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  1. Ichibawa

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Trying Revolut as I read from Seedly claiming that their rates are marginally better and Revolut allows the card to be cancelled whereas YouTrip can't.
  2. Instead of going against the enemy, they beat up their own people, damage their own infrastructure and burn their own home while the enemy is sitting pretty outside bewildered by their neanderthal like behaviour.
  3. Ichibawa

    Which is better, Original rims or change new rims

    That is the rim that came with the CLA if I am not wrong. If yours is a Merc then its a direct fit. Else you may want to check if your car's PCD is 112 with 5 lugs.
  4. They forget Malaysia has already plead allegiance to China. They should come to Sg cos we are pro-US. We are buying 8 lousy overpriced stealth fighters to please big bro.
  5. Ichibawa

    DFS Retrenchment

    True only if the company involved is able to proved that they are in the red. Otherwise a token of appreciation is expected.
  6. Ichibawa

    DFS Retrenchment

    Severance package will need to be according to MOM's guideline and our gov doesn't really give a hoot about employees well being.
  7. These should be those vehicles parked by the road side behind the immigration building. For once I am with the thieves as these cars are a hindrance and hazard for road users.
  8. Then got excuse to buy another one which also contribute to building our nation.
  9. Ichibawa

    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    Come to think of it...... I don't see anyone using PMD during my travels in other South East Asian countries....
  10. Same for me plus must be close friends or relative lah....friend of friend have to collect car market value as deposit first.
  11. I also want a driving experience leh.... never sat in a vent a door before leh.
  12. Ichibawa

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I rather they implement it this time so everyone knows what to expect and what to do. With another extension, we are back into limbo mode. Worse of all, this create a chance for the authorities to extort us.
  13. Ichibawa

    2018 Honda Accord

    Or maybe Proton or Perodua cos these are really rare on Sg roads. Haha...
  14. Ichibawa

    Proton vs. Perodua

    You don't need to keep promoting and linking your website here. The layout is not nice to use.
  15. Ichibawa

    Formula One 2019

    McLaren going back to Merc. Renaults are hopeless with hybrids, every team ditched them. Even late comer Honda can do better.