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Found 66 results

  1. anyone can recommend me where to go for automotive paradise in tokyo or yokohama ?? Looking for a place where there are many accessories and automotive related items to shopping ( tokyo or yokohama area ) !!
  2. Just changed to set of 4. $480. Made in Japan. Not many reviews in SG. Anyone on this model?
  3. JJaassoonn

    Yokohama BluEarth-RV-02

    Dear all, Any comment on the new launch Yokohama Tyre https://www.yokohama-online.com/Tyres/Car-Tyres/SUV-Off-Road-Tyres/(product)/RV02
  4. Just wanna to share this video clip I come across. The tests was conducted by Auto-Zone from Taiwan sometime ago. They took 4 types of eco tyres - Michellin, Bridgestone, Yokohama Bluearth and Maxxis to test their grips on wet/dry conditions, brake effectiveness & fuel saving, etc. The end result Yokohama Bluearth AE50 is best among the other 3 - see attached result. See below the video clip last for 33 minutes and in mandarin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qff1Bt7hk6c
  5. Deckbuild

    Yokohama Advan db ES551

    Anyone tried or currently using this tyres? Quiet and comfy? Any comparison btw this and CC5?
  6. Hi, going to Yokohama, is it better to fly via Tokyo-narita or haneda airport .?? Narita is like super far...I think 2hr to Yokohama... Haneda nearer ??
  7. Hi everyone, I was quoted $135/pc for 4 pieces of Yokohama DNA DB ES501 205/60/16 tyres. Inclusive of balancing and installation, GST not included yet. Is this price reasonable? Or will I be able to secure a better price elsewhere? thank you,
  8. Please advice the noise level generated if we compare: Yokohama Earth 1 EP 400 Japan made (Grip like S-Drive, Sound Generated like DB ES 501) Vs Michelin Pilot Sports 3 (Thai). http://global.yokohamatire.net/products/passenger_asia.html http://www.michelin.com.sg/tyre/patterndet...Car/pilotsport3
  9. heard Yokohama EP400 is supper fuel saver tyer anyone used it and kindly give feedbacks?
  10. anyone know which model of brand compare against another brand model ?? like AD08 equivalent to toyo R888 etc .......
  11. Hi guys, Car's due for a tyre change, currently using stock Goodyear Duragrip. Shop recommended Yokohama Earth-1, what do you guys thing about this tyre? Another model I'm considering is Michelin XM2. Earth-1 is a little pricey, $150 each for 195/55/R15.
  12. Could any of the bros/sis advice on the current average price for Yokohama S. Drive (205/55/16)? I'm about to change my tires soon. Thanks.
  13. If there's only these 2 tyres to choose from for the size that I want, which one is better? Have anyone used these 2 tyres? Thanks!
  14. Both are comfort based tyres & made-in-Japan. Hard decision to make. Which would you choose in terms of overall comfort and good grip in the wet and dry for normal driving in a 1600cc saloon? Toyo Proxes CF1 http://www.toyojapan.com/tires/pattern/pxc...rn/pxcf1_01.jpg Yokohama DNA dB ES501 http://pitstop.------.com/idb_view_item.php?iid=143
  15. Pinkypink

    Super Autobacs in Yokohama

    Autobacs is probably one of the most successful one-stop automotive centre where you can get various parts and accessories or give your car a servicing or a tyre change. The one in Singapore is of course of similar concept but there's just something different about coming to the one in Japan. I was in Yokohama last week and I had to stop by Super Autobacs! This is where your car gets its dosage of cleaning and checking. The lobby of Super Autobacs is full of tyres. Customers waiting as they watch their cars being serviced. Want an ice cream during the winter? There was a Mitsubishi i MieV being charged! Electric vehicles the next trend? 'Park' your kids here while you go up and shop for your car! This is the second level where you can find ALL the parts and accessories you need for your car - from a sticker on the windscreen to a blow-off valve. Here's the aftermarket section - think it used to be a lot bigger than before:( Popularity of tuning cars has seen a dip in Japan apparently! It was interesting to see how Autobacs is done up in Japan. As usual I bought a whole load of stickers - I love stickers!
  16. Pinkypink

    What's your Top Secret?

    A visit to TOP SECRET wasn't planned so it was a huge and pleasant surprise when I saw it along the way to the strawberry farm and asked to stop by. (I was in Chiba on the last day of my week-long trip to Japan.) If you didn't know by now, TOP SECRET Performance Engineering is a Japanese car tuning company located in Chiba, Japan and is known for its GOLD trademark colour for its cars. The boss Kazuhiko
  17. Free Yokohama Tool Box Instantly Yours Simply participate in the Earth 1 Contest by answering 1 question, register as a forum member and contribute 2 postings. The tool box is instantly yours! Check it out! www.yhiforum.com.sg
  18. Hi, selling off my Advanti rims and almost new Yokohama S-drive tyres at $200. Condition is that i need the set of tyres from the buyer's car. Stock is ok, tyres best to be relatively new. My tyres are less than 6 mths, less than 10 km mileage. Just change in april but wife found the tyres to be noisy and less comfortable ride, hence want to sell. The performane and grip is good, esp in wet weather. Tyre size 185/55/r15/82v. Call me at 91128985 if interested.
  19. 195/65/R15 with Original Nissan Sports Rim (4x100). Fresh from my new ride, sms me at 96802439. Car yet to be collected, in few days.
  20. As per topic Which will you choose? Your review is greatly appreciated. Regards
  21. Ok guys, be prepared to pay more for your rubber - I meant rubber that is worn on your car Yokohama Rubber Co. recently announced that it would increase the export price of tire products effective January 2010. The price increase applies to all exported tire products for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks, buses, and vehicles for construction and industry. The domestic market is spared from the price hike. The maximum markup is around 15 percent, with even larger markup applied to specific regions and products. Reason given for the price hike is that Yokohama is unable to absorb the increase in prices of natural rubber and crude oil products anymore. I did some research on the internet and found that Goodyear, the world's largest tire maker, has raised the prices of it's products in North America by 6 percent in November 2009 to offset higher raw material costs. Hence, it seems like all tire makers will soon follow the footstep of Yokohama. The chart above shows the movement of the crude oil price over the past one year. Indeed, it is showing an upward trend and I would expect the trend to continue as the economy picks up further in the coming year. It looks like drivers have to be prepared to fork out more for their tires in the coming year. For those who are intending to replace the footwear for their ride, do make your way to your nearest tire shop real quick.
  22. Vinceng

    Dunlop or Yokohama Tyre?

    Please advise which tyre is better. My driving style is normal sedated driving. No fast corners. Good grip & road holding, especially in the wet is my priority. I am surprised the Japan made Dunlop is cheaper than the Thai made Yokohama. Dunlop EC201 http://pitstop.------.com/idb_view_item....d=121&bid=0 http://www.tyrepac.com.sg/Form/B2C/Home.as...amp;source=Home Yokohama AA01 http://www.yokohama.com.au/ourtyres/tyre.aspx?tyreid=202 http://www.tyrepac.com.sg/Form/B2C/Home.as...amp;source=Home
  23. Santa

    Yokohama parada spec x

    hi those who are looking for suv replacement - give a look at this just changed it few days. despite agressive thread pattern - it is as quiet as michellin. very comfortable ride as well and handling through bend offer much more traction is made in japan. reading from usa website, most commented it can last till above 30,000km for suv.
  24. Tubecreamer

    Yokohama AC01

    any bros' ride on Yokohama AC01. Website specs are very good le. How does it compare with RE01 and Eagle F1? http://www.tyrepac.com/Form/B2C/Home.aspx?...amp;source=Home Btw, which workshop give good price for yoko? any lobangs?
  25. Soya

    New Yokohama AVS DB

    Anyone running these tyres? Comments & feedback? The thread pattern looks different to the AVS DB found in US sites. btw, thot the thread pattern looks quite similar to the Yoko A500 DB, which has been omitted from the current product range.