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Found 7 results

  1. Are they the same? Same effect on starter motor? Something that I have been wondering about.
  2. My Lancer EX 1.5A has stalled twice recently (once today and once last week). Both times, the car stalled when moving off after stopping at a junction. I did not change gears away from D and kept my foot on the brakes at the junction. I quickly switched to neutral and cranked the engine - no problems in starting it. Any clue what could be wrong? Spark plugs need to change? Cam shaft sensor? Thank you in advance. *Car is 7 years old and I've driven about 120k km. Spark plugs have not been changed before.
  3. While driving home earlier, i noticed my aircon was not cold. When i was turning in my home carpark, the engine suddenly stalls and i have to crank a few times to restart it, after traveling into the multistory carpark, the engine stalls again while i am reversing into the carpark slot. I also notice burning smell from my engine bay after i parked my car. Anyone know what are the possible causes?? Thanks!
  4. Detach8

    Merc B170 W245 Stalling

    Guys, my parent's Merc B170 stalled on them several times this month and we just sent it to C&C. It's just barely 3.5 years old and over the warranty. Did anybody have the same problem and what was the diagnosis? They claimed to be a fuel pump and it costs $1,200 but info I gathered seems like a simple crankshaft position sensor. Please share if you have any info. Thanks!
  5. Babysaint

    Auto Car stalling

    hi guys.. im driving a subaru legacy gt(bl9) and i recently installed a greddy rs bov. and my car has been stalling. aftr heavy flooring my rpm(5-6Krpm) just drops to zro and car stalls. any possible causes for it?
  6. I've had this problem ever since the 4AT gearbox was in there, in neutral or parking gear, when i rev >3k rpm after releasing throttle, rpm drops suddenly and too drastically low like 500rpm, sometimes the ecu recovers in time, most of the time engine stall now the problem bugs me more since on manual now. rev rev, clutch in, rpm drop to low, engine stall. sometime after WOT, coming to a stop must brake and clutch in then engine also die cos rpm dips way too low what could cause this? i arldy adjust idling to 800 from 680rpm previously but i noticed that the rpm still dips to the same level of 500 before stalling
  7. Hi, would like to know if anyone has experienced this before. Lately, my Fabia's engine has been stalling or threatening to stall spontaneously, regardless of whether I am driving (on the expressway) or engine is in idle. I recently sent it to Servo/Dennis & had my whole clutch system changed, which cost me a big bomb. He attributed the stalling to my worn out clutch. Now that it has been changed, I shouldn't face that problem by right. However, yesterday, I had just reversed my car into the parking lot & was gear was in neutral. Suddenly, the engine threatened to stall again. I stepped on the accelerator but nothing happened - engine didn't rev at all. It felt as if no petrol was being pumped into the engine. Can someone help...maybe enlighten me on the mechanics of the system that makes the car move from the stepping of the accelerator to the workings of the engine? I am trying to figure out what may be wrong & what may be the contributing factors. Thanks!