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  1. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    You will need a GFC to push CAT A COE prices down to $2 and it happened only once in 2008. The prices quickly went back up to $5k range and stabilizes at $10k-20k region. The boom back up to $50k came in less than 2 years and within 4 years things are closer to $100k.
  2. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    I agree too, dealers don't really fear the economic conditions as you can see in the 100% over-subscription in CAT E (this is the category whereby almost 100% of bidders are dealers). CAT A and CAT B are weaker because there is a NRIC attached to every bid in these two categories. Buyers sentiment is not as hot but dealers are taking advantage of the cooling down situation and the confirmed quota cut in the coming 4 years to grab some CAT E for their CNY marketing/sales/promotion.
  3. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    This means dealers are very bullish about demand and with the pending COE quota cut after 2nd round of COE bidding results in October, supply will further shrink in Nov/Dec/Jan quarter. This coincide with pre-CNY delivery of cars so dealers are rushing in to take advantage of the low COE prices right now (due to fears of further deteriorating economic conditions). I would say dealers who got Cat E COE this round are shrewd business people. 40% over-subscribed for CAT A and CAT B and almost 100$ over-subscribed for CAT E. Demand seemed strong.
  4. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of September 2019

    COE quota cut for the next 16 quarters is confirmed. The supply will keep tightening, this alone should keep COE prices stable and on the uptrend. If the US China trade war gets resolved by this year and Trump successfully engineers a stock market boom during the election campaign then be prepared for drastic upward movement of COE prices in 2020.
  5. Civicblade

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    It is indeed value for money if you don't mind the lack of road presence due to its compact exterior size. Interior room for driver and passengers is on par with most small sedans in the market. Fit fits my needs (in Singapore, car ownership is really a want not a need) and I cannot justify spending more than $80k for a new car when the 2016 Honda Jazz 1.5 only cost me $18k brand new down under.
  6. Civicblade

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Late 2018 Honda Fit Hybrid. Still running in with less than 4000km. 100% city driving (red lights to red lights, stop start and stop start and lots of idling on battery power while waiting to pick up family) = 17.5km/l 25% highway and 75% city = 21.5 km/l 50% highway and 50% city = 23.5km/l Frequently had to park at level 4 of the MSCP doesn't help the fuel consumption as I make frequent short trips (up to 10 entries and exits from the MSCP) throughout the day as the family's taxi driver (pick up kids, pick up wife from MRT station, pick up and drop off parents.. etc). Pumped around 33 litres of petrol after low fuel lights up and can easily travel 700km before the low fuel light starts showing again. I don't keep track of the fuel consumption of all of my previous cars as petrol cost is only a small fraction of the family's expenditure but with the hybrid and most recent cars, it is very easy to retrieve the the fuel consumption figures based on the trip-o-meter. Very happy with the low fuel consumption and this is not a slow mini. It is pretty quick to launch at the lights with 0-100km/h in under 8.2s). Superb value for money for the price I paid.
  7. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of August 2019

    The real action starts after 345pm .. during every single bidding.
  8. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of March 2019

    A: $27499 B: $39999 The real action always starts from 1550hrs.
  9. Civicblade

    2014 Honda Jazz / Fit (GK Series)

    I would recommend the Fit Hybrid instead of the 1.5l NA Jazz. The hybrid is much quicker to accelerate and you will not feel the lack of power in most driving situations. The 1.5l non-hybrid is competent but the power difference between the petrol only and the hybrid is very significant when you get behind the wheel. If you are getting the hybrid, make sure you get a good head unit with android auto. Premium after market head units (full LCD display) from Kenwood and Pioneer feels more responsive than the Honda stock head unit. The only gripe I have of the hybrid that I can think of is the rear drum brakes. Braking efficiency is still very good with the drum but it just look odd when you have alloy wheels on. The drum brakes remind me of my 2001 Honda Civic ES5 (almost 20 years on and Honda is still using drum brakes!). This shows the amount of cost cutting Honda needs to perform on the Fit Hybrid to make it economical enough to entice Japanese to buy it. The saving grace of the drum brakes is its longevity. The amount of brake friction material is much higher in the drum brake shoes than the disc brake pads. This means the drum brakes will effectively last much longer and coupled with electromagnetic braking (recharging of drive battery). the rear brake drum shoes may well last the life time of the car in Singapore (10 years COE). The relatively low cost of the Fit and other 7speed DCT hybrids resulted in the popularity of this range of Honda hybrids in the emerging markets (sub-continent, SE Asia etc). A big win for Honda in the emerging markets.
  10. Civicblade

    Mass shooting in NZ, Christchurch outside 2 mosques

    Maybe you don't have a conclusion. I don't really know. I am still curious as to why you asked that question after quoting the paragraphs from Ingenius.
  11. Civicblade

    Mass shooting in NZ, Christchurch outside 2 mosques

    How did you ever come to this conclusion that Ingenius (which you have quoted) was implying that New Zealand is a backward corrupted country? There was nothing in the quoted section that can lead any reader to this conclusion. I am curious as to why you would pose this question to Ingenius?
  12. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    My sentiments exactly. Get in and secure your COE now.. haha.
  13. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    VES is a scheme to push/pull buyers to adopt cars that are less polluting. VES is not meant for vehicle population control. It is to control the emission and therefore directly linked to the air quality that we enjoy.. or sometimes don't enjoy when there are forest fire banning in Indonesia or during peak hour traffic when there are more emissions from vehicles.
  14. Civicblade

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of March 2019

    Singapore is definitely a developed country with a world class public transport system. The good public transport system is why cars can be priced high as most people can get by with the cheap and efficient public transport system. If you make a necessity item in life (of the majority) unaffordable, it will result in a revolt sooner or later. The fact that Singapore is a very stable democracy points to the fact that car ownership is not a necessity here and that the alternative such as public transport, taxi or private hire are affordable and gets people to where they want to be.
  15. Civicblade

    Budget 2019!

    The lady who posted her comment isn't gutsy, she is just ignorant. Anyone can criticise the government's policy. Citizens are free to criticise the government policies. Just look at the amount of chatter online and talks/gathering/speeches held at Hong Lim Park on a weekly basis. Criticising the government does not make you gutsy, an involved citizenry involves criticism of government when policies are not right and the results are bad for the country. Many others have replied and answered the ignorant lady's questions/comments. Her questions were answered in parliament by the ministers if she happen to read the parliamentary transcripts or watch CNA's videos on the proceedings of Parliament.