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Found 25 results

  1. Was searching around for info on which carparks that will scratch your bumper or undercarriage no matter how slowly you drive Googled and found a few lists in other forums but some are really long and include carparks with narrow ramps etc. And some are outdated. What I want to find out is which carparks to totally avoid if you have lowered cars. Those that will 100% hit no matter how slow you go So far I only know of one - the Bugis Junction carpark coming out to Middle Road Anyone else have others to contribute? Only those that sure kenna one, thanks 1) Bugis Junction - Middle Road exit
  2. Tweakmax2

    Lowered Car Spring

    driving Latio sedan. Wanted to lower my ride. Which choice is better , as i am on budget 1) Cut original spring, add stiffener. Any idea how much ? 2) Change to tanabe Nf 210 at $450 and add $40 for wheel alighment. Is wheel alignment necessary? Pls advice.
  3. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...217-328588.html Special tax lowered for Euro V-compliant diesel cars The revised tax structure will result in savings of nearly 70 per cent for owners. -AsiaOne Fri, Feb 17, 2012 AsiaOne The Government will lower the annual special tax on diesel passenger cars, Minister of Finance Tharman Shanmugaratnam said in his FY2012 Budget Statement. RELATED STORIES
  4. I am looking for lowered seats for my car as I find the stock seats too high up. Anyone knows where I could find aftermarket seats? I am not particular about brand but would want it to be as light as possible. Comfort not important.
  5. recently heard that lowered cars might not be able to pass vicom/sta inspection... i have never heard of this before... my civics low until cannot low also pass... anyone heard anything?
  6. Any one can share any reasonably priced workshops to change the lowered springs back to the stock ones. Especially around Ubi, Sin Ming or Northern singapore. Thanks much !
  7. Chun bo??? Minimum income for unsecured credit facilities cut to S$20K/yr: MAS By SIOW LI SEN Financial institutions (FI) from March 1 can offer unsecured credit facilities to individuals with a lower annual minimum income of $20,000 from the current $30,000, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said on Wednesday.
  8. Kazuo

    Lowered Spring

    Where can get? what is the market price for it huh?
  9. Typhoon125

    Lowered APV

    My friend have been searching and searching for springs to lowered his APV like the photo below but to no avail. He is askng for those whom can advise him for help. Please note that he do not want to Cut his original springs. Can advise were to go besides Thailand where the photo is from. Thanks MCFers.
  10. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...QrKA&refer=home Looks like really more good yrs ahead..... http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/data?pid=avimage&iid=iJfeZUQzfwiQ Quote: Aug. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd., the world's third-largest made-to-order chipmaker, had its debt rating lowered to junk at Fitch Ratings, which cited concerns over rising debt levels. Chartered's senior unsecured debt and long-term foreign currency issuer default ratings were cut to BB+, one level below investment grade, from BBB-, Fitch said in a statement today. The Singapore-based chipmaker said on July 25 it will report a loss in the third quarter and won't be consistent in posting profits, leading Morgan Stanley, Goldman, Sachs & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. to slash their share-price estimates on the company. Chartered also raised its planned spending for the year to $750 million, from an earlier budgeted $590 million. ``The company's operating and financial performance has been lackluster,'' Fitch said in the statement. This reflects ``sustained margin pressures and a sharp deterioration in break-even levels.'' Junk bonds, classified as high-yield and high-risk debt, can raise a company's borrowing costs as a lower debt rating increases the perceived risk of a company's inability to pay debt. Credit-default swaps on Chartered jumped 12.5 basis points from before the downgrade to 247.5 basis points, according to Barclays Capital's prices. That means it costs $12,500 more a year to protect $10 million of the company's debt from default for five years. A basis point is 0.01 percentage point. The downgrade also pushed up the extra yield investors demand above U.S. Treasuries to buy Chartered Semiconductor's $300 million 6.25 percent bonds maturing in 2013. The spread widened 4 basis points to 418 basis points, BNP Paribas SA's prices show. Chartered shares have slumped 43 percent this year, underperforming the 19 percent decline in Singapore's benchmark Straits Times Index. To contact the reporter on this story: Andrea Tan in Singapore at atan17@bloomberg.net; Patricia Kuo in Hong Kong at pkuo2@bloomberg.net.
  11. Hi all, Are the newer Taxi like Sonata, Sokda and Mercz come with lowered or sports suspension? The gap between the fender and the wheels are much lower than the older cabs and other sedan on the roads. Regards,
  12. Recently, I was driving behind a Honda Civic with very low side-skirts, front & rear bumper lip and the body was very low. I believe that young man was not concentrating on his driving and he suddenly applied emergency brake when he saw a road hump ahead. As I was behind him, I too applied on my brakes. The next moment, he discovered that his front bumper lip got stuck on the hump and can't move his car. Instead of reversing which will only affect the front bumper lip, he moved forward and I could hear the screeking sound of the side-skirts and the rear bumper lip against the hump. He then parked his car at the road side to look at the damages. After driving my car over the road hump and stopped behind his car, he was cursing and swearing away for not concentrating and the damages incurred. He then told me that he regretted spending so much money to make his car so sporty and lowering the suspension. He was so frustrated at that moment that he told me he has decided to bring the car to the workshop to dismantle all the bodyworks. As his car cannot move due to the damages affected the tyres and since I am an AAS member, I called AAS towing truck to tow his car to his workshop while I drove him along in my car. All the way from the spot that his car was damaged until I drove his to his workshop, he kept telling me "IF ONLY THIS AND THAT" and if he had listened to his parents' objections, such damages would not have occurred. He told me that he was worried on the amount for the repair costs and does not have the money. I advised him that what happened has already happened and if he has no money for the repairs, he has to be thick-skinned and approach his family members. This is a typical scenario where one has overdone the bodywork of the vehicle to the extent of compromising on the possible damages and consequences.
  13. hiya, any1 is using lowered springs for their sunny or has frds who is driving a lowered sunny. i like to know wat is ur recommend springs for the N16. was actually considering tanabe springs bt most shops dun carry for sunny thks a million...
  14. Blackmafia

    Honda lowered using Tanabe

    Have lowered my ride using Tanabe springs. Feel's much stiffer, with corner more stable even at high speed. Tackling humps and small bumps on the road with a less bumper ride. Last but not least, my ride has a much less profile look. Here are some pictures.
  15. Just want some comments on subject before i commit. Seller has the above unit used abt 1 yr to swop with my stock suspension, which i need to top up abt $300 + labour (whole set). Koni is damper adjustable but not height, lower spring Kgmm is specially match and compatible with the suspension (seller claimed). Kgmm spring I nvr heard b4. Is it worth to swop? Thanks 4 advices.
  16. Bluefreud

    Looks lowered by bodykits?

    hi, would like to ask whether by changing the bodykit (e.g. front lip, side skirts, etc) can make a car look lowered? if can, wat are the pros and cons? actually i have changed to lowered springs, but guess still doesnt look lowered to me, so thinkin wat else can be done? pls advise. thanks.
  17. Hi every1 ..... dis my 1st wagon so I chose Chevy Optra bcuz of d ample boot space and I bought the latest 2005 model 1.6M (std pckg) dat c/w roof rack & foglight but exclude leather seats & s/rims. Although d SE told me their upcoming shipment will arrive in 1.6A but I doubt A/T have enough Ooomph considering Optra Wagon overall body weight (1.8L and above with auto gear will be more acceptable in SG) therefore I chose M/T instead. My upcoming project will be ; 1) Upsize rims/tyes to 17" (used on my previous Mit Galant) 2) Window tinting 3) I.C.E (car audio) 4) Leather upholstery 4) Suspensions + lower springs w/chamber kit 5) Bodykits 6) Sunroof Can any bros driving wagon/estate can advise me whether is it approve to fix roof mount tv/monitor on wagon? Heard from a friend dat LTA so far only approve SUV & MPV. Read dis mths HotStuff mag advertised 2 interesting stuffs suitable for Chevy Optra Wagon; a) Bodykit quoted $850 incl installation & spray - h/p 97433252 b) Apex springs quoted $450 incl installation - h/p 96866219 Last but not least, I received lowest quote for window tinting Made in USA @ Ubi whole car for Optra Wagon $240 consists of ; front/rear windscreens and 6 windows. His h/p 96906345 I'm wondering if any bros interested so dat we can go all together & bargain $$ based on bulk order.
  18. Some people in another forum have been debating about this. I wonder if there is any merit in the argument. Now with stock suspension, the driveshafts are pitched and this robs the car of torque and horsepower. Now if you lower the car, the driveshafts straighten out therefore allowing more efficient transfer of torque and horsepower to the wheels. Discuss, please.
  19. Editt

    Just lowered Optra

    Just install Eibach pro kit on my optra. After witnessing the whole process of of lowering, i think it is confirm impossible to install rear tower strut bar on the optra. For the front strut bar option, i don't think it is possible unless you weld the strut bar on to the chassis. . And it ain't easy taking out the suspension as well.
  20. Call me at 92701407 OCTAVIA
  21. Andez07

    Lowered Springs

    Hi All I'm new to MCF. I was just wondering if anyone can shed some light on "lowered springs". I hv a set of lowered springs from my scrapped Honda Civic esi, and since I hv not enuf $$$, I bought myself Honda Concerto instead. Is it possible to use/transfer the lowered springs to my Concerto?? Just changed all the bushings and used a compatible Civic absorbers. Pls enlighten me.
  22. Hi Guys, I am thinking of lowering my octy. Just wondering if anybody can give some advise. What are the brands and options available for lowered spring and suspension system. I wanna have the sporty look but at the same time I dun wanna forgo too much comfort. I dun wan my ride to be too hard. Thks & rgds. OPS17
  23. Guys, I am thinking of changing my rims to 15 to 16 inch without sacrificing on my suspension, as I do not want to get into a situation of wearing out my shocks quickly if I change springs. However, I would like to achieve the lowered look without this change in suspension setups. Leave as stock, although jumpy and not to my liking, I think its best. Can this be achieved by just changing the rims and tyres ? On stock, the 323 already sits quite high with 14 inch wheels. What will be the sacrifice if I change to 15 or 16 ? Speedo not accurate ? Fuel Compsumption up ? Help ... doing this for the first time on my Mazzy so lots of unanswered questions. Dun wanna get into a situation of "REGRET LATER".
  24. Hi guys Just came back from a track session....... just want to share some experiences.... I have been driving on the track before with my stock suspension for a few times before i changed to a coilover suspension a year ago. This is the first time I tried with the new setup on the track. This is some of my feedback and IMHO....on the differences... 1. stock suspension - softer, and more roll - easier to control and takes more time to settle in a corner - correction is easier and it feels more forgiving - squeaking of tyres 2. Coilover suspension - harder, much lesser roll - settling time into a corner is much faster and sudden. - adjustment much more difficult, required really undestanding of the behaviour of new setup...everything happens much faster and sudden...sometimes no warning at all..in my opinion kinda of dangerous for people who dont have the experience and skill to adjust and adapt to it. - car at limits and will give way even without squeaking of tyres. any other people has common experience to share?....