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Found 29 results

  1. I am on netflix for just 2nd month and I just cannot find enough time to watch all the TV series there. What are the recommended show to watch and to skip, since time is precious. Currently watch The Returned Just finished these, Wasted my time on these three Waiting to watch
  2. Happy new year to everyone! Need some advice from you all! Recently my head unit decided to give way and I am searching for a new head unit to replace it. I have shortlisted 2 head unit which is the ATOTO carplay stereo and POWER ACOUSTIK carplay. Both I think cannot be found in SG. So my question is, if i were to buy from amazon and ship to SG, will the headunit able to receive our FM channel? please advice.
  3. national day special https://www.todayonline.com/8days/seeanddo/netflix-launch-106-classic-singaporean-films-series-including-55-mediacorp-shows
  4. Wt_know

    Big Tech Companies

    basically, is the FAANG netflix ceo must be laughing that he did not kena grilled ... lol https://sg.news.yahoo.com/this-is-the-beginning-of-the-end-of-big-tech-as-we-know-it-nyu-professor-galloway-194718192.html it's all about money, isn't it? i am also a netflix subscriber ... i think these 5 guys have all my data to know me more than myself ...
  5. StarHub is throwing in free Amazon Prime Membership for all new mobile sign-ups source: https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-starhub-mobile-plans-free-amazon-prime-membership Continuing StarHub's commitment to deliver the best experience and offerings for its customers through its #HelloChange campaign, StarHub has struck a new deal with Amazon for all its mobile customers. Starting from today, whether you're signing up to a new postpaid, prepaid or no-contract SIM Only mobile plans OR renewing your existing mobile contract, StarHub is giving all its mobile customers 3 months of free Amazon Prime membership. Following the three-month period, the Amazon Prime membership is available at the current standard rate of S$2.99 per month, which will be charged to their StarHub Mobile bill. While Amazon once said this membership is actually valued at S$8.99, since 2017, it has still been offered at S$2.99. To recap, here's what Amazon Prime members in Singapore stand to benefit with their membership:- Shopping & Delivery Free one-day local delivery with no minimum purchase on Amazon.sg’s domestic Prime eligible selection. Free international delivery on millions of eligible items from Amazon US on Amazon.sg for orders over S$60. Free two-hour delivery for tens of thousands of items, including groceries and household essentials on Prime Now, for orders above S$40. 30 minutes of early access to Prime eligible lightning deals and exclusive access to special shopping deals and events before other customers. Entertainment Stream or download Amazon Originals, popular movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, including critically acclaimed and award-winning Amazon Originals. Gaming A selection of free games every month, exclusive in-game loot, and a free channel subscription on Twitch.tv. New Mobile Prepaid Plan with Amazon Prime In addition to the free 3-month Amazon Prime offer for all mobile customers, StarHub is also launching anew prepaid data plan with Amazon Prime. Dubbed the "600MB with Amazon Prime" plan, it offers prepaid customers four weeks of Amazon Prime membership with 600MB of data for S$6 a month. Add-on data plans can be combined with this plan for prepaid customers needling more data. With this, StarHub hopes to offer Amazon Prime membership for their entire mobile customer database and offer content suitable for various languages and backgrounds. When will the free Amazon Prime Membership end? While StarHub says the offer lasts till 24th April 2020, we believe this will be an ongoing offer for some time to come as it's a strategic partnership with Amazon. For more details, you can get the details of this partnership here.
  6. Kb27

    Amazon.sg is launched

    Happy shopping. https://www.amazon.sg
  7. therock

    Amazon.sg is launched

    Hey did anyone notice that Amazon prime now is split into amazon Sg and prime ? free shipping above s$40 for local stuff and shipping costs for international stuff no more Blu ray though?
  8. I noticed a lot of people like to buy SSD hard disks for whatever reasons. Do you use them with USB hubs ? If you know, any recommendations for powered USB hubs that are reliable for plugging in at least two hard disks ? I'm now using the Amazon Basics 7-Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub that supposedly supply up to 5V 900mA to every port, from its 5V 3A power adapter. The drives power up fine, but "hangs" with high speed data transfers between drives. It will just hang there until the drive is plugged out. It's essentially useless except for lower demand devices like mouse, keyboard. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port-USB-Power-Adapter/dp/B00E6GX4BG/ Any good ones you using now, whether from Amazon or Lazada or retail ?
  9. ok folks!!! this time no more cool sex story!!! this time is really ho liao!!! woohoo!!! Got link got talk!!! CHONG AH!!!!! http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/dis...odeId=201214770
  10. after 6pm, says Amazon's India chief. Personally, I try not to work after office hours unless it's absolutely necessary. That's why bosses are important. I know of some managers who ask their subordinates to do PowerPoint slides for them even during CNY Day 2. Such bosses don't understand work is never ending. It's hard to strike a balance, but we must try. ********** https://www.todayonline.com/world/log-get-life-and-stop-responding-work-emails-or-calls-after-6pm-amazons-india-chief-tells BANGALORE — The head of Amazon.com’s India business has a radical idea for his troops: Log off, get a life. In an memo to his team this month, Mr Amit Agarwal counselled colleagues to stop responding to emails or work calls between 6 pm and 8 am in the interest of “work-life harmony". He also talked about the importance of work discipline and how to draw the line. The leaked note has broken through the sleep-deprived haze in the technology hub of Bangalore to set off heated discussions on social networks and WhatsApp chat groups. Mr Agarwal is a senior vice president at the Seattle-based retail behemoth, which has a reputation of fostering a cutthroat work culture and driving employees to burnout. Many in India wondered if this represented a softer turn for the company. Mr Agarwal has previously served as an executive assistant to Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos, who is often painted as a demanding boss. An Amazon representative in India declined to comment on the email. India, with its more than 1.3 billion people, has become a fierce battleground for Amazon.com, and the company has committed some US$5.5 billion to building up its network there. Recently Amazon lost out to Walmart in a bid to buy Flipkart Online Services, India’s leading e-commerce operator. While the demands of technology on workers has become a topic of debate around the world, work-life balance is severely off kilter in Bangalore, India’s third-largest city, where a significant portion of the one million workers employed in the outsourcing business cater to global customers and often work late into the night. It’s even more lopsided in the up-and-coming startup industry, where late-night meetings and weekend calls are the norm. Psychologists, sleep laboratories and fertility clinics have raised concerns about the mental and physical toll wrought by the frenetic work schedule. Insomnia, depression and suicidal tendencies are rampant symptoms, said Dr S Kalyanasundaram, a well-known psychiatrist who sees many technology workers in his thriving south Bangalore practice. “These days I see many 25- and 28-year-olds suffering heart attacks, something I haven’t seen in my four decades in this field,” he said. The doctor said all of his Saturday appointments are reserved for tech workers and often booked months in advance. “For many, there’s only one life and that’s the work life,” Dr Kalyanasundaram said. “It’s a disaster; it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.” In startups from Bangalore to Delhi, founders and top executives lead the gruelling pace by example. Mr Ritesh Agarwal, the founder of the travel unicorn OYO Rooms and unrelated to the Amazon executive, said he gets minimal sleep during the work week. To catch up, he goes to sleep early on Saturday night and wakes up at midday on Sunday. In Bangalore, Mr Byju Raveendran, founder and chief executive officer of the education tech startup BYJU’s said he and his teammates leave recreation to late night hours, sometimes starting football games at midnight and ending as late at 2 am. Businesses from food delivery startups to late-night sports arenas cater to the insomniac workers. Mr Dilip Vamanan, founder of an e-commerce data analytics startup called SellerApp, that helps merchants sell on Amazon, said he clocks 14 hours a day in the office. After that, he takes calls and responds to emails at home. His colleagues complain of back aches, insomnia and stress. Amazon’s Mr Agarwal, may have an inspired idea, but it may be harder to implement than it would seem. “Indian startups have a lot to prove,” said Mr Vamanan. “They are nowhere near a scale where founders can step back and turn on the auto mode.” BLOOMBERG
  11. Hi folks, I am thinking of buying Pioneer HU and speakers from Amazon.com. Will they be compatible to use in Singapore?
  12. Took 6 days after placing order to arrived at my doorsteps. Best of all, free shipping. Price is half of what local retailers are selling. Bros who are interested may try it out.
  13. Ender

    Amazon Kindle

    After the Jin Yong thread, I have been wanting to give try to actually read the books. I wanted something as read like a book, easy on the eyes, good contrast. Compare to Samsung tablet, is kindle really better for reading? What's your experience? Would you say a IPS tablet is good enough for reading?
  14. http://metro.co.uk/2014/07/22/meet-amazon-amanda-the-plus-size-model-who-sits-on-men-for-money-4806258/ Meet Amazon Amanda, the plus-size model who sits on men for money Alison Lynch Tuesday 22 Jul 2014 12:12 pm 115 shares Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Amanda is seen here wrestling with client Sergio (Picture: Barcroft)Good work if you can get it. Amazon Amanda (real name Amanda Soule) is, by any stretch of the imagination, a larger-than-life presence. The 38-year-old weighs 20 stone, is a statuesque 6ft 3ins in height and boasts a 44DD bust, making her a huge hit with guys who enjoy being sat on, squashed, carried, and, yes, wrestled by super-sized, Amazonian woman. After growing too big to be a mainstream model, Amanda discovered a whole subculture where she could earn money just by sitting down all day – on men, who then paid her for the privilege. Amanda often towers over her diminutive clients who like to be carried, lifted and sometimes sat on (Picture: Barcroft)Yep, she makes a living out of making men feel small. Las Vegas-based Amanda, who insists nothing sexual takes place between her and her clients, has over 6000 fans on Twitter and describes herself as ‘Amazon by height, BBW by size and goddess by nature’, according to The Mirror. She tends to tower over her diminutive clients. Despite a largely open-door policy, Amanda admits she did once have to turn down a terminally-ill client for fear she would squash him to death. LOL
  15. Hi, need some advice from folks who bought from Amazon before. I make 2 purchase from Amazon from their registered vendor.. unfortunately encounter 奸商 who seems to have deliberately send me wrong items.. I ordered A twice, with different size for 2 seperate orders & the merchant delivered B... So now I'm supposed to ship the item back to USA.. other than Singpost, any other postal service to use that comes with tracking and insurance? Each item about USD140 value. Items are 21" carry on size and 25" luggage bags.. about 3 kg weight each. Appreciate all advices. Thanks in advance.
  16. KennyLee83

    Wallpaper/murals from amazon.com

    hi gurus, anyone have bought or know how this goes about? I love the murals sold there that I can't find here... thinking of buying n ship over and get installer to do it..
  17. Relacklabrudder3

    Kobo Glo eReader or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

    Recently sick tired of carting books. Research and find these 2 competing products. Can share which one better? Gotta fren who sell both. But I not sure which one to buy
  18. Camrytron

    Buy EO from Amazon

    Hi bro and sis, Like to enquiries any bros here got buy engine oil from Amazon website? See that their mobil 1(gold bottle) selling at $50+ only, maybe is USD but still cheap rite? How save and do they free shipping EO to here?
  19. merged http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2689189
  20. Wishcumstrue

    US Predator Drone sold out on Amazon

    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-15/a...ng-reviews.html Maisto International Inc.
  21. Anyone experience the same that their Starhub can't connect to Amazon.com and Dpreview.com ? I got this error for both website since last night. Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.
  22. Reporting of his own personal experience by a senior writer of an IT news website. The way the hackers did it seems quite easy it's scary. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/08/app...an-hacking/all/
  23. Takumi21

    'Alien' filmed in Amazon forest

    http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=43905 What?? could this really be true? Sounds like another hoax to me This picture taken in the Amazon rainforest could be the clearest proof yet that aliens exist. The snap - taken from a video filmed by two British tourists - shows a small alien-like creature arching its back as it stands next to a tree in the Amazon jungle. In the corner of the picture is a bright flash of light which is thought to be connected to the alien's presence. The video - snapped up by Hollywood producers for a film - was obtained by noted paranormal writer Michael Cohen and is believed to have been filmed by two British tourists visiting the Mamaus region of the Amazon jungle. Michael, who runs the paranormal website allnewsweb.com, said: "This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit. "It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity. "The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as "Operation Prato", where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region. "The Brazilian government denied that there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and releasing large amounts of files associated with it" Having obtained the footage, Michael, who is well-known within UFO and paranormal circles, was inundated with requests from Hollywood producers keen to use his proof. "This footage will be used in direct collaboration with an American film and will serve to highlight this as proof of this footage's veracity." - The Braz-alien rainforest: Is this creature pictured in the Amazon jungle a visitor from outer-space? Proof? A still from a video apparently taken by British tourists in Mamaus region of the Amazon showing an alien-like creature standing in the jungle. Alien environment: Children pose for the camera while, behind them, a bright light flashes (circled right) and what looks like a small being stands to the right of a tree (circled left) While the camera is focused on some young children, seen in the distance behind them is a silvery light. However, it is only when the eyes are diverted to the surrounding jungle does it become apparent that there is a small being standing side-on just to the right of a tree, appearing to arch its back. It is the 'unmistakable' form of an 'alien'. No explanation is offered as to what the light may be. While for many the images can simply be dismissed as a well-executed hoax, Mr Cohen, who runs the noted paranormal website allnewsweb.com, suggests the photos go some way to proving the existence of aliens. He said: 'This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit. Just leaving his craft? The lone figure appears to arch its back, perhaps stretching, as the light flashes nearby Unexplained activity: The bright light is undoubtedly linked to the extraterrestrial, but what could it be? The area has been known for an intense UFO presence 'It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity. 'The area was also the focus of a high-level Brazilian government investigation known as Operation Prato, where the army was sent in to monitor and confirm an alien presence in the region.' He said the Brazilian government denied there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and released large amounts of files associated with it. Having obtained the footage, Mr Cohen, who is well known within UFO and paranormal circles, was inundated with requests from Hollywood producers keen to use his proof. 'This footage will be used in direct collaboration with an American film and will serve to highlight this as proof of this footage's veracity,' he said.
  24. Funner

    Amazon or Ebay - for SELLERs

    i notice there are few pro-seller in MCF just wondered your advice which gives better deal in terms of cost saving Amazon or Ebay thanks
  25. Ahseng

    Buying from amazon

    Hi guys, i'm trying to buy a pillow for my pregnant wife from amazon.com but they said they do not ship to my local address. Then tot of vpost option. https://www.vpost.com.sg/vpost/welcome?page...sidenav_hw.html What i do not understand is the step #2. Email us a copy of your invoice that you received from your merchant. Send it to : * USA : invusa@vpost.com.sg * Japan : invjapan@vpost.com.sg * Europe : inveurope@vpost.com.sg The invoice must contain the following information regarding your purchase : * Your VP Number and Full Name * Details of purchased products * Total amount of your purchase * Name & address of Merchant/Seller (Important if you are purchasing from an individual seller from ebay or Amazon) * Tracking number from merchant's warehouse to your vPOST address But when checking out at amazon's cart will have to pay via credit card already right? But step 3 of vpost is Step 3 A Payment Alert email will be sent to you when your package has been processed at our overseas shipping centres. Make your shipping payment via the Pay Now link in the email or login to your vPOST account. Alamak...damn confusing...Any simpler methods to help?