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  1. 5/6 years ago when I'm distributing industry diesel, it's 99.9% same as the consumer diesel.It's only lacking an anti-foaming formula.
  2. 2 women is easy with money.2 twins need time & money. 2 virgin twins should be the Homerun.
  3. Any local road hoggers won the GWR for the biggest ego?
  4. Vhtfhwlego

    What If You Had SGD10.2 Billion! RIP Mr Kwek

    If I have such money, I would hire my ex-bosses & managers that dislike my work to work for me.
  5. Recently I have a bad experience with tri-king, a retailer at marketplace. When I post my review, account manager refuse to upload the review to marketplace despite me posting my actual invoice from tri-king. It made me decide to post this post. Car seat ad for $250 inclusive of installation. Went to their place on Monday, the counter girl say store not open, come back another day. I then ask them to re-confirm the price and she said yes as per listing. The next day I after giving them a call, I proceeded over. Then they say is $350 instead of $250. I did agreed on $350 afterwards as I'm aware things are too good to be true it's probably true. Then I wrote the review. Car seat not center as they claim it's like that. Ask if whether I can adjust it if I need some minor adjustment and they say yes. Said it will be ready in 1-2hrs yet the whole job got delayed for 4hrs. I got the car back, left my original seats there and told them I will collect tomorrow. Immediately I dropped the review and I believe Mcf account manager highlight this issue to them. On wed when I return to collect my original seat i ask whether can adjust 2cm higher for my newly installed race seat and they say cannot. Maybe my actual review was being known to them, they changed the pricing and also the service towards me. Told the account manager to reply to me but since nothing had been done for 48hrs, I'm sharing with MCf and also my 2000 over members in uber & grabcar FB page.
  6. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Promo code ac95pue.Gets $20 off first ride. Anyway when you encounter issues with uber, you know who to look for.
  7. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Take a look at my last 5 statement.Add total payout and less cost average $750-$800 per week. Divide by 5 weeks x 52 weeks. Got $100k gross profit? I'm working smarter now. 6am to 11am & 5pm to 11pm Monday to Friday and occasionally Sat & Sun early morning hours for 2/3hrs. So it's around 60 hours per week. Average office staff gets up at 7.30am, go to work at 8am and reach office at 9am. Off work at 6pm and reach home at 7pm. Take time to compute as working hours = 11 hours per day. So it's 55 hours per week. Isn't it the same as me (as I start work at my carpark). If they work OT 1 hour per day or even 2, they are working even longer hours than me. Muahahahaha to the guy that dislike my post. Full time. Do check with the person that lent you the car.
  8. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Don't know which ball-less guy dislike my post... Since he cannot make it in uber, I have to show how much I made in the last 5 weeks and also my best week. Note, there is still fare disputes yet to iron out with uber. Some use watch, I use crayons. Anyway everyone in Uber knows Shiwei so I don't mark out my name.
  9. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    There is a lot of perfect 5 because they are part timers.Normally it's 4.7 or 4.8 which consider a very good driver already
  10. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    I just checked my statements. Total fares collected till date at $23k before less 20% uber fee. Total payout to me as a uber contractor at $45k. 18 weeks of driving:- Rental $320 per week Petrol $350 per week Misc cost including Un-chargeable ERP $80 per week So is uber making money? They are throwing huge amount of incentive to me.
  11. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Just to share, yestersay morning I pick up a couple. Firstly they checked my rating before I pick them up and when they see 4.9, they are thinking it should be a new driver. While in my car, I passed them my namecard and the male rider suddenly shouted, Oh My God! You're Eugene. I was like huh? How you know me? Later he explained that I'm famous in uber/grab forum like the god-of-uber. This is something to boost about in office with your colleagues.
  12. Vhtfhwlego

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Voted top rated uber driver for 10 weeks from 16 completed weeks. I guess I'm the only 4.9 rating driver in town and once u see a 4.9 in a blue gen2, u will be in for a treat. That's provided u wait for me and not the other way round
  13. Vhtfhwlego

    Why directasia car insurance so cheap?

    Sorry pal, it's yr own fault. Its your own fault which you had opt in +30years old driver to save a few pennies and let yr son drive afterwards. Same as my ex-boss purchased insurance for the company's car and he let his wife drove the car. DA void the coverage as his wife is not a staff of the company.
  14. Vhtfhwlego

    Woman Carry Woman Paris Fashion Show, very Bizarre

    Does it come in doggy position?