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Found 22 results

  1. I was driving leisurely back from my hometown @ Kukup to Singapore this morning on a Good Friday. After passing by Malaysia custom at 2nd link, I saw nothing but cars, many many cars in the highway all cannot move struck in the massive massive jams leading into Malaysia. Every 200m there are police personal watching for Q-cutting vehicles, esp those who like to cut using road shoulder like what I will do. So everyone please be careful and do not cut Q. I drove along the 2nd link for a good 2-3 minutes and found that the Q were so terrible that it stretched about 3-5 km until Singapore custom. ITs about 9am in the morning so I reckon those vehicles will reach JB at about 1pm cos they Q is not moving. Next time if must go Malaysia, please reach Singapore custom at 4-5 am in the morning. AT least the jams wouldnt be so terrible!
  2. This video is really interesting. How A Single Car Causes A Phantom Traffic Jam Interesting videos. Sure got people knows about it.. but just like to share http://9gag.com/tv/p/a1qGED/traffic-jam-without-bottleneck-experimental-evidence
  3. Looks like we Changi Village will have a massive jam from today to 28th Sept 2014. Bloody Sinktel is having pipe laying road works at the left turn and vehicles can only use the right lane to exit the area. The right lane will be block if any vehicles want to turn right as it's a busy junction, vehicles will be safe to proceed only with right arrow. Was stuck at the area for a good 25mins. Why can't they close the right turn as the U-Turn already is not that far. Good luck to those working at Changi Airfreight, Alps & our Army boys.
  4. Hi all. I was just wondering how come nobody mentioned the massive jams we had on Monday morning on BKE??? Heard 3 lanes were blocked for several hours. I was in Jurong at abt 8am n tried to return to Woodlands n end up i reached Woodlands only abt 11am plus. Wah damm tired n hungry. I was going around in circles trying to get back to Woodlands n ended up I went Turf City walk around n shopping at Giant. Left at abt 11 am n the jam still along the BKE. One tour bus still along lane 1 n many police around. I also heard on the radio as I was searching a way back to Woodlands when I heard another accident on the PIE causing another bad jam.
  5. because of some kuku drivers... In this case, it happened to be a lady.. AGAIN!
  6. How many late for work due to jams? early morning i took CTE from amk to chin swee... but when i reached just before PIE slip road (PIE from Changi joining CTE), suddenly a TP shot out from this slip road and immeidately put his bike across lanes 1-4 and stopped everyone coming from north on CTE!!! ............ he really fierce, one taxi tried to sneak pass, he point finger at him and gave him angry hand gestures!! (later this taxi crawled at snail pace when traffic moved again) we LL stopped and waited.... he then waved all the cars from the slip road into CTE, for the next 2 mins!!! ............ wonder why he did that? was there a big jam clogging up the slip road and back into PIE?.... i really doubt so coz before he did this, traffic on CTE and from slip road was moving, although slow at about 60kmh..... anyone experienced such thing before? then after he waved us to move on, further down just before CTE tunnel (towards city), he did the same thing again!!! ................ this TP ki siao or what? anyway, that was about 715am... from then until i reached office via vivo to the north, saw many jams......... when i wanted to use adams flyover to get from farrer rd into lornie then PIE towards BKE, big jam again... the admas flyover was jammed... so i used the side road trying to bypass the flyover, but the side road also jammed, so i turned right into Dunean towards city direction, but turned into KHeam Hock rd instead of all the way, using Kheam Hock rd, i went towards Bukit Brown!!, then turned into Lornie in the direction of farer rd, down the slip road back to PIE towards bke!!... bke on the opp direction (from North towards toa payoh) big jam from BKE/PIE slip all the way back to mandai rd!!! when i reached office... i was still the earliest!! guess my colleagues kena jams on their way also
  7. The pressures of life appear to have gotten to this man, who was spotted marching around and saluting at Tuas Avenue 3, bringing traffic to a halt there. The incident took place near Tuas Naval Base. The commotion finally drew to a close when he marched away, escorted by police officers. Lim described what he observed: "This crazy man was seen marching in the middle of Tuas Avenue 3, jamming up the traffic there. "This incident happened on July 6, at 7.40am. "The police later arrived at the scene and escorted him away."
  8. Sorry, some whinning here. I feel that poor driving by many people is the main result of jams (of course other factors like road designs and traffic lights are sometimes the culprit instead). From my observation, I realise than many people like to cut in from lane 1 to leftmost lane when they are around 100-200m from the express way exits (sometimes even closer). If they can't cut in, they just slow down and causes cars behind to brake and slow down as well. As cars get slower, they get closer to each other and its even more difficult to cut in. then drivers have to slow down even more to try to change lanes... The end result in a jam at expressway exits. I ever did see people coming to literally a halt (like 10-20KM/H)on lane 2 so they can cut in to lane 4 to exit the expressway on CTE. You horn them them also don't care. Then you have to stop with them. Few notorious spots are CTE exit to PIE, CTE exit to bukit timah, PIE to BKE and more..... This is terrible driving.....
  9. Don't chiu all think so? they humji when driving. Always slow down when changing lanes. Cars behind all have to slow down as well. Then drive at a humji speed on the road. If everyone is driving fast, there will be no jams. Its those slow drivers who hog the road and cause jams!
  10. I am planning a driving trip sometimt next month to malacca and have to come back 12th Dec which is a saturday night. What is the best time to cross the causeway or 2nd link? What are the timing to avoid? much appreciated as I dont want to sit in the jam with the kids and also to plan my start off time from malacca.
  11. Every morning the radio DJ will announce "Its is the usual jams along major expressways". Patience... Why are we getting used to the jam and not fixing the jam?
  12. Hi guys, Just wondering. Personally, I have notice that many parked illegally along the roads causes traffic jams or slow traffic. There also many drivers that slow down and try to cut out, exit during the minute and wrong speed speed wrong lane. I think Traffic Police and LTA should increase the fine or demerit points to deter these errands drivers.
  13. even at 7pm, some of the expressways are still quite packed with cars. saw some OPCs stuck in the jam around 7pm++. Do you think they contribute to maybe 20% of the jam?
  14. Was driving back from aljunied via macpherson road... headed on to PIE ..Saw jam at pie after adam. Head out at upp thomson then to lornie. On top of adam road bridge, PIE was jammed all the way to BKE.. Every working day, the situation is the same and everyone just likes to use the road when arterial roads are much faster.
  15. more ERP, opps, good years ahead??? Lornie jams persist Vehicles entering Lornie Road at a faster rate; LTA to widen road in stages By Christopher Tan Motorists complain that the $34 million viaduct, which took four years to complete, might even have worsened congestion along Lornie Road (towards Farrer Road) during peak hours. -- ST PHOTO: FRANCIS ONG THE new Lornie Viaduct - built to speed up traffic flow at the Braddell-Lornie junction - is barely a week old, but it is already chock-a-block in the mornings and early evenings. Motorists complain that the $34 million viaduct, which took four years to complete, might even have worsened congestion along Lornie Road (towards Farrer Road) during peak hours. Ms Jalene Chua, 39, a manager at a local company, said: 'I was really excited when I learnt that the new viaduct was finally ready for use after four long years. So you can imagine my dismay when I was stuck in an even worse traffic jam on Monday morning.' Ms Chua, who lives in Lorong Chuan, was on the viaduct around 7.45am. To beat the jam, she left earlier the next day. 'Flow on the viaduct was smooth, but there was a massive jam right after it, all the way to Farrer Road. I am taking at least five minutes more than before the viaduct was open,' she said. Checks by The Straits Times confirmed this. Retired traffic planner Joseph Yee, 63, reckons the viaduct is 'funnelling' vehicles into Lornie Road 'at a faster rate', and that could have contributed to the bigger jam. A Land Transport Authority spokesman said it is aware of the situation. 'To alleviate the traffic condition, we will widen Lornie Road in stages,' he told The Straits Times. 'Works have started and will continue over the next few months.'
  16. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=59171 yeee arrr peee is coming to town
  17. Ants. How many of you have actually sat yourselves down and stared at them crawling around your void deck for hours on end? Unless you
  18. This is a public service announcement: If you, due to utter stupidity, loss of brain cells or whatever reason, left with someone else's passport, and somehow managed to get through customs, please please do not rant to the media about it. The people in charge know they've done wrong,and have faith, things will get corrected. Talking to the media will only add to the pressure and guarantee a completely overblown knee-jerk reaction like what we're seeing at the exit points especially the roads leading out. So please, its entirely your fault. Do not point fingers elsewhere, and for the convenience of the majority, should the media come knocking, just shut the fxxk up.
  19. Foxfire

    Shockwave traffic jams studied

    Interesting read on why some traffic jam happens. Basically caused by careful driving? http://technology.newscientist.com/channel...line-news_rss20 The video.
  20. It's been a long time since I last ranted here in the complaint folder. Most of the time, the stuff I'd be ranting about would be the usual:- TAXIS... what else is new, right? Drivers who don't respect yellow boxes Fast & Furious PIE / BKE / SLE / KJE / TPE / ECP Twifters However, just yesterday, this happened to me and I don't see the point of the action of this driver. Maybe some of MCF'ers can help enlighten me on it. Travelling along the ECP towards Keppel, I was going to head up the part of the Keppel bridge that will link me eventually to AYE. I was travelling pretty fast on Lane One heading for my appointment in Tuas. I noted that I passed a MY Altis who was on Lane Two, going about 10km/h (estimated) slower than me, that either it was my imagination or did the driver actually try to side-swipe me as I passed him, taking note that I was well within my lane when I passed him. Shortly after, I saw the same Altis zoom pass me in a zig zag manner from Lane Two to Lane Three and back to Lane Two, before dangerously coming in front of me by swerving at the last moment without signalling across the back of a truck. The driver then proceeded to slow down very fast in front of me, somewhat like jamming his brakes. Naturally, I also braked and was able to do so without much effort. He came to a total crawl of around 50 to 60km/h on that bridge on Lane One. And all this time, there were no other cars in front of him at all. Did he see a ghost car or what? He kept accelerating a little and then tapping his brakes in front of me until we reached the exit that would take us towards the AYE. Naturally, once the opening presented itself, I dropped my gear and put the pedal to the metal and overtook him to the left before he knew what hit him. The thing is, what on earth does this maniac think he's doing or achieving by doing that? Was he unhappy that I overtook him?
  21. What Do you really do to while away time during severe traffic jams? I read my papers or smoke a cig. Today at the infamous Macpherson Jam, got this lady (quite chio) in a white Aveo was digging her nose furiously. That spark me off to re-Start this topic. What do you guys do? http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/
  22. OK, anybody been through the JB and Tuas checkpoints either direction in the last 2-3 weekends, please put down your experiences here (how long each side took etc). Weekdays also can. Thanks - I think many of us will find the information useful.