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Found 60 results

  1. I will start the ball rolling.... There is one at the Sheng Siong in Elias Mall. I asked for sweet and not too creamy durian and he said MSW is like dat. He said his MSW was $18 a kg. Luckily only bought a small one. It was fragrant but bitter and the yellow colour looked more like D24 XO. First and last time I will patronise the store.
  2. Hi all bros and sis, Am wondering if anyone has any experience with PI? Got good ones to recommend (warranty, after sales car servicing etc)or got any one best to avoid? Thanx!
  3. On and off, we have came across news about parents leaving their kid in locked car or at home, while rushing to run errands, but mostly nothing serious happened to the helpless young ones. This latest incident is really heart wrenching though... May the boy rest in peace. 5-year-old boy falls to his death after he was locked inside 8th floor Woodlands office SINGAPORE - A five-year-old who was accidentally locked inside his parents' eighth floor Woodlands Close office was found dead at the foot of the building on Saturday (Jan 5). Soo Jia He is believed to have attempted to escape through a window after he had been left alone for around 10 minutes, said his parents. Soo's mother, who gave her name only as Ms Hu, told Shin Min: "Our home is only a five-minute drive from the office. I couldn't believe that when we rushed back to the office, we would see my son's body lying on the ground floor." Ms Hu added that she noticed that the office window was opened when she returned to the scene. She believed that her son could have fallen from the window in a panic, having witnessed their car driving away, a friend of the family told The Straits Times at the boy's wake on Sunday. The police said that they were alerted to a fall from height case at 11 Woodlands Close at about 9pm. The boy was found lying motionless at the foot of the building and was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. The police are investigating the unnatural death. Chinese-language newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported that the boy's parents had taken him and his brother to their office that day, and he had fallen asleep while they did some work. The couple run an education centre, though there were no lessons held on Saturday. When it was time to leave, the boy's father switched off the lights in the office and they drove home with his older brother. It was only when the couple arrived at the carpark of their home did they realise that they had left their son behind. When ST visited the building on Sunday afternoon, candles and joss sticks had been placed near the accident site - following a ritual the parents had commissioned for their son earlier that day. The boy was the youngest of the couple's four children and he was doted on dearly by everyone, said the boy's father, who wanted to be known only as Mr Soo. They have a daughter and two other sons, the oldest of whom is 18. The other two are in primary school and secondary school respectively. "It is a tragic accident that nobody could have foresaw", Mr Soo told ST at the boy's wake on Sunday night. He said both he and his wife had not slept since the accident the day before. He said: "We don't know for sure how it happened, but all that does not matter now, the end result is still the same. "Just like that, our son is gone. How are we going to be okay again?" And please, for the seek of the deceased and his parent, don't start questioning how could such things have happened, or condemning the parent, as they are already filled with guilt... Let just help to remind ourselves and people around us to be more careful and mindful when dealing with young children, and think twice about leaving them alone, even just for a short while...
  4. Fastfive1

    365automotive Avoid this shop

    This is a shop I would avoid. Prices quoted on their facebook ads and carousell listings are completely different from prices quoted over the phone. The price on their carousell listing says 190 for Michelin PS4 225/45/18. Call them up to confirm, the price goes up to 240. WTF!!! Then later when I ask what the manufacture date is, they tell me it is made in 2016. The tire is 3 f**king years old. No wonder so cheap. Then a few days later I see the facebook ad listing it as 220. Call the guy up to confirm what the year of manufacture is, he says it is 2017 although I highly doubt that. It is probably the same 2016 tire. I asked the guy over the phone about whether got new stock for the Michelin PS4 and whether it is $220. He brushed me off saying he is not in office and will get back to me. What a c**t! I eventually got tired of waiting for this c**t to get back to me, I went nearby and snagged a set of 2019 PS4 tires for $235 a piece. At least the other tire shop was straightforward and also an authorised dealer of Michelin tires. Given how sketchy they are about answering questions, I will avoid them. It seems they try to toss old stock to unsuspecting people who don't ask about manufacturing dates. They give different prices over the phone and in their listings. So hard to stay consistent meh? There is always a catch with their pricing. If you visit this place, visit at your own risk.
  5. josephywj

    Avoid Rexy Motors

    Darn pissed off with this company. When they sold me this car at $37000 in April 2019, mileage was at 113,000km. When i went to service at Borneo, they told me the last serviced mileage in March 2019 was 208,000km. WTF man. Another case of odometer tampering. I managed to bug the dealer, and they gave me back my full refund. I asked them to compensate me for the solar film, new tyres, glass sealant and new headlights and fog lights i changed, they refused. Idiots. and now they are selling off the car with all my add ons, hoping to scan someone else. Guess what, the car that they sold me is back on the market for 2 weeks, i got friends to enquire, and they reported to them mileage of 122,000km instead of 217,000km. Careful you guys out there! One dishonest company we have here! They told me they didnt tamper *sniggers* https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=816726&DL=1198 Rexy Motor Trading Company Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2, #03-04, Singapore 408898 Automobile Megamart Phone: 6468 0082
  6. HOW TO AVOID DEMENTIA Start When You Are Still Young........ To help ward off dementia, train your brain: Timing is everything comedians say. It's also important when it comes to taking care of your brain. Yet most of us start worrying about dementia after retirement - and that may be too little, too late. Experts say that if you really want to ward off dementia, you need to start taking care of your brain in your 30s and or even earlier. "More and more research is suggesting that lifestyle is very important to your brain's health," says Dr Paul Nussbaum, a neuropsychologist and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. "If you want to live a long, healthy life, then many of us need to start as early as we can. "So what can you do to beef up your brain
  7. Was searching around for info on which carparks that will scratch your bumper or undercarriage no matter how slowly you drive Googled and found a few lists in other forums but some are really long and include carparks with narrow ramps etc. And some are outdated. What I want to find out is which carparks to totally avoid if you have lowered cars. Those that will 100% hit no matter how slow you go So far I only know of one - the Bugis Junction carpark coming out to Middle Road Anyone else have others to contribute? Only those that sure kenna one, thanks 1) Bugis Junction - Middle Road exit
  8. Posting on behalf of a fellow driver encountering a bad experience with PPS company. Fellow forummers, appreciate you for taking your precious time to read this post. Have posted pics as evidence for the claims. Note: This is a very long post!! Just want to share this awful and terrible experience of mine. My dad decided to do Paint Protection System (PPS) for his car hence I researched about various companies on before deciding on one. Settled with a company which name starts with G, which has loads of awards. Before I went there, the owner-operator was very patient and friendly in answering my questions. The PPS was done recently on 3rd September 2016 and till date around 2 weeks had passed. Throughout this 2 weeks, we only washed the car twice, first wash was 1 week after doing the pps and second one was on Thursday night. I found out that the front bumper was not coated because there were no usual effects of PPS seen on that paint area and upon close inspection, minor scratches and minor swirl marks at 4 door handles were clearly visible and not removed. Thus I texted him to inform him about this issue. Then there comes some messages that were deemed offensive to me. The Conversation goes like that: Owner-operator told us to go back to take a look and that the door handle have been coated. I know it has been coated but why were the swirls marks and scratches not removed in the first place? Did they just blindly coat the area without removing those? Prolly yes. Asked them what if still unable to rectify their issue despite going down, he said if harsh scratches who able to remove but clearly, the swirl marks and scratches are not really harsh. And FYI, I’ve engaged another detailer to remove it already. Moving on, he offered to respray for free too. So at this point, clearly I wouldn’t want to respray just those small parts because I’m afraid there will be two-toned colour. Hence, I made this casual remark of rather refund portion of the money than to waste the money on respraying. Here comes the most offensive part to me, he said “job was done properly blah blah” and at the last sentence of the message, he said “End of the day, the motive is obvious” I was like hello?? What for would we impose scratches for nothing and go back to ur side to claim for a refund? Do you think we would stoop down to that level?? Seriously!! This is the way he treat his customers im impressed. Continuing the convo, he said that the price I paid was discounted too and that my car was a one year old car with lots of defects. He offered the discount without me mentioning in the first place and now he want to blame me for it? Discounted price does not mean discounted job, if that’s the case, I would rather pay the non-discounted price or patronise another shop. Furthermore, if the car is only one year old yet they are unable to solve how they are going to solve issues on much older cars? Im nt sure. So my dad brought the car back for rectification yesterday but not much work was done except for coating the front bumper. But as for the swirl marks on the door handles, they seemed untouched, except for the driver’s door but scratches still visible. Texted the owner-operator about this, received no reply. And told them I would like a partial refund. Until this morning I received a message from another number saying that they are able to refund me $60. Only a mere $60 for so much trouble of going down again yet unable to solve the issue etc. Furthermore, so troublesome to get the refund of $60. Decided to do away with it. Really regretted choosing them and have to deal with such bad attitude and poor customer service by the owner-operator. We removed the warranty label on the car and won’t bother going back to their shop anymore. Thanks for reading this incredibly long message and my motive here is just to share my negative experience to fellow forumers. Have a nice day ahead peeps.
  9. Can someone advise which are the popular website for buying/selling a 2nd hand car. I also scouting ard now to buy a 2nd hand car. Can someone advise how not to fall pry to pitfalls, like we read so much abt buyer got con and already paid out huge deposit sum of money only to find out car is still under finance instead of already transfer ownership, etc. and still can’t own the car after paying all the money. Are there such pitfalls for direct dealing with seller? Tks
  10. Taken from https://sg.news.yahoo.com/new-zealand-based-teen-with-singapore-passport-075121551.html An 19-year-old who currently holds both New Zealand and Singapore citizenship and lives in New Zealand wants to avoid doing national service (NS). Brandon Smith could face a two-year jail term and a $10,000 fine if he does not enlist. Smith, 19, moved to Dunedin when he was eight years old. The son of a New Zealander father and Singaporean mother told New Zealand media that it was a “waste of time” to go back to Singapore and come back. He was also concerned that he does not speak Chinese and would be treated differently in the army,reported New Zealand’s stuff.co.nz. Smith cannot renounce his Singapore citizenship until he turns 21. Smith’s father said they had spoken with Singapore Members of Parliament about the issue for a number of years, to no avail. He was quoted as saying, “Absolutely no one would accommodate us. It was always the same answer; ‘we regret to inform you that Brandon has to serve National Service’,”. New Zealand’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Murray McCully said he intended to take up the matter. He said in a statement to New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times, “While the Singapore Government is responsible for determining their own citizenship policies, I have considerable sympathy for the situation this family has found themselves in,” Readers who commented on on stuff.co.nz were divided, but a number of them said Smith should just return to Singapore to complete NS. A few readers were also quick to point out that the language of instruction in the army is English, and that Smith need not fear having a language barrier if he were to enlist. I guess there are still people who thinks NS is too tough.........
  11. Just saw in news that Shin Ramen has been recalled and is under test for di-isononyl phthalate (DINP). I took notice of this because NTUC and Carrefour has been putting this on promotion pretty often Read this http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_678784.html Please also post any food that is not safe for consumption in this thread
  12. Mockngbrd

    Avoid hospital

  13. interesting video.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG1LGKieTxY
  14. i know i probably can't. considering the fence is obstructing the view of the other side of the road and the speed of the running kid. hope the little girl is fine. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMh7LeoFJ6E
  15. <_< Singaporeans are already feeding him for life. Drug courier spared death now challenges caning sentence Malaysian drug courier Yong Vui Kong, who was spared the gallows after a string of unsuccessful fights against his death sentence, is now challenging the caning regime in Singapore. Yong, 25, was re-sentenced in November last year to life imprisonment and 15 strokes of the cane. This followed changes to the law which give judges the discretion to impose life terms and caning, instead of the previously mandatory death penalty, for drug couriers who help the authorities in a substantive way. However, Yong filed an appeal last week, asking for his caning sentence to be quashed. His lawyer M Ravi is challenging the constitutionality of caning, in particular the manner in which the punishment is carried out. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/drug-courier-spared-death-now-challenges-caning-sentence-20140428
  16. As above. Having a debate with wife about an resale unit we saw recently.
  17. KJE towards merging to PIE (Tuas) just before brickland exit, KJE towards SLE after brickland entrance, from Monday to Friday, from morning 9am til evening. Cameras on either extreme left or right on bridge. Brothers please take note.
  18. Only lane 2 available. Lane 1 - saw a motor and a man lying there Lane 3 - 3 cars.
  19. aplogize if I post wrongly , just wish to alert the rest not to fall into the scam in purchasing adidas shoes from them! Another website to avoid is jeremyscottadidasdesign.com
  20. Wah if I engaged such person with crappy photography skills I will also sia... Nightmare AD Wedding Photographer Warn: wall of text. FB of Photographer: http://www.facebook.com/agape01
  21. With car prices the way they are in Singapore, purchasing a car here is a big decision that involves a significant amount of money for most people. This applies to sellers as well, and unfortunately, there will be some black sheep out there that would want to maximise their profit using unscrupulous methods. So, in order to prevent yourself from unnecessarily parting away with more than you have planned for, here are some things to look out for when buying a second hand car in Singapore, to avoid getting tricked. Tampering with the odometer An illegal practice in most countries, it is surprising that there are no specific laws guarding against this act of deceit in Singapore. As such, some sellers take advantage of the situation to modify their car's odometer, to make it look younger and less used than it is. While it might seem like a superficial practice to some, the truth is, winding back the clock (as the trick is known) is plain and simply cheating. For the fact that cars have regular servicing intervals, having an odometer that doesn't tally with the actual usage might actually be harmful or even dangerous, as owners end up not giving the car the appropriate care as befits the car's age. While it can be hard for the layman to spot odometer tampering at first glance, there are signs that one can look out for to indicate if such practices are being used. On average, cars in Singapore travel about 20,000km annually. Taking that into account, one can get a rough estimate as to the proper mileage of a car being sold, using the car's age as a multiplier. The condition of the car can also provide a clue. If a car with low mileage looks tatty and worn, then there is cause to raise red flags to question the validity of the claimed mileage. The safest bet is of course to look for a car with all the proper records and documentation such as the mileage and servicing intervals, so that everything about the car, from whether it has been properly maintained, is noted down in black and white. Extra hidden charges Like all major transactions, it is important to know what exactly one is paying for. Therefore, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that the seller outlines every single charge that goes into the final transacted price. Dealers often add an "Admin Fee" into the transaction, which is often claimed to be for the handling of paperwork such as applying for loans and insurance. While it is a common practice, it is strictly unnecessary, as dealers already make a significant profit from the cars they sell, as well as receiving commissions from bank loans as well as insurance. However, if you feel that the dealer has genuinely assisted you in making the transaction painless and smooth-sailing, with no underhanded tricks, then the admin fee might serve as a sort of goodwill payment as thanks for their services. Gimmicks Only buy a car once you are completely comfortable with the whole experience. Sellers might pressure you into making a quick decision, but always stand firm, and resist from giving in to gimmicks that will compromise your purchase. Some tricks that dealers might foist upon buyers include advertising a car at low prices but only to claim that the advertisement was a mistake when the customer approaches the dealer. There are also dealers who advertise their cars for a low price, but then claim that said car has already been sold when customers approach them. These dealers will then offer a similar car but with a higher sticker price than the advertised vehicle. Always be wary of such tricks being pulled by dishonest dealers. Blank form A recent trend that has been exposed was the signing of blank forms. When applying for a loan through dealers, they might request that you to sign on a blank portion of the hire purchase form. Although this is meant to reduce the trouble for you to have to make several trips to sign papers, it is a potentially risky move. Leaving your signature on a blank piece of paper leaves the dealer to fill in whatever he wants. You might return to find that the loan amount that you had agreed with the dealer has increased due to some "administrative fees". To properly safeguard yourself, never sign any blank forms. It might mean a bit of inconvenience for you to make a couple more trips, but it's better than ending up paying a lot of extra and unneeded expenses. Black and White Finally, the most important and common advice of all. Always have everything declared and written down, in "black and white" as they say. Anything written down is contractually bound under the law, and is final. Be sure to read the fine print of any contract before putting the pen to paper, and clarify any clauses you are unsure about, or any doubts that you might have about the transaction. Make sure you agree to everything before signing off, to avoid incurring future headaches down the road. Cheer!!
  22. http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2012/04/c...-to-the-police/
  23. Pui this shop owner.....limpey has been supporting him with tyres n batteries purchases all these years. In July last year, I bought a Global Battery from him and it failed on the 6th month!!! I went back to him and this bugger is damn UNHELPFUL and try to tell me continental car sap battery like no biz and thus warranty only 6 months (jap car n korean car 1 year) , and then say nowadays the battery designs all very f--ked up and cant claim. KNN, in the end limpey got to bring the battery to SINMA @ racecourse road and claim myself. PLEASE AVOID THIS GEYLANG MAIN ROAD TYRE SHOP AT ALL COSTS!!!! Shop is near Tai-Seng Turtle Soup shop!
  24. Look at the devastation http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-20...l#ixzz1eteNPaSq