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  1. I agree it is misleading and what is demolished isn't the real Merlion. But the real Merlion is also a tourist attraction. It was a marketing gimmick created by the tourism board.
  2. This isn't a safety recall. Just because it doesn't have a certificate doesn't necessarily mean it is unsafe.
  3. What has manufacturer warranty got to do with any of this? You also throw your car away after the 3 years warranty? We should be discussing usable lifetime of the item.
  4. I am talking about being far to those that bought it before the announcement. I agree with you. Those who bought after the announcement deserve nothing. But how to prove?
  5. As i mentioned previously, this rule is unfair to the pmd riders who had bought their equipment before the rules were introduced. imagine one day the govt say your car model is banned because of XYZ reason. how?
  6. Kusje

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    F1 is a bloody waste of tax money and a bloody inconvenience. I hope for the psi to go up to 200 and choke those involved.
  7. You are right to say the details aren't there. But think of it from the other way: why would a crematorium give a token of appreciation to NEA staff if it doesn't result in preferential treatment?
  8. Please la. This is obviously bribery. Double standards since they jailed a truck driver for taking $1 "token of appreciation".
  9. How come this guy went to jail while the civil servants only get a stern warning? https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/forklift-operator-jailed-for-collecting-bribes-of-between-10-cents-and-1-from
  10. Kusje

    Beware of scammers

    sounds more like a made up story
  11. Kusje

    Inconsistency in monthly electricity billing

    then i dunno already. if the billing cycle really affects you so much, then you can consider moving to one of the Service providers that have shared billing with SP next time.
  12. Kusje

    Inconsistency in monthly electricity billing

    I am with ohm. they bill together with SP but 1 month late. have you thought about installing the electronic meter? will that help you?
  13. Kusje

    Another doctor in trouble

    Google it la. Google Susan lim can already.
  14. Kusje

    Another doctor in trouble

    Thanks for sharing. From what you described, it is a systemic problem. How can the life and death of a patient be linked to whether their doc is on MC or not? System is broken and needs to be fixed.
  15. Fall to $1 now, next bid 5k also worth it for me.