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Found 195 results

  1. Before renovation Master bedroom 2nd bedroom Living dining Dry kitchen kitchen
  2. Hi all... Been trying to find nice places to shoot cars and hope this thread enables everyone to share some of the places anywhere accessible in the island to take photos of their own cars.
  3. -- 25 Sep -- Last preparation day before Singapore GP is officially opened to the public on 26th !!! Marshals are gathering at 530pm to get to know the exact area on the track assigned to~ There will also be final FIA checks for approval, simulated runs, etc so here it goes: The unsung heroes !!! Marshals signing in + Collection of Specialised Items Assigned Items Overalls + GLoves + Waist Pouch + Ear Plugs + Shades Cars from the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia My sector team assembling point before moving off
  4. Some of my pics during all the short trips I have taken in Asia in the past year. http://www.keehian.com/asia2019/
  5. Shull

    Taking upskirt pics is legal

    Only in Massachusetts hor.. Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/05/us/massachusetts-upskirt-photography/index.html?hpt=hp_t3
  6. Lester

    Some pics from Houston

    Hi to all Some pics of vehicles from Houston. There are Chevy ford F350--- Awesome!!!!!! Mustang with license TOXIC2 Nissan Altuma Ford van Coors' truck rear of a Humvee, I missed the front. Regards Lester
  7. Start by removing the Centre Console, refer to - Removing Matrix's Centre Console http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/Asian_Make...ics%29_P2324088 Tools required is a Phillips Screw Driver and a piece of cloth, After having removed the centre console, take a piece of cloth and insert below the Cluster Panel as shown, push the ODO Switch upwards to remove, you'll need to push hard initially cos it quite tight if you are removing it for the 1st time Bottom view of the ODO switch After pushing out the ODO switch, remove the connector Next remove the Phillips screw, do not remove all the way, leave a little and use your fingers to turn the remaining few turns, be careful not to drop the screw, i dropped mine and is forever lost somewhere in the cabin, Next use both hands and hold the cluster and pull it off, (picture show left hand cos right hand holding camera to take picture) Picture of the cluster removed Next remove the 2 Phillips screw on the right side of the panel Remove the 3rd screw on the left Next turn the instrument panel over and remove the connector switch Picture of cluster and instrument panel completely removed Back view of instrument panel (pre-FL version using 3xT10 and 4xT5 bulbs, FL version is using 8xT5 bulbs) Bottom view of instrument cluster Bottom view of ODO switch, arrows show the 3 screws, which you may want to remove to turn/invert the metal spring, for easy future removal of the cluster panel without having to remove the centre console. Installation is the reverse of the above steps.... Happy DIYing...
  8. Sofarsogood

    Pics of Henderson Waves

    Hi all, Wanted to share some pics taken during my maiden trip to the HEnderson Waves, located near SAFRA Mt Faber. 1. From the beginning of the bridge, Telok Blangah Hill Park 2. Estimate the height of the bridge by looking at the HDB nearby 3. Nice seats on the bridge 4. View of the cars below 5. Altitude printed on the wooden planks
  9. KARTer

    3D4N.... Penang+KL (with pics)

    Took a road trip recently, here are some pics........ if its true that a picture tells a thousand words, these pics may be under performing.. but who cares, here goes..... early morning, all 'fall-in' and smelled each other 'fresh' breath, but we suspect few were rushing for time, forgot to brush their teeth (joking)
  10. Porker

    Pics of my trip in Brazil

    Something to share.. These were taken from my hotel in Sao Conrado (Rio de Janeiro)
  11. Dumber

    Old days pics to share...

    Goodwood road, 1968 Haw Par Villa , 1963 north Bridge road collyer Quay
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryWHIt_e5TY&hd=1
  13. Sunny

    Nice bike pics - post here

    Saw a cool bike the other day Any nice bikes around, pls post too
  14. Noway 2016 June http://www.keehian.com/norway2016 If you are bored, you can look at my other travel pics here :) http://www.keehian.com
  15. Hi, Some pictures to share from this past weekend Apologies if I didn't catch some debut that you're interested in. http://imgur.com/a/OKFyR
  16. Ahtong

    Some LOL pics

    By "catBre" at EDMW
  17. I was inside my car after parking it in a proper lot. Off the engine and opened the door while I gathered my things. And out of no where, a lady said "how can he open the doors like that this is a walkway". I turned back and looked, she was walking to the next space looking frustrated and kept staring at me like I did something wrong to her. All these while I was sitting in the drivers seat. She looked 30+ with a 6+ year old girl. And then I thought to myself, this is a walkway? I got out and look, ok, it was a walkway behind my car. I just continued gathering my things, closed the door and went on my way. Look at the pics, I don't know what u guys will think. But to me, no big deal to just cross at the next car right? And I also did not know there is a walkway behind. So in your opinion, do u think I've done something wrong?
  18. Poor dog had its eyes gouged out and and its genitals cut off LINK
  19. it was ferrari the week before, and this week is lamborghini's turn. share some pics with you guys. enjoy for more pics can refer to http://sgforums.com/?action=thread_display&thread_id=298092
  20. This Acura NSX is a updated version for Detroit Auto Show , this updated version will be more ''similiar'' to the production version. The production version is set to get a direct-injected, mid-mounted V6 engine working together with Honda's Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system, a new dual clutch transmission featuring a built-in high-efficiency motor, and two electric motors driving the front wheels independently. This car will cost more then the GTR. Similiar Models : Lexus LFA
  21. Hi, some pics of the new mitsubishi colt
  22. http://www.webpronews.com/facebook-bikini-...s-again-2012-05 Facebook was mentioned. A name was given. What would be the most logical next step? Looks like the girl never learns....
  23. After kissing all the babies, he's rewarded with the men themselves..............
  24. Want to have an idea of what happens to your engine if you don't change oil over 40,000km?? WARNING!!! Pic intensive!! And erm. if you have eaten, you might want to wait awhile before viewing the following. Here's an interesting pictorial of how a self admitted idiot went to a workshop after 40,000km of driving WITHOUT changing engine oil and how the workshop salvaged the situation. Taken from http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showt...d.php?t=1281659 OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG MORE OMGOMGOMGness!!!! Imagine this sludge evolving into its own ecosystem in your crank case. *gasps* Sheer amount of sludge just removed from scraping off!! Results after cleaning!!! So please remember, doesn't really matter what oil you use, just CHANGE IT REGULARLY!!!!!