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Found 27 results

  1. There seems to be like very little coverage on this in local news. But some places I went to they were affected by it and was unable to do wireless payments except cash payments. Even for a donut shop I was at yesterday was affected by it and I had to pay cash. It was when my wife asked the staff whether they were affected by wirecard that I realised what it was. My wife said even the local subsidary company was raided by S'pore authorities and even arrested a Singaporean. So what is wirecard? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirecard_scandal If you have no time to read. Here's some videos. I also noticed one of our well known org is also affected when using their app. https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/company/0041920D:SP
  2. I just can't link a marine co. with car wash business... ... Sembcorp Marine lodges report with CAD following Brazil scandal SEMBCORP Marine said that it has lodged a report with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force, after revealing last week that its yard in the south-eastern state of Brazil was raided and the facility's former president was involved in a corruption probe. Present investigations involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, the former president of SembMarine's Brazil unit Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), during the time when he was in the employment of the group. In this light, SembMarine has "lodged a suspicious transaction report . . . with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force", according to its exchange filing on Monday. SembMarine said that Mr Cheah's employment with the group was terminated in June 2015. Other than Mr Cheah, "the company is not aware that any director or management of the company is a subject of the current investigations being conducted by the Brazilian authorities", it said. SembMarine Brazil unit involved in Operation Car Wash probe over ex-consultant SEMBCORP Marine (SembMarine) on Wednesday said it has cooperated fully with the Brazilian Federal Police after a search warrant was executed on Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), its subsidiary in Brazil. The search warrant was in connection with ongoing investigations related to Operation Car Wash in Brazil, the country’s biggest anti-graft crackdown which sent former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to jail. The offshore and marine firm understands the search relates to investigations against Guilherme Esteves de Jesus, a former consultant engaged by EJA in Brazil who has been arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police. He is facing ongoing criminal charges which have not been concluded. Present investigations also involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, EJA’s former president, the company added. SembMarine said it has a strict compliance programme and continuously works to ensure its policies and procedures are in place to prevent any violation of anti-corruption laws applicable to its operations. "The company wishes to reiterate that the group is committed to the highest standards of compliance with anti-corruption laws and does not condone and will not tolerate any improper business conduct," it said. The company added that it will continue to monitor developments in Brazil and other jurisdictions regarding the matter and will make appropriate announcements when there are any material developments.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/23/business/daimler-earnings-expectations/index.html New York (CNN Business)Daimler, the German auto company that makes Mercedes-Benz, has slashed its 2019 profit expectations by hundreds of millions of euros. The financial downgrade, announced Sunday, is the latest fallout from the diesel emissions scandal that has rocked the German auto industry. The company said that "various ongoing governmental proceedings and measures relating to diesel vehicles" will affect the company's second quarter earnings. It said it expects an increase in expenses related to those proceedings. Daimler said its profit for 2019 will be close to last year's level. Shares in the carmaker declined 3.6% in Frankfurt on Monday. The stock has dropped nearly 20% from a recent high in April. German automakers have faced years of scrutiny regarding harmful emissions that diesel vehicles produce. That scrutiny stems from a 2015 admission by another German automaker — Volkswagen (VLKAF) — that it rigged millions of diesel engines to cheat on emissions tests. The revelation trashed confidence among consumers and regulators in diesel technology and cost Volkswagen tens of billions of dollars in recalls, legal penalties and settlements. ****** Lets see if there is a large an outcry from merc owners. Will the resale value drop and what will the second hand car dealer use. Merc no resale value. Buyer dont want to be associated with a brand with low integrity ?
  4. Caravan

    Volkswagen scandal

    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-19/volkswagen-emissions-cheating-found-by-curious-clean-air-group http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-volkswagen-probe-20150918-story.html Hmm how will this impact the emissions rebate for VW cars here?
  5. When you think nothing could be worse than adding melamine to milk ? --------- China: Hundreds of thousands of children given fake vaccines Executives from China's second-largest pharmaceutical company, Changsheng Bio-Technology Company, have admitted to falsifying test results and producing fake vaccines. Hundreds of thousands of children in China may have been given fabricated vaccines produced by China's second-largest pharmaceutical company. Health regulators found that the drug maker violated safety standards. It is the second scandal to hit the company in the past week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpmRMOX8Ezs
  6. I'm surprised this thread hasnt been started. Maybe cos we not kpo like EDMW but now even Julie Tan has been implicated in it... Even more drama than their Mediacorp drama. lol. For those who have no idea whats going on.. https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/hong-huifang-says-she-s-no-longer-friends-with-pan-lingling-10554498 https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/the-stars-involved-in-the-hong-huifang-pan-lingling-feud-have-10559442
  7. RadX

    Royal Family Scandal!

    @porker is in good company. @enye dun pray pray, maybe he got blue blood.....good for @blueray who into blue film...hahahha
  8. Something to take the heat off Volkswagen I wonder who is next? http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36089558
  9. Camrysfa

    Peking U prof sex scandal

    Peking University professor sacked for having intimate relationship with student believed to be from S'pore http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/peking-university-professor-sacked-for-having-intimate-relationship-with-student A professor at Peking University in Beijing has been removed from his position and had his teaching license revoked after having an affair with an international student and getting her pregnant. According to Shangiist, a university graduate reported Yu Wanli, formerly an associate professor at the School of International Studies of Peking University, to the school's inspection department in November. The informant, named Liu Wei, was a friend of the student, Wang Jing, who is believed to be from Singapore. Wang became an undergraduate at the School of International Studies in 2004 and started her doctoral program in 2013. She met Yu during a course on US diplomatic studies in 2013, reports People Daily Online. Liu sent an e-mail and three letters to the university with photos and chat records from Wang's phone, Shanghai Daily reports, citing The Beijing News. Wang later told reporters that Yu forced himself upon her in July 2013 when he came by her dorm, and the two maintained a sexual relationship ever since. "I was resisting him constantly during the whole process," Wang said during a previous media interview, adding that she and Yu had since maintained a lasting sexual relationship. Wang discovered that Yu was married and had a child when she went to visit his home, but he insisted that he and his wife were separated. "I told him that I won't be anyone's mistress because it is not fair to me. He said he needed time to work things out," Wang told Huashang Daily.
  10. Just saw in news that Shin Ramen has been recalled and is under test for di-isononyl phthalate (DINP). I took notice of this because NTUC and Carrefour has been putting this on promotion pretty often Read this http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_678784.html Please also post any food that is not safe for consumption in this thread
  11. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/education/story/ex-nus-prof-resume-fraud-scandal-us-20140912#xtor=CS1-10 this fraudster was an assistant NUS professor! i pity those who attended his "lectures" lol
  12. sorry lah i just saw this news today
  13. AN NUS law professor is under investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for allegedly being involved in a sex-for-grades deal with a female undergrad. The New Paper understands the professor who teaches at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law was arrested in April and is now out on bail. In order to ace her paper, the student implicated in the probe allegedly struck a deal with her professor to have sex with him. She is said to have had sex with him on multiple occasions. Read the full story in The New Paper on Wednesday (July 25).
  14. Mustank

    HWZ Scandal

    Jin sexciting!!!!! [bounce1] http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...al-4174420.html
  15. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/02/28/...mp;dlvrit=56943 are these 2 FTs? Mukesh Kumar Chhaganlal and Prashan Parmeshwar Sunny Miripuri. Outstanding. Fired still throw lawsuit...
  16. Tarzan666

    Sex scandal - Cathay Pacific

    Thot sometime back seen pics of a stewardess performing BJ to a pilot in a c*ckpit. A man attempted to send a request to CEO and shareholders of Cathay Pacific to stop a pilot from having sex with his flight attendant wife. "At the very least, ask Mr. Roels to stop having sex with my wife," the man asked the CEO of the company. The man seem desperate to have the company make the pilot who has been having an affair with his wife to stop. Shockingly the husband to the flight attendant might be suggesting that the sex is somewhat coerced and even more shocking is that he is alledging their sexual relationship could potentially cause safety issues during flights. He compare these safety issues to the Cathay Pacific flight attendant who was made to provide ******** for a Cathay Pacific pilot inside the cockpit and the safety concerns from that incident. Another interesting allegation is that the pilot having sex with his wife is not wearing condoms when having sex with the wife or other flight attendants. And with his promiscuity, sexual habits and sexual relations with other flight attendants he could potentially pose as a health hazard for many females at the company. The "victim" -husband claim she is victim - Eden Lo The beast - Alex Roels Many emails were sent to the company on this pilot have sex with the wife topic from the man and he apparently received several replies from legal counsel at Cathay Pacific. The lawyer at CX said the company has already investigated the allegation and found it groundless. And told the man the situation between the pilot and his flight attendant wife is "entirely a private matter". And threaten the man with legal action if he did not drop the matter and cease all communication with shareholders of the company like Air China. However the man is allegation the pilots use Cathay Pacific's corporate rate to stay in rooms like at the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel for sexual trysts with the flight attendants when they already have homes in Hong Kong. He tells the company that employee tickets are being used for adulterous romantic getaways and he want it to end. He wonder if Cathay Pacific condone sex between married employees because the company allow company resources to be used to conduct adultery. Dear Management, Customer Relations, and all relevant parties who may offer assistance, It is quite surprising that after almost three months, Cathay Pacific continues to condone sex between married CX employees (Alex Roels and Eden Lo) during work (a potential public flight safety issue) and inter-office adultery leveraging CX resources. After almost two months of "investigation," the lawyer who represents Cathay Pacific, a listed company, not only addressed the wrong individual (I am not Mr. Yen but Mr. Chen) but also got the facts wrong (two and not one CX employees are involved; you need two people to have sexual intercourse). Given such sloppy responses filled with inconsistencies, the customer received no apology from Cathay Pacific and is threatened continuously. At the very least, ask Mr. Roels to stop having sex with my wife. Given such a senior position within CX, shouldn't CX expect him to behave professionally and morally at all times? As his conducts represents Cathay Pacific whereas given Eden's relatively low corporate rank, she may be excused due to lack of experience and / or fear of authority from people of Mr. Roels' seniority. Also, according to my wife, CX pilots are promiscuous with CX flight attendants (so-called "crew meals"; a term previously foreign to me as I have never worked in the airline industry), hence the recent CX sex scandals? Perhaps there are more
  17. Picnic06-Biante15

    K-Pop Scandal...

    Yahoo news report : Police confirmed Open World Entertainment CEO's charges By Syahida Kamarudin | From Cinema Online Exclusively for Yahoo! Newsroom
  18. Sorry no link as it was reported in Ch8 news just now. On a sidenote, I can
  19. FITNESS CLUB'S $3,000 LIFE MEMBERS Banned over late $8 fee Published on Sep 20, 2011 MY HUSBAND and I signed up for lifetime memberships with California Fitness in 2006 and we paid $3,000 each. We patronised the gym regularly until last year when we became irregular because of work commitments. When we tried to use the gym this year, we were told that our memberships had been revoked because we had not paid the annual administrative fee of $8 on time last year. Imagine our shock on learning that our combined membership value of $6,000 had been thrown out of the window because of late payment of a small administrative charge. When we signed up for the membership, the salesperson did inform us of the annual $8 administrative fee but did not give the remotest indication that our membership would be revoked without notice if we failed to pay it within a certain deadline. When we called California Fitness' head office here about it, a receptionist heard us out and promised to get back. After just 10 minutes, she telephoned to inform us that the fitness club's Hong Kong head office, which is authorised to make such decisions, had rejected our appeal. When we tried to reason with her, she brusquely replied that the decision was final and we could complain to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) if we were dissatisfied. We remain baffled. We were not apprised of the serious repercussions arising from late payment of the administrative fee when we signed up. Even if that were so, surely the gym should only require us to settle the fee before proceeding to use the facilities, which is a common practice in other establishments. What is the nature of a life membership like the one California Fitness sold us which pivots on the timely payment of an administrative charge of comparatively negligible value compared to the price of the life membership? Were our memberships revoked because we no longer offered fresh revenue? Charmayne Lim (Ms)
  20. too much politics no good. here's something to cool you down on cooling day. wonder anyone heard about the much hype korean A & B class actress scandal videos circulating around internet? there are a total 32 videos featuring several a class and b class actresses offering s3x favours in hotel room. as i dun watch korean drama so i dun really know who they are. apparently its shoudl be real cos my friend's gf claimed she knew some of the actress. got video got proof.. disclaimer: watch in your office at ur own risk.. pm me for link...
  21. Source We have found the uncensored photos of the Cathay Pacific Airways sex scandal. Cathay Pacific Airways has launched a full investigation after photos of a flight attendant giving oral sex to a pilot was found. The photos show a woman in a red outfit and sexy lingerie doing some naughty things in a commercial airplane cockpit with one of the pilots. In one of the photos, she reveals her backside (possibly no underwear) in one of the co-pilot chairs. In another photo, she performs oral sex on the male pilot. A Cathay spokeswoman told Agence France Presse, "We are conducting a full investigation into the matter and there are some indications that the female shown in the photos may be a member of our cabin crew." The pilot who took the photos issued a legal letter to a local paper called the 'Apple Daily' saying that his photos were stolen from his personal computer. He has been forced to file a police report.
  22. Mon, May 03, 2010 The Korea Herald/Asia News Network HAS President Barack Obama been having an affair with Vera Baker? That's the shocking allegation made by the National Enquirer in this week's edition, according to a Hollywood Gossip report. The publication claims Obama and Baker, a former campaign aide, holed up at Washington, D.C. hotel, and a "security video" could expose everything, it said. Baker, now 35, worked tirelessly to get Obama elected to the U.S. Senate, raising millions in campaign contributions, in 2004, the news report said. They grew close since. While Vera Baker insists that "nothing happened" between them, the Enquirer says anti-Obama "operatives" are digging hard into the alleged affair, it said. Some are reportedly offering US$1 million (S$1.367 million) for information confirming it. -The Korea Herald/Asia News Network
  23. After much deliberation, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has decided to issue a $16.4 million penalty to Toyota
  24. SYF77

    Daimler caught in scandal

    Have all business ethics gone down the drain lately? It seems that Toyota isn't the only Auto powerhouse that gets involved in shady business practices. The Detroit News reports that Mercedes-Benz's parent company, Daimler AG, has paid tens of millions in the form of bribes to governments and/or officials of twenty-two countries. The Justice Department has officially charged the manufacturer with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which prevents U.S. firms from paying off foreign officials. Between 1998 and 2008, Daimler is said to have been "investing" in countries such as China, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Nigeria, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam with the intent of securing contracts with government customers for the purchase of Daimler vehicles valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Investigators reportedly traveled to 25 countries and interviewed dozens of people, including former Daimler chairman Juergen Schrempp and other executives. In the process, secret bank accounts were uncovered. However, to Daimler's credit, executives were released when it discovered that some improper transactions were made in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. According to Reuters, The charges consist of two counts - conspiracy, and falsifying books and records under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Diamler is expected to be slapped with a $185 - 200 million fine as a result of these charges. Well, I guess greed is the root cause of all these unethical practice. Even charitable organisations are making headlines for all the wrong reasons in Singapore.