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Found 31 results

  1. Wow!! I just checked a few websites (honda, toyota, kia) on their models, almost none are offering manual transmission?!? I understand that most people will go for the auto, but definitely there'll be some go for manual one. I mean how difficult it is to have an option for manual? Just blardy import the car in as like an auto?? Are there more paperwork?? Mechanic dunno how to service a manual ride?? The factory no longer producing manual transmission?? It's not like they stock up manual vehicles in their showroom and not able to sell (they order then ship in usually). So why they don't even offer it anymore still buffles me. If BMW, Audi, VW, Merc were to offer manual transmission, i'm pretty sure there will be orders for them too. Anyone wanna shed some light??
  2. I have this little bump at the tip of my nose for years already and plan to have it removed so seeking some recommendations as to whether to seek a cosmetic surgeon or any other alternatives. Its not a mole but more like excess flesh like a pimple at the tip of the nose. If cosmetic surgery, would anyone have any recommended clinic or hospital for it and what kind of budget am I looking at? Thanks
  3. Hiphiphoray

    Exam Questions options

    Ask you guys on something. If there a exam coming up with this scenario. What would you guys choose. 1) Logistics exam subject with 8 topics. 2) Leaturer study notes is for reference nia. Self study is the culture. 3) Exam in 3 weeks time. 6 Q choose 4. 3 hours. Close book. 4) Leaturer presented a list 20 exam questions for students to nego. Questions difficulty level is about the same. 5) Voting and bargaining ended in agreement on "2" + "6". 6) "2" = confirm exam questions but very strict marking. Minimum 5 pages (i assume is 1000 words?) and have have very good substance just to pass. The bar will be set very high. 7) "6" = not so confirm exam questions Bcos only 4 will come out. Less strict marking and good chance for scoring. Standard 3-5 pages nia. Bearing in mind, the answers cannot be found in the study notes. Only through self study via books, articles, white papers, magazines, internet sources etc etc. Hence gathering the answers will be another set of challenge. What kind of options will one choose ? Im thinking of dropping the "2" and go for the "6" instead. The "2" + "(4 out of 6)" looks good but im skepitcal. Both sets are preparing 6 questions to tackle 4 questions. What would u choose ? Any other formations with explaination will be appreciated.
  4. Nostalgia

    XBox One S service options?

    I have an XBox One S purchased in a bundle with a laptop over a year ago, and played infrequently by my kids. Recently, I was unable to turn it on. I have searched the net and this seems to be a common occurrence, with the only official help from Microsoft being 'unplug it for 10 seconds and then plug in again'. Not having any other choice, I tried to apply for a service request on the Microsoft website, and was presented with only one option - Pay SGD 190 for an exchange. So...for a common fault, the only option is to pay more than 50% of the street price for a replacement unit? Does anyone here have any experience with this fault, and know of someplace else where this can be serviced? Honestly, had I known of the appalling service terms, I would never have bought an XBox. I don't think I will ever buy one again.
  5. Anyone of you familiar with car roof racks? I've only heard of Thule. I'm thinking of getting a roof rack system to carry a bike. Any suggestions will be welcomed, especially more competitively priced than Thule..... Thanks.
  6. I resprayed my car last year after an accident. But I'm a lazy b**tard and don't wash my car often, so the paint is a bit faded. Quite obvious because it's black. I also didn't do any coating or waxing after the respray, wasn't even aware of such things until recently. The car is coming to 10 years old but I'm thinking of possibly extending the COE by 5 years and I want to make it look nice again. Is it possible to send it for a thorough polishing job, and then do a new nano-coating to keep it shiny? Do I need to respray?
  7. With private diesel cars gaining popularity, I wonder if there are any diesel car owners that can share thwir experience in what kind of modifications that can be done to tune up their diesel ride to take full advantage over of the high torque nature of the engine?
  8. SGCMWhiteKnight

    How to wire your sub?

    I was wondering how to hook up a sub if you have one or two voice coils, and how it affects the impedance, which of course determines what kind of amp you should be looking for. This website shows you the various wiring options and the effect on the impedance the amp sees: This is the 1sub 4ohm 2 voice coil model: http://www.hifisoundconnection.com/How-to-Wire-One-Dual-4-Ohm-Voice-Coil-Subwoofer You can play with the options and see what suits you best.
  9. Hi , My current CAR COE expiring soon in Aug 2015 . I'm considering one of 3 following options : 1. Buy a new car with High COE 2. Buy a 2-3 used car , and buy new car in 2017 . 3. Give up driving for the time being , and buy new car in 2017 Any suggestion ? or anyone selling their 7-8 years old car ? Thanks .
  10. Fellow MCFers My In car cam capture the whole incident.. My car was parked behind his along this parallel parking car park, he reversed too fast and hit my front bumper ( damage : paint peeled + scratches ). Happened yesterday night and i discovered it only this afternoon...call my insurance firm and they say just make a police report and then go AD to get the damages repaired. Shld i make effort to contact the driver and ask he/she to compensate me rather then just go straight to the police ? Good advices needed...Many thanks in Advance !
  11. there is one aldy look here http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...amp;hl=leasing*
  12. Currently am on Toyo. This profile seems to be uncommon.
  13. I went to a workshop to fix some stuff onto my car and found that the worker had left a deep scratch on the soft plastic of the gearbox cover. Complained and the workshop offered to fix it by doing a carbon fibre wrap. Went down to pick up yesterday and discovered that the carbon fibre wrap job was like a primary school art work, all the sides not even with plenty of bubbles, the corners like haphazardly pasted with pieces of carbon fibre sticker like paper mache. I have rejected the work and asked that he redo this, but is this common or is there a more reputable carbon fibre wrap place that we can go to?
  14. SimonTan

    Help: Parking options in Orchard

    My sister got a job offer at Tripple one sommerset. Starting in March. But the company say the season parking at the building is full, and only limited to important staff of each company. So there is no chance for her to get a lot even if there is someone giving up. Now what is the next best location to park near 111 sommerset? Which building nearby accepts season parking and has vacancy? Anyone working at the area can provide some useful solution? Of course the worst case scenario is to take MRT and leave the car at home. Please do not suggest to sell car and take taxi, that we leave it for the next thread if really the above carparks cannot be found. Thanks.
  15. Sky_vinz

    Window Tinting Options

    As a biker, I will try my best to avoid getting more sun-tan sessions whenever I drive. That includes exposure to direct sunlight, which causes unnecessary glare and such. And so, I constantly have this temptation to go for dark tinting, yet worry about getting into trouble with local and foreign authorities. What will you guys choose to do?
  16. Hi....over the CNY long holiday..i had drawn a car from sketch and i need bro out there to give me your views on hw can i improve it.. Thanks in Advance.. Please don't mind the features i write beside the cars and the fact that i had not drew any wheels on it...
  17. My ride's insurance ends in July but my road tax ends in June. I am new car owner so my NCD should be 10% after 1 year. But I understand I have to renew my insurance at least additional 6 months from June 2011 so that I could renew my road tax then. But when I extend my insurance cover, I won't get any NCD, so I will lose out on a couple hundreds. Any options I can consider?
  18. Limlien

    VAG and Skoda Options Decode

    Hi All, Keen to know what does you car come with?? Tells you wat options your car come with. Now i know my headset is from clarion! Go here http://igorweb.org/equidec/Default.aspx
  19. Just ordered this fella...online....any alternatives for messages?? http://www.au-my.com/english/Drivemocion.htm
  20. Hi all! My SE jus called me and she gave me 3 options for my last coe bidding, which one should i choose? any advice 1) top up 2.5k for guaranteed coe 2) top up any amount to increase my margin for bidding 3) top up 2k for guaranteed within next 3 bids, so 6, 7 and 8th er failing which if i still want to go with the 7th round it would be additional 1k
  21. Hi, Just wanna know if anyone has any creative ideas bout ventillation in a car. may plan to scrap the aircon unit out of the car if i can find good way. anyway i don't use the aircon much cos it lags too much power and since its' a COE car and planning to keep it for 2+ yrs. Criteria is just... that 'device' has to allow outside air to come in, filter with somesort of mesh or filter, can close (seal) up and open.. It must also allow opening in the rain.. i.e won't let water inside but still let air inside, else the car would fog up cos of the heat inside. options include a roof ram scoop, but problem is i already have a sunroof on top which came with the car. also thought of reverse scoop that draws hot air out, also won't let rain go in... anyways the sunroof when slightly opened behaves sort of like a reverse already. also, don't know if the structual integrity of the car would be affected if i cut more holes in the roof, as there is a sunroof already. i've seen the WRC style scoops, and it's actually a scoop in a scoop.. there is a smaller hatch to open inside the big scoop, which keeps rain water out. but overal, that thing is huge! would look pathetic on my small car. Also, anyone knows where to install scoops n stuff? any comments and ideas would be appreciated... thanks!
  22. Patcheon

    Tyre options for 14" rim?

    I experience a small skid(aquaplaning) last weekend while making the turn from KJE to BKE southbound during heavy rain. Speed about 50km/h. My current tyres is a set of 2 years old 185/65/14 Yokohama Aspec A300 with mileage of 28000 to 30000km. Think it is about time to change a new set of rubber though there is still about 3 to 5mm left before reaching the threadwear marker. Anyone can recommend which tires are good in terms of wet/dry grip. Noise is not so much a concern over safty. One candidate considered is the Bridgestone potenza GIII. Any other recommendations of other brands/models with 14" size available locally? Had no wish to upgrade the rims as ride is 5 years old already. Thanks in advance.
  23. What is the big deal with 3M Berber custom cut car mats? They look like industrial grade door mats to my eyes... So, are there other 3M car mat fabrics available? Is there any other 'premium' branded custom car floor mat type I should be asking for? The regular soft pile mats in my MPV are taking a beating, and likely will not stand up to a good wash or vacuum, I think. Any help or input greatly appreciated!