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  1. Kinda sad that it is hard to find nowadays new cars with manual transmissions. Can anyone enlighten if one can still buy a MIT, MIJ or MIK manual transmission sedan?
  2. There goes a saying that “Real men drive with 3 pedals./Real men drive manual cars.”, and even though that’s not the case, most male (and female) drivers have certainly had that thought at the back of their mind when it comes to taking their license. According to the 2020 Annual Traffic Statistics, out of the 3 million citizens holding a Qualified Driving License (QDL), 1.7 million (56.9%) individuals have a Class 3 license while only 200 thousand (6.58%) individuals have a Class 3A license. While it was a no-brainer for me to take Class 3A for my driving license, my dad met my
  3. JDM, Euro and Exotic sports cars For the uninitiated, sports cars consist of 3 main categories: JDM, Euro, and Exotic. These sports cars come in a bunch of varying specifications. Let me give you some examples. The Renault Megane RS is a 4-cylinder turbocharged, manual, front-wheel-drive Euro sports car. Likewise, the Mclaren 720S is a V8 twin-turbocharged, automatic, rear-wheel-drive exotic sports car. Last but not least, we have the iconic JDM street-legal rally car – The Subaru Impreza WRX, a 4-cylinder turbocharged, all-wheel-drive sports car th
  4. Hi all, i have a similar question as OP as well. Can't create a new topic as i'm new to this forum, apologies. Thinking of buying my first car, budget around 30-40k and looking for manual cars preferably. With these 2 criteria in mind, i have shortlisted 2 cars - 2009 Honda Civic 1.8M and Subaru Impreza/STI (more out of budget). 1. For my first car, should i go for one with renewable COE (so that i can still sell next time) or just try try for 2-3 years and then scrape? 2. Any other manual cars available you guys would recommend? Quite hard to find manual cars nowadays... Any he
  5. While waiting at the traffic to turn green, do you have the habit to blow your exos like every few seconds?
  6. Hi everyone, I am looking for a manual for the Subaru Exiga. If anyone is willing to sell or can direct me to a source, I will truly appreciate. It is a long shot but who knows. Thanks.
  7. This Chinese Electric Car Designed For Driving Schools Has A Fake Manual Transmission source: https://jalopnik.com/this-chinese-electric-car-designed-for-driving-schools-1844071179 I was really, really tempted to do a more click-baity headline there and not tell you why this Chinese EV designed for Driving Schools was so weird, but I feel like I’m already kind of pushing it lately with this glut of Chinese car content, so I backed off. But, I assure you, you need to see this because it’s so wonderfully, perversely, deeply weird. It’s an EV with an entirely fake manual transmiss
  8. Hi all, I had been away from sg for 3 years. May i ask what is the manual car available in the current market right now? Both new and used car. Thank you.
  9. http://chevy.mrmax.dp.ua/EN/GMDE_TIS_START.html DIYers take note. No need to download.
  10. .. A day since I collected my Cayman and the feeling of driving a manual really exhlirates me tons. Even more so when the amount of torque that one can gain from 3 onwards is magnificient. Found joy again in driving, cf mundane transport with the auto gearbox. The porker's gearbox is superb and with the sound coming from the flat 6, is just heaven! So, folks out there, would you trade your auto for a manual anytime? What would your considerations be? Fire away
  11. Hi folks, probably feeling a tad suicidal or something but was wondering if any of you here owned fiats before? I saw a listing for a used Fiat 500 manual and got me tingling abit. Was wondering if it is really as horrific as it was thought to have been? Or perhaps in some ways, the drive and ownership is somewhat rewarding? or the tradeoffs perhaps? Some tips of the trade or some some? Any tip would be good. Thanks
  12. Thankfully, BMW has confirmed that its upcoming M3 sedan and M4 coupe will be available with a manual transmission. As reported by BMW Blog and Carscoops, BMW M Chief Executive Markus Flasch announced the news when he was asked in an interview whether or not there will be any surprises for BMW fans with the new M3 and M4. It’s a bit early to disclose all the details but something I want to highlight is that we will have a manual stick shift,” he said. “We have already disclosed we will have the option of four-wheel drive. We’ve not decided which variant, which system,
  13. Wow!! I just checked a few websites (honda, toyota, kia) on their models, almost none are offering manual transmission?!? I understand that most people will go for the auto, but definitely there'll be some go for manual one. I mean how difficult it is to have an option for manual? Just blardy import the car in as like an auto?? Are there more paperwork?? Mechanic dunno how to service a manual ride?? The factory no longer producing manual transmission?? It's not like they stock up manual vehicles in their showroom and not able to sell (they order then ship in usually). So why they don't even of
  14. In an interview with Aston Martin Chief Executive Andy Palmer, Car Sales, an Australian publication, found out that the new Vanquish is likely to get a manual gearbox. Going against the trend, the upcoming mid-engined car will of course get another transmission option but we are pleasantly surprised to hear of another sports car manufacture other than Porsche who would offer a self-shifting option to its customers. That said, Palmer did not specifically say ‘yes’ directly when he was interviewed. “I’ve already made a commitment that I want to be the last ma
  15. Last week, we published a post where we reported that two thirds of the Toyota 86s sold in US were automatics. However, Mazda begs to differ with some stats of their own and give the manual transmission supporters some hope. U.S. publication Autoblog spoke to Mazda PR program manager Tim Olson and was told that a staggering 76% of the MX-5 buyers in America selected the manual transmission option, leaving the rest with the six-speed automatic. Being the purer car, the sales data was based on the soft-top version of the car from July 2018. As for the MX-5 RF, 52% of the
  16. With more and more brands abandoning the manual gearbox, the amount of drivers being able to drive cars equipped one also lessens day by day. With that in mind, Volkswagen USA thinks that its latest Jetta GLI, when optioned with a manual gearbox, would easily deter thieves. In its latest commercial for the sports sedan, it portrayed the aforementioned idea in just that way. However, while it was cheeky of them to come out with this advertisement, they did put a small line at the end of the video saying, “Legally we have to tell you that you should always lock your car, so you shou
  17. The Porsche 911 GT3 proved that there’s still demand for high-end sports cars with manual transmissions. But why didn't Lamborghini follow suit? Motor Trend posted this question to Lamborghini Chief Executive Stefano Domenicali and he replied saying that Lamborghini did actually researched on whether it made sense to offer manual gearboxes for special edition models of the Huracan and Aventador supercars. Unfortunately, the costs were too high. He went on to elaborate with a case study: if Lamborghini were to build a special edition Aventador with a manual g
  18. Don't see this thread before but I think it was discussed before in other forums. How do you move off or accelerate in an auto car? Do you 1) jam the accelerator 2) move off slowly, release accelerator, press again and release then press.... 3) light pressing of accelerator until desired speed I believe few will do number 1. But I heard driving instructors teach both 2&3 so lai lai let's discuss. Who do what and why and is it better? We had a thread on manual cars so let's talk about auto cars.
  19. Can I use ATF on my manual car?Wat oil should I use?Driving Lancer
  20. Are they the same? Same effect on starter motor? Something that I have been wondering about.
  21. A few months ago I got this manual accent. No issues with it except for this. Occasionally I cannot engage the first gear or the reverse gear from neutral gear. This happens when my car is stationary. So far no major issue with this except late moving off from traffic light or a bit delayed in reverse parking. I checked with the AD during my 1000 km and 5000 km check and they say nothing wrong and maybe it's how I stepped on my clutch. The thing is, this failure to engage still happens once in a while and in my car park i ever tried to replicate this by changing gear with my clutch not fully
  22. My Current car's COE is going to end next year, during my past around 20 years driving experience, always Manual, Sedan, NA engine, therefore my next car: 1. Must be: SUV + Turbo with decent Price 2. Better to be: Manual (it's a Dream Only) , MIJ, good FC, 3. Never consider: Sedan, Conti(Overpriced and low reliability) and Korean (roughness) brands based on above criteria, easily narrow to following: 1. Forester XT (wait for new gen launching next year) Pros: Attractive price, Powerful engine, fast acceleration, specious interior, AWD Cons: High FC, High Insurance, CVT,
  23. any 1 selling swift sport owner's manual?? thks in advance..
  24. So... Story goes I ordered a study table with shelf from ezbuy. Cheap at $45 and looks decent. The problem is... Item arrived and there's no manual. Too many nuts, bolts, screws whatever of all different shapes and sizes, and I suspect even with missing screws. The unfixed table has been left sitting at my house for the past two months. I don't wanna classify it under the white elephant purchase on ezbuy yet, so, my question is... In such a situation where you have furnitures bought online and unable to fix yourself, are there any contacts we can call to get them to fix for us, ma
  25. Seem like now difficult to find manual gear car, any make or model to recommend? If not, have to look at second hand car already.
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