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  1. Hi, I noticed that the driver side mirror's emitting a noisy/ motor/ creaking sound whenever it close and re-open. I've already sprayed a lot ofWD-40 SPECIALIST HIGH PERFORMANCE SILICONE LUBRICANT but it the noise is still there. Interestingly that the issue had only occured after I washed my car. 😔 Please advice how to rectify this, it's driving me nuts! 😤
  2. Hi, Anyone knows where can I buy this ? its a lock for a wrought iron window grill and this is for the sliding window , with a slide-lock thanks mice
  3. Hi, Planning to reno my home and change all the windows. Old HDB flat, no extend ledge on top, thus have to close window whenever rain. What is you take of the differences between sliding and casement windows? and also with or without top-hung section. To me, casement window will direct wind blow into the flat but sliding window will not. Sliding window easier to open close. casement window more sound proof? (my room facing E'way) Having top-hung window, they say at least got ventilation when heavy rain have to close all other windows but I don't feel the different. Worst, cleaning the window more leceh compare to cleaning one whole piece...
  4. Photo Credits: STEK USA STEK DYNOshade for headlamps STEK NEX for windows
  5. Anyone install this or considering installing? What are the pros and cons? http://www.lehome.com.sg/gallery/invisible-grille/ http://www.legate.com.sg/index.php/windows-grille I'm considering this coz of a new addition to family.......... present moment, i got no grilles at all. these invisible grilles are made of 316 stainless wires. supposed to be toughest. Offer price now is $10 per sq ft. Is this more expensive than those standard alumimnum grilles?
  6. Hi All, Have shortlisted the above. Zen is half the price of the other 3 brands (3M, Coolnlite, Vkool) though but not sure if it performs as well. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  7. Anyone know of a good workshop for doing a door pillar wrap? and whats the damage for it? thinking of wrapping it to grossy or carbon as the original matt tends to have figure stains.
  8. The January 2019 transfer window is open. Which players will be on the move? Which club will take a gamble? Which club will make that astute signing that will propel them to greater heights? All discussions/rumors/coffeeshop talk welcome.
  9. Hi Folks, The power window motor on the driver side of my G9 had died.. Any kind souls can advice where can I find a replacement and the estimated cost. I understand if get original ones made in Japan will be very expensive hence looking at Altis power window motor which might be cheaper since its made in TomYam Land.
  10. Hi Just attempt to change the power window switch from the centre console to the side of the steering wheel(like GetzFie) But the original power window switch is too small to cover the entire hole for the new location. does anyone know where i can buy the switch that fits perfectly into the hole? Image for reference See pic from GetzFie's car Credits to GetzFie for the picture My vehicle is a FL1.1M Thank and advance.
  11. My 4-mth old car side windows had really bad stains from water that leaked from the ceiling. I’m guessing it’s limescale. I tried all kinds of stuff to remove it, turpentine, thinner, glass cleaners, etc, but none worked. I even sent it to the professional groomers to remove the stains and ended with a shiner car albeit with stained windows. Last resort was to get the windows changed if I couldn’t bear with it anymore. Then last week while shopping in JB, I came across a product from WAXCO called “Water marks remover”. Given that it only cost less than S$15 to get it and I’ve already spent a few hundreds on polishing with failed results, I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, it worked like magic! All the stains were gone. I’ve also used it to clean my front windscreen which had developed juddering after the polishing session, will update if the juddering is gone during the next rain shower. I think it’s some kind of strong chemical in the bottle, it even came with 2 rubber gloves to protect the hands. Directions also stated strictly not to use it on the car paint work, and to rinse it off with lots of water when cleaning is finished. For those with stains in the car windows (and maybe juddering on the windscreen), can try out this product. I bought it from Tesco, but I think other supermarkets will also have. Good and cheap solution for me, only wished I tried it earlier before wasting my money on the polishing! I have photos of the product but don’t know how to upload, so here’s a link to a picture of it. https://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=7454
  12. handle for my house window broke off.. need to replace. anyone got lobang? :)
  13. This should be a good starting point. Monaco reject world record £103 million bid for Kylian Mbappe from Real Madrid Many clubs after him but Monaco is unlikely to sell
  14. Officially confirm. BPL transfer begin at England time 00.01 am today 17/05/2018. Sky Sport News : PREMIER LEAGUE WINDOW OPEN Here we go ladies and gents, the Premier League transfer window opens today! Technically, it has been open since 12.01am, but I'm sure no deals have been done just yet. TRANSFER HEADLINES Arsenal to hold Arteta talks West Ham set to move for Benitez Papers: No suitors for snubbed Hart Pellegrini team meet West Ham What would Seri bring to Arsenal? Allardyce sacked by Everton Moyes leaves West Ham 'Neymar to Real would be terrible' When does the transfer window open? McGregor returns to Rangers Vieira upset after Arsenal contact Premier League ins and outs Link : http://www.skysports.com/transfer-centre
  15. Pai say, start one new thread for 'Winter Transfer Window' ... So it's already 5 days in Jan 2018 and only 3 confirmed cases so far. 1. VVD to Liverpool for £75 mil 2. Barkley to Chelsea for £15 mil 3. Cenk Tosun to Everton for £27mil Unconfirmed:- 1. PC to Barca 2. Can to Juventus 3. Lemar to Liverpool 4. Kovacic to Liverpool
  16. Anyone knows where to get for a 2010 Audi A3 hatchback model ? Need the magnet or clip on sun shade for rear Windows. Lots seller never sell old model anymoret. Any one knows who sulplies ?
  17. hi Does this new rule affect Singapore registered Cars with LTA approved window tints ? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.todayonline.com/world/foreign-vehicles-dark-window-tints-cannot-enter-malaysia KUALA LUMPUR — Foreign vehicles with dark window tints will not be allowed to enter Malaysia. Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said the Road Transport Department (RTD) will be instructed to carry out the directive as dark window tints were a clear danger. This is in response to concerns that the foreign vehicles entering the country might bring in drug traffickers and Islamic State militant group. “RTD will take immediate action in barring foreign vehicles with dark window tints from entering Malaysia.“Those entering Malaysia will have to remove the dark window tint of their vehicles,” he told the Dewan Negara today in reply to Senator Abdullah Mat Yassin. The issue of car-window tinting, mainly to reduce glare and help control the temperature inside the vehicle - has been divisive for many years. Malaysian motorists who tint their car windows and screen must adhere to Rule 5(1) and Rule 5(3) Motor Vehicles (Prohibition of Certain Glasses) Amendment 2000 - a law that has been widely ignored. The permissible tint levels are a minimum of 70 per cent visible light transmission levels for the front windscreen and 50 per cent for other windows.
  18. rear passenger window film kena scratch from inside, now thinking of doing new film cheap way. Any good film shops in JB to recommend? how to ensure the new film pass LTA inspection? compare old and new using our own eyes to see its not darker than old one? Many thanks.. ps: what's the standard JB price for one window?
  19. Sk65

    Window visor

    dear all, can any1 recommend places that sell good quality, affordable window visor? thanks SK
  20. Starting the ball rolling will be Champion Leicester. Leicester City have agreed a deal to sign Genk midfielder Wilfred Ndidi for £15m. Will be completed early January.
  21. What's the cause and what can be done for our window? When it's wind down by a bit just enough for air to flow in while driving, it will rattle endlessly. Is it the rubber seal at the side? or just the thin window? The interior door handle, can it be rewrap or anything? or even like sand down and respray?
  22. Guys my string attached to the roller blinds came off. How do I fix it. There is no space on either side to remove the blinds.
  23. Honda has filed for the patenting of touch-sensitive window tint and the patent will allow users to control the windows’ tinted area via touchscreen-like inputs. Seen on paultan.org, the ability to darken windows using electro-photochromic technology is not new but no manufacturer has allowed the occupants to control the amount of shade via pinch movements. While the image suggests its application for a vehicle’s side windows, the technology could be applied to the front as well as the rear windscreen. This could be the end of sun visors if this feature appears in its production models!
  24. Hi, My power window is not functioning as it should. Have changed the switch and checked but the problem returns. Please advise where/who can get it fixed. Ride: NC Thanks in advance.
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