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Found 11 results

  1. At ST Mobile Audio Auto Accessories, we believes awesome sound system does not refer to expensive audio products, but rather a good integration of proper audio components, speaker placement and sound tuning. Regardless you are enhancing your current sound system or building a new system, you will be able to receive correct recommendations base to their knowledge and experience over the year from this merchant. In order to sharpen workmanship and judgment, ST Mobile sends their installers to participate in various car audio competitions, winning quite a number in the process. Our Services: In Car Entertainment General Accessories Car Camera & Electronics Car Alarm & Security System Bodykits & Parts Air Conditioning (Repair & Servicing) We are dealing with car audio, car accessories & car air-con services. Pls do contact 62661719 if there's any enquires Address: 160 Sin Ming Drive #08-02 Sin Ming AutoCity S(575722) Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun) including PHs Contact No: 62661719 Join our FB Group for Car Accessories & Audio Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/singtradeaudio/
  2. Tried searching about this topic here but can't find any. I'm planning to get the magnetic sunshades for my car as the solar film installed on my new car doesn't block out the sunlight to my expectation. I used Groovy on my old ride but am also looking at other options. I'm deciding between Dr. Shadez or Carwerkz for my new car. Anyone using these? Dr. Shadez $119 Carwerz $75 Any difference between them?
  3. Hi guys, does anyone have any idea where in sg (preferably north area) that i can get a normal Suzuki or hopefully Suzuki Sport decal sunshade similar to the pic below? If not I'll just have to get a normal plain black one. Any help greatly appreciated! Cheers D
  4. Hi bro, I am thinking of pasting sunshade stickers on the front and rear of my windscreen. Any bro have any advise whether it is worth doing? Like will we have problem when removing the stickers? What is the cost like? Will the stickers obstruct your view when driving? Will the stickers fade in colour? Any shops to recommend? Pls advise......Tks
  5. Hi all, Anyone knows where I can get this in SG? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/static-car-.../776992579.html Foldable, sticks to glass and can see thru as well. Thank you!!
  6. I'm looking for ways to keep the car from being too hot when parked under the hot sun all day. Anyone using retractable windshield sunshade covers, like this one? Do you just have the shade pulled back over (behind) the front car cam, or under it (but leaving a small portion of the windshield uncovered)? I'm worried about possibly overheating the camera if the cover is pulled over the camera.
  7. as requested. Police cordons off area as concrete sunshade almost comes crashing down at Tampines Blk 201E Posted on 25 September 2016 | 6,266 views | 8 comments FacebookTwitterGoogle Gmail Share
  8. Hi, is this type of rear mesh sunshade allowed to be use while driving?
  9. Hi I'm looking for the plastic sun screen which you paste it on the top edge of the windscreen. Comes in see-through blue, green etc. Helps to screen off direct sunlight from driver's eyes. Anyone know where to get it from ? Thanks in advance !
  10. Where find paste of those tinted sunshade at upper portion of windscreen cheaps?
  11. Where can I find those Mitsubishi Sunshade that stick on the front wind screen? And how much ? Thanks
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