof meets. 5cm x 5cm area dented in. Other major dent is a shallow dent of radius 10cm x 10cm above driver roof area. Then few other small dents. No paint chips, just some marring. How much do u think repair will cost?