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  1. Cichildae

    Garmin 50LM Feedbacks & Reviews

    Hi folks, Just bought a Garmin 50LM at Sitex and like to ask the following questions: 1) Do I need to do an initial charge? The staff (looks like part timer) doesn't seem sure when I asked... 2) If I wan to charge using adapter what volts should I use? I wouldn't be in the car long enough to charge it using the supplied car charger.. 3) As I was using another brand last time, how do I search for malaysia locations? I tired keying hatten malacca / Melaka but nothing was found.. My previous Marbella GPS will be able to find when I key in Appreciate your response in advance!
  2. Cichildae

    Is used auto wrx worth buying?

    If any of the bros here want to look for a good condition autorex, do let me knw as I am considering to sell mine.. have a full excel spreadsheet of all the maintenance and parts change to give u the peace of mind you need.. cheers n do watsapp me at 97913117
  3. Cichildae

    Is used auto wrx worth buying?

    Hi all, If anyone looking for an autorex do msg me at 97913117.. Oct 07 ride selling $40k.. Car in good condition as I am vv particular about my ride.. Msg to knw e goodies or better still view to appreciate.. thanks!
  4. Cichildae

    Higher RON = More Power?

    Fundamentally, the RON rating is used to determine how much more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating. Therefore, the fuel does not provide better or worse power in a sense and it depends on the compression ratio of the engine... Using higher RON for a low com engine is not going to give you more power... Using lesser RON for a high com engine may result in detonation / knocking which is definitely no good.. Using the right RON for the designed engine (or tuning) is the only way to optimize power output.. Of coz the addictives added into e petrol is for cleansing, marketing etc...
  5. Cichildae

    How long do brake discs last for?

    To be fair to the ws, we didnt see how the condition of e rotors are... If those racing pads are used or often hard brakings, it will be possible that rotors need to be replaced.... Think about it, brake pads bite on the rotors too tats wat both are for.. At the end of day ws can recommend but its up to customers to choose whether they want to purchase or not... Knowing Singaporeans, if there was an accident and its found out its due to the brakes - first thing owners will say y ws nv say must change since its damaged? its a cover back side from ws coz at least they have said so hahaha.. It's like ADs - ppl know they charge high but there are customers who still go back for piece of mind and e crappy warranty.. There are good n bad ws no doubt... But its those tat ask u change many things but e car is still gives prob tat are e *&*@^#&*@%# ws...
  6. Cichildae

    Hks Turbo Timer

    Hi all, Does anyone knw hw to differentiate btw a real n fake hks turbo timer?
  7. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Folks, Went Megatex yest and had a feel of all the different camera models... I am now deciding between Canon Ixus and Nikon S8200... I think the latter (Nikon) is better in value ($70 cheaper with more freebies) and feels n looks more stylish for a lady... Any feedback on this Nikon Coolpix model? Is Nikon camera reliable?
  8. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Thanks for the valuable input... I am willing to stretch my budget to 400+ would I be able to get a decent one instead?
  9. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Thanks for your feedback... I think I missed out Canon SX240HS which I didnt see the physical camera as yet... But just curious, I noticed Canon cameras do not have high mp as compared to the others in the same range... Sorry I am no pro in cameras but higher mp should equate sharper image?
  10. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Thanks for highlighting... From the link it really seems that there are alot of complaints and it is holding me back to purchase it... Maybe it is down to Nikon / Canon now..
  11. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Thanks for all the inputs... This are my last few choices hope to hear from expert opinions on which I should get: 1) Nikon Coolpix S8200 - $329, 16mp 14x zoom, heaviest among the others 2) Nikon Coolpix S6300 - $249, 16mp 10x zoom, cheapest option 3) Canon IXUS 240 HS - $ 349, 16.1mp, 5x zoom, wide angle, intelligent is/wifi, trendy 4) Canon IXUS 125 HS - $299, 16.1mp, 5x zoom, cheaper option to 240HS 5) Sony WX100 - $399, 18.2mp, 10x zoom, optical steadyshot, lighest and very nice outlook So right now I am really torn among the choices but I think Sony & Nikon could be my final choice... Pls help!
  12. Cichildae

    Recommendation for digital camera

    Hi folks, Any good recommendation for digital cameras? Intend to get as a gift for gf and budget bout 200-300+... Would appreciate any advice
  13. Cichildae

    Suzuki Swift Sports

    You are wrong... WRX 4 pot calipers need at least 16" rims to clear... N the offset of the rims also play a part..
  14. Cichildae

    Car rental in Singapore

    Any lobang for car rental into Malaysia? Need it over the weekend and preferably an affordable one... cheers!
  15. Cichildae

    Car rental in Singapore

    Any lobang for car rental into Malaysia? Need it over the weekend and preferably an affordable one... cheers!