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  1. Civic101

    Where to park during F1?

    Free parking @ Suntec on 21st and 22nd Sep!
  2. Civic101

    Unusual or rare cars

    Should be Sultan or Prince of some state in Malaysia! I googled, car is a Cadillac Escalade.
  3. Civic101

    Unusual or rare cars

    Rare car plus rare VRN on the way to watch F1!
  4. Sorry my mistake. It was another truck and bike accident on PIE. Glad that he survived.
  5. Unfortunately, I was right. There is a very gruesome video on YouTube about the aftermath of the accident. RIP!
  6. Bike swerved to avoid white car swerving out but kena hit hard by big truck, most likely gone case for biker as truck did not stop until hit centre divider! Hope I am wrong though!
  7. Civic101

    Unusual or rare cars

    First time seeing such a Proton in Singapore.
  8. Within 6 months still possible to have insurance coverage as road tax payment can be 6 months while road tax is normally one year but more than 6 months high chance insurance coverage also expired.
  9. This BM driver damn daring - if road tax expired more than 6 months most likely no insurance coverage as well unless he just renewed insurance before going to pay his long overdue and new road tax or he just renewed insurance with no intention to pay road tax.
  10. Don't know why the media labelled them as pro-Beijing, can't they be the ones who really love HK and don't want to see her sinking further into the s''t by the unruly protestors!
  11. SU plate with Luck Luck!
  12. In order to create special thread for high SES Mercedes Lady Driver!
  13. Civic101

    Merc lady driver driving against traffic

    I only see one dark patch maybe no wear!
  14. Civic101

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Doesn't seem to go to the last post I have read. Maximum download size of 4Mb is miserable for those who do not know how to compress the file.
  15. Attended the Subaru Kanshia Event and was quite impressed with the Eyesight Technology and the Subaru Impreza, I think the price is good for a 2 litre car especially now after the $4k drop in Cat B COE compared to when I attended the event and the goodies bag then include a Black & Decker portable vacuum cleaner! Note : I am not a sales person from Subaru!