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Found 7 results

  1. Kinda sad that it is hard to find nowadays new cars with manual transmissions. Can anyone enlighten if one can still buy a MIT, MIJ or MIK manual transmission sedan?
  2. What discontinued car/s would you RESURRECT next if it is your decision? For the past decade, there have been an sudden surge of car manufacturers resurrecting discontinued car models of the past and created a trend of redesigning and producing cars of rich history and hertitage. Examples are the Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper, Chevorlet HHR, Camaro, Blazer, Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Demon, Mercedes Benz SLS, Ford Bronco, etc. Brands like Maybach, McLaren, Abarth, Alpine, Bugatti, TVR are either revived in the recent years or in the process of being into. Which car models or/and car brands, will you resurrect if you are given the choice, funding and decision? As above. Feel free to comment.
  3. received a letter today, Channel 855 (catch-up TV - yellow button playback) will be discontinued after 31 Dec 2013, replaced by 857 VV Drama-On-Demand (higher monthly subscription). HATE IT!!!! do we have alternate choice? I need VV Drama for my parent and MIO is not comparable yet.
  4. Yesterday I received the following message through email: Dear Valued Subscriber, It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with you on the above mentioned title. Since its inception, the title has garnered its share of readers in this highly competitive market and you have helped in making this possible. However, taking a long term business view, the management has made a decision and the publication of Motoring will be discontinued. The last issue will be the Jun 2011 edition. Indeed very sad for a long history Singapore Car magazine was discontinued.
  5. This morn a little bo liao... so just post something light hearted... After 2 years plus on the roads, Kah Motors will stop importing and selling FN2R... Which means... I now drive a "limited edition car" !! haha.... I think big PIs can still import them though... Else the only way is to get a 2nd hand FN... Change of market sediments, connoisseurs of the sexy bullet shaped FN will lamant as supply dips.... And its great, my car juz became rare (er)... Perhaps it would be called Civic Euro Type-R(are)... as one of the bros in the FN2R forum puts it... Ooh yes!! Have a blessed and prosperous Lunar New Year to all!!
  6. 2 years ago, I went to my regular tire shop to change tire and choose the GR80 as they do not have the G3. Now, the set of tires is beginning to wear off, thinking of getting the G3 this time round. But seems that the G3 is no longer sold. Went to Autobacs but they don't have the G3 too. And there isn't much mentioned about the G3 here also. Is it that the G3 had been discontinued already?
  7. Vit4wd

    Ford Laser Discontinued

    Ford Laser Discontinued? How come no more for sale? http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/pricelist.php?MAK=Ford