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  1. Spotted earlier
  2. Spotted yesterday
  3. honestly, first thing came to mind was B00BS 😜
  4. Spotted yesterday
  5. 23rd. Taken by my kid from the second row.
  6. Spotted earlier
  7. Spotted this morning
  8. Within an hour of reading your post, saw similar plates with nice symmetry
  9. Ses tonight
  10. Single E on top
  11. dsman

    Sound Proofing the car

    No. Putting one on the door frame, and the other on the car's bidy
  12. dsman

    Sound Proofing the car

    went to this shop in jb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QegxM_yFfCg spore shops do it too
  13. dsman

    Sound Proofing the car

    I soundproofed the same areas as you, with the addition of the dr artex red wind rubber seals at the doors. I did the rubber seals last, and I find them more effective than any of the soundproofing mats that were placed. i did one layer. effect was amazing i did a second layer http://catalog.drartex.com/redwind-4-doors-20-meters/
  14. On a caddy