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Found 63 results

  1. Wondering if any bro or sis here is driving the above vehicle, care to share the driving experience, comfort level etc etc. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Discoburg

    Car reviews by SGCM

    Just seen the SG Car martNissan Serena, Mini Cooper S clubman and the Mercedes G Wagon review videos in Youtube. Nice content and a bit funny also. Prefer the Jon guy over the short guy in the Nissan Serena video. https://www.youtube.com/user/SGCMVids/videos
  3. Throttle2

    Honda Crossroad - Reviews plse

    HI Fellas, Considering this for my wife to ferry the kids and general family use. Is it a friendly car to drive? What options are there? how is the turn radius and pick up ? how about general ergonomics? any special things to look out for? Thank you
  4. I just changed the tires few days ago , since they having a sale fast hand and legs got it installed ( my review since many donkey years back) it's quiet compare to my old p zero , prolly sidewall is bit softer vs italian , but comfort wise is not bad, grip is good and no screeching sound when corner hard . so far that's all i found out.
  5. http://www.motorreviewer.com/ Gain a little more knowledge about the engines in your rides. Disclaimer: Not all engines are covered.
  6. I am thinking with all these legislations, medical displinary councils, and all the money spent, won’t it be more efficient to create a body to track the outcomes of the patients of various Doctors? It is a step towards a value based healthcare where pay is linked directly to patient outcome but that is hard to do. One of the problems is that patients does not know who are the good Doctors. The government can set up an independent body to survey patients and track outcomes. Apply a consistent metric and make the information publicly available. It’s like word of mouth but regulated and much more reliable. It is also safer for Doctors as your practise is unlikely to be destroyed by one bad patient assuming u have lots of glowing reviews from other patients. Of course u have to start thinking about whether your patient will be happy after the treatment as now there is a stronger impact...
  7. NightStalker_za

    Short and sweet Short Performance reviews.

    Hi Guys, Got a little break from shooting reviews of Mahindra SUVs, The last one was a bit of a short notice cancellation. So I did a short review on my 2015 Renault Megane 1.6 DCi This video is a bit shorter so I need feedback please guys. 1) I need to know if you prefer the short videos or longer +- 6min videos. 2) should I skip the in depth walk around and go straight into the fun performance part and only after that do a quick walk around? Will appreciate any feedback. Here's the Megane 1.6DCi:
  8. Glyuen

    Chery QQ reviews ONLY

    Want to start a new thread about QQ for the benefit of all. The 20plus page thread on QQ has lots of OT and other comments. This thread is only for MCFers who have personally test-drove the QQ before and bother to give a detailed review. Pls keep it clean... For a start, I will extract posts from the 20plus page QQ thread over.
  9. CH_CO

    Reviews on Skoda cars

    Anyone driving skoda yeti or superb? Need a review on the two models as i am considering passing my fit to my sis and changing.
  10. Skyze

    Neomat Reviews

    Hi, I am currently searching for a new set of car mats for my car and zoomed in on 2 options: 1) A particular seller on Carousell with 15mm and 20mm coil type mats ($59.90) 2) Neomat which is selling more "atas" mats (laser cut 3D mats using PU leather I think) ($128). I found a lot of reviews for the Carousell mats but almost none for Neomat. Anyone used before and have any reviews?
  11. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/army-fake-reviews-online-taobao-amazon-tripadvisor-sales-10448454 marketing strategy or a scam? i dont mind getting paid $1,600 a month just from writing them though... usually before buying stuff on taobao/ezbuy i'll read through the reviews first. esp in the case of ezbuy, it's easy to spot real from fake reviews. usually genuine ones will have actual product photos. and i would prefer to read reviews weighing both the pros and cons. if company A has 20 good reviews, it may just look dubious. but in any case, take any reviews with a pinch of salt. especially items from taobao. one man's meat may be another man's poison. it's the same for bloggers/influencer. they are paid to advertise and endorse products from their sponsors, if not how are they going to earn? though there are genuine ones out there. you usually see the new "influencers" or the less popular ones being more eager to say niceties about their sponsors. those are the ones you should avoid.
  12. Thought I'd start this thread seeing the no of laptops i hv used over the years, numbering to abt 20. Used to be a desktop junkie until lappies gained the same power with the downsizing of the various parts. Here goes: Personal best of all time: Lenovo Thinkpad Damn good workhorse. Given to me by company T410. Got the one with the i5 chip and had the basics in it, and all. Excellent and bulletproof in design and the kb rocks. Upped the ram to 16GB and to a 500SSD, and it really serves me well. Have had it for close to 3 yrs now, and still my all time fav. Modular and can change abt every damn thing. It has kept it's reputation as a good corporate laptop and the battery life is supreme! Oni thing is damn heavy.... Next best: Toshiba Portege m900 Another good one that I use at home. Have had it for 5 yrs now and with minor tweaks like upping the RAM and the SSD replacement, still doing it's job and does the job. Good graphic capability and overall handles and multitasks seamlessly. Keyboard a little close for liking and tht gives it the no 2 spot cf the Thinkpad Current prototype testing: Macbook pro 2009 Solid and lives it's name in the overall handling of graphics tasks. On bootcamp and switch between Win7 and Mac OSx seamlessly. Again, the SSD/RAM change gives it that extra oomph where boot up times are 15s and shutdown times, 5s. Comfy feel overall and may take over the thinkpad later with more robust testing and the like. Had a few others, Acer, Hp, ASUS, all use n throw one side or donate to charity. The above 3 by far tops for me. Do share your experience with the various laptops you have owned and the MODs given to it.
  13. HP_Lee

    VW Jetta Reviews and Users

    Hi Members This thread mainly for VW Jetta comments... Happy reviews and contributions
  14. Hi reading articles on paint protection and came across these articles http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=148 http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=13952 http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3172 However, i don't seem to find any reviews on them. I wonder if any bros have had their cars detailed by either Brila or Sierra glow?
  15. Terrylmt

    Uncle Terry's Movie Reviews

    Just wanted to share my personal film reviews of shows that I have watched either on TV, Netflix or in the theatre. Hope these will help some of decide on what to watch during those wet, boring nights. Film title: Independence Day: Resurgence Film genre(s): Sci-fi, Action, Drama Rating: 2.5 out of 5 popcorns For those of you who can't get enough of Thor's real-life younger brother, Liam Hemsworth, from the Hunger Games, this is a great film with a lot more screen time of him. The story is a sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman. Whilst most of the original cast have returned to this sequel, except Will Smith, most of them returned only to be killed off at some point in the movie. This story picks up 20 years after the first, as they approach the 20th year of Independence Day. Earth has grown united, and evolved the alien technology harvested from the first attack to build defenses that would ward off any future inter-stellar attacks. Only it doesn't. There are no clear protaganists, but the antagonists remain the same feisty armoured aliens that want to drill the Earth to drain her core. This begs to question: there are at least five other planets before you reach Earth - why are we the only ones getting targeted? The introduction of the new "alien technology" that can kill them once and for all begs yet another question - if you have the technology to kill them, and already have saved people in a refugee planet to build those planets, why are you not mounting an attack or bringing some of those weapons with you to defend yourself? The whole storyline is flimsily stitched together in a haphazard manner that one can simply say that they made it for the sake of making it without giving much thought as to how to further develop the franchise. While not totally unwatchable, one can conclude that this was made just to fleece off the popularity of the first film to earn more money for the filmmakers. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk about.
  16. Posting on behalf of a fellow driver encountering a bad experience with PPS company. Fellow forummers, appreciate you for taking your precious time to read this post. Have posted pics as evidence for the claims. Note: This is a very long post!! Just want to share this awful and terrible experience of mine. My dad decided to do Paint Protection System (PPS) for his car hence I researched about various companies on before deciding on one. Settled with a company which name starts with G, which has loads of awards. Before I went there, the owner-operator was very patient and friendly in answering my questions. The PPS was done recently on 3rd September 2016 and till date around 2 weeks had passed. Throughout this 2 weeks, we only washed the car twice, first wash was 1 week after doing the pps and second one was on Thursday night. I found out that the front bumper was not coated because there were no usual effects of PPS seen on that paint area and upon close inspection, minor scratches and minor swirl marks at 4 door handles were clearly visible and not removed. Thus I texted him to inform him about this issue. Then there comes some messages that were deemed offensive to me. The Conversation goes like that: Owner-operator told us to go back to take a look and that the door handle have been coated. I know it has been coated but why were the swirls marks and scratches not removed in the first place? Did they just blindly coat the area without removing those? Prolly yes. Asked them what if still unable to rectify their issue despite going down, he said if harsh scratches who able to remove but clearly, the swirl marks and scratches are not really harsh. And FYI, I’ve engaged another detailer to remove it already. Moving on, he offered to respray for free too. So at this point, clearly I wouldn’t want to respray just those small parts because I’m afraid there will be two-toned colour. Hence, I made this casual remark of rather refund portion of the money than to waste the money on respraying. Here comes the most offensive part to me, he said “job was done properly blah blah” and at the last sentence of the message, he said “End of the day, the motive is obvious” I was like hello?? What for would we impose scratches for nothing and go back to ur side to claim for a refund? Do you think we would stoop down to that level?? Seriously!! This is the way he treat his customers im impressed. Continuing the convo, he said that the price I paid was discounted too and that my car was a one year old car with lots of defects. He offered the discount without me mentioning in the first place and now he want to blame me for it? Discounted price does not mean discounted job, if that’s the case, I would rather pay the non-discounted price or patronise another shop. Furthermore, if the car is only one year old yet they are unable to solve how they are going to solve issues on much older cars? Im nt sure. So my dad brought the car back for rectification yesterday but not much work was done except for coating the front bumper. But as for the swirl marks on the door handles, they seemed untouched, except for the driver’s door but scratches still visible. Texted the owner-operator about this, received no reply. And told them I would like a partial refund. Until this morning I received a message from another number saying that they are able to refund me $60. Only a mere $60 for so much trouble of going down again yet unable to solve the issue etc. Furthermore, so troublesome to get the refund of $60. Decided to do away with it. Really regretted choosing them and have to deal with such bad attitude and poor customer service by the owner-operator. We removed the warranty label on the car and won’t bother going back to their shop anymore. Thanks for reading this incredibly long message and my motive here is just to share my negative experience to fellow forumers. Have a nice day ahead peeps.
  17. Marvelicious

    Any reviews on Tyre Queen?

    tried searching but could not find any answers. anyone tried their service, how is the price like? i saw installation changes were $18 per tyre, which means $72 for installation.
  18. Hi, anyone had install HelixDSP sound procrssor? How is it?
  19. alfakidz85

    Any User Reviews on Groomers Lab?

    Thinking of doing PPS. Too many choices on MCF and too much price war going on. Looked around a few companies. I'm considering doing PPS for my Alfa with them but not sure if spending a few hundred on coating is worth it. Genuine feedbacks please on Groomers Lab or other recommended groomers will be appreciated.
  20. Ok, here is a crowd-sourcing idea I have. In my free time, I put up videos on my youtube channel. Flight review videos have garnered the most views. I can't be flying all the time. So I am looking to crowd-source video footage of your upcoming flights from fellow MCF folks. People like to watch overall flight experience, including the seats, the food, as well the In-Flight entertainment system. This is one example. I just need the raw video footage and I can do the edits and put it into a movie. I recognize we all of us want to stay anonymous, so please don't give me footage that you can be identified with (i.e. don't video your face). You can send the footage to me using a dropbox link that I will send over to you via PM. I am prepared to pay a nominal sum (in the range of $10 to $20) in appreciation for good video footage. You have to agree that once you give me the video footage, I have exclusive rights to it. If you have video footage of Business class or First class, I'd be happy to offer more. This is just a wild idea I have that hopefully will result in a win-win for everybody. You travel, do some video filming of your flight, and get some spare cash. I get more content for my youtube channel. PM me if you want to take the discussion further on this. Thanks and have a great day ahead.
  21. Sarong1

    CD Reviews

    Since all of us here are talking about ICE, be it improving on it, spending money making it look better, it all boils down to being able to play our favorite CDs and tracks the way we want it to be reproduced. I am asking all our "ICE ICE baby" to come share with us your favourite CD and tracks and tell us why you have liked it so much. For audiophiles, you may want to go into more details for fresh audiophile to appreciate better recordings, to listen out for any particular characteristic in the track, the feel and so on so forth. Happy ICing around...
  22. Soonkuay76

    Toyo T1 Sport Any Reviews?

    Just wondering any bros out there using this tire? any good am gonna use it for my new ride soon i hope
  23. Chanced upon a promotional booth for this new line of tyres (maybe not so new considering how slow I am in catching up with motoring developments) in the middle of Orchard Rd today - Potenza S001 by Bridgestone. Direct comparisons are only between it and the Re050 which I have not used before - has anybody fitted these new rubbers yet and if so would you like to share your experience with us here? Currently on the RE11 and thinking of changing soon.. the S001 looks good on paper indeed. Potenza S001
  24. Thinking of getting either the Odyssey or Orbital. Like to get comments and reviews from bros here. Anyone use callagris furniture before? Lasting or not? Any issues? The legs are 'double chromed' according to the sales person. Any rusting issues? Izzit one of those design very chio, but 1 year got to change kind? Very few comments online lei.