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Found 118 results

  1. My TnG card will be entering into an "inactive" status tomorrow on 24th June since last road trip. As we are in unprecedented times with restricted travel and there's no way I can enter MY now, I tried to resuscitate my looming "inactive" TnG card again. Digging into their 27 pages of FAQ encyclopedia, under section 2.8 Dormant Card, subsection 2.8.1, it states that "Card linked to Touch 'n Go eWallet (PayDirect function) will not become Dormant and Dormant Fee is not applicable....." I proceeded to register my card with eWallet and to play it safe, topped up a grand RM10.00 into it. Not sure if my interpretation is correct wrt to Bolehland's England, my understanding is, now my TnG card is forever active until expiry, i.e. no need to use/top up every 12 months without incurring inactive fee??? I hope that when it is safe to travel again, my TnG card will not become "inactive" thereby causing a traffic snarl at the checkpoint or their TnG prata did not flip by then. LOL
  2. Dafansu

    Touch 'n Go App

    Touch 'n Go App for JB regulars Keep track of your card balance in your eWallet. The TNG app is available for Android and iOS devices. Received this email from them earlier. For more information, visit touchngo.com.my
  3. Guys,need help to buy the Toch-n-Go card.So when approch Johor Custom,which lane must I go to purchase one.? Thanks
  4. as per the title, pls help cos i lost my card and need to go in soon. thanks a lot
  5. Dear all, I saw a notice pasted immgration counter at malaysia First link CIQ. i ask the counter officer what is it about as it is all written in malay. She say from 14 Aug they are closing the counter top up at immgration. Meaning to say no touch and go no entry There is two thing that will happen. the jam will be damn bad as a lot of people don't have sufficent credit. Please use second link as there is automated machine. I may be wrong as i rely on the officer rely of message, please becareful and factor more jam time. Rustyz
  6. Not too sure anyone post this before but just for everyone's info. The new JB CIQ has many zones, you can top up you Touch N Go card at Counter 10 of any zone. This means that you no need to stop your car at aside and walk to counter 10. You can clear your passport at Counter 10 and drive forward a bit to have your Touch N Go car top up. I just did mine today but I did not know about this and hence I park aside and walk to counter 10 to top up.
  7. just wanted to share my bad experience with the Touch n go service office (at Jalan Lingkaran Dalam) this morning... Situation: I had a touch and go card that was purchased many many years ago.... with reduced amount of balance in card, so need to do a top up.... Process / procedure : Used to do top up at the woodlands checkpoint (malaysia customs) , but they have discontinued and told us to go to any shell station to do top up I had to drive to nearest JB shell station to do top up, but was told that the card expired... so need to go nearest Touch n Go office to renew or top up Experience when my wife reaches there (Touch n go ), the staff (claimed her name is farah) was very rude and made things difficult and insist the registered card owner must be present ... so she had to ask me to go in when I went in, the staff ask some silly questions on the card... such as how much we normally top up and where do we top up (like they are collecting data for a customer expenditure survey).... we gave the information and told her al these should be available in their system The staff was unhappy and tried to be more difficult by asking the next ridiculous question, .. asked if we had use this touch n go to pay car park... My answer is I pay almost all my carpark fees through cash ... my recollection is i use this card as per the original intent which is meant for toll fee and customs payment and I don't use this card or even associate this card for any car park payment.... she turned around and said.. okay then data mismatch... validation failed... you need to go register again Her logic seemed like... one could be using the card for a 1000 or million times for toll payment but if there is 1 car park payment (dunno where/when) and you are unable to tell me there is , then this is treated as data unable to be validated wow... I have not chanced upon a more sophisticated data processing intelligent brain or organisation that develop such a system of inflexibility or obstipation .. i was shocked.... what sort fo data is mismatched? i asked, i am the owner of the card.... with a long span of the years using the card... who can recalled every small transactions throughout the years and if 1 data is not matched, the staff conclude that it is data mismatched?.... .. and this is all happening just to be able to top up a cashcard My Aftershocked experience firstly, the staff is unprofessional......just applying her personal biasness and discriminate against individuals and decision is based on her whims and fancy... secondly, the so called validation data process is a joke..... who can remember every steps /amount the card has been top up... just a general answer aligned with what she wants to hear is considered validated... and another general answer not aligned to what she wants to hear is invalidated there is also no consistency in the validation process... if validation is needed for a top up cashcard (not sure it is needed, overkill), then please do it properly with consistency and had a good basis for the answers (establish how certain slight deviations are acceptable) for example she ask what was top up, we answer vaguely like RM 100-200.... but actually there were other higher or lower denominations as well... but she can accept those as validated.. when she asked if the card is use for paying carpark... I told her, so far, my recollection is mainly for road toll tee and the VEP customs payment as its original intend, many carparks that i go to doesn't have this touch n go payment option ... i pay cash for those... yes ..many car parks have since implemented to accept touch and go, doesn't means i have changed my way of paying carpark.. maybe a single occurrence or so With the system data in front of her, she should be able to look at the overall data .. perhaps 99.9% of times, I am paying as tolling fee and maybe 0.1% of the total is used to pay carpark such as a particular instance... if so, what is the basis of saying the data is invalid then there is another staff (presuming the office manager or the manager in charge), he warned me to stop recording the whole episode and also wanted to stop me from taking a photo of the Touch n go's Refund Notice printout where it has office contact number for me to write to complaint. He also asked the to delete the video Again ridiculous request, I asked where in that office was it stated we are not allow to take video and why is is not allow to take a photo of the contact information of that notice for me to send my complaint to ? anyway those are the proof of how bad service provider they are ... deletion would be a waste Looking back, the validation process redundant and irrelevant... might as well ask everyone to register new one and not waste time talking to bunch of crowns I don't know what else to say... the company should consider replacing those unprofessional staff or improve the process or leave it as it is (which will be probably what they will do)
  8. Singapore travellers to Malaysia will soon have an easier time paying for road tolls and parking across the Causeway. Local travel card issuer EZ-Link and Malaysia’s Touch ’n Go announced on Tuesday (April 9) that they are planning to introduce a Combi Card in the fourth quarter of 2019 that can allow users to pay in Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit. This dual-currency card can be used both in Singapore and Malaysia. For a start, users can use it to pay electronic road pricing in Singapore, highway tolls in Malaysia and parking in either countries. In the future, there are plans to expand the card’s use, such as making payments for shopping and dining in Singapore and Malaysia. The card will store Singdollars and ringgit separately. This means that if the card’s Singdollar balance is zero, users cannot use the card’s ringgit stored value to make Singdollar payments and have to top up the card with Singdollars. The converse applies as well. How card top-ups can be done and other details will be announced later. The cross-border Combi Card announcement comes after it was cited in the joint statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his Malaysian counterpart Mahathir Mohamad following their Leaders' Retreat in Putrajaya on Tuesday. Both leaders welcomed the good progress made by both companies to launch the Combi Card that can be used by motorists who travel in both countries. "When officially implemented, the dual-currency Combi Card would allow users to pay for road tolls and parking charges in both countries with the same card," said the statement. The Combi Card will securely host both electronic wallets from EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go, a first in South-east Asia, said a joint statement by both companies on Tuesday. The card is targeted for a fourth-quarter launch this year. EZ-Link chief executive Nicholas Lee said that the card "will be a milestone in EZ-Link's efforts to continuously innovate to transform people's lives with technology". Touch 'n Go chief executive Syahrunizam Tan Sri Samsudin said: "This synergy between Touch 'n Go and EZ-Link to create a dual-currency cross-border Combi Card will undoubtedly make daily transactions fuss-free for Malaysian and Singaporean consumers with faster, simpler and more secure payment options." This announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go on July 30, 2017. To date, EZ-Link has issued about 30 million Cepas ez-link cards in Singapore and Touch 'n Go has more than 23 million active Touch 'n Go cards in circulation in Malaysia.
  9. Hi, Anyone knows where in Singapore has the widest range of paint markers? I need to buy a paint marker or small bottle of paint to touch up a scratch. I called Autobacs to check, but their stores don’t have the color I’m looking for. (Code: 9AL, name: Deep Garnet Metalic)
  10. I am sure many of our bro/sis used this before. What is your thought ? Care to share your experience. The "Mini Electron" is selling for $380 with installation and 1 year warranty. Thinking of giving it a try. Many thanks.
  11. Surf2004

    Iottie Easy Touch 4 Car Mount

    Hi, Anyone using the above car mount ? Does it fall off when parked under the hot sun ? TIA !
  12. W13ng

    HTC Touch Phone

    Hi..... anyone use this phone? review pls
  13. When I last topped up my Touch n Go card in June, they handed me a receipt, and on it was printed the expiry date of the card: 29/09/2011. I have value of MYR140 and I wonder what's the most convenient way to transfer the value to a new T&G card. Can I get this done in Singapore?
  14. Piyopico

    No Money Please don't Touch..

  15. Hey all, my silver picnic is ard 3 years. just wanna use the original touch up paint to mend lots of ugly scratches. Have bought the touch up paint from borneo aready... so what should i take note of? i heard people using sand paper etc... i'm a total noob in this. just wondering, if i ever apply a bit too much, how do i wipe it off properly? my impression is that it'll dry up immediately and leave an even uglier patch. experts pls advise! thanks!
  16. Newdrive

    Touch up paint?

    Hi guys, I looking for something like this http://www.ezytouchup.com/ (not advertising for them), is there any place in singapore sells something like this? I am not looking at touch up pens cos my scratch area too big for touch up pens... respray is not option for me since my car only left 27 months before scrapping.
  17. Anyone knows where to repair if there is discolouration on the MFD screen ? thanks.
  18. This one must clap for him. Very obvious he's asking MIW to wake up. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/specialreports/parliament/videos/out-of-touch-politician/1018836.html One of the rare times i agree with a MIW.
  19. Linkinwiz

    Tissot T-Touch

    Anyone got experience with T-Touch? Where to buy for best price and any problems with the watch? Please share thanks!
  20. Hi all, I am driving Toyota yaris and is looking for touch screen DVD cd audio/video player that can fit into my car. It will b gd if it can be connected to iPod n iPhone n able to act as reverse parking monitor. Any bro can recommend? Thanks in advance.
  21. Anyone already have this in your Gen2/Persona? Looks good leh ... need some 1st hand comments before committing ... 2-din dvd player
  22. any bros know where to buy liquid paint to touch up my rims? thanks in advance!
  23. Rezorn86

    Ipod Touch

    mind give me some recommendation abt this??
  24. Check out these hilarious photos of guys who suffer from the 'hover hand' syndrome. These guys are incredibly shy that they they let their hands hover over the shoulders of girls when they take photos with them. STOMPer Macho Man, who sent in these photos, said: "You don't know whether to laugh at them or pity them. They are so shy that they do not dare touch the hot girls they are photographed with, for fear of perhaps offending them. "In fact, some of these guys are quite creative in disguising their 'hover hand' syndrome, by putting on a cool front."
  25. Selling the above Alpine W2023 can connect reverse camera very gd condition. Looking at $280 cash n carry. Watsapp 97886400 for pic n info