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Found 10 results

  1. Ah_liang

    Bird pest removal

    Got a problem. A pair of birds had happily dug a hole through the outer board covering the air con hole (old flat). Now they had even build a nest and this cause rain water to seep into the flat thru the inner board. Does anyone know of any service to remove the damn nest and replace the boards?
  2. Sng28

    Pest and Chute

    Hello everyone, Can i check if anyone where used Maxden or Riben rubbish chute. I'm in a dilemma on which to choose. My current chute has little roaches invading through the corners....spraying , roach bait, roach gel, all tried....still has few sneaking in invade my home any recommendations or advice are welcomed.
  3. -Have you notice cockroach, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and small crawling insect in your car? Well then it's time to fumigate your ride? Our fumigation comprise of ingredient like pyrethroid & exothermic substance which capable of evolving heat on contact with water emitting smoke to all tight areas of your car to force those insect out from their hideout. 100% safe as it is -Water Base -Non Aerosol Product -Safe against fire -Big penetration -Release Delay -No oily residue -Flushing out effect Like us on Facebook "New Age Polish" Contact us at 81610131 for an appointment now!
  4. Cichildae

    Pest control in car

    Hi All, Need your kind advice. Previously I bought a seat from another owner and once I saw one spider hiding under the seat and I killed it promptly before installing it... However, recently I noticed some webs in my car Anyone got any ideas how can I rid the spiders? I didnt get to see any spiders in e car but I guess it must be hiding around thus explaining the webs.. Any total cleaning service providers? Thanx for the advice!
  5. Deciding between high level condo or landed property. Wife n kids r terrified of cockroaches n other crawlies. Will this problem be prevalent in landed. Undetstand lizards r unavoidable though.
  6. anyone using those ultrasonic pest repellers at home ?? those device that emits very high frequency sounds that is supposed to irritate insects so much that they will leave your house alone ? does yours work ?
  7. Ahtong

    Noisy exhaust pest

    My neighbourhood is suffering from pesky driver(s) with noisy exhausts. At least once or twice a week, I'll be having a when around or after midnight, some pest will go BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZMMMM down the street outside. Sometimes the pest will do a repeat performance at 5-6am. If I am willing to do a stake out and photo / film the pest(s) in action, which department should I file a report to?
  8. Nkps


    http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Others_C20...490341;#2490341 Lately, we seen many many newbie (clone) register just to bash people, names calling and such. This is not the MCF we used to have anymore. What's your view?
  9. Why must CDC staff 'SHOUT' AT NEEDY CUSTOMERS? READER: Officers yell at residents looking for financial help SPOKESMAN: Staff may speak louder if crowded By Zubaidah Nazeer May 06, 2008 DEALING with difficult clients on a daily basis can get to them. ? Ms Amy Hafiz (far left) and Ms Halifah Parmo were appalled by service standards. TNP picture: KUA CHEE SIONG Never mind if these clients are the needy who are there to ask for help. Now, customer service officers at a social services centre have come under fire for allegedly raising their voices at those who approach them, and for exhibiting what appeared to be unprofessional behaviour. Residents who have been to a branch of the North West community development council (CDC) were observed to have been rudely served. One visitor who was there recently raised the issue to The New Paper. Ms Amy Hafiz, 39, a clerk, claimed that she saw two customer service officers at the CDC's Woodlands Civic Centre office shout at and speak roughly to other residents who were there to ask for help. And when The New Paper dropped in, we also observed how the officers sometimes spoke rather loudly, enough for others to hear. Ms Amy was there on the morning of 16 Apr to ask about the ComCare assistance plan for herself. She had called a helpline first, but was told to go to a CDC near her home to get more help. While waiting for her queue number to be called, Ms Amy claimed that she heard two officers passing unpleasant remarks about the people they were helping. When a middle-aged woman asked the officers why she had to return at 4pm even though she was already there that morning, one of the officers said curtly: 'You want help? Just be here.' Another officer told an elderly man, loud enough for Ms Amy to hear: 'Get your documents ready before coming.' Ms Amy said: 'After the people left, I could hear the officers talking about them... and (voicing) their frustrations. I believe they should be a bit more professional as service staff.' Ms Amy, who was there with her friend, both allegedly heard the officers complaining that the residents did not seem to listen to instructions. When Ms Amy's number was called, she was told to get some documents and to return at 4pm as well. But she stressed that the officers were not rude to her. When Ms Amy returned at 4pm, she witnessed the rudest scene yet. Another middle-aged resident had just opened the door to the office when one of the customer service officers shouted at the woman in a mix of Malay and English. The officer allegedly said: 'Why (sic) you come now? I told you to be here at 1pm right? Now, too late already.' Ms Amy said: 'I was puzzled by this attitude. Where was her professionalism as a customer service officer? Why can't she wait for the woman to arrive at the counter and then advise her patiently?' She saw the woman trying to explain herself for the so-called miscommunication but the officer allegedly shot back loudly: 'You can't understand me... not (sic) I give wrong information. The camera is on, you want me to play back?' Ms Amy's friend, Madam Halifah Parmo, 43, said: 'I thought of telling her that she should not be so rude and serve people that way. I thought what she did was just not right.' About 10 minutes later, a middle-aged man who had also witnessed the scene went in to see a case worker. Ms Amy said: 'I think he must have told the case worker about the commotion because the counter phone rang and I could hear the customer service officer trying to explain what happened earlier. 'I heard her saying, 'Ya lah, there's this man who can't get help from us (who) came to her rescue.' Ms Amy heard another two phone calls that the officer answered about the incident. Ms Amy said: 'I was totally appalled by her comments. Not only was her explanation distorted, but I wondered why she was at the counter at all if she wasn't patient in serving the ones who really need help? 'I also wondered if the camera was for real or was it just a threat?' The New Paper dropped in unannounced on 22 Apr and observed the goings-on for nearly three hours in the afternoon from a seat furthest from the officers. The office area was about the size of two HDB bedrooms, with seats for up to 15. Sometime around 3pm, after a few people had been served, one of the officers raised her voice to a middle-aged woman and said: 'When we send the letter then you come down. She's not in! You have to call first.' The woman did not seem to be frustrated, more at a loss. Then the officer motioned to her colleague and asked her if she could speak in Malay to the woman. About half an hour later, the same officer was heard shouting to a woman and an elderly man: 'Anything wrong, I don't know ah... (it will be sent to) this address... whatever (sic) outstanding is based on that.' When we asked the woman later whether the officers were rude, she said: 'Not always, sometimes.' At about 4.35pm, the same officer was heard trying to emphasise a point to a young man and his wife by saying: 'Concession. Stated here... CONCESSION. CONCESSION!' she yelled. When contacted, a North West CDC spokesman said that they are investigating the incidents. In an e-mail reply, the CDC's acting general manager, Ms Toh Lay Hoon, said officers are advised to be attentive to the needs of the clients. 'However, when there is a crowd at the service counter, counter service staff may have to speak a bit louder, especially to the elderly.' Ms Toh said that while most of the residents they serve were easier to handle, they have encountered those who were uncooperative in offering information and could also become abusive towards counter service staff. She added that the officers are given customer service training, and monthly service briefings are provided. Ms Toh added: 'Between July 2007 to March 2008, our counter service staff at the North West CDC received 632 'Go the Extra Mile for Service' Cards for great service provided to our residents.' All eight samples that were given belonged to another staff member not featured in this story. http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,164009,00.html? Our Vision & Mission About Us The North West Community Development Council(CDC) is your local administration, initiating, planning and managing community programmes to promote community bonding and social cohesion. Together with North West CDC, our residents get involved in the community and work towards making life better for themselves and their fellow residents. Our location in the community makes us more attuned and responsive to the specific needs of our residents. Vision To be a caring, dynamic and cohesive community Mission Being your community partner Building a community for all Enhancing your quality of life Tagline We care, we share, we bond <<<---- lolz. OUR MAIN FOCUS Helping the Community We provide assistance to the needy through a number of schemes: Employment Assistance Schemes Child / Youth Care Assistance Schemes Family Assistance Schemes Health Care Assistance Schemes Financial Assistance Schemes http://www.northwestcdc.org.sg/1161743009751/aboutus.html so who is in charge? http://www.northwestcdc.org.sg/11627962665...2796302700.html lolz...
  10. Escaflowne32

    Serious Pest Problem

    Please help me out ...!!! LOL How come my car got coachroach inside ... Not the boot or bonnet but my passenger seat that side ... Nearly got and accident when the freaking pest came crawling on my girl fren ... Please help me out is it because there is a hole in my car or its normal for a car to have COACHROACH ...! n most of my time my car is shut n lock up how can that ass come in ...!