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  1. Pocus

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    Someone is learning from old tactics...
  2. What kind of article is this? You want to complain car parking of recommend the dim sum place?
  3. No windows OS is affected lah, not even Windows 95. It's the older DOS and UNIX systems that are affected. Anyway this Y2K bug is a big thing then, I was still in NS. Our unit was up on Standby in case the Y2K bug really wreck havoc. Whole battalion burned that weekend and on 4MTM alert. We were wearing vest slacks all the thing with boots on. Know our weekend is burned, our CO was quite welfare then. He arranged to have a large screen setup in parade square (by contractors, not us sai kang warriors) so we can all gather and watch the countdown past midnight. Before that there were some movie screenings too (can't remember what show but I know I seen before and it's boring) and western food was indented for dinner. (was a big deal then cos army food sucks) 20 years ago still young, innocent, without commitments or relationship(me) and even though NS was shiong, mentally more relaxed than now.
  4. Pocus

    Star Wars EPIX: Rise of skywalker

    I agree with your rating of 3 to 3.5/5 as an entertaining movie by itself. As a trilogy it fails to properly connect to "The Last Jedi", probably cos EP8 is the most controversial SW movie to date and The current EP9 is like a damage control. As a casual SW fan, there are some nitpicks, closure and answered questions too. I'm going into the spoilers now, please do not click unless you've watch the movie Yeah so that's about it for what I feel. Overall Disney played safe here and I have that Disney vibe on positivity there.
  5. Pocus

    Where are you now...

    I feel honor I was paged. I have not faded. My participation to MCF has always been high and low over the decade(joined since 2003 I think) depending on my free time, my family and my lifestyle. But I have to admit there are other platforms that took away some of my time. I'm more active in my own car chat groups, netflix and various fb interest groups, but MCF is still the place I will fall back to at times. Heck it's still in my mobile wallpaper bookmark! But my forum habit is, I used to check on the threads I participate in the past as the old forum list them. Now not anymore so I lost track of my past activities and hence visit less. Having this feature back would be easier for me to participate in the forum.
  6. Pocus

    2018 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 Turbo

    Yeah got, maybe in fairytales. Or maybe he confuse "heavier" with "more powerful". Think the closest competitor is the Hyundai i30 1.4T liao but with that weight, the power-to-weight ratio and power-to-torque ratio simply cannot match up with the zc33s. The only thing it wins hands down is the cabin space and boot space but if that's the priority you should look elsewhere with alot of space, like an Avante or something. At 87k I think it's a cheapest car with best torque to weight ratio with a decent century sprint timing.... a competent warm hatch...
  7. Pocus

    Big tree fell at orchard during todays rain

    Can see from the pic, there's a white car at the right most lane. luckily the trunk didn't fall on anyone.
  8. Don't get confused. This 7 speed DSG is the same wet clutch used by the Golf R. NOT THE 7 speed dry DSG typically mated to the 1.4TSI engines. Max safe torque it can handle is 420nm, more than enough for the 370nm engine. But I agree with the reviewer.....those damn cup holders!!
  9. Pocus

    Nissan new sporty sedan launched

    Ok perhaps this is s bad example as 0-100 at 7.5 is considered fast for me. But you get the drift.... those CHR out there..
  10. Pocus

    Nissan new sporty sedan launched

    Nowadays people dun care about numbers or power. Look sporty can liao even if it take 15sec to reach 100kmh. Like this Nissan Note I saw in Japan. Looks at least 200bhp..
  11. My army fren, no money. I lend him 500 which is my 1 mth NS pay to settle his home financial problem. No sound till ORD.. Years later, FB post he have car liao and happy married...
  12. Pocus

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    This reminds me of an old incident long time back when I was a kid. Yaohan in Plaza Sing was having a sale in their store and advertised their sale items in Straits Times. One item that caught my eyes is the SEGA Game Gear. The Original price of the handheld was around $450 and the store was offering it for $37!! I told my dad and we decided to check out Plaza Sing on the item. When we reach there alas the items sold out and the store poster masked the item off. After i heard that it was a printing error and the offer price is supposed to be $370. The morning queue was mad and Yaohan actually honor the errored price for the first few customers before announced sold out!! Those first few really had the best deal...
  13. Pocus

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    so you got the gauge too? was still hoping to reprogram the console if possible...
  14. Pocus

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Care to share how you got the meters and lap timers back? They reprogrammed for you?