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Found 25 results

  1. Preserve that brilliant new car look with our KlarShield Paint-Protect Assurance. The only comprehensive ceramic paint coating assurance in Singapore that you need. The benefits of choosing Klarshield Paint-Protect Assurance when you purchase your car is that we ensure your paintwork is protected and assured by our Silver, Gold and Platinum coverages. Contact us to find out more about how you can protect your car paintwork for years to come. KlarShield is a paint-protect assurance that your paintwork continues to look brilliant through the years of driving your car, not a day less. Our futuristic work studio Spacious customer lounge PM us and we'll get back to you shortly. Or simply call us at 6665 5678/8683 5678/8686 5678 to find out more.
  2. ChaosMyth

    Respray or new bumper/bodykit?

    Hello. Would like to seek some opinions here. Thinking of respraying my car as the paintwork is turning yellowish and there are paintwork damages (stone chips, dings and dangs) on the bumper. Previous owner also used liquid paper to try to mask up the stone chips. If I were to respray on the current bumper, after refibre/putty+respray, would there be a risk of the paintwork cracking after sometime? Or would it actually be wiser to replace the bumper with a good condition secondhand one followed by respray? I'm keeping my options opened. May be a good time to change new bodykit as well but not exactly familiar with the different types.
  3. anyone experience...wheel clamp mechanisms will it damage the rims & car paintworks ..scratch the paint ???
  4. I resprayed my car last year after an accident. But I'm a lazy b**tard and don't wash my car often, so the paint is a bit faded. Quite obvious because it's black. I also didn't do any coating or waxing after the respray, wasn't even aware of such things until recently. The car is coming to 10 years old but I'm thinking of possibly extending the COE by 5 years and I want to make it look nice again. Is it possible to send it for a thorough polishing job, and then do a new nano-coating to keep it shiny? Do I need to respray?
  5. Picanto

    Lobang for Dent Removal needed!

    Who is better at removing dents? i understand that Lye is more expensive than Gary. Does it mean that the quality of Gary is not as good as Lye?
  6. Usually after my car detailing, it would be night and surrounding low lights makes it quite impossible to perform a good paintwork inspection? Any suggestions and link to images would be helpful ! Also cost sensitive ! Thanks.
  7. Guy need urgent advises. My wife got into an minor accident, so we send the car to paintshop for respray. A frd recommended a paintshop at pioneer(not disclosing names here), today upon collecting the car, my wife found out that her touch n go card is missing. As we only use it while going to msia, she dint bother to take out,it was at the card compartment,those driving fiat punto should know.(dont flame me now, i know we r stupid to have left it there). She confronted the painter but all denied,she had no choice but to leave. As soon as she called me about this incident,i immediately call the boss,told him the whole situation and wanted my card back,i gently tell him its theft and we are recommended by a frd,we even took a photo of the finger prints with paint stains inside the compartment and that he needsnto check and confront his workers. End up he challenge me to call police, investigate on the prints and boasted he got a full viewed CCTV. We are not happy, its only a mere rm60 in the card, but its totally not right to take anythiNg away from my car and still walk away like this! Pic that i took
  8. Schmi

    Renewing my car's paintwork

    Dear Friends: My car's paintwork needs to be renewed. There are small dents, scratches and marks all over. Where would be a good place to get it done? Thanks a lot for your advice.
  9. Fren just bought a 2006 car, both AA and trusted regular workshop assessed it and said the 45,000km mileage was genuine based on their inspection. The puzzling part is that the paintwork looks really shiit! It looks like someone has used dish washing detergent to bath the car, it looks almost matt! There are hairline scratches, or rather fine cracks here n there. Workshop said need a respray coz no amount or wax + polish can salvage the shine Any advice if there are other methods to restore the shine? Many thanks in advance. The quote fir respray is about 1.5k for the forester. reasonable?
  10. SYF77

    Scratch mark

    My car has a deep scratch mark on the bonnet for almost a year. Recently, the unsightly mark seemed to become more obvious as it darkens in color and makes a stark difference against the white paintwork. I believed it is due to dirt accumulating in the cavity, just like how food remains get trapped in our tooth cavity. Since it was Christmas day and I was idling at home, I decide to do a little experiment with a bottle of liquid clay bar that I bought some time ago. The liquid clay bar is supposed to be a deep cleanser that removes embedded dirt. It has a 3 layer system that contains a stain remover, wash and special clay compound according to the label on the bottle. After giving the content in the bottle a good shake, I poured a small amount of the mixture onto the sponge and gently rubbed over the scratch mark. To my pleasant surprise, the scratch mark lightens up in shade. I proceed to wash away the mixture on the paintwork with clean water. After drying up the surface with a cloth, I applied a layer of wax to protect the surface as the clay compound will strip the any sealant that was applied before. Below is the outcome after a 10 minutes
  11. SYF77

    White is the most preferred colour

    White has ranked as the most popular vehicle color in the world according to data from PPG Industries, the world's leading manufacturer of transportation coatings. Approximately 21% of 2011 model year cars around the world are white. Silver and black were tied for second most popular at 20%. The top 3 most popular colours, breakdown by continents are shown below: North America 1st
  12. [extract] I am writing this blog article to offer my 2 cents
  13. Dark_flan

    Remove paint specks from paintwork

    As per topic suggests. My area MSCP is undergoing painting works and my car is parked there. Just recently, I saw my ride at rear side is covered by many of the paint specks and cannot be removed by claybar. I do not know what is the correct procedure to remove to remove these specks safely since this is unsightly if my ride is in black. Any advice?
  14. Dlx0n

    Paintwork Restoration

    any place i can go to to restore paintwork? had this object laid on bonnet for 2 full days under the sun and that portion of the paintwork had 'bulged' if i've used the correct word.
  15. Keith976

    Quotation for paintwork

    I was quoted 800-900 to repaint the same colour and 2k to change colour. Is that a reasonable price? Any help or views appreciated, thanks!
  16. Hi all, My paintwork (black), is damaged by acidic bird droppings. 2 areas around the size of 50c coins are corroded I think. Looks like those paint kena splash by acid but not so jialat. In my case poslishing wont help ya? How much to patch it up and where? Sianz... Thanks!
  17. Sosaria

    Touch-up paintwork

    I've never actually bothered much with the tiny scratches received on my car over the years. But recently, while reversing into a very tight space, made tighter by an illegally-parked car , part of the right side of my car was scratched by carpark pillar. Now there's a few streaks of purple paint in a circular area roughly 15 cm in diameter. No dents. I think it's a good time to fix up this problem, and all the other little scratches here and there, by repainting the affected areas. Never done this before, so would appreciate any recommendation of a good place to do this: location prefer Jurong/Pioneer, open on Saturday or Sunday mornings, price estimate (don't want to get )? Or anybody here has alternative idea how to fix the above problem without repainting and save my $?
  18. This M6 owner should call Gen2 immediately to save his paintwork. No beading of water at all.
  19. the detailing bug caught me... please enjoy...
  20. Leftovers

    "Dirty" paintwork surface

    Been using Klasse Combo. Once a while use Menzerna HGAS after car wash. Now I noticed the cloth gets a bit dirty after applying HGAS (car wash done of course - using Meiguir NextTech Car Shampoo). If I use AIO, the MF applicator turns black very quickly, rinse in water a few times no use, must leave it overnight in Dynamo for the dirt to disappear. Any suggestions how to "clean" the paintwork surface ? A few rounds of AIO? Claybar?
  21. Hi guys, just wondering anyone encounter this. My car will always have this slight greasy look (if you look under the lights) after I buff off the wax. I was using johnson kit previously and now using Autoglym SRP also the same. Did I do something wrong? Like applying too much SRP or didn't leave it long enough? I have tried both but still got it. I did notice it helps a bit if I "dilute" the SRP by using a slight damp applicator pad when applying... Thanks!
  22. Hi, I am a novice lady driver and juz got my car. Everyone commented that my car paint work is "rough". Anyone care to advise what to do? Thanks in advance!
  23. Will be getting a black car soon and wanted to put some protection on the paint. Read through the articles here, it seems that mostly the recommendation would be zaino or glare. But using these would mean need to go back for waxing or polishing or would need to use back the product if DIY. Is there any form of a more permanent product whereby after application can last for a few good years with regular DIY maintenance by just using plain water or simple car shampoo/wax. Heard that some product after application cannot wash with normal shampoo. Is this true? Any experts pls advice. Thanks.
  24. My fren's car paintwork was scratched in 2 places while undergoing regular servicing. One about 3cm and the other about 1cm. The workshop has admitted liability. What kind of compensation should he accept to be considered fair?