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  1. For P plate you need approval from LTA by providing the names of 10/12(depend on number of seats) staff of your company. This may take 2 months after approved then you can buy/register your Hiace P plate.
  2. Jeffc

    Headlights turn yellowish

    I'm using this, once a while clean it will be clear.
  3. Jeffc

    Frozen shoulder

    This one can also help a bit.
  4. Jeffc

    Frozen shoulder

    Think you can't do 100% of what he's doing, about 30% ~ 50% first. Like perpendicular swing, the degree cannot too much but increase slowly. You got the blockage after doing got double the pain is good, keep doing till one day all pain will go away. If after doing no pain then that's big problem!
  5. Jeffc

    Frozen shoulder

    Can try this set of exercise.
  6. Jeffc

    Perodua Bezza

    Can try 3M
  7. Jeffc

    Nokia 3310 returns!

    My favourite is still the Nokia 6300.
  8. Jeffc

    Any Nice Chinese Songs to recommend?

  9. Jeffc

    Any Nice Chinese Songs to recommend?

    《心升明月》 飞鸟归山林 落日入东海 我心上的人 你从哪里来 青山随云走 大地沿河流 这深情一片 等待谁收留 这广阔的天地 如何安放我 我如何安放 这广阔天地 我心深似海 你宛如明月 这般美如画 却遥不可及 为何要可及 彼此共天地 海上升明月 已尽收眼底 这美丽的世界 已经拥有你 我已经拥有 这美丽世界 青山随云走 大地沿河流 这深情一片 等待谁收留 这美丽的世界 已经拥有你 我已经拥有 这美丽世界
  10. Jeffc

    Any Nice Chinese Songs to recommend?