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Found 68 results

  1. I was driving leisurely back from my hometown @ Kukup to Singapore this morning on a Good Friday. After passing by Malaysia custom at 2nd link, I saw nothing but cars, many many cars in the highway all cannot move struck in the massive massive jams leading into Malaysia. Every 200m there are police personal watching for Q-cutting vehicles, esp those who like to cut using road shoulder like what I will do. So everyone please be careful and do not cut Q. I drove along the 2nd link for a good 2-3 minutes and found that the Q were so terrible that it stretched about 3-5 km until Singapore custom. ITs about 9am in the morning so I reckon those vehicles will reach JB at about 1pm cos they Q is not moving. Next time if must go Malaysia, please reach Singapore custom at 4-5 am in the morning. AT least the jams wouldnt be so terrible!
  2. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/06/16/call-to-reopen-border-crossings JOHOR BARU: The two land border crossings with Singapore should be reopened as soon as possible to spur the economy, which has almost come to a standstill since the movement control order started, says Datuk Tee Siew Kiong (pic). “However, a proper standard operating procedure (SOP) should first be put in place to ensure Covid-19 cases do not suddenly spike in both countries due to the mass movement of people, especially workers and the business community, ” said the adviser to the Johor Mentri Besar. Tee hoped that the top brass of the respective foreign ministries would work out a mechanism to reopen the border. “Reopening the Causeway and Second Link will enable both countries to recover from the huge social and economic impact of Covid-19, ” he said, adding that all government agencies should gear up with the proper SOP to handle cross-border movement. He expressed confidence that the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore would be better post-Covid-19.Once the border is reopened, he said the state government should move forward with its plans via the setting up of the Johor Investment Company (Jico) in Singapore to spur the state’s economy. Jico, which is scheduled to be opened by end of the year, is expected to be a platform for Johor and Singapore to discuss bilateral issues. It is similar to Singapore’s consul-general’s office in Johor Baru. Meanwhile, Johor Indian Business Association president P. Sivakumar said the closing of the two land crossings had caused much inconvenience to the people and businesses. “Many people are jobless since the border closed on March 18. How long can people survive on loans or borrowing from relatives?” he said. Besides that, Sivakumar said many families had been separated while many students studying in Singapore were also affected. “I have received hundreds of calls from people asking for help. Many people are wage earners who couldn’t cope with the high cost of living in Johor Baru. They are willing to adhere to the SOP that will be implemented as they want to get back to work, ” he said. “Social and economic problems will worsen when the government’s six-month moratorium on bank loans expires, ” he said. Sivakumar suggested that the border be opened in stages for economic activities while tourism or leisure should be in the final phase. “Malaysia’s SOP so far has been effective in controlling the contagion, ” he said. Seems like msia side more keen than sg to open the borders... Hope officials can work out details on how to open borders safely for those who need to work.. Thousands moving in and out at immigration daily.. It will be hard to practice social distancing... By then u won't know if its imported case or community case.. Bolehland will also be quick to call out sg for imported cases even though one may get infected in msia too.. Leisure travel n travel for cheap petrol n food will have to wait
  3. Does anyone know if the height of a car + roof rack + bicycle on roof can clear the Causeway and/or Tuas 2nd Link into Malaysia? Many thanks..
  4. Hi Guys, Have not driven into Malaysia for at least 5 years, need to drive in urgently due to family bereavement. Kindly tell me what documents I need with me nowadays. Where do I buy the Touch n Go card? Intending to go in via Tuas. Thx help. Fazer
  5. Dear All , I would like to compile a database to capture peak hours of Tuas and Woodland Checkpoint . This can help us to plan our journey ahead and save travel time , all inputs are welcome : WoodLand Checkpoint Traffic Peak Hours ------------- -WeekDays From a to b , From c to d -Weekend From a to b , From c to d Tuas Checkpoint Traffic Peak Hours ------------- -WeekDays From a to b , From c to d -Weekend From a to b , From c to d Thanks .
  6. I am writing to appeal for witnesses to a hit and run accident i am involved in. It happened this afternoon 14/7 along Tuas South Ave 4 ~4:30pm. A silver colored lorry cut out into the extreme right lane that i was travelling along. As a result it banged into my left fender and the lorry continued on its way while I was stopped by the road. It happened so fast and when I wanted to go after the lorry it was lost in the traffic.. Didnt manage to capture the car plate number... Really appreciate if anyone can assist.. thank you
  7. Wallaw819

    Lunch delivery service in Tuas

    Hi All, Anyone know of a reasonable lunch delivery service around Tuas. Most of the company staffs eat in and getting sick of the current lunch menu. Looking for different menu (mixed rice type wil be good). On average have around 15 to 20 staffs daily so looking for 1 with free delivery. Also the price should be reasonable around $3 to $4. Thanks in advance.
  8. Camrysfa

    BMW flees from Tuas Check Point

    http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/man-110-boxes-arrested-not-stopping-tuas-checkpoint Despite being directed to another area for further checks, he continued driving his luxury car past Tuas Checkpoint, sparking a manhunt by the police. They found the man and his 7-series BMW sedan almost two hours later at Pioneer North Road and arrested him.The police officers found more 100 boxes and plastic bags packed in the boot and on the passenger seats. But instead of contraband such as cigarettes or drugs, they contained foodstuff like curry puff and kueh (local pastries).An Immigration & Checkpoints Authority spokesman said yesterday that a 47-year-old Singaporean had arrived at the Tuas Checkpoint from Malaysia at 12.15pm on Tuesday. "The driver was accorded immigration clearance and proceeded to Customs Red Channel to declare the food products he had brought in from Malaysia. Checks were conducted on his vehicle and there were some discrepancies in the quantities declared," the spokesman added. "He was directed to a designated inspection bay for further checks. However, the driver drove off instead." Under the law, those who wish to bring in processed food such as traditional kueh from Malaysia need to apply for a permit with the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. The New Paper understands that the suspect had produced a valid import permit, but the quantity of food found in his car did not tally with that stated in the permit. He is suspected to have driven off because he misunderstood the instructions for further checks, TNP has learnt. It is believed he was directed to another area for the checks because the inspection bay was full, but he apparently misread the signal and drove off. Not long after the police tracked down the BMW to Pioneer Road North just after 2pm, a 28-year-old man saw the car surrounded by three police vehicles near Nanyang Technological University. He told Chinese evening daily Shin Min Daily News that the officers were seen carrying boxes of food from the car. A police dog was seen sniffing at about 110 boxes of various shapes and sizes and about 20 bags containing food stacked by the side of the road. Curry puff, packets of nasi lemak and kueh lapis were seen among the stash of food. It was only until three hours later that the boxes of food were loaded back into the car, Shin Min reported. Investigations are ongoing. Kueh distributors here told TNP that it is common to bring in the food items from Malaysia to sell because of the price difference. "In Singapore, most places sell 50 pieces of kueh for $20. In Malaysia, they may sell the same quantity for RM15 (S$5.30) to RM18," said a local distributor who declined to be named. He was surprised that a BMW was used to transport the food items as he had never heard of people using saloon cars for this purpose. "Usually, people use vans because cars are too small to contain all the goods," he said.
  9. Recently I see many companies chartering private buses to ferry their staffs. I see many of these mini buses driving recklessly. Which company is the one with white paint work and light blue + red strips at the bottom? Someone should warn those company who engage them that they are putting their staffs in peril everyday riding in those mini buses. Mostly are those Toyota Hi-Ace vans. Some of the daily violations I see on the road, especially around 430 - 5pm around Tuas/ Jurong area. 1) Speeding - Speed up to 100kph along 80kph stretches of PIE and AYE 2) Driving on Lane 1 3) Recklessly changing lanes 4) Failure to form up - Cutting queues 5) Turning from wrong lane The transport companies should bear more responsibilities towards their customers and road users. Even the management of the companies that uses these companies should make sure of the safety and welfare of their staffs. Otherwise, it is just an accident waiting to happen.
  10. This thread is for people working in Jurong Industrial area including Gul, Pioneer and even Tuas. Lunch is a constant headache of finding interesting food in the myriad of underwhelming canteens that dots the industrial estate. Most canteens are packed and parking a nightmare during lunch time. Jurong Point is the only shopping center within the area and it is too packed during lunch. Not to say rather expensive. JEM and Jcube are too far because lunch is an 1-hr affair for most of us. So bring in the recommendations for food in this miserable part of the country where finding a good lunch is one of the highlights of another boring work day.
  11. Land-abundant Malaysia, which is approximately 500 times the size of Singapore, is planning on reclaiming land by creating a 2,000ha island in the Strait of Johor below the Second Link. This is approximately three times the size of Ang Mo Kio estate and will take 30 years to complete. Part of the man-made island will be under the Second Link, which connects Tuas in Singapore to Johor. This proposal for a massive land reclamation project has prompted Singapore to request for more information from Malaysia to study the possible impact it has on our sovereignty environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed. The original report of this project came to light in the Malaysian daily, The Star, on June 16, 2014. The reclamation project is tentatively called Forest City. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and a Johor government company, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor, were planning it for luxury homes. The Edge Review online magazine reported last month that Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar is behind it and it is being actively promoted by powerful politicians. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and four other mainland companies have bought land in the state of Johor with plans to launch more than 39,000 residential units, including on land to be reclaimed off Singapore’s Tuas.
  12. anyone caught in the massive jam? heard that it was between a bus and a bike!
  13. very sad... RIP A 54-year-old man was killed after an accident in Tuas on Thursday morning, Shin Min Daily News reported. The victim, a Malaysian Chinese, was killed after his motorcycle collided with a tipper truck while making a turn at the junction of Tuas West Road and Tuas Avenue 7. According to the report, the man's head was decapitated and sent flying five metres with his helmet still on. The man was a welding worker at a factory in the area. The lorry driver was arrested at the scene and investigations are ongoing. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/man-decapitated-after-motorcycle-accident-tuas-20140109
  14. Dear fellow drivers on road, My sec school friends and I have recently lost a dear friend on the road. We are all now looking for answers how this could have happened and hopefully seek closure to this. We appreciate all information or eyewitnesses to come forward with any details on what could have happened. Accident occured on Saturday (19 Jan) morning, believed to be around 0845 - 0915hrs, on KJE towards Tuas, after Changi exit. (Vehicle involved is a Honda Red/White CBR1000) On behalf on his family&gf and all his friends, I really really really appreciate it if there's any kind soul out there who can help to shed some light on this. P.S. I had initially wanted to post this on the General Car Discussion but it wasn't allowed. So I guess its because I am new and does not meet the quota. But I still do hope, this thread would gather some attention. I have a thread in HWZ regarding this as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to circulate and hopefully one day we can find someone who witness the accident so we can all know what happened. HWZ Link: http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...it-4072932.html Thank you everyone for your attention.
  15. Eddy_theddeus

    Accident aye toward tuas

    Saw a very bad accident aye toward tuas some where before clementi ave 2
  16. Wrathchild156


    DATE : 11TH MAR 2013 TIME : @ 1700hrs. LOCATION : TUAS CRESCENT My father in-law met an accident with a tipper truck on the said date & died on the spot. As the case is still under police investigation
  17. A car overturn along PIE towards Tuas near Chantek flyover this early morning (26 Feb 2013).
  18. Any drivers who working in tuas area willing to add me into your carpool. 8.30am and off work 8.30pm.
  19. Hello bros and sis, anyone recently travel to Msia via 2nd link during the long weekend (on Puasa holiday and during national day week), is there heavy jam on the morning of 1st day of holiday? I am planning to go via 2nd link on Haji day about 8am... want to anticipate how long will the jam be. thanks in advance
  20. Picanto

    New off road track in Tuas

    Tuas track throws up kings off the road THE going is rough. But these vehicles and drivers are not being punished at some remote track in Malaysia. The course is in Tuas, right in our own backyard. This is where the off-road kings emerge as man and metal are put to extreme challenges.. The same folks who run Circuit@Tuas, a road-racing circuit for bikers, have converted part of the area into Tuas Off-road Park, a 'playground' for 4x4 and sport-utility vehicle (SUV) owners to get down and dirty with their cars. The off-road park comes complete with a log crossing, river crossing, sand pit, mud pools and other obstacles. In total, the combined bike and 4x4 haven, located near the Second Link, comes up to 2.5 ha, or the size of four football fields. The price: $40 per car, including a hosing down at the end to clean off the mud. There is also a membership at $388, which gives unlimited access up to end of the year.
  21. either another idiot slammed on the brake becoz of cashcard not in IU or another MO there is one big van between S300 and kangoo Altis after the ERP line seemed to be workshop 'guy', just speculating..
  22. Bros working in Tuas, this place really that jialat? The way he described the area machiam a big slump like that... ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_781675.html Tuas: A 'different' part of Singapore Published on Mar 26, 2012 I WORK in the Tuas industrial area and I wonder why the place is so different from the rest of Singapore. Rubbish lines the roads and cleaning is seldom carried out. Many eating places are dirty and infested with flies, and packs of dogs roam the streets. Cars are parked on pavements, and many roads are not properly maintained and often obstructed with planks or other objects that have fallen out of trucks. Public transportation is badly organised, with routes taking many twists and turns. Also, transit times from MRT stations to the area are extremely long. To drive in the mornings and evenings to and from work is a nightmare, with accidents occurring often on the Ayer Rajah Expressway. People working here deserve a spotless environment, good service, clean food outlets and properly controlled traffic. We do not have tourists visiting the area, but business contacts coming to our factories and offices often comment that Tuas is a 'different' Singapore. Rinaldo Romani
  23. I was driving this morning around 6.30AM and 6.30PM on PIE toward Tuas. In between the spilt of KJE and PIE (Tuas) all the way to Pioneer North Exit, I witness abotu 5 Pot Holes on the road. Quite a big one. Wonder anyone else seen it? Anyway, I just called LTA to ask them go repair NOW, before an accident happens on this rainy season.
  24. around 12.30am. serious accident comfort sonata taxi taking up lanes 1 and 2, front totally gone grey sedan car rear totally smashed at road shoulder motorbike lying on lane 2. 3 deaths, first 2 are the rider and the pillion. no idea who is the 3rd heard that the taxi crashed into the back of the sedan car at high speed
  25. I have a six month project that may need me to be stationed at Pfizer. Anyone knows the parking situation there? need to apply pass or anything?