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Found 12 results

  1. topprize123

    Bad listed Tyre Shop

    Hi Everyone; BEWARE of this shop! Lian Kiat Alloy Tyre & Battery Center along Jalan Jurong Kechil. Recently I was duped and conned by this dishonest shop owner in his 60's. He charged me $950 for 4 Falken Tyres whereby the usual price is around $440. You may ask why I paid so much without comparing prices. The reason was that I had done some tyres change at this place and found him to be decent and therefore I let my guard down the last time thinking that he would be honest as usual. Also I realized his tricks are to act innocent, speak very fast and mumble to himself; he will unscrew and take out your old tyres and then he will tell you there is no stock and recommend you some brands made in China. You will get very frustrated waiting for him to get his tyres from elsewhere and you are at his mercy as you cannot drive away without the tyres. I went back to ask his why over-charged me by more than $500 and he told me all kinds of stories saying COE and house prices have gone up. I told him this does not give him the right to overcharge by 200%. He said it was a done deal as it was done willingly by both parties. Hope no one get conned by him again!
  2. Windwaver

    Dishonest Chinese New Year business

    How many of you have encountered more dishonesty during the CNY period? Personally I was short changed 150g when I ordered 1KG worth of roasted meat from a usual source that I buy from. Guess I really have to re-consider whether to go back to the same source after this incident. I generally find businesses more dishonest over the festive season.
  3. Guy need urgent advises. My wife got into an minor accident, so we send the car to paintshop for respray. A frd recommended a paintshop at pioneer(not disclosing names here), today upon collecting the car, my wife found out that her touch n go card is missing. As we only use it while going to msia, she dint bother to take out,it was at the card compartment,those driving fiat punto should know.(dont flame me now, i know we r stupid to have left it there). She confronted the painter but all denied,she had no choice but to leave. As soon as she called me about this incident,i immediately call the boss,told him the whole situation and wanted my card back,i gently tell him its theft and we are recommended by a frd,we even took a photo of the finger prints with paint stains inside the compartment and that he needsnto check and confront his workers. End up he challenge me to call police, investigate on the prints and boasted he got a full viewed CCTV. We are not happy, its only a mere rm60 in the card, but its totally not right to take anythiNg away from my car and still walk away like this! Pic that i took
  4. Sharing a personal experience to serve as a warning to all mcfers who're looking for cars during this period. I know that sales person do overpromise, but i didnt know that they can literally "LIE" to a customer outrightly right from the AD they posted. This is the car that i had "bought", agreement signed, deposit paid. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...810&DL=2033 TWO lies in the AD : 1. Car is DEFINITELY not entitled for 100% loan becuz it's owned by the sales person, who claims to be the boss of the shop (happen that my friend, who is also in this trade, knows the boss of Vision Cars. Found out abt this at the end of the whole saga). This is eventually verified via the log card of the car, registered under the sales person name Edwin, not Vision Cars. 2. Car is NOT FULLY service in Sttugart. Before sales, tell me car 100% service with agent. After i signed and paid, called and checked with Sttugart and cant find the registered car plate record, then claim that car service outside after warranthy. Note that car is reg in 2008 (5yrs car), Porsche local warranthy is 5yrs with Sttugart. So 1 lie after another. Summary of the story : I bought the car at a very good deal of $155K (initial asking price $185K) after the SA quoted me a wrong selling price. Although they discovered the mistake, still agreed to sell the car to me, claiming wanting to let go the car within the 60days period and becuz it's the "BOSS" car, but wanting me to pay a $5k deposit. As the deal was good & car condition was pretty good too, i agred and paid the deposit. 2days later, SA told me all local banks only approve 50% of my loan (which is weird cuz i only receive call from ONE bank.) if want 100% must fo for Hitachi/Tokyo. Thinking that maybe the loan comm is higher and the deal is good, i agreed to it. (i opted for 90% loan, and my income wont have prob for that.) No news, updates or even calls from HItchi/Tokyo for verification for 5days, then suddenly, SA told me loan not approved, wanted to refund my deposit immediately. Getting pissed, i told him i will get the loan myself. He said can, but want a 3.5% admin fee on the loan. Found it ridiculous, but even with that still quite a good deal so i agreed again. Asked for the car e-trf record cuz my own contact needs that to process my loan. Gave me the log card instead. Only then i realise that the car is not qualified for 100%. Dont understand why did he created so much trouble!! i admit although i was feeling pissed, still tempted by the selling price of the car so told him fine, just treat it that i'm now buying from a direct seller. My friend who does loan wanted to try for me on the max % of loan and i was considering a 50% loan since it's a good deal. Asked for a photocopy of his NRIC, since i'm now buying directly from him. Insisted that dont need his NRIC, even get an admin gal to answer my call on his behalf. Saying they did many loan applications before, there is no need to get the seller NRIC. (Clarified with both my friends and a broker who does loan, if buying from car dealer, can use the log card for loan application, but buying from direct seller, definitely will need the NRIC, at least a phocopied). Finally, i gave up and agreed to cancel the sales. Got back my deposit the following day Seriously even till now, i still couldnt understand why did the 2 champion SA (Sherman & Edwin) do all these stunts??? 1. Cheat my deposit? well they refunded me...prob also becuz i made them wrote every single details on the sales agreemenet so this could be the initialy motive? 2. Selling price too low? Well i agreed to that, then DONT AGREE TO THE SALES right from the beginning lah!!! Why f**king waste my time???? geezzz this part really really pissed me off.... 3. I called up the banks and turned out they only submitted my application to ONE bank, and they claimed that ALL didnt go thru. This is the 3rd time i'm buying a car but it's definitely the worst experience! Friend told me that could be a blessing in disguise becuz i could have ended up with a car that looks nice but full of sh**...it's better to get pissed now then later... P.S I have a copy of all agreement signed as well as the cheque paid to Vision Cars, just in case if u think i made it up..
  5. While scouting for a 2nd hand honda , i came across a car dealer (S) who was very obliging - he offered to replace the full set of sports rims even though 3 of the rims were in almost perfect condition. Also prepared to add armrests at no additional cost. STA evaluation charges are also borne by him, however he does not allow me to bring in my mechanic saying that it's not fair to him just wonder why??? If the car is in good condition why the hell is he worried.??? The milleage for this 2year old car is around 20,000 km and we thought it was a very good buy as he readily slashed $3000 from the advertised price. The salesman (D....) was so convicing telling us that we can have a separate contract even after we have collected the car. The contract to state sports rims still owing , another 1year warranty will be given etc. We had placed a deposit of $2,000 on that saturday and was all excited to collect my ride on tuesday. However on monday after discussing my "rare" find with my colleagues many thought that this is too good to be true! Following which i made several phone calls to the original P.I and the servicing agent. From there i was given to understand that when the car was serviced 1year ago the mileage was already 32,000km how can it be true that it is only 21,000 after another 1 year.??? We confronted the dealer/salesman on this issue threatening to report the case to the police and to Case. All he has to say was, "i dunno i dunno when i bought the car from the previous owner, the mileage was like that" . Initially they were still not prepared to give us the full refund, wanting to keep half of the deposit given. This is RIDICULOUS. Finally they paid up as they thought it was worth trading their reputation for this. So don't u think they have a part to play in this mileage thing.??? If a layman like me is able to find out the actual mileage what more for a car dealer ? isn't this interesting
  6. Watwheels

    Dishonest Couple - Beware!

    My wife got to know this forumer(from mummysg forum) who warned her about this dishonest couple who collect giveaways and sell them on various forums and online sites. She warn my wife to avoid them as she was a victim(and some other mothers) to their scam. Here's a recent summary of her encounter with them. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=...uthkey=CM75jeoJ They have probably changed their facebook settings and changed nick by the time we read this. If you are would be parents or are first time parents or you are giving away baby stuffs, take note. From the facebook, the wife of this couple is a NUS grad and a former SIA stewardess (dunno how true are these credentials) can do such things to unsuspecting mothers. Help spread the word to warn others as well.
  7. Ken1105

    Dishonest PI company

    Just to cut short my story, i bought my Toyota Axio from karkunsl auto. What we agreed on is that he will give me a Pioneer DVD player and 3M car mat as part of the free accessories. All this details were written in the accessory list. As it was my 1st time buying a car, i am not sure of alot of things. End up on the day of my car collection, i noticed that my DVD player is a 2-DIN one, instead of the pioneer player that he promised. only normal car mat was given to me also. when i ask the boss, he just say he did not sign the accessories sheet. I believe that trader should have the basic honesty of trading, even though buyer is new. I just hope that anyone who sees this thread, even if you decide to buy from them, just make sure all documents are properly signed by the COMPANY
  8. From Sviper - previously posted on RX8Club: About time i came out and let the whole world know about this. I just recieved my Rx8 last month after a heart wrecking 3 month wait for it. Trust me when i say heart wrecking. For that 3 months i was constantly being tossed from left to right by the PI and the salesman who handled my sales. By not disclosing the names of the PI and salesman, i wish not to further bring up past disputes or quarrels against other PIs and salesman. Soon after i made my downpayments and cash for accessories like any ordinary person would. I realised that i was actually issuing cheques to the saleman under his name. First initial
  9. Robo

    Dishonest Dealer

    ok.. just wanna share...please be careful of these 2nd hand dealers.. last month..my car got into an accident that i decided not to repair but just scrap.. so naturally i would be looking for a car.. between new or used.. i decided to get a used one instead... the price is better compared to new as the bulk of depreciation being thrown on the new owner.. so i began scouting.. found a aveo5 that seems really good. sony mp3 w/6disc changer, solar film and leather seat. den i realised the seller is the same one as the one that selled me my old car.. gave him a call and arrange for a meeting at his showroom. upon arriving the next day, realised i was able to shop in peace as there wasnt anyone in the place.. as the price was very good, i began checking whether there was any signs of accident. nothing seems to be wrong except a small dent near the passenger door. ok fine. i ask him whether or not he will fix it. he agreed. swee.. now is checking the interior and the comfort of the cabin. first noticed all that he mentioned in the ad is not present! No sony mp3 with changer headunit, no solar film except factory tint which of course is damn light, no leather just the standard fabric. so asked him! eh.. dont have wadeva u mentioned in the ad leh! he swee swee agree, i will tint for u, fixed up a sony mp3, and also the leather. he still asked me wad colour i wanna put. den came the part where the docus are being process. i asked him how long will he take to tow my old car to scrap yard. he said once the loan approved he will tow away... loan will take 3 days max! swee.. cauz i cant possibly leave the car in my mech's place for too long also... paiseh mahz.. after 3 days i called him.. eh how!? loan??? he say no news leh.. nvm... i patiently wait and wait.. 5 days i called.. same answer... 7 days called again.. same answer given.. finally afetr nine days he called.. eh.. your loan hoseh liao! i can give u the car tmr.. i asked how? fix liao anot? the dent the HU, solar film and seats..solar film and all tmr i do for u! den said seats we must 50-50.. i was like wtf! eh siao eh u agreed de hor! den he came of stupid excuses say wad the loan money not enough to cover his profit... i said ok. nvm.. market price is $800. u drop in $500 back to me.. next day came.. went down late around 8plus cuz delayed by work. he parked the car at a super dark spot. so checked the car. ok dent fixed. but wtf! sony mp3 become panasonic!kNn! i asked eh siao eh! u not honest lehz! say sony now panasonic! u know how much diff anot!? den siao eh.. u say got solar film liao, u gonna coat it to be the standard legal! he sian 1/2 lot tio spot liao.. told me to go his friend's place.. and do under his account. called and went down on a saturday morning.. reach his place and the fellow tell me 2hrs later come back...only do 4 doors! knn where got do solar film do 4 dorrs nia! around 1hr later called me say sorry wor boss.. tdy cannot tmr. so tmr morning called hp off! now i super hot liao. called the agent fark until he agreed on solar filming the whole door.. so on monday which is few days ago.. went down again wasted 4hrs... finally tinted the whole car. so... please be careful make sure those peeps get your whole car done up before u collect... best is got black and white to double confirm.. just in case u all are curious who this dealer is... the name is similar to one of the super big organizations in sg.. somewhere in the entertainment line.. wanna know the name... gimme a pm. ps. sorry if my story is too long winded...
  10. Ichibawa

    Dishonest Dealer 2

    Browse and found a black Latio (OPC) over the net which is selling at some reasonable price. Went down last Wednesday with some colleagues who offer to help look at the car and he manage to find repaint marks. On this day, one the sales person told me that the price of the car was $26500 with an interest rates of 2.68%. Then I told him that I would come over the weekend for a test drive. Come Saturday, I went over to Nissan showroom which is next to the car mart before meeting the sales person. Verified the area on a new car which my colleague said about the repaint spot and chat with the sales executives to find out current price and promotions. While at the car mart, I was attended by the sales person whom I initially contacted and was told that the price given by his colleague the other day was wrong as it was too low. I highlighted to him that he made an advertisement in Sat's newspapers which printed $330 per month which he denied until I show him the ad with his phone number and he gracefully denied blaming the clerk for making the wrong print. Then he claims that the interest rates is also wrong and says UOB doesn't give out loans for OPC cars and he had to make the switch to other banks which interest rates is 2.98. The advertisement over the net highlighted the low interest rates of 2.68. I showed him the repaint spot which is a strip on the lid of the boot and he quickly claims that black car owners are known to repaint their cars due to watermarks. I left the place with some disappointment and anger and plan to buy from someone else instead.
  11. Celicapimp

    Another dishonest PI

    HE wanted to upgrade his car, moving on to a newer model which had caught his eye at a road show. But Mr Lee ST ended up in a car owner's nightmare, saddled with two loans, one missing car and a dealer who seems to have vanished. His problems started last November, when Mr Lee, a civil servant, agreed to trade in his three-year-old Hyundai Getz for a 1.3-litre Honda Fit, which cost about $60,000. The Getz is also a 1.3-litre car and had cost him roughly the same amount. The parallel importer he went to, Car Kingdom, offered him about $30,000 for the Getz, on which he still had an outstanding loan of $41,000. CHEQUE TO DEALER Mr Lee said he handed over the car in March this year, along with a cheque for $11,000 to make up the difference. He said he made out the cheque to the dealer, who promised to handle all the paperwork. Mr Lee got his new Fit the same day and never saw his Getz again. Now, months later, all that is known about the car is that it is still in his name, though it has been shipped to Europe. Said Mr Lee: 'I took my new car and traded in the old one. I thought everything was settled already. 'There was nothing unusual about the deal until I received a call from my bank in May that I had defaulted on my instalments for the Getz.' The monthly instalment for his Getz was about $600. He thought it was probably an administrative oversight and called the dealer, Mr Allan Poh of Car Kingdom. He said Mr Poh assured him that the issue would be resolved quickly and told him that the car was waiting to be exported. After a week, Mr Lee said the bank called him again about the payment. This time, when he tried to call Mr Poh, he could not get through. And when he went to Car Kingdom's office in Joo Chiat, he was told that the company had ceased operations. A few weeks later, he received a call from someone who claimed to have exported his Getz. The man, who wanted to be known only as Jeff, told him that Mr Poh had not de-registered the car. Mr Lee said he then complained to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) that his car had been exported without being de-registered. He also made a police report. The New Paper did a check on LTA's One-Motoring portal, which showed that the Getz was still registered under Mr Lee's name. Mr Lee said the bank told him that he still has to pay the monthly instalments on the Getz. Along with the instalment for the Fit, he now has to pay about $1,300 each month, a financial burden to him, he said. When The New Paper contacted Jeff, he said he had paid Mr Poh a few thousand dollars for the Getz to be exported to Cyprus. He said: 'He (Mr Poh) promised that he would do the paperwork and I could go ahead and ship the car overseas first. Usually, the paperwork takes just a day or two. 'But I received a call a few weeks later that the car was stuck on the vessel and couldn't be unloaded because the proper documentation wasn't done.' He said his customer in Cyprus was asking for the car. 'Now, my logistics costs are even more than what I paid for the car,' he said. 'If I pull back the car, there will be a double charge. So, what can I do? 'I am waiting for the LTA to do something. 'But I am prepared to lose this money already.' Jeff, who had dealt with Mr Poh in the past, said he had failed to contact him after this incident. A check with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority showed that one Mr Poh Chee Tiong was listed as the owner of Car Kingdom. The New Paper visited the company's office in Joo Chiat last week but it had vacated the place. We also went to Mr Poh's registered home address but were told by neighbours that he had moved out. He didn't pick up calls made to his handphone. Car dealers we spoke to suggested that Mr Lee check with LTA if it is possible to de-register his Getz, and get back his paper value of about $25,000. One of them said Mr Lee should have gone with his dealer to the bank to settle the outstanding loan. If not, he should have written the cheque in favour of the bank. He said Mr Lee should also have informed the LTA in writing about the sale immediately, giving details. LTA said a police report has been made by Mr Lee and they are rendering assistance. It declined to comment further. The police said they're looking into the matter. Mr Lee said: 'I just want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.'
  12. Hi guys, here's how the story goes: i sold one of my Phoenix Gold Xenon 200.4 amp to one of the fellow MCFer here.bad thing was that be bought it on thursday and cannot find an installer. My installer was busy and his installer, sin kit, was also busy.and they willbe closed till after CNY.my friend is dam excited abt his stuff and want it installed ASAP. then he read abt some other forums and found JK audio and gave them a call. they said they would fix his amp and do the wiring for $50, with the amp mounted on a board. tat was a good deal. then i told him to see whether he could top up some more $$ to get 4 gauge cables since the amp had dual 4 gauge power inputs. but then, JK audio did not carry 4 gauge cables and the guy was kinda sian when my friend said he will buy the cables himself and get him to do the labour. Thus i followed my friend down to Sim lim tower and got him some good deals on 4 gauge power cables($2.50/m) and some reasonable good speaker cables and a ANL fuse with box with volt meter for the engine bay. then today, my friend found another 'shop' at ginza who said they are willing to wire up the car for $50 since he already had the wires and cables. my friend consulted me and i said this was a good deal for BASIC INSTALLATION. the amp was just to be screwed into the bad of the rear passenger seat, with no wooden board. thus we both went down to ginza and the guy said to meet him at the car park. when they came, they took a look at our hardware: Phoenix Gold X200.4 amp. the guy was kinda shocked. then he looked at the power cables and fuse box. then he said " your cable too thick, this is not basic installation, you are not using basic stuff". this shocked me. they they went on to comment about our fuse box which thy guy said" even got remote cable." best was, that cable was a ground cable for the volt meter. he didnt even noe wat the cable was for.i guess they have never even seen an ANL fuse.irony for claimin to be "experience installers" thus they said there is no way a 4 gauge cable can go thru the fire wall for my friends' car(Diahatsu YRV). then i said, come on, even my own car. 0 gauge and fit thru, then he said, you do for me, i help you. Then my friend said this was stupid since we were PAYING them to do the installation for us. Personally, i am a DIYer and would have gladly done it for my friend free, but i do not have the correct tools to take out the seats and plus, i am not familiar with head units at the moment. ALSO, i didnt want to get dirty b4 reunion dinner. then they went on to say that our stuff was not under BASIC installation as we had "good hardware". they kept huppin on the fact that since we had 'not basic hardware',it was not basic install. thus they wanted more $$$.if not they don want to install. this is my opinion: our hardware is our business. all we want is someone to run the cable throught the firewall to the boot and run the speaker/rca cables. this is as basic an installation can be. the size of the cable doesnt matter much. 4 gauge is pretty common, unlike 0 gauge. thus, we walked off as we knew they were tryin to chop our heads, thinkin we were ICE idiots. oo well, just a warnin out to fellow forum pple there, in the ICE industry, if you are not willing to pay to go to a reputable installer, do be alert for this kinda dishonest people around. cheers..