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Found 48 results

  1. Happy new year to everyone! Need some advice from you all! Recently my head unit decided to give way and I am searching for a new head unit to replace it. I have shortlisted 2 head unit which is the ATOTO carplay stereo and POWER ACOUSTIK carplay. Both I think cannot be found in SG. So my question is, if i were to buy from amazon and ship to SG, will the headunit able to receive our FM channel? please advice.
  2. At ST Mobile Audio Auto Accessories, we believes awesome sound system does not refer to expensive audio products, but rather a good integration of proper audio components, speaker placement and sound tuning. Regardless you are enhancing your current sound system or building a new system, you will be able to receive correct recommendations base to their knowledge and experience over the year from this merchant. In order to sharpen workmanship and judgment, ST Mobile sends their installers to participate in various car audio competitions, winning quite a number in the process. Our Services: In Car Entertainment General Accessories Car Camera & Electronics Car Alarm & Security System Bodykits & Parts Air Conditioning (Repair & Servicing) We are dealing with car audio, car accessories & car air-con services. Pls do contact 62661719 if there's any enquires Address: 160 Sin Ming Drive #08-02 Sin Ming AutoCity S(575722) Opening Hours: 10am - 7pm (Mon - Sun) including PHs Contact No: 62661719 Join our FB Group for Car Accessories & Audio Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/singtradeaudio/
  3. Hi, can any kind soul shed some light on those android HU found in taobao, esp those with android auto? how is the sound quality like and do they break down easily? I'm currently using a pioneer x5850bt but its starting to feel crippled- can't run spotify, gps and i have no idea how to run appsadio.
  4. Hi Guys, Just Sold my Passat, and the Original HU RCD 310 was upgraded a few weeks into getting the car so its barely used. Giving it away FOC as the older VW population is still pretty active and I hope it can help one of the owners. Here are some pictures Feel free to drop me a PM Cheers!
  5. Hi guys! Looking for a pioneer headunit model for my lancer glx which i bought a 2-din case oversea, any recommendation for the following simple requirements : 1) CD player 2) FM Radio 3) Thumb drive 4) if can have rear camera (not a must to have) lastly if can get 2nd hand i also wont mind, thanks all ! I can go JB or msia to buy also if recommended ! Gong Xi Fa Cai !
  6. Hi guys, generally looking at changing to a 2 din HU. Very very new to this and virtually know nuts. Shortlisted the Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT mainly due to 2 reasons. Waze and ability to play videos from thumbdrive. Previously had a DVD HU and hated burning shows etc onto DVD so i could play it in the car. Anyone knows the price and comments about it? Did a search but it seems majority of the discussion is about the flagship X model. I'm not too big on the bluetooth function. My car is fairly noisy and i still prefer using the conventional in ear bluetooth earpiece. Not much music in my phone either so i'm unlikely to stream from my phone via spotify or internal music. However, will prefer having carplay as I will be able to mirror youtube videos from my iPhone. Majority of usage will be Waze and also music/videos/movies from an attached thumbdrive. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!
  7. Deckbuild

    Kenwood DDX918

    Anyone have lobang to Kenwood DDX918?
  8. Hi! I've replaced my factory headunit with an aftermarket one, including new 360 degree cameras. The factory headunit reverse camera had built-in dynamic parking lines (ie. moves with the steering wheel). The after-market one does not. The installer said it's like that but didn't really explain why. My question is whether the dynamic lines are built into the camera, or if there is an additional processor somewhere in the connection between camera and head-unit. I've tried to look it up online but haven't found clear information. Most say there's a gyroscope inside the camera which provides the data for the lines to move. Does this mean if I simply replace the camera with one with a built-in gyroscope I'll have dynamic lines (instead of static lines currently?) Thanks!
  9. Anyone using this headunit? Any comments? https://alpine-usa.com/product/view/apple-carplay-android-auto-ilx-207/
  10. Car headunit ocassionally no sound. power is still on, amp also on. but just no sound from speaker ? something restart help but no always. where can go to do a check ?
  11. Little_prince

    Ownice C500. any thoughts?

    http://www.lightinthebox.com/ownice-c500-android-6-0-quad-core-2g-ram-head-unit-for-2din-universal-support-4g-lte-with-16g-rom_p5520260.html?litb_from=forum_irecommend hi guys anyone try the model before? specs etc looks decent and price is good. seems pretty value for money. any thoughts? quite cheap. maybe i just order first and test test and give reviews. hahahaha
  12. dsman

    Kenwood DDX916WS

    http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/ddx916ws/ the latest in the kenwood lineup. anyone here has it installed and can give feedback? thanks in advance
  13. Hi guys, not an expert in car entertainment system. Would any kind soul please advice which Pioneer model has steering wheel control function capability? Not looking for super high end ones. Only a unit that can allow me to connect to my reverse camera and let me connect to my IPHONE 5 and listen to music will do. Thanks a million.
  14. AdenJunyiLi

    Recommend cheap installer

    Hey guys, can anyone recommend me cheaper installer for my; HU Front and Rear speaker Amp Sub Reverse Cam? I've asked afew shops and I feel the fees are on the high side (approx $500) just for labour. I've also read somewhere Sim Lim Tower has a installer at level 6 carpark is he still there or any contacts to reach him?
  15. Hi All, Been having this intermittent issue of my radio head unit going dead. I normally notice this after i heard a 'bom' sound from the speaker and when I look at my radio head unit, its dead and cannot turn on at all. Sometimes i need to wait a while before the head unit will comes alive again or I can off and on the car to restore its life. This only happens sometimes when I am about to park the car or reversing, never happens when I am driving on the road at normal speed. Been to an audio accessories shop and because the fault cannot be replicated during my time there as its intermittent, they advise me to either, 1) change fuse 2) change head unit 3) leave it till head unit totally konk. any bros can advise if you had experience similar problem before? thanks in advance. oh yeah, my head unit is stock for my subaru legacy.
  16. just bought a multi-function headunit from aliexpress ... told the seller the dimension of my current HU and he told me can fit. got the package yesterday and went down to fix it this morning ... but once i took the new HU and placed in in front of my current HU, can see that the new HU is about 5mm longer and can't possibly fit the current faceplate. anyone face this problem before ? tried to search online but these things cost more than to send it back to the seller for a refund and since my car is old model ... dunno have or not also. any other work around other than to spend more at a shop?
  17. Anyone did purchase headunit at Mutafa centre before. The selling price is cheaper than outside but the sale told me is a export set without local warranty. Do you think is a good buy? please advise kevin
  18. Hi, I was wondering what are the options available when I go install a headunit (Pioneer AVH-X5750BT) with only rear USB ports but the car doesn't have existing built in USB ports for the installer to connect it to? Do they simply leave an extension cable dangling somewhere or do they have a way to neatly install a port for me? What is the recommended method? Thanks!
  19. Is there such thing as a hood or shade for DVD Headunit? I changed to the pioneer DVD Headunit (AVH-X4550DVD) recently hoping to let my kids watch some cartoons duing long trips. But during the day, there is too much glare from the sun and they cant really watch. Anyway to resolve this (other than fitting headrest monitors)? Any form of hood avail? Thanks for advice.
  20. Hi guys, I need a bit of troubleshooting help here. My DVD headunit(China one) connects to my phone via bluetooth to play music. This works fine until I get an incoming call. This causes my headunit to jump from whatever volume my music was playing to the max volume(24 on a scale of 0-24). Even if I disconnect the call, my volume remains at 24. This is becoming a real pain. I bought the car like this so I need to take care of it. I would really appreciate any ideas you guys might have. Thanks a lot! :)
  21. Hi All, I am looking to buy a Kenwood headunit from USA Amazon for my car. I understand that US uses a different FM frequency as compared to Singapore & i may not be able to pick up some local stations. Any bro here have experience with US headunit & is there a way to configure the FM for Singapore usage, specifically for Kenwood HU? Cheers
  22. Hi Guys, After 7 yrs my Pioneer HU is screwed. Im looking for a basic touch screen HU and front component speaker setup. Any recommendations? Which audio shops do you recommend? I want an honest boss who will recommend me what i need, dun care expensive or not.
  23. Is there any good workshop will help me to install an export headunit? Or I must die die to buy from them? I tot of just change my current old unit to a mp3 type headunit which support SD/USB. Is it possible? Thanks :)
  24. Hi all anyone can recommend any double din dvd player ? or got any lobang 1. New or 2nd hand 1. Any brands, china or taiwan brand is ok for me 2. With USB support so can plug in to my mp3 player 3. can play wma,mp3,etc common format 4. Have built in TV tuner and antenna - Can watch Ch 5 & 8 Budget - $400 Thank
  25. Anyone can recommend an installer for my Headunit? Freelance will do as looking at a low installation price.