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Found 99 results

  1. Dear all I may be getting a Sep 2007 reg, Mit Colt Plus from a friend, i will like to know whats the best reasonable price i should offer? He will be going to check with the dealers first . Quota premium paid $17,999.00 Sep 2007 registered Thanks alot!
  2. After much consideration... plan to change my current ride from Subaru TS to Mit Colt Turbo... Any bro here having the same ride and how the feedback? Doesnt matter u own a Colt turbo or a Colt Plus Turbo.. your feedback is appreciated
  3. Nightcruizer

    Mitsubishi Colt Version R discussion

    So I've been driving a CVR for some time now. Since the Colt Forum isn't active anymore, I'll just post here. Anyone selling their Colt Version R items? Like Ralliart spoiler, muffler guard, Version R badge etc? Can PM me price? If anybody want to ride this thread and discuss anything CVR, you're welcomed to do so!
  4. Zert88

    Mitsubishi Colt handling

    Hi, I have test drive a Colt today and found that handling is abit strange. Is it normal that the steering doesn't roll back immediately after making a turn? It doesn't even align back with the slightest turn. Any Colt owners out there care to comment on this?
  5. hi bros and sisters in mycarforum... i was wondering if anyone was driving the above mentioned car... it's a 1.5L MIVEC turbo producing stock 145bhp, mated to 6CVT and does 0-100kph in 8.5s... i'm considering getting a 2nd hand one, probably a 4.5yrs old selling at $38,000... it's got auto headlamps, auto tailgate, and keyless entry which can fold the mirrors, and close all windows remotely when outside the car... may i know if there are problems with the car and how to settle it?? thanks.
  6. Psionix

    Colt Turbo CVT servicing

    Reaching my 55k soon (done major 50k at C&C already) Thinking of leaving C&C since warranty over. Any bros here with CVT colt turbo can rec a good workshop that knows our ride well? Although I am not looking to pay peanuts but I also dun wanna kenna chop like by C&C. Just a good honest workshop who knows the CVT Colt Turbo well. Cheers
  7. Sei_fei_loh

    Mitsubishi colt forum

    Hi all, Been searching ard but cant find. Is there any colt forum still active? Pls advise. Tks
  8. Laojiao

    Mitsubishi Colt version R

    Now ... this is something 'newer' ... launched not too long ago in Japan ... will make its debut in SG's shores very soon. In fact, PIs have been taking bookings for this ride ... And ... a peak on the Mitsubishi 'i' (Sport-S edition)
  9. Quite like the look of this car. Was trying to get a 2nd hand model Found this: http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...078&DL=1086 Is it worth? 150,000km.....don't know how much it will cost in maintenance for another 2yrs+
  10. Hi all, I helping my frd to seek difference opinon on the above 3 ride. He is getting a pre owned ride. Please feedback on these 3 ride, thanks.
  11. Hi, some pics of the new mitsubishi colt
  12. Hi all bros and sisters. I am asking a stupid question but does anyone know how to unlock the fuel filler cap for pumping petrol? I used to own a honda - I only need to flip the lid to open. Thanks for any help!
  13. hi all need headlamp dust cover; misplaced it while replacing bulb. any one can help i would pay u a fee for it. PM me pls. TIA!
  14. Need some advice, friend interested in Colt Plus as per link. Thank You http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...9771&DL=500
  15. Hi all, I've been searching high and low. Anybody knows where I can get my Mitsubishi Colt Plus bodykit here in Singapore? Have anyone done it? Million thanks in advance guys!
  16. As per topic..... can't find any reference in SGCarMart. How do I find out the indicative price without going to dealer first? Thanks
  17. Hi peeps, I just got my used MIT colt plus. Mileage 57k++. Drives ok but got some vibration when idling at traffic lights. And also some cranking sounds when accelerating. Need suggestions from guys here, should I send my car to AD for full servicing (high price I think), or I can just send it to WS for full servicing? Any WS to suggest for good and trusted checks and servicing? Thanks
  18. Hi bro & sis anyone of you owning 1 of these car that i mention can give some comment like your insurance, fuel consumption, maintenance etc.... thanks
  19. Dear bros and sis, I was trying to find out how the remote can work to find my car in a complex car park? Currently, my alarm is "silent" when i use the remote to unlock and lock the car. Last time, my honda is different. Can use the remote to find my car. I have checked the owner's manual for mitshibushi but seems like the cheapskate car doesn't come with it. If it doesn't come with it, can i install a "find my car" remote? Where to do it? will it void the warranty? Thanks.
  20. I just got my license, going to buy a new car, but don't know which to get ? Can the bros and sis here advice me to choose which one and the pros and cons ? Thanks
  21. Keithhiap

    Where can i get this Colt Spoiler

    Hi all, Can anyone advice? The original from Ralliart damn overprice. Thanks in advance.
  22. Any Colt owner here using front strut bar? Can recommend where you get it from? Price? And any modification required to install? Thanks in advance.
  23. Small but powerful car for rent very new and less than 1 year old good for couples or small families from $35 a day depending on rent period call/sms 84543476
  24. Hey guys. My sibling is in need of recommendation to service her Colt Plus. She told me her warranty expired oredi so asking me to recommend. I've got no clue so I'm asking here. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi, As per above topic.. i wana find someone who has a good pricing and reliable..