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Found 26 results

  1. Singapore travellers to Malaysia will soon have an easier time paying for road tolls and parking across the Causeway. Local travel card issuer EZ-Link and Malaysia’s Touch ’n Go announced on Tuesday (April 9) that they are planning to introduce a Combi Card in the fourth quarter of 2019 that can allow users to pay in Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit. This dual-currency card can be used both in Singapore and Malaysia. For a start, users can use it to pay electronic road pricing in Singapore, highway tolls in Malaysia and parking in either countries. In the future, there are plans to expand the card’s use, such as making payments for shopping and dining in Singapore and Malaysia. The card will store Singdollars and ringgit separately. This means that if the card’s Singdollar balance is zero, users cannot use the card’s ringgit stored value to make Singdollar payments and have to top up the card with Singdollars. The converse applies as well. How card top-ups can be done and other details will be announced later. The cross-border Combi Card announcement comes after it was cited in the joint statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his Malaysian counterpart Mahathir Mohamad following their Leaders' Retreat in Putrajaya on Tuesday. Both leaders welcomed the good progress made by both companies to launch the Combi Card that can be used by motorists who travel in both countries. "When officially implemented, the dual-currency Combi Card would allow users to pay for road tolls and parking charges in both countries with the same card," said the statement. The Combi Card will securely host both electronic wallets from EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go, a first in South-east Asia, said a joint statement by both companies on Tuesday. The card is targeted for a fourth-quarter launch this year. EZ-Link chief executive Nicholas Lee said that the card "will be a milestone in EZ-Link's efforts to continuously innovate to transform people's lives with technology". Touch 'n Go chief executive Syahrunizam Tan Sri Samsudin said: "This synergy between Touch 'n Go and EZ-Link to create a dual-currency cross-border Combi Card will undoubtedly make daily transactions fuss-free for Malaysian and Singaporean consumers with faster, simpler and more secure payment options." This announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go on July 30, 2017. To date, EZ-Link has issued about 30 million Cepas ez-link cards in Singapore and Touch 'n Go has more than 23 million active Touch 'n Go cards in circulation in Malaysia.
  2. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-announces-toll-hike/1359138.html SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority announced Friday (Sep 12) that it will increase toll charges for all vehicles, except motorcycles, leaving Singapore through the Causeway from Oct 1. There will also be a new toll charge introduced for vehicles, except motorcycles, entering Singapore. Tolls for vehicles leaving Singapore will be tripled across the board. According to a press release, the current toll for cars will rise from S$1.20 to S$3.80 while vans and light goods vehicles will see a hike from S$1.90 to S$5.80. Taxis and buses will see increases from S$0.60 and S$1 to S$1.90 and S$3.10, respectively. For foreign-registered cars, Singapore’s Causeway entry toll for those travelling from Johor, will be recorded in LTA's toll system and displayed to motorists upon entry into Singapore. Payment will be deducted only upon motorists leaving Singapore, whether through the Causeway or Second Link; and together with the exit toll, Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fee and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges if any. This will be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link entry toll, LTA added. For all other vehicles that do not pay VEP fees - that is all Singapore-registered vehicles and foreign-registered goods vehicles, buses and taxis - they will pay their Causeway entry toll upon entering Singapore and their exit toll upon leaving Singapore. Again, this will be the same as the existing practice for the Second Link tolls, LTA stated. "Singapore will follow suit should Malaysia reduce or do away with the toll charges," the agency added. Senior Minister of State for Transport Josephine Teo had said in Parliament on Tuesday that Singapore's Causeway toll charges would be revised to match those by Malaysia "in due course". On Aug 1, Singapore had raised the VEP fees for foreign-registered cars from S$20 to S$35 per day, and the Goods Vehicle Permit from S$10 to S$40 per calendar month. Malaysia's government also raised toll charges that same day by more than 400 per cent.
  3. Hi, how much is cash card charges n Msia side toll charge with touch n go .??
  4. Today start already protest....Is it true?
  5. In Berita Harian Malaysia. Not sure whether those not using EDL have to pay... The Malaysian government has announced a toll for vehicles using the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) which connects the Johor Baru immigration complex to the North-South Expressway, the main highway used by motorists heading to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur . The new fee for cars from Singapore to Johor Bahru is RM9.70, and RM6.80 from Johor to Singapore. Earlier Cars and lorries exiting Singapore paid RM2.90 and RM5.50, respectively to use the N-S Highway, The announcement comes as Malaysia's Transport Ministry on Friday said Singapore motorists driving into Johor will pay no more than RM50 (S$20) for a new Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charge for Singapore-registered vehicles, details of which are being discussed. Effective date 1 August 2014...next Friday During the Hari Raya period.
  6. It will likely become a reality if the ruling party retains its control of the state of Johor in the upcoming Malaysia GE. News from The Malaysian Insider New Causeway toll likely fodder for Pakatan in Johor By Shannon Teoh December 07, 2011 The Causeway serves 69 million people annually.
  7. Any bros know the total toll fee from Johor to the end Bukit Kayu Hitam ? Is 150 RM for both ways enough? Sorry for the noob question.
  8. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1191593/1/.html S'poreans to pay higher tolls in JB? By Dylan Loh | Posted: 27 March 2012 2223 hrs SINGAPORE: Motorists who drive Singapore-registered vehicles may have to pay higher toll charges in future when going into Johor Bahru. Reports have said Malaysian authorities may be passing the cost of building the Eastern Dispersal Link, to Singapore-registered vehicles. This is even if the motorists do not use the new highway. The increased tolls may not apply to Malaysia-registered vehicles. The Eastern Dispersal Link is expected to improve accessibility in Johor Bahru and perhaps boost tourism in the area. But controversy has surrounded the project due to uncertainty over toll rates. Singapore's Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) on Transport said it would be illogical if Malaysia goes ahead with the move. GPC chair for Transport Cedric Foo said: "The way forward is to free up the impediments between travel, for travel between the two states, rather than build up more impediments. So I think this would negate investor-confidence." Mr Foo said if Malaysia raises tolls just for Singapore-registered cars, then it would be justifiable for Singapore to do the same for Malaysian cars, so there is equitable treatment. - CNA/wk
  9. Tom_kkh

    How Much toll to KL from Tuas

    how much in RM and Sin from Tuas checkpoint up to KL toll? Anyone to enlighten?
  10. Hi, saw a Burger King from the north south highway b4 reaching skudai plaza toll from JB. Anyone knows how to get there from the NSH? i stopped n makan at machap R&R but d flies a.k.a ho xin was terrible. D flies just fly here fly there like nobody business. Respect those locals ate their food there cos they seem no to bother abt d flies. Thanks in advance.
  11. Good news for bro who frequently using 2nd Link. Both Spore n Msian govt agree to reduce the toll.... This after both Singapore and Malaysia reached a historical agreement to resolve Points of Agreement (POA) on Malayan Railway lands
  12. Zichuan

    Toll to kl

    anyone know the estimated toll , myr to kl , to n fro.. n e hrs taken to drive up fro sg, 4hrs? runnin @ 110-120km/h thx in advance
  13. how much ?? i try a yahoo seatch, nothing leh.. thanks =)
  14. 2nd toll to be reduce some good news for those going to boleh land. hopefully it reduce the jam for woodlands
  15. Back from Ipoh/Cameron Highlands and my toll charge at JB side is 84++. My friend told me that the bus back is much much lesser.? 1st trip to MY by car =/
  16. News from Radio Capital 958 马来西亚国内5条大道的过路费将在下个月1号起涨价。 马国工程部长莫哈末再因今天宣布,内阁批准调高南北大道、安隆大道、吉隆坡西部疏散大道、新街场大道和新班底大道的过路费。 其中,南北大道的过路费是以公里计算,每公里微涨近马币1分,其余4条大道的收费涨幅介于马币1毛到5毛之间。 莫哈末再因说,这次调整只涉及第一级私家汽车,其他等级如重型车辆和公共交通工具的收费率保持不变。 Malaysia will raise toll charges for its highways from 1st March 09. Malaysian Works Minister Mohamad Zain, today announced that approval has been given by Cabinet to increase the toll charges for its highways. The toll for NSHW will be increased by 1 sen per km. Mohamed said that the adjustment involves only private cars. The toll for heavy vehicles and public transport remain unchanged.
  17. Hi all. Just to share that I went in JB today & checked with the toll booth guy who confirmed that by May, all toll charges will only b collected by "Touch n Go" card. That means cashless payment only. So those who go in regularly better get the card soon. Can we share here where is the place to buy this card & the most convenient place to top-up this card in SG or MY. I u'stand it can b topped-up at Maybank branches in SG but does that mean we all have to open a Maybank account here just for this? Seems quite silly then.
  18. Sigh! everything also increase!!! [sweatdrop] Source : http://www.xxxxxxx.com/news/news.php?newsid=765 Toll charges for both the causeway and second link will increase from next month. Singapore's toll rates are pegged to those set by Malaysia for the use of the Causeway and Second Link. The current revision of Singapore's toll rates at the Causeway and Second Link takes into consideration the new rates introduced by Malaysia on 1 January 2008, and current Singapore Dollar-Malaysian Ringgit exchange rate. The revised tolls for the Causeway and the Second Link are shown in the tables below. The revised toll rates will apply to motorists on both inward and outward-bound for the Second Link, and only for outward bound traffic on the Causeway.
  19. Visit MY 2007 is over, now its 2008. Anyone got updates of the RM20 to be imposed by MY???
  20. Followthelaw

    Malaysia Toll Charge Increased

    Went to JB n pump today,they have up their toll from $2.60 to $2.90. I was thinking----------------y not make it $3.00 Kept getting back 10cents or have to get ready 90cents. These malaysian are funny pple
  21. Source: http://travel.asiaone.com/Travel/News/Stor...1129-38870.html KUALA LUMPUR - VEHICLES from Singapore crossing into Johor via the Second Link Expressway will have to pay higher tolls from Jan 1, the Malaysian government announced yesterday. Passenger cars using the Second Link route will have to pay RM10.80 (S$4.60) next year, compared with RM8.40 now, The Sun newspaper quoted Works Minister S. Samy Vellu as saying. Rates will also go up at two other Johor toll booths. At the Perling toll, passenger cars will have to pay RM2.30 compared with RM1.80 now. And at the Lima Kedai booth, the toll will be increased to RM3.90 from RM3.10. The government also announced a rise in toll charges for several minor highways by between 7 per cent and 50 per cent from Jan 1. They include a highway that links Malaysia to Thailand, and one that links Seremban to the Port Dickson seaside town. The rise in the toll rates is part of contractual obligations the government signed with companies that built and manage the highways. But significantly, Datuk Seri Samy said the government will delay an increase in toll charges on the country's busiest highway, the North-South Expressway, in a move some see as aimed at pleasing voters ahead of a general election. The highway, operated by state-controlled Plus Expressways, runs for 966km from Johor Baru to the Thai border. But he denied the decision to delay the toll rate increase by a year was a pre-election ploy. 'If we take into account elections, it would be free (to use the roads),' he told reporters. 'We do not want to burden highway users.' The government also delayed toll rises for four other highways, and will instead pay the five concession companies RM344 million as compensation. The next general election is not due until 2009, but many political analysts expect polls to take place in the next few months. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM REUTERS
  22. Thursday November 29, 2007 Higher toll on six highways but no change on four By LOH FOON FONG KUALA LUMPUR: The toll on six highways will be raised by between 7.69% and 50% on Jan 1 but rates on four major ones, including the closed-toll portion of the North-South Expressway (NSE), will be maintained. The highways where toll will be increased are the Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH), the North-South Central Link (Elite), the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway (BKE), the Second Link, the New North Klang Straits Bypass (NNKSB), the two ends of the NSE at the Johor Causeway and the Bukit Kayu Hitam toll plaza (see graphics below). The Causeway and Bukit Kayu Hitam are the only two open toll portions of the NSE. A closed-toll system is where road users pay according to the distance travelled while the open concept charges a fixed fee regardless of mileage. Elite is operated by Expressway Lingkaran Tengah Sdn Bhd, BKE by Malaysia Mining Corporation and NNKSB by Syarikat Konsesi. Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong. The NSE, SPDH and the Causeway are operated by PLUS Highway. Works Minister Datuk Seri Samy Vellu said that the rates were decided on during the Cabinet
  23. Malaysian goverment says not raising toll on four expressways next year -report KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Financial) - The Malaysian government has decided not to increase the toll rates next year on four expressways, including the North-South Expressway and the Penang bridge, the national Bernama news agency reported, citing Works Minister S. Samy Vellu. The cabinet has agreed not to increase the toll rates, Samy Vellu was quoted as saying. Eight highway concessionaires are scheduled to raise their toll rates on January 1 next year and another one on October 1. The public works department said in an earlier statement the government would have to pay 380 million ringgit in compensation to the highway concessionaires if the toll rates were not allowed to be raised for one year. The toll on the major highway, the North-South Expressway, currently stands at about 14 sen per kilometer. (1 US dollar = 3.38 ringgit) http://www.abcmoney.co.uk/news/282007172791.htm swee... no crap excuse abt sending their wifes and children to oversea as maids. no argument over $30 more per month. no low-brow raps.
  24. Govt must pay RM380mil if toll not raised KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will have to fork out a total of RM380mil to compensate toll concessionaire companies next year if the Cabinet decides not to increase toll rates. Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said although the Cabinet had not decided on the issue, the ministry had worked out the amount of compensation to toll concessionaire companies. Except for the Penang Bridge where the toll rate is scheduled to be revised on Oct 1, seven expressway operators are due to review their rates on Jan 1. The Government would have to compensate Ampang-Ulu Kelang Elevated Highways RM28mil, North-South Expressway (central region) RM18mil, Seremban-Port Dickson RM178mil, Kulim-Butterworth Expressway RM10mil, Second Link to Singapore RM6mil, Sprint Highway RM34mil, NKVE RM9mil and Penang Bridge RM22mil, he said. The Government, having increased toll charges of the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong (LDP) from RM1 to RM1.60 instead of RM2.10, would have to pay Litrak, the operator of LDP, RM75mil. Samy Vellu said this in his reply to Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) while answering queries at the committee stage of the Supply Bill 2008. He added that the Government was still finding ways to reduce the toll charges. Replying to Salahuddin Ayob (PAS-Kubang Kerian), Samy Vellu said the cost to build the palace complex to replace Istana Negara was RM450mil with another RM200mil to build the quarters, security features, multi-level underground car park and others. He said the cost of the new palace complex was not RM1bil as stated by Salahuddin.
  25. http://www.theedgedaily.com/cms/content.js...47d800-6fa92b6c Road tolls to rise by up to 60% - source By Jalil Hamid Email us your feedback at fd@bizedge.com The government will announce on Dec 14 a sharp rise in road toll rates to help trim state subsidies, a source said on Dec 13, in a move that could spark a public outcry and raise inflation. Tolls will go up by as much as 60% and will affect users of five highways in and around the capital, Kuala Lumpur, said the source, who attended an official briefing on the matter. "The new rates take effect on Jan 1," the source, who declined to be identified, told Reuters . "That's our New Year present." A spokesman for the Works Minister confirmed that an announcement would be made at a news conference at 3.15pm on Dec 14. He declined to give details. Under toll concession agreements that critics say favour operators, the government has to reimburse operators if traffic volumes and revenues fall short of pre-agreed projections. Most of the highways were approved in the 1990s by the administration of then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, which made privatisation and mega-projects one of its hallmarks. Works Minister Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu said recently the government would have to fork out RM2 billion in compensation to five highway operators if toll rates were not revised. The operators include listed firms Gamuda Bhd and Lingkaran Trans Kota Holdings Bhd (Litrak). Litrak operates the 40km Damansara-Puchong highway, where the toll is to rise 60%, to RM1.60 from RM1, the source said. "The real toll is RM2.10, so the government is still subsidising 50 sen for each user," the source said. Residents along the densely populated stretch had protested strongly against an initial proposal to levy a toll of RM1.50, forcing the government to fix it at RM1. Some 418,000 vehicles used the highway daily on average, reflecting a 14.5% compounded annual growth rate for the past seven years, rating firm RAM said in a review of Litrak. Government officials told the briefing that one reason for the shortfall in toll collection was due to motorists switching to alternative non-toll roads, the source said. The toll hikes, however, will not apply to Malaysia's biggest toll-road firm, Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (PLUS), a PLUS spokeswoman said. PLUS' rate increase is fixed at 10% every three years and the next increase is not due until January 2008. Malaysia's annual inflation was 3.1% in October year-on-year, down from a 7-year-high of 4.8% in March. -- Reuters