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Found 294 results

  1. mcpd001

    New thread from testing

    this is a test, how is it?
  2. Mazdaowner

    My CAT Forum

    Car Forum brothers/sisters to discuss on their cats.
  3. Last time MCF allows user to do a search in a thread (especially if its a long long thread) that tool really helped to make discussion search efficient, and reduce number of repeated new threads can MCF bring that feature back?
  4. To ensure a great experience for all of us and considering the diverse makeup of our community, there are certain forum guidelines to follow. There aren't too many rules, so please read through these before posting. Our friendly moderators will help to enforce these guidelines in the forum. Postings Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, violent, abusive, threatening and harassing comments will not be allowed. Respect the viewpoints of others, even if you may not agree with them. Agree to disagree. No profanity or obscenities of any kind. No personal attacks on other users. No political or racial comments will be allowed. No impersonation of other participants or public figures. No FULL CAPS postings. In internet, CAPS equates to shouting. Refrain from posting information which is not publicly available. No copyrighted material is allowed. Please use links instead. Please declare vested interest (if any) on the topic you are discussing No multiple postings No WTS thread allowed on forum, you can post your item here >> https://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?app=marketplace No Group-Buys. Only Admin & Internal Mods are allowed to arrange group-buys Deletion of Threads Mods and Admins reserve all rights to remove, modify or move posts at our sole discretion and without explanation. If you have any questions, please PM any of our us. Lengthy Threads Some threads go on forever. For threads with more than 100 pages(25 postings per page), we request that participants continue their discussion in a new thread. The link to the new thread will be posted in the old thread and it will be locked subsequently. Multiple Accounts Members are not allowed to operate multiple accounts. Immediate ban will be enforced. Ads & Solicitation No advertisement or solicitation of any kind is allowed in MCF forums unless you are a paying sponsor. Any threads or posting which are deemed to be unauthorised solicitation or advertisement of services will be deleted promptly. Please read How to become a sponsor for more information. Signature Length Please limit your signature to a maximum of 4 lines. Links are not encouraged in signatures. Images are not allowed. Please refer to Signature guidelines. Avatar (User icons) Users should make sure that their avatars are not offensive, abusive, racist or sexist in nature. MCF is made up of a wide community of users so please be understanding towards others when selecting an avatar. Please refer to Avatar guidelines. Nicknames For new users, please note that the following types of username will not be allowed Racist names Religious or religion orientated names Names that contain profanity, or variations of profanity Names designed to imitate the name of another member Names designed to imitate the name of prominent company or product (eg. BMW) Names that imitate or ridicule prominent public figure Forum Etiquette Search First We have a powerful search system and what you are asking may have already been answered. This will save you time from waiting for a reply. Before you post, visit our search page. If you have too many results, try limiting the date to the last 6 months. Pick the proper forum Your question will get answered much quicker if you take a minute and pick the most appropriate forum for your post. Keep your post on topic Please try not to stray from the discussion topic, especially in the technical threads when possible. If you are straying off into a new topic, start a new thread for it. If necessary, make good use of the Lite & EZ forum for chit chatting. Be patient Give new members some slack, don't chastise them for not reading this guideline first. Make them feel welcome into the community. We were all newbies once. Avoid sarcasm, it's often lost in the post and just ends up being rude. Do not use abbreviations & dialects MCF is a public forum with members of all races as well as foreigners. So, kindly be considerate and use proper English with punctuations. Posts with excessive use of abbreviations & dialects will be locked and removed; the poster also receive a warning or be banned. Do not post "Smiley" only posts Posting of extremely short or "Smiley" only posts that are non-constructive in nature are not beneficial to discussions. Please refrain from posting such posts in the forums. Members who do this excessively will have their posts removed, and receive a warning or be banned. Do not leave lots of blank lines in your post Posting with lots of blanks lines will be deleted. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and will be subject to change as and when required.
  5. Hi, How do I post message on other forum. I can only post message here only.
  6. Carbon82

    Where are you now...

    Ever since MCF underwent a major system upgrade in end August, we noticed that many members are now much less active here than before. Are there any particular reason that hinder your participation in MCF, or any suggestion that could help to improve your user experience? Do let us know. Calling for... @2BDriver @7hm @Aaronlkl @Ahyoo2002 @Albeniz @alphard96 @AltisOwner @ALTK @Baal @Benarsenal @BenTong @Bismarck @BoneStock @Boringchap @Buadongdong @Camrysfa @car50 @Chickenfarm @Chowyunfatt @Christan @cllq @Coltplussport @Count-Bracula @Credor @DACH @Deckbuild @Dleodleo @Donut @Easyrider @Elfenstar @Evillusion @EWander @F355 @FourZero @Freeder @Friendstar @Genes @Genie47 @Heman75 @Hotnyh @Hosaybo @Hoseyboh @Hydrocarbon @kdash @Ktglfc @Kopites @Kxbc @lausai88 @Leinad8919 @Little_prince @Loki @LPPL @Macrosszero @Mrmilktooth @Myxilplix @Newbie26 @Nicfoo @Nlatio @Notsogoodman @Nzy @orion2006 @Piyopico @Pocus @Presea @Pocy @Ravinged @Roadrunner2029 @Sabian @SGCMmadman @SGCMmaomao @SiLangKia @Silver_blade @Staff69 @SuPerBoRed @Sunny @TangoElite @tenyawph @The_Bear @Tigershark1976 @Toothiewabbit @Uncle2 @Unltd @VellfireS @Weez911 @Yeobh @zipping
  7. Hi Mods, please consider creating a thread purely to discuss hybrid or electric vehicles. This is the future of automobiles and it would be good to have a common area to post such related topics.
  8. So just a heads up, in case you feel inclined to share everything, better don't. Btw she had to make a public apology never to undertake similar action in the future. Better be safe than sorry fellas. PS: I am not at a liberty to reveal which company did that, or which forum it took place in either.
  9. Jail for Sammyboy Forum member who secretly filmed women in cafe toilet and had 2,103 obscene clips A digital marketing specialist went to a Holland Village cafe and installed a hidden camera shaped like a metal hook in its unisex toilet to record videos of unsuspecting women. Clarence Tang Jia Ming, 27, would later delete the videos of women who appeared to be more than 25 years old. Videos showing male patrons were also deleted, the court heard. Tang was sentenced on Thursday (March 21) to three years' jail. He pleaded guilty in 2018 to 30 counts of insulting a woman's modesty and one count of being in possession of 2,103 obscene films for the purpose of distribution. Forty-five other charges for similar offences were considered during sentencing. Tang, who committed the offences between 2014 and 2016, was the fifth and final man to be convicted in a case involving online groups that shared voyeuristic videos taken with hidden cameras in places such as public toilets and changing rooms. The four others were customer service officer Ong Yi Jie, 27; former sales engineer Joel Chew Weichen, also 27; fund accountant Shaun Lee, 29; and former security guard Ali V.P. Mohamed, 46. They had been jailed for between six months and three years. All five men were members of Sammyboy Forum, which is a predominantly sex-themed online site that contained hundreds of threads sharing obscene material. Tang registered an account on the forum in 2009 and five years later, he came across a thread in which Ong posted hidden-camera films he had recorded. The pair began to exchange private messages and Tang told Ong, who is also known as Kenneth, that he also wanted to make such clips. They met at the Holland Village cafe, where Ong taught him how to install the hook-shaped hidden camera in the toilet. After this meeting, Tang would go to the cafe and install the camera to capture videos of his unsuspecting victims. On Nov 11, 2016, the Ministry of Education reported to the police that it had received information on obscene videos circulating on the Internet of schoolgirls in toilets or changing rooms taken with hidden cameras. The clips were found on platforms such as Google groups and the Sammyboy Forum. Police raided Tang's home 18 days later and seized items, including two external hard drives containing the 2,103 obscene films. Tang is out on bail of $15,000. He was ordered to surrender himself at the State Courts on April 11 to begin serving his sentence. For each count of insulting a woman's modesty, he could have been jailed for up to a year and fined.
  10. kobayashiGT

    Self-Policing makes the forum better!

    Hi all, I think these past few weeks there is quite a lot of spam invasion in our forum. But I think we handle it quite well, and I would like to sing praises to all of you out there who have made this forum a better place for everyone. Ever since we made a slight change to our moderation team, You guys have been practising self-policing. And this is what we want to achieve. You guys used the forum, know the rules. And if anyone who break the rules, you shout out to the Batman & Catwoman team. We are the vigilante who will clean the streets. We are very grateful for all these gestures. The Gotham Mayor thank you for your contribution. Let's make this forum great again! p.s. BTW, I am actually Robin. According to the pecking order. @pchou is Batman. haha.
  11. Mr Goh does not seem to understand it is always has been about dollars and cents on this 3/4 tank rule. Although I am all for srapping this %^&*$!!!, the authorities will never agree to it because this means losing rich source of revenue from petrol duties. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_816291.html Time for three-quarter tank rule to go Published on Jun 29, 2012 DRIVERS of Singapore- registered vehicles have not been allowed to purchase the RON95 grade of petrol in Malaysia since August 2010. This petrol grade, which is subsidised by the Malaysian government, costs RM1.90 (76 Singapore cents) per litre currently, and is available only to Malaysia-registered vehicles. Singapore-registered vehicles can be filled only with RON97 petrol, which is no longer subsidised by the Malaysian government, and its price is subject to market forces. Currently, this grade of petrol costs RM2.90 per litre. Thus, the savings from filling our vehicles with petrol in Malaysia is no longer as attractive as it used to be. Also, the new Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex has not helped to resolve the traffic jams associated with the old facility. The main problem lies with the narrow two-lane road leading to the new CIQ facility from Singapore, which is used by both buses and cars. The congestion affects vehicles leaving as well as entering Singapore. This infrastructural constraint is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, and the congestion could deter Singaporeans from going regularly to Malaysia to purchase petrol. Given the above-mentioned developments, the three-quarter fuel tank rule would appear to be redundant and should be scrapped. Goh Kian Huat
  12. Loosk

    Mazda 2 forum

    Any Mazda 2 forum
  13. Phalanx

    Peugeot Forum

    Is there a dedicated peugeot forum in sg?
  14. hi..wondering if there is such a forum?
  15. Dear Admin, We can see that there is very high interest in alternative fuel recently, particularly on the use of CNG. There are threads about Hybrid, HHO and latest EURO IV diesel too. We see CNG topics in General car discussion, in performance forum and even in Skoda forum. They are here and there and infact everywhere. I'm of the suggestion to setup a forum specifically for the discussion of alernative fuel. It will facilitate the exchanges of view of alernative fuel than to see them everywhere in MCF. Kindly consider the suggestion. Thank you very much. Regards,
  16. Is it true that the legal sector charge clients like what is being accused here by Mdm Chang for such cases? Any lawyer bros or bros familiar with such care to comment? From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_773737.html Offer guidelines for legal fees Published on Mar 5, 2012 I RECENTLY engaged a lawyer to settle a tenancy dispute. I was told that legal costs are time-based and my straightforward case would cost about $5,000. However, the final bill came up to $23,000 - about five times the original estimate. The lawyer claimed that the additional costs arose because he had to spend more time on my case, submitting five affidavits instead of three as expected initially. The charges were billed over three instalments, two of which amounting to $20,000 were when the case was in progress and I felt compelled to pay so as not to jeopardise the proceedings. Then came the final bill of $3,000. I called the Law Society of Singapore, only to find out that there are no guidelines for legal fees, unlike for the medical profession, which until recently had them to guard against overcharging. I was told to find out about the fees charged by other lawyers, and was given figures of $4,000 and $5,000 by two law firms. Proportionally speaking, if three affidavits cost $5,000, five should cost only about $8,000. And if the affidavits are largely the same, with each subsequent one incorporating new points to refute the rebuttals of the defendant, should the fees not be incremental instead of being multiples of five? There should be fee guidelines to ensure that professionals are not given a free hand when billing their clients. The Law Society and the Consumers Association of Singapore should look into how legal fees are charged. Chang Lee Lee (Madam)
  17. JUST IN: HardwareZone Forum hit by security breach, 685,000 registered user profiles affected, police report lodged Here is the statement from SPH Magazines, which owns the HardwareZone Forum site, in full: "Arising from a suspicious posting on HardwareZone (HWZ) Forum website on 18 February, an investigation was immediately launched to ascertain whether a security breach on the HardwareZone (HWZ) Forum site occurred. The investigation found that: A Senior Moderator’s account had been compromised by an unidentified hacker and used to view approximately 685,000 registered user profiles since September 2017. The hacker used the compromised credentials to impersonate the Senior Moderator to retrieve user profile data which comprised name, email address and user ID, and possible optional data fields. The HWZ database does not contain NRIC numbers, telephone numbers and addresses as these were purged in line with the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) Guidelines in July 2015. As a matter of precaution, forum users were advised to change their forum account password. SPH Magazines, which owns the HWZ site, has also engaged security consultants to conduct a thorough review of the system. A police report has been lodged and PDPC has been informed. SPH Magazines and HWZ sincerely apologise to HWZ users for this breach of security. We remain committed to protecting all personal data shared with us." http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/st-now-news-as-it-happens-feb-20-2018 MCF got tio bo? Also under SPH, right?
  18. SGCM_editorial

    Faces of MCF: Up-and-coming newbie kdash

    The love for cars transcends all boundaries. Just the other night when I was washing my car, a little nod of acknowledgement turned into a conversation that could've passed for one between two long-lost friends, between a 37-year old Toyota 86 owner and myself, who have never met prior. My other half struggles to understand this. How can people from different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds, of different age groups, get together and talk for hours on end about metal boxes on four wheels? But cars are more than that. Cars are special things that can unite mankind better than any religion in the world. The love for cars can begin from as young an age as one, till the day we die. And thanks to the availability of online forums, car enthusiasts have a place to pour their hearts out, whether it's advice for the next mod, best makan places to drive to, or anything under the sun, really. One such forum is MyCarForum (MCF), the official forum of sgCarMart.com. And one rather special member is Mr. Zhou, better known as kdash. A 30-year old civil engineer and a father of two, kdash's love for cars began in the 80s. "I am a sucker for manual 80s and 90s cars from the time when I was growing up and also 'pop-culture' cars such as the DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future); the Toyota AE86, the Mazda RX-7 FD3S and the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (Initial D)," he says. As a relatively new car owner who's on his second Toyota Sienta, kdash joined MCF to learn more about cars and at the same time, to make new friends. After joining, he was encouraged by some forum members who responded positively to his 'newbie' questions and that prompted him to continue being active in MCF. He believes that MCF provides an excellent platform where people can ask questions, learn about a particular subject or two and browse through previous posts to find the answers they seek. A big draw for kdash is the many experienced car enthusiasts active on MCF who are ready, willing and able to answer his questions and share their personal opinions on new cars, car maintenance and the car industry in general. "There are also threads on other non car-related topics, and MCF members are generally quick to help and give advice. The various opinions and views shared on many topics also help to give me a broader and more balanced view of the issues discussed." Of course, in return, he also does his part to contribute positively to the forum as much as he can. With MCF, kdash found a community of active forum members who are friendly and ready to accept newcomers like himself. The MCF members actively discuss the various hot topics of the day, and are always ready to share a joke and not take things too seriously. In his daily surfing of MCF so far, there are always funny, interesting and encouraging posts, which make his day and compels him to come back day after day. Like many, kdash is appreciative and respectful of all the views of senior members and most importantly, he likes that everyone knows when to be serious and when to relax and joke around. "I believe that as time passes, people will be able to get a glimpse of who you are by what you post, and that fosters the friendship and familiarity, which I see in MCF currently for the regulars. I feel that I am generally accepted in the forum, and encouraged to find and meet like-minded individuals here." That newfound friendship, however, is not limited to the web. After two months of joining MCF, kdash managed to make friends and got involved in some of the informal activities like meet-ups, lunches, and even a running group. "It is always good to be able to put a face to some of the members and get to know one another better so that we can better understand the context when someone posts in the forum," he says. With all the interactions and interest in MCF, kdash hopes that MCF will continue to be around for many years to come, and hopes to also be able to contribute positively to that effect. Like the Toyota 86 owner I met while washing my car, kdash and the other MCF members prove that the love for cars transcends all boundaries. And judging from that love, you won’t have to hope hard, kdash.
  19. Pureline

    Chery & Geely forum

    Hello bros, I'm a getz owner who visit getz portal. and there also a forum for chery at http://chery.sgportal.net and Geely at http://geely.sgportal.net Just sharing, hope it help.
  20. From ST Forum: Get speed limits right Published on Feb 28, 2014 I HOPE the Land Transport Authority will consider reviewing the speed limits on our roads, such that they truly reflect actual travelling speeds. On several roads, the speed limits may be set too low, resulting in motorists being fined for driving at speeds that are probably safe. For example, Lentor Avenue has a speed limit of 70kmh. Driving along this stretch at this speed during non-peak hours, I was overtaken by every vehicle on the road, including a bus. My understanding of the speed limit is that it represents the maximum speed at which a vehicle may travel safely along a certain road. However, this does not seem to be the case on our roads. Along certain long stretches without traffic lights, such as Thomson Road and Lornie Road, vehicles are cruising at average speeds of about 10kmh to 20kmh above the limit. While speeding kills, there is a difference between driving at more than 100kmh and at 80kmh. Along certain roads, motorists need to peer constantly at their speedometers to keep within the speed limits, for fear of being caught by a speed camera or speed trap set up by the Traffic Police. A recent road trip in Tasmania made me realise how the speed limits there accurately reflect travelling speeds. At hairpin bends, the limits drop to as low as 30kmh to 40kmh. Along straight stretches outside the town area, the limits increase to reasonable levels like 80kmh. I learnt to respect the limits, especially the lower ones as they meant the road ahead was hazardous. It is time to get our limits right. Wee Wei Loong (source: http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/get-speed-limits-right-20140228 )
  21. Precisely why one shouldn't dabble with crime in the first place... Like they say: Do the crime, pay the time. And if I may add further: Do the crime, pay the time & can't earn a dime . Having said that, society should accept those reformed ex-cons else they may go back to the old ways & the vicious cycle repeats once more. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_813927.html Give former minor offenders a chance Published on Jun 23, 2012
  22. Picnic06-Biante15

    Prostitution Ads Online "Flourishing" Forum

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lau ....... Sammyboy Forum kena mentioned ... CNA: Prostitution ads online: Judge voices concern over 'flourishing' forums SINGAPORE: A District Judge in the State Courts raised concerns over the existence of online forum Sammyboy after hearing a case on Friday (Jul 10) related to sex workers advertising their services on the website. District Judge Mathew Joseph said he was "concerned" with the site, after noting "a lot of activities" were present on the site involving "young, vulnerable people". "The site seems to be flourishing," he added. He said this in sentencing 41-year-old Foo Suan Wee to ten weeks' imprisonment for living off the earnings of prostitutes. Foo had pleaded guilty to four charges, with three others taken into consideration. Judge Joseph asked the prosecution to check with the authorities to see if any actions were being taken against the Sammyboy site. The prosecutor said that he would pass on the feedback to enforcement agencies. The site was cited in a High Court judgement on Dec 22, 2014, where a freelance photographer helped to advertise sex workers on the website and charged them a fee for his photographic and advertising services. A check on the Sammyboy website revealed slogans such as "your virtual sex hub" and "commercial sex info at your fingertips". Threads pertaining to sex worker activities in areas, such as Geylang, Keong Saik and Desker, were present. Sex work is legal in Singapore, but public solicitation for sex and living off the earnings of sex workers are illegal. S$6,000 MONTHLY PROFIT FOR HELPING WITH PROSTITUTES' ONLINE ADS Investigations revealed that sometime in September 2013, Foo had become a regular customer of a female Chinese prostitute before she asked him if he could help advertise her services on the Internet. Foo then posted an advertisement on behalf of the girl on Sammyboy. Subsequently, the prostitute referred others to Foo to advertise their sexual services. Foo began charging S$200 per month from each prostitute's earnings to advertise on different websites. Foo would also trawl other websites for prostitutes and contact them via messaging app WeChat to ask if they wanted his help to advertise their sexual services. He would meet them to collect payment in cash before publishing photographs and information on such websites. To keep the advertisements up on the websites, the prostitutes had to pay a monthly fee of between S$200 and S$300 to the accused. When he was arrested on Dec 19, 2014, the authorities found that Foo had helped advertise the sexual services of about 30 to 40 female prostitutes per month, making a monthly profit of about S$6,000. Prosecution submitted that the case was aggravated due to the protracted period of advertising, the low-cost and high-multiplier nature of using the Internet, and the high monthly profits that Foo was getting from the offence. Foo could have received a maximum five years' jail and a S$10,000 fine for his offence. - CNA/ek Link: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/prostitution-ads-online/1974466.html?cx_tag=trendingsg#cxrecs_s Heng Ah, MCF got good MODs to keep it clean .........

    Test Notification

    Hello everyone I am new - testing
  24. Hi MCF members! SGX has an upcoming free admission event on Saturday 26 November, 10 AM - 1 PM SGX Market Outlook 2017: Finding Income and Managing Risk Forum More info: http://notice.shareinvestor.com/email/20161126_sgx/index.html This is an interesting event as the current financial market is highly volatile. Many of your may want to hear and learn the various ways to manage risk and earn a decent income from investment in 2017. Click here to register. First 100 to arrive early for registration with receive a mystery gift!
  25. Sei_fei_loh

    Mitsubishi colt forum

    Hi all, Been searching ard but cant find. Is there any colt forum still active? Pls advise. Tks