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  1. They are sour cos XDD buys coal from Africa and this causes AUD to plunge like a brick.
  2. Ichibawa

    Car kena Scratched

    Perhaps its not done intentionally. Your wrap too loud lah even when your car isn't.... lol.
  3. Ichibawa

    2020 Denza X e-SUV

    Nice looking vehicle. Noticed that it does not have rear view mirror and the third row will be hot as hell due to the aircon vents location.
  4. Yeap.... that is why I am curious what is exactly in their education syllabus. 9 out of 10 is to screw China and get brain wash how bad it is to assimilate with the mainland. The last one is to sing the DLLM song.
  5. Sorry but these are no longer rioters. They are now terrorist. They are using weapons with the intention to kill.
  6. Can't make our what they are shouting but I see a lot more colour clothings.
  7. Ichibawa

    Car kena Scratched

    Just forget about it bro. The sooner you realize these are part and parcel of car ownership, you won't be so stressed up with the additional dings that is bound to happen. Focus on the finer things in life.
  8. Ichibawa

    [Spyshots] 2020 Kia Optima

    Chio! I ish likes.
  9. Ichibawa

    How do you put out a lithium-ion battery fire from a PMD.

    All PMD should be equip with the appropriate fire extinguisher. The owner is liable to maintain both the PMD and the extinguisher.
  10. The rioters are now out for blood. They have now promoted from rioters to terrorist. They will probably have martyr soon with stupid castle in the air rewards like 7 virgin waiting for them in Valhalla.
  11. I suaku, have never used grab food, food panda or deliveroo before... I think I still am able to walk to my kopitiam and get my own food. This week I see a lot more of such deliveries done on bicycle and motorcycle. Escooting on the grass patch will have more friction hence more current is required to power the motor and moving parts spoil faster. It will be more leh cheh for them to do that as they need to keep pushing once their grass patch runs out.
  12. While on that, catch errant smokers also. At my area the smokers are all blind. Have the cheeks too sit and smoke directly in front of a childcare and the door step of a FairPrice
  13. Not only China, Malaysia especially in KL have already stopped using plastic bags. Folks have resorted to buy trash bags.
  14. My experience with delivery riders are actually quite pleasant. They are usually very gracious and tolerant. The errant users are the si gin nahs along with their pals and the girl friends tucked in neatly at the stick.