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Found 61 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2DiV26-jqs Incidents leading up to the Marquez crash.... MUST WATCH VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/revistapuromotor/videos/10154282430726679/?pnref=story
  2. GDIzen

    Anyone going Sepang?

    Just wondering if anyone's driving up to watch the F1?
  3. Picnic06-Biante15

    Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

    AVANI Sepang Goldcoast ResortSurrounded by the sheltered waters of Malaysia’s Malacca Straits, AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort is a secluded tropical hideaway. Blending easy accessibility with a feeling of getting away from it all, you can also mix up relaxing time out with exciting urban days out. Looking for exotic pleasures with different perspectives? On the shoreline setting, diverse dining and entertainment options, a beautiful pool and beach overlook the ocean. Stroll across to the over water palm to find rooms and villas stretching over crystal clear water. Relax with spa treatments and lazy days at a pool in the sea. Sip cocktails at sunset and to tantalise your taste buds, our palm restaurants dish up superb international and Chinese cuisine. Get in touch with nature in spacious lush gardens. Hop on a buggy to travel around the beachfront resort and palm. Catch our shuttle bus to Kuala Lumpur for a day of chic city shopping. Visit the nearby Sepang F1 Circuit – home of the Malaysian Grand Prix. Meet rescued wild Asian elephants or get a good dose of culture by exploring a UNESCO World Heritage Site. AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort has an alluring tropical location along Sepang’s 22 kilometre shore. Featuring both a mainland beachfront setting and a palm structure that stretches out into the Malacca Straits, you can look forward to experiencing two views of paradise. Received vouchers with regards to the above resort. Planing for June holidays. Any member being to the said place, your commence please... Thanks.
  4. Wanted to try a water chalet. Found two resorts offer such in MY. Read thru the other thread abt Lexis(former Legends). Anyone been to Golden Palm Tree??? Aerial view looks very nice. Lexis : http://www.lexispd.com/index Golden Palm Tree : http://www.goldenpalmtree.com/v2/theexperience/index.html
  5. just curious.. is there such a package in MY? ive heard of friends driving their own car up to Sepang for racing but are there companies in SG or MY that offers rental car that can be raced on MY tracks? theres Pegasus Racing Asia in SG for Formulae Renault cars but I couldnt find any for GT cars. if there is, please kindly share with me! gam xia!
  6. Love your hot hatches? Then you would probably want to watch the new Renault Clio RS 200 EDC being pushed to the limit by professional driver Denis Lian at the Sepang F1 circuit in Malaysia. He clocked a impressive lap time of 2:48:001 which is five seconds adrift of its bigger brother, the Megane RS250. Even though the lap looks pretty undramatic, its usually the boring laps that provides the best lap times. And of course, Sepang is a wide track so things do look milder than it should. What I did observe though are the gear changes, which look fast enough for a dual-clutch. Wonder why some of the overseas reviewers complain of a slow responding EDC gearbox... Hopefully we will get the car here soon to try it out for ourselves! Meanwhile, enjoy the video... http://dai.ly/x1kx2is_renault-clio-rs-200-edc-track-drive-with-denis-lian-part-1-2-track-version_auto
  7. Pulling away from a flawless start, pole sitter Lewis Hamilton had a Vettel-esque lights to flag race after leading the silver arrows team for a one-two finish. He crossed the dance of the chequered flags ahead of team mate Nico Rosberg, by 17.3 seconds. The result is the first one-two finish for the German team - since the 1955 Italian Grand Prix - where Juan Manuel Fangio finished ahead of Piero Taruffi by just 0.7seconds in Monza almost 60 years ago. The win comes after Hamilton suffered the past nine races without a podium - one of his worst dry spells since he entered the sport at the start of 2007. And the win is a turnaround after Hamilton retired at the Australian Grand Prix two weeks ago due to a misfiring engine. Trailing behind Nico Rosberg was quadruple champion Sebastian Vettel who brought the sole Red Bull home to a third place - although 25 seconds slower than the race winner. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen brought the prancing horses to fourth and 12th respectively, as the latter suffered a puncture after McLaren rookie, Kevin Magnussen, ran into the back of Raikkonen's rear-right tyre. This resulted in the Iceman making a slow journey back to the pits. For his actions, Magnussen was slapped with a five-second stop-and-go penalty and eventually finished in ninth. Nico Hulkenberg and Jenson Button secured fifth and sixth respectively for Force India and McLaren. The Williams duo of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas crossed the line with an impressive seventh and eighth, while Toro Rosso's, Daniil Kvyat, grabbed the last point-scoring position. Out of 22 cars only 15 finished as seven cars - including Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull - retired from the race. Sergio Perez was the first, as he failed to start - citing a gearbox issue.
  8. Italian Driver Marco Simoncelli just passed away after horrific accident at Sepang. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motogp/15420069.stm
  9. Anybody heard of Pegasus Racing Asia ? Apparently it's a new company in Singapore,offering an event on 28th Dec where you can drive a Formula Renault Race Car.Looks like a Formula 1 Car,drives like a Formula 1 Car but has less horsepower. The event is on the F1 track in Sepang and participants can drive around 50 laps in several sessions.Great way to get the experience of how it feels to be a Formula Race Driver and how it is to drive such a car by yourself. I think a normal road driving license is enough and no race experience required. Want to book a place,but don't know where I can do this.Their website is not yet up and running.Booking for the event closes mid November and for sure there are limited seats available. Please help !!!! I don't want to loose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  10. The race going to start in a few minutes time with Red bull on pole position with 2 Ferrari on the 2nd & 3rd position. Going to be a slippery race and some drifting on the race track.
  11. Martini935

    Images from MMER 2012

    Team Petronas Syntium has successfully defended their championship title at the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race (MMER) 2012. Held over the last weekend, the race is the region's leading endurance event. The win is the team's third consecutive title, setting the record of the most wins in the race event. This year, the team managed to sweeten their scores - claiming a 1-2 win, over a 1-3 finish last year. It was the 458 from Singapore's Clearwater racing team which clocked the best timing for qualifying. The car put up a strong showcase of its outright pace, leading the runner-up by up to a lap. The car ran into technical problems ten hours into the race, and had to retire after 239 laps. Team LKM's Porsche GT3R secured the third position after the SLS AMG GT3s Earlier at the start-line At the pits The GT3R nursed back to the pits with a blown tyre More racing actions We look forward to more excitement at the Sepang circuit next year.
  12. Any bros going up to watch this race?
  13. hi does anyone know if theres any issues with transporting a track car (non road registered) car to sepang and back from singapore? - do i have to pay any import taxes or fees? or any other issues at the border - whats the appoximate cost? also does anyone have any idea/link/info on car storage places around sepang. where i could keep a track car? again approx costs would be great. cheers
  14. The 2012 Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix was again an event full of unpredictability mainly due to the weather. I was glad that I decided to stay home and catch it on telly again as it rained, the race was red flagged after some laps before continuing again some time later. It was so unpredictable that Fernando Alonso driving the Ferrari came in first behind Mexican Sergio Perez of Sauber and Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren Mercedes. Sergio who? Exactly. The rain cause a great many upsets until we got to see the first Mexican in over 40 years to step up on a Formula 1 winner's podium. And then we got to see grown men from Ferrari and Sauber shed tears of joy. Team Ferrari was most pleased that they've managed to secure a win after a very tough and dry 2011 season. Whilst for Sauber, it has managed to score some points and a podium finish after a great deal of years finishing at the rear. This is also the first podium finish for Sauber as an independent team instead of branded as BMW Sauber or Sauber Petronas in recent years. Watching Peter Sauber cry is almost like watching a happily-ever-after fairytale ending. Of course it isn't. The F1 calendar for 2012 has just got into full stride. This is only the second race this season but the first proper race held at a track. Melbourne was a city track and we did not see the true potential of the cars. BUT it rained in Sepang and we still didn't manage to see the true potential of the cars. We could see however that some drivers and some cars doing well in the wet, but that's about it really. We also saw upsets. Michael Schumacher started in fourth and was tagged by turn 4 of the opening lap. It caused him a chance for a top three finish that I was also hoping for due to the rain (the chap was called 'rainmeister' if one remembers correctly). He managed to finish 10th giving him some points though. Starting high up in the grid shows us the potential of the Mercedes Petronas F1 car. It seems to me that this latest Ross Brawn designed car is up there with the rest of the leaders. Even with ol' Schumacher at the wheel. Maybe it is because he's at the wheel in a car that is set up for him that he's fast
  15. Shor

    Sepang GTR ....

    Deleted Flooded
  16. Grid- Ham, Button, MS, Webber........ Hard to say for me, wish my kangaroo can hop onto the podium's top step
  17. hi.., anyone can share your experience watch f1 sepang? like: - self drive + buy ticket(can buy online?) easy to park? any hotel will do, or specific location? - package from travel (bus return + hotel + transport to sepang) with f1 ticket - package from travel (bus return + hotel). is going to sepang easy use public transport? if better buy package, can recommend the travel agency? thanks in advance :)
  18. BenCee

    Track date with Audi

    Track days. An event where petrolheads, young and old alike, are let loose in their cars on a race track, mostly to let off some steam that they can't release in everyday driving. Although I had some track experience earlier this year when Audi invited me for their Sportscar Experience in the R8 V10, I had never been to an open track day (The R8 V10 drive was done in a controlled environment, with instructors on hand to lead). So, when Audi (again. Aren't they nice people?) asked me if I wanted to join them on a track day adventure with the RS5, I certainly couldn't say no. For Singaporeans, the most obvious place to do a track day was Sepang. It was the nearest 'proper' racetrack to us, even though it's a good three hour drive from our sunny island. So, our day began early, as I joined Audi Singapore's Public Relations Manager Lee Nian Tjoe on the drive up North. We set off at around 7am, way too early for a Saturday morning. After clearing Customs at Tuas (which took a while as we had to jostle with the weekend crowd driving up as well), we opened the beans as we pointed the RS5 towards the direction of KL. True to the car's performance ability, it dispatched the journey with little fuss, and we reached our destination in just under three hours. Managing Director of Audi Singapore, Reinhold Carl, joined us after taking a flight from Singapore (which was delayed, meaning the car actually got to KL first. Score!), and once trackside, we parked the RS5 alongside the specially-prepared S4 trackcar that Audi regularly brings up to Sepang for such occasions. After a safety briefing (which was compulsory for all) and an orientation drive (I was a newbie after all), we were finally allowed to go out on our own. I was naturally cautious, but both experienced Audimen (that's a nice term) taught me plenty about track driving, about finding the right lines, braking and acceleration points, and etc. I didn't drive particularly fast, because 1) it was my virgin experience, 2) I was driving an almost $400,000 sports coupe and 3) I'm timid by nature. But it was still fun learning in a car as exciting as an RS5. With its Quattro all-wheel-drive, it was possible for one to overcook the limit and still not be killed (metaphorically of course). The most thrilling part though, was getting to go out on track in both the S4 track car and RS5, with Mr Carl at the wheel and me being passenger. It was then that I was truly shown the difference between an amatuer everyday driver (me) and a true motorsports enthusiast. I now have newfound respect for Mr Carl after laps of riding shotgun with the affable German, who displayed some rather awesome skills at late braking, four-wheel-drifting and sheer bravado. The weather started to open up as our session came to an end, and even though it was short (just about three hours), it was quite an enlightening experience. Given a free track, and enough time and guidance, I suppose I can make a decent fist of a lap at Sepang. But as Mr Carl pointed out during a chat, fitness is also important if one is to really cut it, because driving for hours on a track (especially one like Sepang, where the weather can be unforgiving) is quite taxing on the human body. And if there are other cars on the track, intense concentration is also very important as well, just to avoid crashing. So your mental and physical state has to be on top form to really be a competitive race driver. Looking at myself, I doubt that can really happen. But oh well. At least I had a go.
  19. BenCee

    Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race 2011

    I have to confess, I have never attended a track event, except for our very own Singapore Grand Prix. So when I was sent to Kuala Lumpur to catch the 2011 Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race, or MMER for short, I wasn't really sure what to expect. The trip was sponsored by Audi, who entered two cars in the race. As a brief introduction, the MMER is an endurance race, much like Le Mans, but on a smaller scale. The cars run for just 12 hours, instead of 24, but it is no less taxing, due to the Malaysian climate Audi's entries consisted of two R8 LMS GT3 cars, one of which was oddly liveried in the blue and white of MediaCorp. There was also an independently-run third Audi R8 car. Audi's presence were certainly made known, as they also supplied the Safety Car, an R8 GT. The race kicked off at noon, and lasted for the next tweleve hours. Granted, an endurance race like this is not exactly spectator-friendly, but there were some thrills and spills to be had. The beauty of the Sepang circuit is that one could really find pockets of spaces trackside for photo opportunities. I tried my best, but my camera clearly wasn't good enough. As the race went into the night, tiredness began to set in, and it told. The blue MediaCorp Audi R8, at the hands of Alex Yoong, had a clash with a wayward Aston Martin at the halfway mark, and suffered a broken steering column, denying it a chance of victory. The number one Audi, piloted by Le Mans winners Frank Biela, Marcel Fassler and Marco Werner, were leading with 20 minutes to go, until their car suffered an unfortunate puncture. This handed the lead to Team Petronas Syntium, running a pair of Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG cars, and they held on to grab victory away from the Audi team. It was a rather exciting race, with lots of ups and downs, and on a personal level, it was a fantastic trackside experience, with the chance to really see the cars at their best up close. Sepang might have its detractors, but nothing beats racing on a proper circuit.
  20. [extract] With great power lies great responsibility. This phrase made popular by the SpiderMan movie series makes perfect sense when coming up with a moral for this article. You see, every time there is one of those international race events held at the Sepang F1 Circuit over in Malaysia there are bound to be many pseudo-race drivers acting out their dreams by becoming the Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel or Nikki Lauda on the highways that lead away from the circuit. After this big events you would see modified Protons and Hondas tearing away on the ELITE Highway or the Sungai Besi stretch of the PLUS North
  21. Anyone at this event witness this?
  22. The 6th of April 2011 marked the day where Team Mercedes GP Petronas held its 'Meet the Fans' session in conjunction with the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The session, held at the Suria KLCC shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur was a packed and quite successful event with both drivers, 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher and his racing partner, Nico Rosberg spent some time answering a short Q &A as well as signing autographs at the concourse area of the shopping mall. The Mercedes Petronas GP promotional booth basically took up the whole concourse area with the team souvenirs, Petronas products and the piece de resistance, the official South East Asian public showing of the new Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG 4 door coupe. Speaking of the CLS 63 I have to say that viewing the car in person is so much better than viewing the car in the official photographs. It looks so much better in the metal and that slightly more blunt nose actually works. If I looked at the official photographs I had the opinion that the earlier CLS had a sportier outlook but I have now changed my mind. The new and improved CLS 63 looks stunning. It has a myriad of lines that look very cohesive, must more than the earlier CLS55/63 and shows subtle aggression. I loved the little touches, especially that 'show off' badging on the front flanks
  23. You could have tried racing games in the arcade and maybe even at home with your own wheel and probably think that you're a pretty good virtual racer. Well, its time to think again, because after racing on what I think is the most sophisticated simulation machine I've ever seen, sim racing will never be the same again. I was first introduced into sim racing, which is just an abbreviation of 'simulation racing', about 2 years ago while I was still struggling with the A levels. Not a very good time to be spending hours on end trying to learn a track, say the Nurburgring or Sepang. But that was 2 years ago. After my A levels, I managed to get a Logitech G25 wheel which works great, with a 6 speed H-Shifter and stainless steel paddle shifters and a leather clad wheel with 900 degrees lock to lock. And I managed to drive decently on the wheel after about a year trying to figure out how to get past driving without traction control on a keyboard.. So you'd think that with a wheel with one of the best force feedback, you'd get a realistic feel of what its like to drive round a track at breakneck speed. That's what I thought. And even though shopping centres have those so called F1 simulators during the Singapore GP, they never really throw you around like say a Nissan Latio would in real life. They just rumble your butt. Which isn't much. So in my quest to search for the best sim racing experience here, I finally found this tiny little space in the East where my racing thirst was quenched. Its called the Motion Racing Sim and it started up not too long ago, only in April this year. One of my friends who had been there before asked me to have a go and I did! And boy did it blow my mind away. With the bucket racing seats and the whole setup with a full range of motion including being thrown from side to side, it was quite a tiring experience driving round Sepang in an M3. And, not only did I realize my driving style was totally not fit for the track, the movement of the chair itself was entirely realistic as well. The owner, Shaun, told me that he had set up the rig a tad more violent than what it really feels like in the car on a track because that way, when he went down to Sepang, his laptimes actually improved because he was used to the G-forces. That explains why some track day enthusiasts head down to his place to have a practice session before driving up to do the real thing. You don't just get cars like the M3 or the crowd favourite WRX, you get to drive in F1 cars as well and that makes this better than all the others I've tried in shopping centres around Singapore. I won't say its true to life because I've never driven an F1 car, but its difficulty makes it believable. As a car enthusiast, I think that there's always that urge to want to push a car to its limit, to see how fast you really can be on a track. Its rather addictive because you get something like 'speed fever' and you just want to keep going and going to better your lap timings. In this, you can feel the car, and adjust to the way it responds to your input so whatever you see on the screen is whatever you're doing or not doing to the car. For me, this is the most realistic thing you can get other than racing in a real car on the track. Here's a link to their website if you're interested in taking a shot round Sepang or Singapore's GP track. Just be prepared to crash a lot if you're a newbie! But otherwise, its great fun. http://www.creativetoolbox.com.sg/motionracingsim/
  24. Happen to see this ad on tv and google...wow what a nice place! Any bros here been to this resort and stayed there before? if have please provide field report can? Had checked out on the pricing, not really cheap in Msia standards (about SG$200+ for a 1rm suite) but is ok to us though due to our superior exchange rate. And it looks similar to the other palm tree resort in Dubai, which costs even higher. Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa A five-star eco-friendly sea hotel located in the new golden triangle of Sepang. A pleasant 25-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 45 minutes to Putrajaya
  25. 1l0v3you

    Sepang 1000km race

    good luck to all participants. haha. i've seen how much sweat, time, money and effort my friends put in just to build 2 monsters for this race. hope they win.