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  1. Pocus

    stealing plants in front of cctv

    At first I read the title as "stealing panties in front of cctv" 😛 perhaps the guy had plant fetish...
  2. Air con is one of the main killers or electricity. We practice to on AC while sleeping for 2 to 3 hours only and turn of the fan after that. Save us quite a lot.
  3. Pocus

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    I think this case is totally the opposite of Aloy Pang's case of any recent cases we have in the SAF. In SAF at least we strife to be as safe as possible with all the process and TSRs to avoid as much risk as possible. Alas the accidents that followed are due to negligence or complacency. For the MAF case, it is a blatant disregard of safely at all levels with zero risk assessment at all. It's like they are thinking that bullets have eyes or they truly think they are super garang and really invincible. To make matters worst, it is a mass demonstration with spectators and such. If the bullets don't hit the commando actors, surely they should be worried if one stray round hits the spectators right? I know someone mentioned the professional forces around the world are trained with live rounds and so on too, but they trained professionally in a controlled situation, pretty much like how we trained. In fact if you search further, netizens from foreign armies are also WTFing on this news and on the use of live rounds in a open spectator demo too. 101 things can go wrong and it's like they had it coming with that slack safe culture. As what professional soldiers would say. The worst death are training deaths because to die even before going into combat is a total waste of life and the suffering put into the training. And to make things worst this not even death during training.
  4. Pocus

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    2nd hand issit? If not then it's a serious malfunction. Maybe airflow sensor. They better check properly before pointing fingers. Else SPC can sue them for spreading fake news... Anyway I checked the Qashqai thread, many mentioned pumping SPC 95 and 98 without highlighting issues.
  5. Pocus

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    I tot it's your fren car? Your cooling coil gone liao, leaking gas (hence the hissing sound) and need to be replaced. If it's out of warranty go fix. More Jap cars should cost around 400+...
  6. Pocus

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Still driving the Elantra. The Skoda replaces the XT.
  7. Pocus

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    If my previous few cars with sensitive turbo engines can take SPC, any car can. If the Qashqai really cannot take it, Nissan can close shop. My bet is poor maintenance from your fren.
  8. Pocus

    The SIAN has arrived!?!?

    See the design after a few days very sian...
  9. Pocus

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    My experience on cars with real world FCs based on SG roads. I add horsepower figure to see the effect of power and FC. You all see the lower BP doesn't mean the most efficient. 2003 Toyota Vios (1st gen) - 12.5 to 14km/l, 109bhp 2005 Suzuki Swift - 11 to 12.5km/l, 101bhp 2008 Mitsubishi Colt Version R - 10 to 12km/l, 154bhp 2015 SJG Subaru Forester XT - 7.4 to 9.8km/l, 239bhp 2017 Hyundai Elantra - 11.2 o 12.6km/l, 126bhp 2019 Skoda RS245 - 7.2 to 10km/l, 241bhp
  10. Pocus

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Guys I think you all get me wrong. Consistent means they didn't really improve much or regress much over the 10 years. Its status quo for them. Growing means they have grown in the past 10 years. So as for Honda, I meant they are still growing ever bigger compared to where they are 10 years ago. So if Honda is already bigger than Subaru or Mazda 10 years ago, it means they have grown even bigger and better than before now.. Which is what I think based on your examples that you agree too !
  11. Pocus

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Sure no problem, all this is my opinion anyway.. But I'd like to hear your perspective and argument on this and why your views differ from me .
  12. Pocus

    Most Improved Car Brands

    They used to have the trajet. Now their MPV comes under the guise of the Santa Fe.
  13. Pocus

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Cos their Lancer failed miserably in the market against competitors worldwide. It all started with their GDI Lancers in the early 2000s. The massive recalls of the failed GDI engine worldwide put a dent in the lancer name and never recovered since. Sure we get the Lancer GLX which is popular here due to the price, but it did not sell well in other parts of the world due to the old engine and design. (Which we dun feel it due to our trend) The Lancer EX is worst. While it's okay sales here, its non existence in Japan due to the poor reputation. Our market is too small to influences anything. Many model is successful here but fail elsewhere and vice versa. Eg. Turbo Forester XT is successful here but a failure in japan and Australia due to the price. People rather pay 2k more for an X3. Hence its discontinued. The 1.0 turbo Swift is lukewarm here but very successful in Australia cos people rather save 3k on the swift than to buy the more expensive honda jazz.
  14. Pocus

    Women Almost Got Killed at Little India MRT

    With the ridiculous fine amount of $5000, no one will press even if there is death...
  15. Pocus

    Most Improved Car Brands

    I'm have no visibility on Kia over the past 10 years as I did no follow their progress closely. Same for many other brands like Volvo, BMW, Jaguar, Perodua, etc.... so i won't pass judgement on them. Perhaps you can share your insights on Kia?