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Found 104 results

  1. Hi, Anyone used these tyres before and how do you rate them? What tyres will you changed if it's down to these 3 choices? Btw am talking about Europe made ones.
  2. Michelin Pilot sport 4 Different moulds used, This week I had a puncture in one of my ps4's and got it changed, I realised that the two tyres looked considerably different to each other, one tyre has a rim protection lip when the other doesn't. Brought it up with the tyre place who contacted Michelin who then had it escalated to figure out why they where different. 4 days went past and it turns out that Michelin make the tyres in both Spain and Thailand and the new one I got (Made in Thailand) doesn't have rim protection like the original ps4 tyres. it is pretty disappointing that the tyre is different since they look considerably worse than the original Spain made ps4 tyres. I've posted photos of the two for reference Anyone else experienced this and as frustrated as I am?
  3. Divers

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Dear all, We can soon see Michelin sport 4. http://tyresearch.telegraph.co.uk/r-new-tyres-advice/the-michelin-pilot-sport-4-on-show-at-frankfurt-27847 The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 on show at Frankfurt New tyres Tyre manufacturer Michelin is showcasing its new sports tyre, the Pilot Sport 4, at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. A much anticipated tyre that is up against some keen competition. Michelin’s long-awaited new summer sports tyre, the Pilot Sport 4, is finally on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show. - Copyright © : Michelin On the same topic Michelin launches it new sports tyre, the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Continental SportContact 6: Rezulteo’s test Firestone Multiseason, an all season tyre for city cars Competition in the sport’s tyre segment is rife, while Continental has just launched the SportContact 6, Michelin is currently presenting the latest addition to its Pilot Sport range at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Pilot Sport range has earned a solid reputation, especially for its most versatile version which until now was the Pilot Sport 3, a tyre available on the market since 2010. To ensure continuity, the PS4 goes even further than its predecessor offering significant progress in several areas, mainly thanks to Michelin’s experience in racing. Driving pleasure Logically, the Pilot Sport 4 places the emphasis on driving sensations and pure efficiency. For this, its structure features a reinforced belt to keep any tyre deformation to a minimum and, as a result, improves driving precision, dynamic response and of course, the level of pure grip. Copyright © : Michelin Geared towards safety The PS4 is a tyre designed to equip passenger cars. As such, it must deliver an excellent level of safety in all weather conditions. Its new tread compound has been developed with this in mind, just like its wide grooves providing efficient water evacuation. However, the brief presentation did not provide any further information about this new Michelin tyre. We hope to compare it with other reference tyres in the high performance segment in the near future to truly evaluate its potential. Let’s hope it achieves its efficiency. Availability The Pilot Sport 4 will be available on the market in January 2016, and initially, only in 17- and 18-inch sizes. New sizes will be available later, and in particular, 19-inch sizes. Copyright © : Michelin
  4. Soya

    My first set of Michelin

    Over the years, some have asked me for views on which brand is good In the early days I've tried Falken. My ears comprain Then tried Dunlop. It was like....meh Then Toyo came along. Not bad but wear rate wasn't great Then Goodyear started to enter the market w the F1s. First tried the GSD3. Sticky but slight noisy becoz the directional pattern. Subsequently tried the Asymmetric 2 & 3. Didn't disappoint Also tried something more premium like the Continental Sport Contact 3, followed up by the CSC 5. Currently using CSC 6. It's all good But throughout all these years, somehow i never tried Michelin. Maybe the Continentals were so good that I was contented. In fact, the closest i got to anything remotely related to Michelin was Tim Ho Wan..... But many people say Michelin rubber is very good Deep down i know they're probably right. So many voices can't be wrong. Hence, I decided to put my faith in the Bibendum or better known as the fat Michelin man. So I took the plunge. Now I'm a proud owner of my first set of Michelin Performance. Run flats somemore....
  5. The replacement for the Pilot Super Sport, the Pilot Sport 4S, is the culmination of a lot of behind the scenes work. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/videos/a32408/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s-engineering-explained/ MICHELIN’S NEW ULTRAHIGH PERFORMANCE TIRE CAN MAKE ANY CAR FEEL LIKE A SUPERCAR http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s-testing/
  6. MICHELIN Track Connect: connect your tires to improve your track performance If you love thrills and cars, have you never wanted to boost your performance on track? It’s now possible with the brand new range of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires equipped with Track Connect technology. More than just tires, this is a complete, connected offer providing personalized, skilled advice for track (or road) on optimal tire pressure adjustment for all your “runs”! A world premiere on the road car market. At your side before, during and after a run, MICHELIN Track Connect technology keeps you constantly informed of the pressure and temperature of each tire. Essential information to improve your performance. Sensors fixed inside each tire give a precise measurement of inflation pressure and temperature. There is also the possibility of displaying evolutions in the handling of your car – under or oversteer – depending on analysis of developments in pressure balance between front and rear tires. An innovative offer developed in close collaboration with true road car fans passionate about track driving: Michelin has gone out to meet members of motorsport clubs and collect their expectations in terms of improvements in both vehicle handling and performance, not forgetting, of course, driving sensation and pleasure. For the development of MICHELIN Track Connect, the Michelin Group has also relied on the expertise of 2 start-ups: Exotics Systems for the receptor and Openiumfor the mobile application. The MICHELIN Track Connect tire solution is compatible with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire, which has been developed exclusively for this offer, with 11 sizes available in 2018. Available in France, Germany and Switzerland.
  7. Fastfive1

    365automotive Avoid this shop

    This is a shop I would avoid. Prices quoted on their facebook ads and carousell listings are completely different from prices quoted over the phone. The price on their carousell listing says 190 for Michelin PS4 225/45/18. Call them up to confirm, the price goes up to 240. WTF!!! Then later when I ask what the manufacture date is, they tell me it is made in 2016. The tire is 3 f**king years old. No wonder so cheap. Then a few days later I see the facebook ad listing it as 220. Call the guy up to confirm what the year of manufacture is, he says it is 2017 although I highly doubt that. It is probably the same 2016 tire. I asked the guy over the phone about whether got new stock for the Michelin PS4 and whether it is $220. He brushed me off saying he is not in office and will get back to me. What a c**t! I eventually got tired of waiting for this c**t to get back to me, I went nearby and snagged a set of 2019 PS4 tires for $235 a piece. At least the other tire shop was straightforward and also an authorised dealer of Michelin tires. Given how sketchy they are about answering questions, I will avoid them. It seems they try to toss old stock to unsuspecting people who don't ask about manufacturing dates. They give different prices over the phone and in their listings. So hard to stay consistent meh? There is always a catch with their pricing. If you visit this place, visit at your own risk.
  8. LemuelWong

    Tyre size 195/50r16

    Can anyone recommend any tyre shop that carries this size? its pretty hard to find it. been calling a few shops and they dont really carry this size. Thanks in advance! looking at michelin or bridgestone. or if theres any recommendations! thanks!
  9. MacDuck

    Michelin XM2

    http://www.michelin.com.my/tyre/patetail Is it available in SGP yet?
  10. No more flats: Michelin and GM to bring airless tires to passenger cars by 2024 Sources: https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/michelin-and-gm-aim-to-bring-airless-tires-to-passenger-cars-by-2024/ Plenty of things can go wrong when you’re driving a car, though thankfully the vast majority of trips go without a hitch. Tire punctures, for example, are a real headache, but thanks to a collaboration between Michelin and General Motors (GM), the deflating experience could soon be a thing of the past. Following years of research, Michelin announced this week that it’s ready to hit the road with UPTIS, its “unique puncture-proof tire system,” and is partnering with GM for real-world trials using Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles. Testing starts this year and if all goes well, airless tires could be coming to a passenger car near you as early as 2024. The tire’s all-important rib design is located between the aluminum wheel and the outer tread. It comprises a composite rubber and high-strength resin-embedded fiberglass material that offers plenty of give and durability. The tire is essentially a more advanced version of the Tweel, another airless design that Michelin unveiled nearly 15 years ago. Early issues with Michelin’s airless tires included excess noise and vibration compared to conventional designs, but fortunately these problems have since been overcome. AdvantagesAirless tires offer a number of advantages over the traditional design. For example, the elimination of annoying flats and potentially dangerous blowouts will lead to a reduction in waste products — Michelin puts the saving at 2 million tons a year — as fewer tires would be scrapped before reaching the end of their life cycle. They’ll also reduce the use of raw materials, energy for production, and emissions linked to the manufacture of spare and replacement tires that will no longer be required. And by ending the need to carry a spare tire, cars will also be lighter and therefore more efficient. Airless tires will also help businesses managing fleets of vehicles to run a more efficient operation as there’ll be no time lost to flats and general tire maintenance that includes inspections for damage and pressure checks. Testing the tire with the Chevrolet Bolts will put the design through its paces over an extended period, allowing engineers to see how well it handles a range of surfaces and challenging weather conditions. Looking at this latest development, Michelin’s long-running interest in airless tires looks like it could soon pay off.
  11. Hi all , Recently have tried this new Pirelli P Zero PZ4 ,,,,perform well during raining days ...so try to recommend to bro here ... I understand this tyres have new design .... And the tyres thread looks quite similar to Michelin PSS ..to have good grip ... Here is some link i can find from the website, .... http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/The-New-Pirelli-P-Zero-Launched.htm https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/testDisplay.jsp?ttid=214
  12. Ender

    Michelin Guide Singapore

    Surprise no one posted this yet. It was announced today. I guess this bibgourmand is less prestigious than the star award?? https://guide.michelin.sg/bibgourmand2016
  13. Crazy_turtle

    Feedback on Michelin PS3

    Hi Just wanted to share my bad experience with these tyres. I drive a Volvo V60. My stock tyres were the Michelin Primacy which lasted me 2 years. After reading reviews online I decided to try the PS3, 17inch 45. Changed in Mar this year, did balancing and alignment, all at Kim Hoe. Tyres never felt better than the stock tyres, maybe its just not right for the V60. A lot of flexing, even without hard cornering. Threads gone by end of Sep, after only 6 months and 12k. And yes I made sure that the pressures were regularly checked Just changed to the P7. Fingers crossed Very very bad experience. I owned cars for the last 14 years and this was the worst ever experience To be fair to Kim Hoe, I chose these on my own but boy was I wrong and just to make clear, this is just my honest experience.
  14. Bencheong

    Michelin PSS vs Conti CSC5

    Any bro know the esimate price for above mention tire and review? I'm looking at 235/45-18. Contemplating between Conti csc5 and Mic pss, looking for better grip and low noise. Thanks.
  15. As above... 1. Bridgestone RE001 2. DZ101 3. Michelin PS3 For those who have used at least 2 of these, which ones have the: 1- Stiffest sidewall 2- BEST wet weather grip 3- POSITIVE steering feedback in all conditions I don't care about comfort levels, etc etc, only these three things.. I've used 3 sets of RE001s for nearly 4 years over 2 different cars (a Getz and then my current Lancer Ralliart as my daily driver), so kinda lost touch with the rest of the tyre range My last set of RE001s lasted exactly a year (time to change this week) when I clocked about 55,000km so that gives you an idea of the sort of driver I am. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks :)
  16. Aspri

    Michelin Primacy LC

    Has anyone tried the Michelin Primacy LC tyres? I tried a few shops and were told that it's not ready available yet (to be launched in August). However, the website is already displaying the tyre as available and I can't get through Michelin's line to clarify and confirm. I think it has been launched in Malaysia so if anyone has got it, I wouldn't mind to hear from you about the tyres. Thank you in advance!
  17. Surf2004

    Michelin Primacy 3 ST

    Hi, anyone tried this new tyre ? Feedback please. Thanks !
  18. Hi guys Tires reaching 3 years old and I'm looking for something at least on the same level of the F1D5, or a good upgrade to it. My tire size is 195/50/15, and I'm looking for good cornering and grip. Comfort and sound levels don't matter to me. I was looking at Michelin PS3, PS4, and the ContinentalSportContact 5. Is the PSS too out of my league? Also, I've wanted to try Hankook RS2, but apparently its already EOL, and the RS3 does not have my size. Seeking the help and advice of tire gurus here for which is the best upgrade to my F1D5. Thanks!
  19. Will be changing my tyres soon (2 year plus) and currently running on PS3s (205/55/16). Been looking at the P7 and lowest price is $145 each. At the same time doing my home work on the new GR-100 which is $170 each. Anyone on P7s and GR-100s would like to give their reviews?
  20. Anyone has tried on the the above? I have read up tyrereview and tirerack and couldn't come to a decision. I am currently on CSC3. Initially I was set on PS3 due to its handling better than CSC3 tilll I saw the results on Assy2. The thing tt won me over was the braking distance in both wet and dry. Not only tt, it has lower rolling resistance than PS3. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2012-...raking-Test.htm This I thought is quite applicable to our climate. Anyone has any encounters with the sidewall crack on GY Assy2? Thanks for your inputs.
  21. I intend to change my tyre for my odyssey to Michelin PS3 215/55/R17 Any user pls share your thoughts on its performance and the noise level. Appreciate the feedback
  22. which will you choose for longevity and performance? 19" pss is about 420/p don't know about the price for the f1a2 I have used f1a2 and like the overall performance albeit the soft side walls. and rather noisy after 5k km?
  23. Francois Michelin, who led the eponymous French tyre group for nearly half a century, died at the age of 88, the Clermont-Ferrand-based company said on Wednesday (Apr 29). CNA
  24. Ihave10cats

    Michelin PSC2 in racing

    Hi has any racer here experience Michelin PSC2 in the racing track before? I heard that it has improved a lot from pilot sport cup. Though its pricey but I think it really serve the purpose on track. How do you feel about it?
  25. Just need to know the difference between so called PI (European) and Dealer made PS3s... The price difference between them is a whooping $40 (South East Tyres)... I believe that most PS3 users are on the PI version... The guy over the phone told me that the Thai made are manufactured factoring the local weather and all... Any comments about the difference between the 2?