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Found 188 results

  1. Lycanthrope

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    Hi guys those who bought CX5 ..please come in and comment on ur ride ... good or bad ..please Thanks
  2. crazythen

    2020 Mazda CX5

    Bump! Potential CX5 owner here. Any tips on avg monthly maintenance / insurance / road tax etc cost on top of depreciation - over time? Doing some family budgeting on top of Paying the monthly hire purchase loan. After warranty expiry, any potential mega servicing cost eg. gear box, timing belt, etc replacement which will cost a bomb? thanks.
  3. Thaiyotakamli

    All about Ho Ching posts

    Let me start with her post
  4. Lycanthrope

    Subaru Outback ...any comments

    Subaru Outback 2010 version .... anyone owns it , tested it ??? please give comments .. looks kinda good looking chap
  5. Hi all, Hunting 2nd car, as the topic, kindly feedback in term of FC, power, reliability, etc
  6. Seeking comments from the bros and sistas here, are OSIM massage chairs any good? I have a bad back and have been looking for a remedy... Been trying the OSIM chairs, seems quite good but damm ex leh. Anyone here bought? Good/bad experience? Durability? Servicing? Compared to OTO or OGAWA? If anyone can share lobang, that will be GREAT TOO!! hehe I'm looking at the UYoyo...but $5k man...heartpain to spend that much ...
  7. Hi,currently using Liberty Insurance coming to a year soon,so far no claim.. Need to renew in 2 months time,need to know does any bro have any good/bad experence with them.. Would appreciate any comments to help me in whether continuing with them or shop for others.. Thanks..
  8. Hi all, I am interested to buy a Toyota Harrier, any owner out there to give valuable comments? And any good PI to recommend? Thanks
  9. Sibeh no common sense, this pastry shop. No matter what negative feedback customers give you, just thank them for their valued comments and promise to improve so as to serve them better in future. In fact the reply letter can be saved as a standard template. Source Online Only - You mean bloggers can't speak their minds? Letter from Kaelyn Ong 07:30 PM Oct 12, 2009As an avid food blogger, I share my dining experiences (whether good or bad) with my readers. Sometimes, I would also send an email to the restaurants after dining there to offer my thanks and feedback. That was what I did after visiting a local pastry boutique (I will not disclose its name at this point. It will be referred to as "X"). I praised X on its boutique decor and also commented that the desserts can be further improved on. The next day, I was shocked and disappointed to read X's reply. To cut a long email short, the gist is that she has referred my blog url to her legal consultant and wanted me to remove my post within 24hours to avoid any legal proceedings, if any. I was appalled by this and hence, decided to write to this forum as I believe this raised interesting questions that may be of interest to your readers. 1. Are local F&B players that unreceptive to negative feedback? I can understand that owners will naturally be defensive towards their business but criticisms are only meant to spur them on to improve further and add value. If feedback is not appreciated, then won't all the emphasis on good customer service be for naught? In the email, X accused me of influencing the readers and creating a misconception of its reputation. I highly doubt that X's email to me would be the same if I have written a fabulous review on them. Wouldn't that be hypocritical since I can also "influence" others with my good comments? 2. In recent years, food bloggers have been making a splash in the local dining scene. The more established ones have been invited to food tastings by restaurants, all in the hope of attracting more customers. As such, are food bloggers only "allowed" to write raving reviews and avoid negative ones? It disturbed me greatly that X actually wants me to remove my post just because it was not a glowing review. What does this say about free speech then? If bloggers are not permitted to speak their minds without being threatened by potential lawsuits, then what is the point of blogging? Of course, this is on the assumption that bloggers are socially responsible in viewing their views online for all to see. And has this type of incidents happened to other food bloggers before and they have not spoke up about it? Of course, I did not remove the post on X as I believe that nothing I posted can be construed as being libel. Not once did I say any derogatory remarks or discourage readers not to visit X. There is also a disclaimer on my blog saying that all comments are based on personal preference. I have replied X's email yesterday but there has been no reply since. This letter is definitely not a complaint. I am just concerned with this issue and would like to know what the public thinks about it. Food blogging is just a personal interest for many of us; it takes time, effort and commitment to maintain a blog. Page 1 of 1
  10. This is at Beach Road turning left to Raffles Blvd towards Suntec. Taxi did not follow lane, nevermind. Stop liao, honk liao, let him go. NVM. Case closed. Best part... lao hero in Vios honked from behind, cut in front of me, then stop on the right started staring and gesturing at me. What is your view?
  11. Hi bros anyone use this tyres b4? If yes is the comfort,noise and wet grip ok? Looking for new tyres for replacement soo looking around and hankook k415 seems value for money as now got 30% discount and seems to be decent tyres from reviews of bros here.
  12. Lycanthrope

    Volvo V60 -Comments

    hi guys anyone own Volvo V60 ?? please leave comments here ... thanks
  13. Hi, Guys have you ever made a review on a workshop in SGCarMart.com that happened to be negative? if yes, do you have this error message: You rating/comment has not been added. You may not rate and comment on a merchant more than once within 3 months Notes » You should only leave a feedback for this merchant if you have purchased their product or service. » Refrain from using explicit languages. Anymembers found utilising such language will be banned. » Support your feedback with actual examples or experience. » Please only post constructive reviews/comments about this merchant. » Questions should be directed to the merchant via their email/phone and not posted here Read the full review policy here.
  14. Kar_lover

    Any comments on HTC One M8?

    Hi All Thinking of getting this phone to replace my S4 for a change of environment. Anyone here using it yet? How is the camera? The so-called ultrapixel camera in the original HTC One was the deal breaker for me. I wonder if there is any improvement.... Any comments/reviews will be welcomed!
  15. TangoElite

    Racist comments on Facebook.

    http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_486243.html let this be a warning for those who have been blatantly posting such comments in MCF. there is only a fine line separating stereotyping and racists, thread carefully and watch your fingers, for hiding behind the keyboard wont make you safe from landing in changi hotel those who think that you are guilty or might be in trouble, i guess it is still not too late to go back and delete your previous posts or comments, before you find someone knocking on your door...
  16. Been pretty interested in this old baby Benz for quite some time, anyone got comments on it such as its reliability, performance(if any) and FC? Would consider only models from the early 90s not late 80s. Much appreciated
  17. Hi, Saw this 2008 Mitsubishi ek wagon at dealer turf city, anyone have any comments on this car. Some said it uses the same engine and part as Mitsubishi I.
  18. I am sending my second hand Lexus IS250 for a respray to same color which is Pearl White, now i am contemplating whether to spray the roof Black or not, just like to seek the views of people here. Do you think it's nice or rice?
  19. Hi there, Being surfing and ponder to get Sony XAV-64BT earlier. But i was wavered when i saw Alpine ICS-X8. The features seems cool and very driver friendly in terms of shortcuts like Blue Tooth with phone book mapping, auto answer feature, steering wheel remote, mirror link, etc. Does anyone out there own this unit? I am using an Android phone and this seems to work well in this unit. I am concerned about the GPS navigation as this unit does not support in-house and navigation works with a phone with GPS feature via mirror link. How stable is this feature and any bugs identified? Thank you.
  20. Guardsboy

    Comments on Bridgestone B250

    Hi, Anyone used the Bridgestone B250 ? Hows the feedback ? A shop quoted me $120 for 195/65/R15. Thanx
  21. Huggable

    Comments on Optra Estate

    Hi all, I'm considering the Optra Estate to cater for my growing family. The Estate (manual) looks like a good deal, but without ABS and airbags. The Estate (auto) has better equipment/features, but the pricing would be a little steep. I can top up a few k to get the Impreza TS wagon (available in auto only), although the TS wagon would be smaller. The other wagons in the market (like Megane Scenic, Opel Astra Wagon, Focus wagon, 320 wagon, V40) are too expensive to be considered. Are there any major problems with the Optra Estate (M)? I've read some "it's like that" problems with other models, hence I'm very concerned about the after-sales of the car. What is the FC like, and the build/safety of the car?
  22. Dear Folks, Out of curosity, I attended a brief seminar by T3B recently. Has anyone used this system before? How effective is it as a stocks trading tool? Do share your experiences. Thanks.
  23. IMHO there's nothing wrong with what the teacher said and it was said in a very truthful and tactful manner.
  24. heard Yokohama EP400 is supper fuel saver tyer anyone used it and kindly give feedbacks?