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Found 45 results

  1. At ST Mobile Audio Auto Accessories, we believes awesome sound system does not refer to expensive audio products, but rather a good integration of proper audio components, speaker placement and sound tuning. Regardless you are enhancing your current sound system or building a new system, you will be able to receive correct recommendations base to their knowledge and experience over the year from this merchant. In order to sharpen workmanship and judgment, ST Mobile sends their installers to participate in various car audio competitions, winning quite a number in the process. Our Services: In Car Entertainment General Accessories Car Camera & Electronics Car Alarm & Security System Bodykits & Parts Air Conditioning (Repair & Servicing) We are dealing with car audio, car accessories & car air-con services. Pls do contact 62661719 if there's any enquires Address: 160 Sin Ming Drive #08-02 Sin Ming AutoCity S(575722) Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun) including PHs Contact No: 62661719 Join our FB Group for Car Accessories & Audio Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/singtradeaudio/
  2. Sk65

    Window visor

    dear all, can any1 recommend places that sell good quality, affordable window visor? thanks SK
  3. Dinkydong

    Intelligent Smart Car Sun Visor

    Has anyone come across a product like this one? Those manual flip ones available on Qoo10.sg and Ebay do not appear to have positive feedbacks in terms of cutting down glare and improve visibility. I'm wondering if an active model like this one works.
  4. Fabientan

    Visor for subaru impreza

    anyone have any idea where can i get the visor that are pasted on the wind screen of impreza. how much is it? i also saw people pasting visor on the back windows. can someone gives the location where i can get them?
  5. Shinshino

    Double sided tape for door visor

    Anyone know where to get the double sided tape for door visor? - must not damage car paint - narrow type, half the width of standard masking and scotch tape.
  6. A comprehensive navigation system has become a standard for most, if not all, of today's cars. However, the same can't be said of motorcycles, at least not yet. With that being said, a motorcyclist will have to go through all the difficulties in reading a paper map if he wants to get the right direction to where he's heading. But now, things are about to change, thanks to a Russian company. This company is planning to come up with a solution known as the LiveMap. Featuring an earphone, a microphone, a light sensor, and - the best part - a micro display, this navigation system will project directions in the form of a heads-up display, just like what we can find featured in today's fighter jets. How cool does that sound? Unlike Google Glass - which projects images on the upper right hand side, the LiveMap will project directions right on the centre of the visor of the helmet the motorcyclist is wearing. And, thanks to the light sensor, the directions on the visor will remain transparent regardless of whether it is in the day or night. I would say that this is absolutely important as it ensures safety. A digital compass and an integrated gyroscope are also in place to make sure that the motorcyclist gets the correct orientation of the projection displayed on his visor, even if he's leaning the bike or tilting his head. Wow, this is yet another cool feature to anticipate, isn't it? But then, there's another problem, what about the power supply the helmet is going to need? Well, counting on a couple of lithium-ion batteries, the Russian company behind the solution claims that the helmet is likely to last a day. However, a USB charge plug will also come in handy should the motorcyclist require extra juice. How does this augmented-reality helmet sound? Well, if you're interested, you may want to help make it become a reality as the company is currently trying to raise US$150,000 (S$191,235) via Indiegogo. That amount is required to build a prototype that should work as expected. Then, if everything goes well, one of this LiveMap helmets may demand around US$2,000 (S$2,550) from any motorcyclist interested in it. Of course, there're always chances that prices may go down, even if we may have to wait for another decade.
  7. Foofam77

    $80 visor from TCM

    Hi all My SE is going to charge me $80 for installing visor on my Latio. Do you think 80 is worth it for visor to be installed at TCM? Or would it be better for me to get it installed at outside car workshops? For those who got their visor from TCM, any complaints or you feel like it is not worth the money? Pls advise. Thank you
  8. free for bros only. call me 98552277.
  9. hi everyone, any experts here can help me with this issue??? My window visor has flown off and there is alot of dirty residue of glue from the foam tape and bits and bits of foam sticking to the residue of glue too.....any experts here can help me svole this problem in removing the residue and the small bits of foam sticking to my car's door?....visor was stick on the black plastic area of my car's window.....a sad owner here
  10. hi all, i got a set of visors from a famous shop in Ubi but second visit to shop liao still will not stick. keeps coming off the windows. my car is a suzuki swift. anybody can recomm a way to make it stick ? thks for yr help.
  11. Dear all I see some commercial vehicles on the road, mainly vans, have the sun visor at the top oft he windscreen. Where is this available? I have attached an example. Thanks.
  12. Any bro can advice where to get replica Mugen Visor for CL7?
  13. Decimal86

    Visor loose

    hi, anyone got a better way of making the visor stick to the door ? went twice to the shop and the 2-sided tape could not stick to the visor. now flapping in the wind. where to get the clip type? thks. mine is a swift sports.
  14. dear bro, could any kind soul can advise me a good and cheap shop to buy the visor for lancer glx pls. thanks million.
  15. Steam

    EP80 sun visor

    Original starlet ep80 sun visor. interested?
  16. Ngempire

    Mugen sun visor for Latios?

    Hi, anyone knw is there any oem mugen sun vsior for Latios ride?
  17. Staticx

    3rd window visor ?

    Hey guys, currently where can i find the visor or a piece of plastic that enable me to stick to the 3rd window bedhind so that i can create a VIP style on the Estima ? As all the visor will be spraying to pearl white to match the body colour. thanks
  18. got 3 items available. who wants? gimme a buzz.
  19. Superchevy

    Optra Visor

    hi , to all optra owner someone ask about the new visor , ok will pose the new look for those who drove a Optra for viewing look more sleek and slim like the Mazda 3 or 6 type .
  20. I would like to install all of the above. Does anyone have recommendations on which workshop I can go to? Also, by installing all these, would it make the car looks too
  21. hi guys i am new in here and need alot of suggestion from u guys. I have been looking for door visor for my fav car EP80 model for past one year unfortunately i cant find... does anyone know where i can get it and budget for me, THanks.. From Maw email: maw_yy@yahoo.com
  22. Anybody got lobang? =)
  23. Hi, I was quoted $210 including installation. Is it a good price? Pls advise. Thanks.
  24. Pizza

    Window Visor

    Any idea where got sell window visor for nissan ex saloon '01 ????