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Found 341 results

  1. Enforcer533

    Any rims shop to recommend ?

    Hi all. Thinking of changing my rims any good rims shops with reasonable pricing to recommend ??
  2. Would anyone know whether there's any florist that is opened for business now? It seems like they are still not allowed to open shop yet? Or would the big supermarkets sell flowers? Preferably in the Northeast area, if there is any... Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, im having some issues with my speakers and i suspect they are defective. Any audio shop to recommend to replace my speakers? I am very fresh into car sound system and am already quite lost. I am looking to replace to a better speakers and hope you guys could guide me along. Thanks alot.
  4. Franwilliam

    Any recommended tyre shop

    Hi guys, Anyone knows or can recommend a tyre shop here in SG that offer good price and service? I planned to do it in JB but when I read in the forum, some of them said that the price not much different or even more expensive compared to SG perhaps due to tax, but alignment is cheaper in JB. Well I am looking for 224/45/17 for my car. Please share if you guys knows any shops. Thanks in advance
  5. Rskeisuke

    Reputable tyre shop near ubi

    Any shop to recommend to trade in my brand new factory fitted tyres and replace with F1A5?
  6. Neutrino

    Tyre puncture

    Just about to take my sil to A&E and see that my nearside rear tyre is flat. So she has to go to A&E by taxi. I change the tyre which is so much heavier than they used to be, and see there is a nail/screw through the tyre right vertically and in the center of the tread. Car has only done 5000Km. Bit suspicious I'm thinking especially as for the last three or more years some nutter in this HDB block has been throwing NTUC bags of smelly rubbish underneath cars. Anyway two questions: - do the AAS come out to a HDB car park to change a tyre?? - Is there a good tyre repair place close to Clementi central?? Thanks.
  7. Fastfive1

    365automotive Avoid this shop

    This is a shop I would avoid. Prices quoted on their facebook ads and carousell listings are completely different from prices quoted over the phone. The price on their carousell listing says 190 for Michelin PS4 225/45/18. Call them up to confirm, the price goes up to 240. WTF!!! Then later when I ask what the manufacture date is, they tell me it is made in 2016. The tire is 3 f**king years old. No wonder so cheap. Then a few days later I see the facebook ad listing it as 220. Call the guy up to confirm what the year of manufacture is, he says it is 2017 although I highly doubt that. It is probably the same 2016 tire. I asked the guy over the phone about whether got new stock for the Michelin PS4 and whether it is $220. He brushed me off saying he is not in office and will get back to me. What a c**t! I eventually got tired of waiting for this c**t to get back to me, I went nearby and snagged a set of 2019 PS4 tires for $235 a piece. At least the other tire shop was straightforward and also an authorised dealer of Michelin tires. Given how sketchy they are about answering questions, I will avoid them. It seems they try to toss old stock to unsuspecting people who don't ask about manufacturing dates. They give different prices over the phone and in their listings. So hard to stay consistent meh? There is always a catch with their pricing. If you visit this place, visit at your own risk.
  8. topprize123

    Bad listed Tyre Shop

    Hi Everyone; BEWARE of this shop! Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Center along Jalan Jurong Kechil. Recently I was duped and conned by this dishonest shop owner in his 60's. He charged me $950 for 4 Falken Tyres whereby the usual price is around $440. You may ask why I paid so much without comparing prices. The reason was that I had done some tyres change at this place and found him to be decent and therefore I let my guard down the last time thinking that he would be honest as usual. Also I realized his tricks are to act innocent, speak very fast and mumble to himself; he will unscrew and take out your old tyres and then he will tell you there is no stock and recommend you some brands made in China. You will get very frustrated waiting for him to get his tyres from elsewhere and you are at his mercy as you cannot drive away without the tyres. I went back to ask his why over-charged me by more than $500 and he told me all kinds of stories saying COE and house prices have gone up. I told him this does not give him the right to overcharge by 200%. He said it was a done deal as it was done willingly by both parties. Hope no one get conned by him again!
  9. Because his chopper broke into two pieces after slamming it on the glass display case He then picked up the broken pieces of the chopper and fled. Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/bedok-pawn-shop-attempted-robbery-man-with-chopper-fled-11715288
  10. SINGAPORE - A florist here said her online shop set up on the popular e-commerce platform Shopify was hacked in May, resulting in a loss of $24,000. Checks by The Straits Times showed dozens of other merchants around the world have had their accounts hacked as well. They posted their experience on online forums. The Canadian e-commerce firm has more than 500,000 merchants that use the platform to set up online shops for which the business owners pay a fee for services provided by Shopify. Transactions are made through Shopify, with merchants holding accounts with the company. Shopify then transfers the proceeds to the merchants' bank accounts. Florist Wendy Han, 32, said when she was settling bills on June 12, she logged into her account only to discover that her business had zero proceeds for the month. She said the shop's revenue on average per month is between $70,000 and $90,000. Ms Han, who set up the online flower shop Floristique in 2018 with her husband Shaun Chuan, said hackers had entered the shop's Shopify account and changed the company's bank account to the hackers'. As a result, sales proceeds went directly to the hackers' account instead. "We got the shock of our lives when we realised that we might have been hacked," said Mr Chuan, 33. The couple made a police report here and also alerted their bank. A police spokesman said investigations are ongoing. The couple also contacted Shopify, which investigated and informed them that their account had been compromised on May 28. Losses they suffered were from that day. According to Ms Han, the company claimed to have notified the owners about this via e-mail, but the couple denied receiving any notification. Shopify had also clarified with them that it was "not liable for any damages or losses incurred as it is the merchants' responsibility to keep all username and password information secure and confidential". The e-commerce platform has since temporarily stopped transferring the company's earnings to all bank accounts, to prevent further losses. Mr Chuan said the company should have asked for verification before changing the bank account details. "It's a feature they should implement," said Mr Chuan. Ms Han posted her experience on Floristique's Facebook page on Friday (June 14), warning other business owners to protect their hard-earned money by changing their passwords often and to set up two-step verification for their accounts. "As a florist business, we don't earn a lot. This loss has made quite an impact on us," said Ms Han. "I never expected that this would happen to us. I hope that people will be more vigilant as there are more of such online scams," she added. The Straits Times has contacted Shopify for a response.
  11. Hey bros, Long story short, I bought an Android head unit that was supposed to be compatible with Renault Clio. But turns out it's only compatible with the wiring harness of the lower spec version of my car. The spec sold in Singapore comes with a TomTom unit which uses a different set of connectors. This is what it looks like And this is what I need Any bros know of anyone which can help me? Thanks!
  12. need a quick help here... one tyre kena nail and i wish to get it fixed today... weekday hor, busy with work.... any tyre shop open on sunday that u know??...
  13. I am not sure whether this has been brought up before. Kindly advise any place in Thailand (Bangkok) to shop for car accessories.
  14. Hi Have a Toyota Picnic and was recently asked by workshop to change the steering rack assy. Quite expansive, and looking for 2nd opinion and quotes for replacement. Any good workshop to recommend.
  15. Hi. Can any bro recommend a performance tuning (Stage 2) for Audi - in JB or any other parts of Johor? Going to sell off the car but wants to make sure the car is properly tuned for the next buyer. That's why I am kindof price sensitive. Thank you.
  16. Anyone here know where else we can find a good range of car care products? Here's a list of what i know but wondering if there are actually more places to check out 1. Petrol Stations 2. Giant 3. Mustaffa Centre 4. Autobacs TIA
  17. raymonnnn

    PPS shop in JB

    Any mcfers can recommend a good PSS shop in JB? My car is a Toyota Wish 06 model and would like to do PSS to make it shine for another few years.
  18. Hi, Anyone has any experience when you bought any items /accessories from the local online auto car parts and accessories shop below? I am thinking of buying from them but not sure if they are cheap or good. https://littleredcarshop.com/ocart/index.php?route=common/home thanks.
  19. wat you think? will it be the next Asia euro travel company to close shop.....
  20. Hungee

    Encounters with tyre shop

    Just wanna share my experience ... About 2 months ago went to a tyre shop @ First Centre to change a set of tyres. Skip the brand & model part, price was slightly lower than tyrepac, which I am still ok. They bad mouth the famous shop at amk industrial park 1 blar blar blar, and say they provide after sales service (free patching, free rotation, etc) lah lah lah ... Suay suay last night punctured one tyre. Today went to them ask for replacement. I did not expect it to be as cheap as when I purchased 4 pcs, but the price they quote was horrible ($65 more), giving all the lame excuses etc. The boss even say if someone offer that price please go with them. I told him off so much of his after-sales service and went off. Went over the other end of the stretch and asked for quotation, price is $15 more than when I purchased 4 pcs ... fine with price and satisfied with service. Maybe tyre shops think how soon can a owner return to change tyre ? so they don't bother about keeping customers. But for the latter shop, I am impressed, and they will get a potential customer. I will go back to them when I need tyre replacement. I know getting 1 pc definitely will cost more than 4 pcs, fine .. but not to that cut-throat extent. All the bullsh*t about after-sales service, I know those are non-promises, but they are as good/bad as the famous tyre shop in amk park 1. And I know it's willing buyer/seller's world, so I am cool to walk off and let my hard earn money (though not much) earned by some other who deserves it more. Just wanna share my experience ... Thanks
  21. Joseph22

    Large furniture Shop in the East

    Hi, Anyone know other than Ikea and Courts. Is there any large Furniture shop in the East? going to there for window shopping with my families this weekend. (maybe looking for toddler bed to put in my room.)
  22. Sibeh no common sense, this pastry shop. No matter what negative feedback customers give you, just thank them for their valued comments and promise to improve so as to serve them better in future. In fact the reply letter can be saved as a standard template. Source Online Only - You mean bloggers can't speak their minds? Letter from Kaelyn Ong 07:30 PM Oct 12, 2009As an avid food blogger, I share my dining experiences (whether good or bad) with my readers. Sometimes, I would also send an email to the restaurants after dining there to offer my thanks and feedback. That was what I did after visiting a local pastry boutique (I will not disclose its name at this point. It will be referred to as "X"). I praised X on its boutique decor and also commented that the desserts can be further improved on. The next day, I was shocked and disappointed to read X's reply. To cut a long email short, the gist is that she has referred my blog url to her legal consultant and wanted me to remove my post within 24hours to avoid any legal proceedings, if any. I was appalled by this and hence, decided to write to this forum as I believe this raised interesting questions that may be of interest to your readers. 1. Are local F&B players that unreceptive to negative feedback? I can understand that owners will naturally be defensive towards their business but criticisms are only meant to spur them on to improve further and add value. If feedback is not appreciated, then won't all the emphasis on good customer service be for naught? In the email, X accused me of influencing the readers and creating a misconception of its reputation. I highly doubt that X's email to me would be the same if I have written a fabulous review on them. Wouldn't that be hypocritical since I can also "influence" others with my good comments? 2. In recent years, food bloggers have been making a splash in the local dining scene. The more established ones have been invited to food tastings by restaurants, all in the hope of attracting more customers. As such, are food bloggers only "allowed" to write raving reviews and avoid negative ones? It disturbed me greatly that X actually wants me to remove my post just because it was not a glowing review. What does this say about free speech then? If bloggers are not permitted to speak their minds without being threatened by potential lawsuits, then what is the point of blogging? Of course, this is on the assumption that bloggers are socially responsible in viewing their views online for all to see. And has this type of incidents happened to other food bloggers before and they have not spoke up about it? Of course, I did not remove the post on X as I believe that nothing I posted can be construed as being libel. Not once did I say any derogatory remarks or discourage readers not to visit X. There is also a disclaimer on my blog saying that all comments are based on personal preference. I have replied X's email yesterday but there has been no reply since. This letter is definitely not a complaint. I am just concerned with this issue and would like to know what the public thinks about it. Food blogging is just a personal interest for many of us; it takes time, effort and commitment to maintain a blog. Page 1 of 1
  23. nazerath

    Tyres shop in Bedok or Ubi?

    can anyone please recommend me at tire shop? Going to have it changed. Going for Michelin or Bridgestone. Thanks.
  24. as shown above , thanks!
  25. My car hit the curb and two rims right front and rear are totally scratched...deep scratch ooo...super heart ache...22" ler...rim protector also useless...singapore car parks have too many tall curbs......Need help from si fus to find any nice and cheap rim repair shops in SG can assist saya bo....