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Found 103 results

  1. Mazda2gal

    Problems with new condo unit

    It's my first time buying a property, encountered problems with the defects rectification process and the mgt. Appreciate advice from experienced property buyers. Condo developer is a big established one, didn't expect the unit to be handed over in a bad and uncompleted condition. Moreover TOP of this condo has been delayed for 4 months. Among many other defects, the kitchen cabinet has many misalignments, a drawer track wasn't installed and was lying in the drawer (see pics), discoloration of cabinet surfaces, deep scratches on solid table top and stainless steel backing. Skirting missing. Chips on bathroom basin top. Marble flooring in living room was not polished and looks used. Dents on doors. After joint inspection with construction supervisor and developer Rep, I handed a key to them to do defects. Few days later I checked, nth has been done as expected. But neighbour who already moved in alerted that the workers have been entering my unit at 9+pm, wearing t-shirts and shorts, since the day I handed a key to the construction supervisor. I called defects team the next day and was advised to email my complaint. As expected, no reply nor response. Though they did a few minor defects. The big items like flooring etc all left undone. Only 2 weeks left before the one month defect rectification deadline is up, have a feeling they may tell me that those are not defects or not able to rectify. Or they may request more time though I already told them I need vacate my current residence by June. Though I can rectify the defects on my own after the one month and claim from developer, I'm not sure what complications may arise. Like developer not honouring the claim? I'm gg to meet a Rep from construction team regarding the defects. What stance should I take? Anyone with experience to advise?
  2. NOTE: I am required by MCF forum software to pick a "Related Car Brand" - and hence went with the one which I see the most regular occurrence of. This is by no means a flame or "axe-to-grind" post. Do you ever notice, ever so often, that a car's headlights are not turned on even though it is pitch black as coal in the sky? I certainly do, and I confirm this by looking at the most obvious tell-tale sign - their rear license plate lights. If you notice, when you do turn on your headlights meant for illuminating the road ahead of you, your rear license lights will turn on. They will not turn on if you are on DRL (or low light) mode. So why am I raising this topic? Because I am finding that more and more modern models from Honda, Toyota, etc. are traveling on the roads at night with no headlights on! And I attribute this to the fact that the instrument clusters of these vehicles are lit up regardless whether the headlights are on or not. Back in the not-so-long-ago times, the instrument cluster would only light up if you turned your headlights on. But with the new digital instrument clusters, or forever-light-up-like-Christmas analog clusters - careless drivers are driving around without any lights, and potentially might cause harm to themselves, and other unwary/unobservant road users. I keenly remember that my aunt's old Corolla Altis from 2004 already has auto-headlights as a default setting in the light stalk. Is it really that difficult to swivel it over to "A" for safety's sake? Also, no matter how cool or bright your DRLs are - they do not replace the headlights. What do YOU think? Let's talk about that.
  3. Last Friday morning, I realised that something was wrong with my 08 Passat 1.8TSI's gearbox (only had 3rd Gear when driving forwards - No problem with Park, Neutral and Reverse). Even when I tried to change gear manually, or use a different mode, it still stayed in 3rd gear when driving (indicator is always 3). Hence it was pretty sluggish off the line, and to maintain highway speeds, the engine was rather strained. So, I drove straight to VW Service Centre. At first, the receptionist said that a Master Technician needed to take a look at my car, and asked me to have a seat at the lounge. And around 9am, she came by and told me that the Master Technician was still with another car, and that I should leave my key with them, and that they would call me back when they found out what was wrong with my car. I waited until 2pm Friday afternoon to call them, and that was when I realised that they had passed my "case" onto a Service Advisor. When I finally spoke to the Service Advisor, he informed me that there was a queue of cars waiting for a Master Technician to take a look. He then advised me that my car could only be seen on Saturday at the earliest. I then requested that he call me once my car was seen and to update me on the situation. Saturday morning came and went and after several missed calls, I finally managed to speak to my Service Advisor who apologetically informed me that my car had not been seen. He could not even indicate when my car could be seen, and that it is likelt to be Monday. I called again this morning (monday) and he said he would call me back... I called again in the afternoon... and he still hadn't stopped seeing his case load of incoming cars.... 72+ hours (3 days) of cars and no one can tell me if anything is wrong with my car (or if it was just a temporary issue). Are there so many VW cars at the workshop, or just so few technicians and mechanics?
  4. Deathsythe

    Common Problems with Optra 5

    I would like to know wat are the problems faced with the Optra 5.
  5. Recently got a Fiat and sometimes the gear cannot be engaged for unknown reasons. Anybody else facing this same problem?
  6. I am thinking of getting a hybrid car. I just want to find out if it is common for the battery to give problems after a few years. Now that hybrid is no longer new in the market, anyone got any feedback? I hope it is not like handphone battery, after few years, battery beomes weak...
  7. Sash1401

    Power window problems

    Dear bros, I may need your professional advise. Dis morning, while reaching my office, i begin to wind up my window as i normally wind it down during morning. As my window begins to wind up, i heard a crack sound like something broke to pieces. Then the next thing is my window cannot be wind up. I can still hear the sound of the motor running when i press the button but the window is simply not moving. I can even use my hand to pull up the window, but the max i can pull is almost fully closed... there's still a small gap to fully closed n the window stuck there... do u guys haf any idea wat happened? Thanks
  8. http://www.carthrottle.com/this-hilarious-problems-with-my-porsche-video-is-a-must-watch/
  9. Hi, I need some advices on help to identifying the problem for my car... Recently I realised that my car tends to vibrate as im quite sensitive to abnormal noise and vibration on my car. This vibration will only appears when I travel at 90km/h and if I reach 100 is more obvious. The vibrations can be felt from the floor board. When I'm traveling slow at maybe 40km/h, I feel the force back like those arcade steering wheel. That means u need to relax and not hold tight. U can feel the steering wheel turning left and right mildly. Try to imagine as is really hard to put it in words. My suspect is the warping of the rim but I wana hear if there are any bigger issues as I took leave tomorrow and wanted to solve this by tomorrow. I just don't feel good and hope it won't escalate to a much bigger issue. Thks
  10. Tzc

    VW problems

    http://www.livelifedrive.com/malaysia/news/view/92082/volkswagen-owners-voice-grievances-at-volkswagen-group-malaysia-headquarters?fb_action_ids=10152082301393889&fb_action_types=og.likes really that serious? altho never own a vw car before...in the past had a w124 E200 ..now a subaru..so far it's norm wear and tear
  11. chitchatboy

    Car-sharing: road blocks ahead

    With car prices staying high, it is no surprise to find car-sharing getting more and more popular. With over 100 locations, around 300 cars and 9,000 members - up from about 4,800 in 2010, there is an increasing crunch for parking lots for shared cars. Car-Sharing Association of Singapore President Lai Meng was pleased to hear that the Government recently announced that it will make available more parking lots in HDB estates for shared cars. While that is good news, Mr. Lai stressed that it is still critical to provide shared cars near hubs like MRT stations as people who live nearby are less likely to own a vehicle since car-sharing locations near public transport hubs have the highest rate of use. Doing so will reduce increasing demand for car ownership in Singapore as it offers an alternative, said Mr. Tony Dufays, regional director of UITP, the International Association of Public Transport. He believes car-sharing allows people to have an occasional use of a private car when other sustainable transport modes can't serve their purpose. However, car sharing still has its fair share of challenges. One of them is unauthorised parking in shared car lots. "If the next user coming to get the car cannot find it at the usual place, it compromises efficiency," Mr. Lai said. A shared car is used an average of three to four times on a weekend and two to three times on weekdays. With shared car lots are typically located on the higher levels of HDB multi-storey carparks it can be quite a pain to locate the car. Another problem faced is a lack of awareness about what car sharing does. Many do not know car sharing is basically a membership service that allows people to share a fleet of different cars, with "pay-as-you drive" rates. Mr. Lai reckons it would help if there were signs alerting residents to shared cars at street level and designated parking lots at lower levels to improve visibility.
  12. Bros, I don't know whether you guys encountered before. But I have been going in for the past few weeks during the afternoon. And always. Always the car park would be jammed up. I don't know why. Is it because of the renovation outside the exit? I think they might have to either A) Put a traffic light/warden in front of the CP exit to clear traffic B) bigger yellow box? Because the wait. No joke. 20-30 mins just to exit carpark...
  13. Deciding between high level condo or landed property. Wife n kids r terrified of cockroaches n other crawlies. Will this problem be prevalent in landed. Undetstand lizards r unavoidable though.
  14. Want a reliable driving machine that provides stress-free ownership? The recent 2013 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D Power suggests that you should get yourself a Lexus. In the study, Lexus came out on top with a score of 71 problems per 100 vehicles. Owners of three-year-old cars of various makes were asked to mention the problems they had with their vehicles in the last 12 months. Porsche took up second position after Lexus while Lincoln and Toyota tied for the third spot with a score of 112 PP 100. The overall average stands at 126 PP 100. The lowest 5 spots were taken up by Volkswagen, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Dodge and Land Rover. For individual models, the Lexus RX (above) had the highest dependability with just 57 problems per 100 vehicles, marking the first time in the survey an SUV came up on top. J.D. Power commented that 54% of owners who don't experience any problems with their vehicles stay with that brand for their next purchase. That loyalty rate slips to 41% when three or more problems are experienced.
  15. What's up with those batteries used in the plane? Lithium-ion batteries are presumed to be safe to use?
  16. Sofarsogood


  17. Rude? Issuing fines indescrimately? Power tripping? Exerting otherwise non-existent authority? In civilian life they are nothing. But put them in uniform and they think they are god.
  18. [extract] When buying a brand new car; someone, either a friend or family member would probably have said this to you.
  19. There are problems brewing in the COE market - BIG problems that will need to be addressed - just what will happen in the next five years is anyone's guess. Take a look at what is happening with the COE right now, I'll only look at Cat B here to keep things as simple as possible, but to my mind there is a huge buble forming that is going to cause a massive shakeout in the near future that the government is going to have to be very clever to counter. The price at the last round was $95,000 - the conventional wisdom is that it will stay high until around 2014 when the "bumper crop" cars start to come up for deregistrations. What is going to happen when this comes about? Well I think if the COE drops appreciably, there is going to be an issue. First of all, a part of what is driving the current high price is the paucity of deregistrations - there are a whole heap of cars currently on the roads with $10-$30k COEs that will not buy at $50k and above. These people are holding onto their cars for all they're worth. IF, with all the cars coming up the price of the COE drops back to say $15k in 2015. What will happen? Let's take a worked example of a Toyota Wish from Borneo. If I buy today, and sell in AUgust 2015, I will get back $82,625 from PARF and COE. Assuming the (factory) price of the car does not move in that time, and the COE is $15K, I will be able to replace it with a brand new car for only $88,000. Meaning I only need to get $5,300 for the body and I get a brand new car FOR FREE. Who wouldn't do this? I certainly would. So there will be NO used cars sold. It would be a stupid move - the car would have to sell for less than paper value - and who would do that? At the same time - there is going to be a HUGE boom in the ADs - virtually EVERYBODY will be changing cars - there won't be the capacity in the market - this will cause all sorts of management issues, not to mention problems with how many COE to be released, compensating for deregistrations and the like. If the price really does fall dramatically, it's going to deepen the "boom / bust" cycle that is already prevalent. Even if it only drops back to $50,000 after a year or more above $90,000, there is still big big incentives to change car - that $40k difference in COE amounts to a difference of $4k a year in depreciation - which is rather significant in anyone's bank account. So what will the government do? I don't see that they will want this to happen. One way, that might work - set a COE "floor". If not less people bid above the floor than there are COEs - then those COEs are "saved" for future rounds. Another way might be to try and second guess the market and "predict" how many COE to release to keep the price high. What would be interesting, would be to see if there is any analysis on past behaviour when COE drops - just how many cars were deregistered and how much was the difference in quota premium that triggered it (LTA should be able to track this as it will have information on a per car basis that it can aggregate - for us, it is pretty much impossible as we do not have enough information). Any thoughts?
  20. Scb11980

    Facebook and its problems

    Twins suing Facebook for a better deal Miguel Helft, The New York Times While the brothers could end up losing their settlement, the risks for Facebook are high as well Some people go to court hoping to win millions of dollars. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have already won tens of millions. But six years into a legal feud with Facebook, they want to give it back
  21. [extract] J.D Power and Associates has released the result of the study on the overall dependability of three-year vehicles sold in the US. Some 31,000 car owners of 2009 model-year vehicles were polled regarding the problems they encountered with their ride over the last 12 months. From the 32 brands included in the survey, 25 improved their scores with Lexus topping the chart with 86 problems per 100 vehicles (89 PP100). This is followed by Porsche with 98 PP100; Cadillac with 104 PP100; Toyota with 104 PP100 and Scion with 111 PP100. Another feather in Lexus
  22. Happily1986

    Home remedies for everyday problems

    I am sure some of you have been put off by smell of suede leather footwear. The problem is not really because your feet stink but rather it is the propensity of suede leather to absorb sweat which makes the leather a hotbed for bacteria to propagate. This explains why hard leather and PVC is less susceptible to such an issue. I have discovered (forgive me if i am slow) that by squirting alcohol (industrial ethanol) or even nail varnish remover liberally over the commonly moist areas of your suede leather footwear, it helps to nullify the stink as alcohol literally kills bacteria. Please contribute any of your home remedies for life's daily problems.
  23. Imagine spending almost 270k for a 3-room unit, excluding reno and furniture & stuff, you kena a lemon flat... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_751520.html New flat: Problems, problems, problems Published on Jan 4, 2012 THREE months after I moved into my new HDB flat along Bendemeer Road, the supposedly stainless steel fixtures in my bathroom turned rusty. Their replacements by the HDB also turned rusty and I did not pursue the matter again because I was in the thick of my pregnancy. Four months later, one side of the indoor clothes rack collapsed as I was lowering it but thankfully, no one was hurt. That too was replaced. Last month, or some 14 months after we moved in, the ceiling of my living room started leaking because of a crack. Once again, the HDB contractors had to repair the damage. The repairs were major enough to require me to leave my flat with my baby for a few hours. How can a brand new flat have such problems within such a short period, especially when it was not a cheap three-roomer at $268,000. How does the HDB ensure the quality of the flats and fixtures? With the current volume of build-to-order (BTO) projects, I hope the HDB is not rushing to complete flats at the expense of its dwellers. Shameem Basheer (Madam)
  24. Mightymito

    FTs Causing Problems Again

    http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/Bleak-out...156993.html?x=0 Singapore's property sector may soon face difficult times, as Standard Chartered Bank's latest report has stated a bearish outlook for the market. According to the bank's analysts, prices and rents of residential properties in Singapore will drop by 30 percent over the next three years. This will be quite a setback, given that prices rose 18 percent in 2010, as Singapore recovered strongly from the global financial crisis. Prices soared a further six percent in the first three quarters of this year. In addition, the bank expects some problems ahead, such as the unprecedented supply of completed homes coming on-stream and slower population growth due to stricter immigration policies. "We expect lower population growth and high completions to induce a 20-30 percent decline in home prices in 2012-2014," said the StanChart analysts. "When residential prices went into a four-year downcycle from 2001, residential developers traded at 0.6-0.8 times price-to-book ratio." The gloomy outlook came after property developers reported subdued results for the third quarter this year, attributed to lower contributions from their development units. For the latest property news, trends, resources and expert opinions, visit our property news section. Home buyers, sellers or property renters looking for a Singapore property may like to visit http://www.propertyguru.com.sg today.
  25. Mllcg

    MCF problems?

    I can only access lite & easy with no problems. anyone else having the same problems? i cant even access forum main page