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Found 337 results

  1. Vega

    Fatty Kim going crazy again

    Read from other sources the mass execution will be on 15 April which is his grandpa's birthday!! http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_02/NKorea-Kim-Jong-un-set-to-execute-200-high-ranking-officials-0412/ NKorea: Kim Jong-un set to execute 200 high-ranking officials 200 high-ranking officials loyal to Kim Jong-un's executed uncle, Jang Sung-taek, Chairman of the State Committee of Defense, will be sentenced to death, South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reports. "The Ministry of State Security has conducted an operation aimed at identifying Jang Sung-taek’s supporters after his execution last December and has identified 200 main supporters and 1,000 followers," the newspaper writes. It notes that about 1,000 members of their families will be sent to concentration camps without trial on charges of complicity. "Among those who will be sentenced to death there are 200 officials from the Labor Party, government and army, which received orders directly from Jang Sung-taek. Executions will be held at the shooting-ground of the Kang Kon Military Academy before the eyes of senior officials of the party, government and army," writes the newspaper. Seven more people executed in North Korea Seven more people were executed along with the North Korean leader’s uncle Jang Song-thaek on 12 December, the South Korean newspaper The JoongAng Ilbo reports. The North Korean Central News Agency reported on 13 December that Jang Song-thaek, who was the head of the regency council for young Kim Jong-un and was considered second in command in North Korea, was legally killed for an attempt at overthrow of power, RIA Novosti reminds. According to the newspaper’s source, two high-ranking party officials, two members of the government, two military commanders and one plant manager were killed on the same day with Jang Song-thaek. The newspaper reports that those people held positions equal or more than deputy minister or department manager. The execution was carried out in the building of the National Defence Commission in the presence of key party leaders. According to the newspaper’s source, in spite of the fact that photos showing Jang Song-thaek’s arrest at a party meeting were published on 9 December, he was actually confined to his house since the middle of November.
  2. Need to go vicom inspection - 1st one. Car abt to reach 3yrs old. Sorry, me 1st timer to inspection Do most of you service before going for vicom inspection? Given that my car has no issues and its still within 3 yrs.
  3. Kinda sad that it is hard to find nowadays new cars with manual transmissions. Can anyone enlighten if one can still buy a MIT, MIJ or MIK manual transmission sedan?
  4. Thinking of bringing my baby girl to see fishes there tmr but got a few questions. 1. Where to park nearest? Is there a central car park for all attractions? 2. Would it be crowded since its CNY and most ppl away for holidays? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Have not been to Jakarta for quite sometimes. Most of the time, it was friends that bring me around. This time round wanted to DIY and don't want to disturb them. So where is the best area to stay (since I'm not driving)? in term of : 1. Ease of access to Shopping area . (Not too far between city center and airport). Heard there is a 7Floor slide in a Hotel or Shopping centre. 2. Night Market . (For street food) 3. Places of interest. (Intend to go Bogor to visit Taman Safari) . 4. Bandung (Wanted to give someone a surprise visit) . Thank you very much for your advice. Regards,
  6. I'll be going to Genting on Thursday, 15th Mar, and back on Sat, 17th, anyone also going during this period ??? Maybe we can go together There will be a total of 3 adults (me, wife & sister) + 4 kids (my eldest 2 kids & 2 nephew)
  7. Mockngbrd

    CCB to go private

    https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/11/11/jardine-to-take-cycle-carriage-bintang-private When JCCL owns 100% equity interest in CCB, it does not intend to maintain the listing status of CCB on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities. Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/11/11/jardine-to-take-cycle-carriage-bintang-private#ih7QzPFPWPz8RfhD.99
  8. Another shocking news..... MML just said the retirement age will be 67 in future and later on, it will be case by case basic with the employers... If you can still work at 67, just accept any jobs and dont be choosy. If MML is still wanted by the team thunder, he will still work too... Aiyo, he and us differnet leh... He at 67 working and sitting with aircon on and receiving with a VERY WELL TO DO pay... how to complain.. Us.. working like s--t, and by 50 if u are still around in the company, u should thank yor lucky star... Most I see, by 60, already working as cleaners, guards etc... Even if u want to work at labor jobs, also no one wants u... For those towkays, no need to say lah... u want until the company goes down also no problems... just normal folks like us will suffer. I already give up on my CPF withdrawal...
  9. RadX

    PC show 2019

    Anyone going? Looking to get the osmo action http://www.thepcshow.com.sg/
  10. anyone who booked picanto confirm going to get by april or this month end? care to share when you booked the car and where you booked it.. thanks
  11. RadX

    IT Show 7-10 March 2019

    Anyone going? What are the latest gadgets out there this time? https://www.comexitshow.com.sg/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAk-7jBRD9ARIsAEy8mh6v5fyLZTbEFzI-8df1mCyh-QunH2MH771QT_UIFcB2p0bV4ExDTs8aAvlOEALw_wcB
  12. Please help to suggest what is a must go and eat. No HP stuff please as its a family trip.
  13. Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Malaysia as disputes drag onSingaporean-organised “shopping tours” into Johor ahead of the Chinese New Year are seeing last-minute cancellations as relations between the two countries tense up over a maritime and airspace dispute, reported Sin Chew daily. Community groups in the city state often run annual Chinese New Year shopping trips for Singaporeans to enjoy the cheaper prices across the border and stock up on festive goodies. However, many such shopping trips have recently been cancelled, according to the Chinese-language newspaper. Ms Liao Liyun, chairman of the Sengkang Rivervale Residents’ Committee, said that the annual one-day trips to Johor Baru and Batu Pahat would usually be snapped up by eager shoppers. However, with the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia growing increasingly tense, the committee decided to call off the trip this year, citing security concerns by participants. Ms Liao said residents have been given a full refund, and locals have settled on buying Chinese New Year goods at local warehouses in Singapore. Others have decided to cancel their shopping trips in a move to boycott Malaysian retailers. Ms Li Meihua, a member of the Yishun Constituency, told Sin Chew that residents have decided not to cross the border as Malaysia’s behaviour was “not friendly and they do not want to go shopping there". Malaysia and Singapore are embroiled in a dispute over territorial waters and airspace. Earlier on Tuesday, Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said security forces have been ordered to exercise restraint after Johor chief minister Osman Sapian visited a Malaysian vessel in the Republic’s territorial waters. Foreign ministers from both countries met last week in the republic for talks, which will be followed by a meeting between the respective countries’ transport ministers at the end of the month. THE MALAYSIAN INSIGHT
  14. it's pretty decent actually. looks much better than the optra. see more: http://www.autohome.com.cn/drive/201302/470131.html
  15. Hi all , How do you know that battery going to be flat ? When the car starts , it prompt you "switch to economy mode " . Can this be 1 of the symptoms that battery is weak too ? Cranking sound . Usually it took me 1 crank to start the engine . But yesterday the cranking sound is long before engine start , can this also telling you that battery going to be flat soon ? Pls advise
  16. RadX

    Comex 2018

    Anything to see or buy? Looking to get a new router perhaps
  17. Cootie-Monster

    Younger men now going for foreign brides

    To each his own? Local women expect too much? Local men socially inept? Society consumerized to the extent even spouses can be purchased?
  18. Berncsp76

    Going Maldives?

    Bros who booked between 19Feb to 15 March kindly check with your agencies..especially if you choose Anantara Group Resort Spa Hotels...as all booking are cancelled due to VIP there booked the 3 related resorts for the whole month...and the VIP is.... Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud... He paid £18million (usd$30million) for booking the 3 resorts...and now tourists are furious over the cancellation of their holidays... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2564780/Tourists-furious-holidays-cancelled-Saudi-prince-books-three-entire-Maldive-island-resorts-cost-18MILLION.html Can I have him as my sugar daddy?
  19. Nowadays Durian sellers going door-to-door? My MIL kana conned $160 today ($13/kg) for so call mao shan wang durians. I find it not worth even $50 and doubted even reached the weight. mai kong liao.....kong liao kek sim + lao sai Warn your old folks at home, not to buy any of them. They probably go around in late morning/afternoon looking for "easy" target when most people are usually working.
  20. Turbonetics

    Going to Jurong Bird Park

    hi everybody,iam planning a trip to go bird park this saturday but understand that recently a factory had caught a massive fire at jurong. just want to check if anybody who had went there recently or stayed nearby was affected by the pollutions? i will be bringing my baby along,if the pollution is bad,i will have to change the date. thanks in advance.
  21. But it's only a knuckle cut, though. Not the prized prime-rib or tenderloin. But given that those 2 are ~$130 per kg, I think the knuckle is fine enough. Going to cook it later tonight..... Found it at NTUC Finest in Clementi. Saw that the guy selling it has 'Culina' on his apron. Culina should be the one selling all the gourmet food stuff in dempsey ba? Maybe I'll check again.... Bought nearly half a KG. Going to cook it...BLUE! WOOOooooo
  22. GDIzen

    Anyone going Sepang?

    Just wondering if anyone's driving up to watch the F1?
  23. New Road Rover model to launch in 2019 New Land Rover model line will kick off with an electric-powered XJ-sized luxury vehicle The first production vehicle will be a premium all-electric model, aimed primarily at markets such as California in the US and China. The first Road Rover is understood to be a Mercedes-Benz S-Class rival in terms of outright luxury and interior craftsmanship but with
 some ‘all-terrain’ capability. The car will also be tuned 
for impressive on-road dynamic performance, taking advantage of the potential delivered by electric motors. The car could make its public debut at the Los Angeles motor show in late 2019, with sales starting soon after. Prices are expected to be pegged at around £90,000 for the top-line versions. Over time, the Road Rover line-up is expected to develop into a series of more car-like and road-friendly, but still rugged, vehicles. In fact, Autocar understands that the first Road Rover model is being developed in parallel with the next-generation XJ. The underlying structure for both of these vehicles is a new-generation aluminium architecture that can accommodate both battery packs and piston engines. It’s thought that the new XJ and the Road Rover will both be pure-electric vehicles with twin electric motors and on-demand all-wheel drive. The Road Rover will emphasise extreme luxury — the huge success of the current S-Class has proved that SUVs have not pushed super-luxury saloon cars out of the market — and it is also expected to have height-adjustable suspension for a degree of all-terrain ability. A range of at least 300 miles is predicted, as well as a 0-60mph time of under 5.0sec. JLR has to compete head-on with premium-brand rivals such as Porsche and Audi, which are both launching luxury EVs in the next two years. Perhaps the closest rival to the new Road Rover is Audi’s E-tron Sportback, which is due to be launched in 2019. This also has all-wheel drive and an expected driving range of 300 miles in ideal conditions. There is no hard news on whether the Road Rover will have its own stand-alone design language. However, it is likely to build on the look of the Velar, emphasising taut and very clean surfaces, and it will have more of a shooting brake profile than other high-end electric SUVs. The new XJ and Road Rover, along with Jaguar’s electric I-Pace compact SUV, will be part of JLR’s plan to meet stringent new Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) sales targets in California.
  24. Going mid-April, arriving in Fukuoka. Probably staying for 2 weeks. may extend visit to Osaka(my old home town). Some say avoid Tokyo for the time being. Much appreciated and Thank You.
  25. Hi, I'll be going to HCMC, Vietnam around the CNY period, and this will be my first time there as well, so thought of asking for advice from people here that have been there. Any recommendation for hotels there? Plus, what's there in HCM worth visiting? thanks