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Found 151 results

  1. AFV_V200

    Lying ex-wife to be and custody

    I hope admin dont ban me for this thread and I need admin sympathy on me situation. I don't know who I can turn to as I heavily draining emotionally, physically, mentally and financially, and I even have a few thought to end my life. Long story short. I am divorcing my wife due to family violent of physical abuse and verbally abuse. She even threaten to kill me and she had my 1 year old son in her hand and I saw my baby only a few time in police station. I also loss a child access case to her recently as it seem to me the judge believed her lies, and I consider this the darkest day in Singapore justice system in my life. I am trying to get custody of my boy and I need a good lawyer and it does not come cheap. My friend spent $30k and got only share custody, another friend of mine spent $160k and he won sole custody to 2 of his kids. I am trying to raise fund for my custody and hope you guys can lend a helping hand here. Please refer to the link below if you can help even tiny amount and share it out to as many friends or FB page. Thank you very much for your time to read my post. https://gogetfunding.com/please-help-me-to-re-unite-with-my-baby/
  2. Wind30

    Family in New York

    took a vacation to New York east coast in June 2019. Went to a few places like Niagara, washington, Montreal, Quebec, boston, new york. 1. First pic New York. I really liked the vibe in New York. quite different from the rest of the cities I have been especially new times square. New york Library. Looks really impressive.... Near rockefeller center And the must see, statue of liberty :) so crowded....
  3. In the beginning there is only my wife...
  4. In Japanese, "Kansha" means "thank you" and this expression of gratitude is a value that Subaru holds strongly to. For all Subaru customers attending the event: Up to 90% discount on selected accessories. Subaru Maintenance Package (One free extra servicing session with every package purchased) 20% discount on Subaru merchandise Motor Image Singapore would like to take this chance to invite the public, as they offer exclusive deals on selected Subaru models, accessories, parts, aftersales services and even lifestyle merchandise products that will only be available during the two-day festival. There will be service clinics with participating sponsors such as Motul and Autoglym. What is Subaru EyeSight Driver Assist Technology? How Does it Work? Subaru’s EyeSight technology works as a “second set of eyes” on the road ahead. Designed as a preventive safety system, EyeSight can warn you when there’s a potentially dangerous situation ahead and can even apply the brakes if you don’t respond fast enough. Powered by dual colour cameras placed strategically at the top of your Subaru’s windshield, this safety system helps add some peace of mind behind the wheel. Watch these video and find out more about Subaru EyeSight Technology! In collaboration with Motul, Motor Image's exclusive engine oil supplier, there will also be car care clinics organised by Motul on how to choose the right engine oil for your car, as well as some car care maintenance tips. Plus all attendees will also get to enjoy other special and exclusive offers from Motul. [Join Subaru Kansha Day] So, what should I be looking out for if I am attending Subaru EyeSight Test Drive Event? 1) Intending to get a car? Come and test drive the Subaru Forester with the latest EyeSight technology and obstacle test drive! It’s now bigger and better with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Boxer Engine, Subaru Global Platformand EyeSight for safer and more stable drives. Do give it a try! It is an excellent time to check out all the latest car technologies. It will show you why Subaru has performed strongly with its safety features compared to some of its competitors in the market. To sign up for their test drive, visit this link and you can get an exclusive Subaru goodie bag worth more than $100! Enjoy these exclusive deals! Get FREE five years Servicing 10% insurance savings on Subaru EyeSight models Sure Win lucky spin #besttimetobuycar [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 2) I am already driving, so what now? Subaru has partnered with various sponsors to show appreciation toward all your unwavering support! All attendees for the festival can participate in Motul tech talks on engine oil and maintenance tips. Autoglym car polishing & cleaning workshops will also be conducted! It's good to know what is going on with your car right? [Join Subaru Kansha Day] 3) It is a family-friendly event! Subaru has made it family-friendly. So you can bring your partner and kids along to the event. They have bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie, free head and shoulder massage, freshly brewed coffee and even kid-friendly activities like mini palm challenge to keep the kids occupied while you can check out what Subaru has to offer! 20% off on Subaru merchandise. Bread tasting from Asanoya Boulangerie Free Freshly Brewed Coffee Free Head & Shoulder Massage [Join Subaru Kansha Day]
  5. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/woodlands-double-murder-go-find-mummy-strangled-daughter-11691008 I thought this is pretty sad...
  6. Some of my pics during all the short trips I have taken in Asia in the past year. http://www.keehian.com/asia2019/
  7. For some quick and impromptu family bonding and outing within half a day, busy parents, have you considered bringing your kids to a pony ride ? Beats going to the crowded hot zoo, the Gallop Stable is one great place to get to nature and animals. The old premise at Ponggol has come to an end as their land lease had expired and with no possibility of renewal ( god knows why, government future development I believe ). Gallop Stable is now re-opened at Pasir Ris. Do check out this new ranch ! https://youtu.be/5c9N7A5d7XA This video and post has no affiliation to Gallop Stable. This is just a plain sharing post for families with kids to enjoy.
  8. Hey guys. I need to apply family season parking to park at my dads hdb carpark. Has anyone done it before? First time applicants for family season parking need to go down to hdb branch office. I know need documentary proof. But Is my birth certificate enough? Do I need my dad's ic? Any branch office is OK? Or do I need to go down to like his estates branch office. I need to do it tomorrow and the hdb hotline is closed already at 5pm.
  9. Wind30

    Family in Japan

    Pics from my recent trip to Osaka during CNY. Fly by scoot $450 per pax. Considering it is over the CNY holidays, it is super cheap. 1) At our hotel lobby. Stayed at Mimaru kyoto aparthotel. $200/per night for an apartment which sleeps 4. Pretty cheap. comes with kitchen too. 1) outside kyomizu temple We took a Bento making class in Kyoto. Final product
  10. Below are the pics of two short trips to taiwan Via scoot in 2018. Super cheap tickets around $200 per pax round trip!!!
  11. We have decided to fly back to paris after many years of not visiting western Europe. First country we visited though was Switzerland. Playing with snow outside our hotel
  12. Hope you MCFers are having a great start for the New Year. So, I will be straightforward and jump right in to my point: I am waiting to get my new car (Mazda CX-3) and as with many car lovers, I am thinking of taking the family to a nice location for the first photoshoot with the car (paiseh ah, I took first-day and last-day photos for all the cars I ever owned). For this baby crossover, I am thinking of somewhere rustic looking, so I want to share this list with you, 14 nice ulu places for photo and kopi: http://thesmartlocal.com/read/road-trip-singapore It's not a full-fledge SUV so I am going to rustic locations and not hardcore off roads. Hahaha! Any other recommendations will be MUCH APPRECIATED. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Benji
  13. Fisbike

    How to have a happy family?

    Give in? Give way? Give....?
  14. A budget vacation for the family These rooms in the Theme Park Hotel suits most family very well. Especially those productive parents with 3-4 kids. https://youtu.be/TdEUKxEZDwA Classic high tea and walkabout on the first day of arrival. You need to walk a lot after numbing your butt in the long bus trip. https://youtu.be/l4gazQySWbI
  15. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2178279/singapore-allows-same-sex-fathers-adopt-their-surrogate-son Singapore allows two fathers to adopt their surrogate son in landmark ruling The two men are 45, of Chinese ethnicity, and are Singaporeans. The men have been in a relationship for 13 years, living together since 2003 The process was treated as single-parent adoption and will confer to one of the men sole parental rights and responsibility for the child PUBLISHED : Monday, 17 December, 2018, 12:16pm UPDATED : Monday, 17 December, 2018, 1:13pm In a landmark decision, Singapore’s highest court has allowed a gay couple to adopt their son, who was conceived through surrogacy in the United States. The case began in December 2014 when fathers “James” and “Shawn” applied for James – whose sperm was used for the assisted reproduction – to adopt their son, “Noel”, hoping to remove the stigma of illegitimacy. Their real names have not been disclosed. James and Shawn, who heard the news at 10.25am through their lawyers, were elated. They had gone to work as usual, despite knowing the judgment would be released on Monday morning. “It was business as usual because we didn’t want to get our hopes too high,” said James, who is a doctor. Booming surrogacy business is a legal grey area Shawn works in the marketing industry. Both men are 45, of Chinese ethnicity, and are Singaporeans. The men have been in a relationship for 13 years, living together since 2003. James said the family was happy and relieved that the High Court allowed the adoption of Noel. “The fight to raise our family in Singapore has been a long and difficult journey,” he said. “We hope that the adoption will increase the chances of our son to be able to stay in Singapore with his family. His grandparents and us really want Singapore to be the home of our family. Our family will celebrate this significant milestone.” His grandparents and us really want Singapore to be the home of our family. Our family will celebrate this significant milestone JAMES, FATHER The process was treated as single-parent adoption and will confer to James sole parental rights and responsibility for the child. Both fathers hoped this will make it easier for Noel, now four years old, to acquire Singapore citizenship. The South China Morning Post in January reported on the family’s legal limbo. Noel had been rejected for citizenship and at the time the fathers applied for his adoption, Noel was on a dependent’s pass that has since been renewed every six months. Last year, the couple had their bid rejected by the Family Justice Courts one day after Christmas, although District Judge Shobha Nair said Noel would be provided for, with or without an adoption order. The couple then appealed the decision in the High Court, and in a 145-page judgment released on December 17, Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon ruled the adoption should go through. He wrote the adoption would be for the child’s welfare “essentially because it would increase the child’s prospects of acquiring Singapore citizenship and securing long-term residence in Singapore”. The court considered Singapore’s public policy on same-sex families and its relation to this case as well as any policy violation if an adoption order was made, but thought neither reason was “sufficiently powerful to enable us to ignore the statutory imperative to promote the welfare of the child and, indeed, to regard his welfare as first and paramount”, the chief justice wrote. China looks at making surrogate motherhood legal This is Singapore’s first legal acknowledgement of same-sex families. James’s lawyer Ivan Cheong, partner at Eversheds Harry Elias, said the case was important because it showed how the Court would take in public policy considerations. “In the current case, notwithstanding that the court found that there is a public policy in favour of parenthood within the marriage and a policy against the formation of same sex units, the court found that the welfare of the child would be significantly promoted if an adoption order was made,” Cheong said. “At the end of the day, it is about what is in the child’s best interests.” Surrogacy in Hong Kong: all you need to know about the risks and legal ramifications The case has also provided clarity on surrogacy issues in Singapore, he said. The court found there was no public policy against planned or deliberate parenthood by singles through the use of assisted reproductive technology or surrogacy. Koh Tien Hua, partner at Evernsheds Harry Elias, who was also James’s lawyer, said this was the first time surrogacy and gay adoption was canvassed in court. The outcome showed that “family is important no matter the orientation of the parent and family is the cradle of society”. =========================================== never expected this, sure to be a shit storm in the usual religious circles soon. but dont see how the courts can throw the kid out.
  16. As per topic, how many of you if without a car, will rent a car over the weekends just to bring family out?
  17. csy_sky

    Kaopeh MIL Platform

    Creating this stress relief platform to discuss, distress,complain family issues related to MIL. Anyone faced very stubborn MIL yet cannot get rid of them? Already explained things that don't like her doing kesi kesi say yes, but insist do the same thing again and again.
  18. This is relatively old news but generating quite a fair bit of discussions on the net. Would be interesting to hear views of MCFers. I personally think the couple is making terrible life choices. In olden days, people have many kids because they have no entertainment and or access to contraceptives. Kids on a farm can also be handy during harvesting time but in SG, it is a big commitment. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/help-for-7-children-living-under-3000-month-singapore-big-family-10504636?cid=fbcna
  19. Just finished a three week vacation so starting to edit my pics.... The daylight time is so long that I am unable to catch any night shots or even golden hour shots....
  20. Took a trip to eastern Europe in 2017. Below are some of my pics. Used some black and white processing. Does it look good? 1. Vienna 2. Budapest 3. Budapest Train station 4. Krakow 5. Krakow
  21. Business Times - 19 Oct 2007 Family support system for old folks at risk Middle-aged people stretched financially, sociologist warns SINGAPORE'S emphasis on family members as a pillar of support for older people is in danger of collapse, an academic here warned yesterday. Angelique Chan, a sociologist at the National University of Singapore, said: 'I think the whole emphasis on families supporting older adults ... the system is going to break. 'You're already seeing the cracks. You've got middle-aged people who are just stretched to the limit financially and emotionally caring for their younger aged children and their older parents. 'It's very hard to care for older parents - there's a lot of psychological issues involved caring for someone who used to take care of you, and health care is much more expensive now.' She made the remarks during a question-and-answer session at the Singapore Economic Policy Conference held at Four Seasons Hotel yesterday. According to her, the state will have to do 'a lot more' to address the social impact of population ageing. Her presentation to an audience that included members of the Central Provident Fund Board, public and private sector economists and other academics painted a bleak picture of Singapore's demographic trends. 'Singapore's demographic window of opportunity will close in the next 10 to 15 years,' she said. The country's total fertility rate - a measure of the average number of children born for every woman in the population over her lifetime - has fallen sharply, from six in 1965 to 1.26 in 2006, she said. In fact, 'since 1975, the population has not been replacing itself.' Her team's research suggests that without migration the population will start shrinking from around 2020, and so will the labour force. Worse still, many demographers now believe that 'once the total fertility rate goes below 1.5 it is near impossible to raise it back up to the replacement rate' of about 2.1, she said. She thinks it unlikely the population will be able to replace itself. With the rate of non-marriage and divorce on the rise, 'it just doesn't look so good,' she said. 'Immigration is the only way.' No developed country has a fertility rate that reaches or exceeds the replacement rate, she said. Among developed countries, France has the highest fertility rate, at 1.8. In South Korea and Hong Kong, the fertility rates are even lower than in Singapore, at 1.19 and 0.94 respectively. With her colleagues, she is studying the reasons why Singaporeans are reluctant to have children. 'What we found was that young adults in Singapore still have a very idealistic impression of parenting and marriage,' she said. 'They've got really high expectations about the kind of parenting they have to provide, but they're saying no to the traditional social support systems that used to help in this process.'
  22. Just wondering what are the chances of all family members who drive separate cars being summoned by TP within short period of time on separate occasions within the last 2 months Been okay for the last many years. Even extended coe. Just received first time letter for speeding and also my family member first time speeding Or probably there’s a step up in activity in speed traps?
  23. Wind30

    My Travel Blog

    People, I have updated my blog http://www.flyingmummy.com with articles and writeups from my recent eastern Europe trip. I am not a very good writer.but I try to give some information about where the pictures are taken and the palces we have been. Vienna https://flyingmummy.com/wp/2018/01/17/travel-photography-in-vienna/ Budapest https://flyingmummy.com/wp/2018/01/27/travel-photography-in-budapest/ Slovakia https://flyingmummy.com/wp/2018/01/27/travel-photography-in-slovakia/
  24. Hi friends! Since the COE dropped i guess it's time to replace my family car! i have 2 kids and 1 helper - all quite big sized, hence not looking for cars like Attrage.. Wanted the Impreza 1.6 but Subaru stopped bringing this in to SG :( My budget is around 75-90k and these are my research results: Sylphy - nice looking, good interior, but seems like a lot of problems ie gearbox issues and bad fc (from what i read here).. or can anyone say otherwise? Altis - the base model is 95k which is very ex..., but reliable and spacious Sienta - seriously considering this. K3 - Spacious, cheaper than the rest, but bad fc and this is a very old model.. Eltantra - not many comments about this car, seems spacious too. Any opinions from the experts here?
  25. Jman888

    Time spent with family

    MCF members mostly quite pro family from some of the posts we see here. But spending 36 hours sounds like a lot, that is as good as 3 hrs/day (mean no need OT liao) and 10 hrs each on both weekend ! a quick poll to see the real feel from the people here.