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Found 17 results

  1. Paint correction is also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing or buffing. The definition of paint correction is the removal of all imperfections in paintwork, such as scratches, water marks, dried bug remains and fading to reproduce an as new condition or better. The process is undertaken by a professional detailer or someone with quite a few years experience in understanding how the structure of paint is applied on a vehicle. It involves the use of a machine polisher, a selection of abrasive compounds and an assortment of buffing pads, together with regular checks with a paint depth
  2. Bought some tyre shine products a while back and finally got my lazy bones to work and washed the car myself. Since I was washing, decided to do some experiment for the products i bought. Below are the pics of each of the products used on each tyre. All tyres are given 2 coats of the products and see which lasts longer and maintain its shine. Feel free to comment on the experiment so that I can do better in future experiments. The photos doesnt do justice to the shine. It actually is shiny but i cannot seem to take a photo to bring out the shine. I'll report the daily shine status of ea
  3. CHOOSE NanoTech specializes in manufacturing high performance coatings for industries for years Since 2010, CHOOSE starts to have it's own brand - CHOOSE NanoTech - to develop high performance coating for consumer market. For years, CHOOSE NanoTech has specialized in manufacturing high-performance coating solutions for industrial applications.Since 2010, CHOOSE NanoTech started expanding its product for the consumer market, based on our in-depth research and experience in the high-tech industry of photoelectron semiconductors. We stay initiate to stand on the edge of innovation, together w
  4. Hi, Just to share that there are 2 version of 3M Clay Bar in the market, those who have used before the 3M Clay Bar will know that it should come in a block and colour of the clay bar is lighter blue (Left - Photo below). I happen to get the darker blue version from one of the seller and it does not pick up any dirts at all, it really looks like counterfeit version. Any brothers here encounter before?
  5. Hi, Anyone knows where in Singapore has the widest range of paint markers? I need to buy a paint marker or small bottle of paint to touch up a scratch. I called Autobacs to check, but their stores don’t have the color I’m looking for. (Code: 9AL, name: Deep Garnet Metalic)
  6. Coated PPS 1year + already. Got some fine scratches and stains as i park Open car park. Tot of polish if off as cny is coming can i?
  7. Is it still available locally? Still have some left over from my old car but wandering where to get the new range. I like the Acrylic Prime and Jett a lot. Or any recommendations for similar products?
  8. Will collect car on 8 or 9 June. Thought I'd list down for fun what stuff I have planned to get ( some stuff may not be locally available I see a lot of Youtube). These are basic necessities. Not interested in nice to have items.... 1. Hozelock fitting for connecting hose to MSCP paid tap 2. Hose - Prob like 10m long 3. Pail with grit guard 4. Car Shampoo - Optimum No Rinse 5. Wax - Meguairs Spray Wax 6. Microfiber cloths - 10 pcs (plan to use Single Bucket with several cloths for 1 wash) 7. Leather cleaner - Chemical Guys 8. Leather conitioner - Chemical Guys 9. Vacuu
  9. anyone know where to get this? looking all over but cant find. used it previously to remove the various paint stains left by the doors of cars that leave marks on mine.
  10. Hi guys, those stay near Sembawang MRT station just found this car wash place recommended by my friend. Very good service, for those interested can try it.
  11. any mcf-members can share their experience between this two products? can't find any related comparison posts here aside from those shop-related posts marketing their own product.
  12. Just a few before n after pics. They use chemical guys which is rare in the market
  13. Hi guys, those stay near Sembawang MRT station just found this car wash place recommended by my friend. Very good service, for those interested can try it.
  14. Rustyz

    Application pad

    Dear brother, Where can buy cheap application pad, been searching online and seem very expensive to buy application pad and seem more economical to buy 1 that comes free with polish. Lastly claybar where can I find a good bargain too. Very long no detailing need stock up and reignite the passion. Please help Thank you for reading Rustyz Ps what is a good leather care brand? please share your poison
  15. The last time I had sealant treatment done on the paintwork was in June 2010, which was the System 6 paint protection system by Tuff Clad at Sin Ming Drive. I learnt about Amazing Shine from a leaflet on my windscreen and decide to give it a try on a Sunday afternoon. For $38, it includes vacuuming, polish, clay bar treatment, tyre shine and rim polish. The process began with a car wash. The company is using Sonax products. The 2 staff that attended to my car are attentive in their work. The co-partner of the workshop, Ben, was there to ensure that the car is free from debris before the p
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