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  1. Macam a scene in "I am Legend".
  2. Ichibawa

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Just ask them to issue summon. No point challenging the authorities unless you prepared to do squats in a dirty cell.
  3. Ichibawa

    Gang Rape in India again! can flip the country?

    Many have migrated here. I hope they don't think Sg same same with India.
  4. Ichibawa

    Hyundai Venue

    This is to cannibalize or replace the Tucson?
  5. Ichibawa

    The reason why people think Singaporeans are cheap

    If the situation is really as difficult as what they portray... I think it's best for such folks to not own a car. It's clearly indicated that they have no means.
  6. Ichibawa

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Crazy congestion towards Malaysia should start about now till tomorrow evening and in the opposite direction on Christmas day.
  7. Ichibawa

    2020 Kia Seltos any news?

    Picture looks appealing but the actual car looked like a Chinese copy.
  8. Ichibawa

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I think its very easy to identify an immigration officer on the streets. They will have one arm bigger than the other cos the stamping never ends from starting their shift till they end the day.
  9. Chinese new car sales had dropped compared to last year but the drop is still not as much as the rest. The Chinese are more daring and ambitious when it comes to in-car entertainment development. The only difference is that their system is not as stable and safe to use by automotive standards. However they are already driving the development phase which most reputable car makers are now followers. The "Hey Merc, Hey BMW" voice command is already in existence within Chinese branded cars for quite some time only introduced recently by mainstream brands. Telematics with IoT capabilities are the future and China already has a running ecosystem which many are still in planning or dunno what to do stage. The real laggards are the Japs where they are still pushing small 7" screen with a centralized head unit and CD players.
  10. Ichibawa

    Acceleration -- CVT vs auto

    A golf buggy uses CVT. CVT systems are operated by 2 pulleys which changes its ratio at different speed. The weakest link here is always the belt (Rubber or metal) over time it will elongate and start to slip. With discipline periodic maintenance you can still get it to last 10 years. There is no best gearbox in the world as its just an additional component for the car owner to take care, maintain or splurge money on. Best is still direct drive.
  11. Ichibawa

    Sticker Bomb Cars

    Erm... to be honest... I would prefer the scratched panel than to this. Initially you have one to two ugly lines. This is one unsightly panel.
  12. Ichibawa

    High cost of living in SG

    I think food in mature estate is still reasonable. $3 to $4 for a meal and its nice. Its usually those newer estate that charges exorbitant prices and its shabbily prepared.
  13. Ichibawa

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    Time to buy PMD and be king of the road since they are all on sale now.
  14. Ichibawa

    High cost of living in SG

    Zhi char was $3 (small) $6(medium) a year ago. Now its $5(small) and $10(medium).
  15. Ichibawa

    donation scam ?

    Donation drives or flag days from school, universities or any education institutions is just teaching our children to beg for money to reach a certain given quotas.