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Found 213 results

  1. E36UDM

    2006 Pontiac Solstice

    Source: General Motors First shown as a concept at the 2002 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, the Solstice immediately gained a huge following, both inside and outside of General Motors. Designed from the ground up in less than four months, the 2002 Solstice concept car promised thrilling, open-air driving freedom in the spirit of the great roadsters of the past. Built on GM
  2. Billy77

    2006 Toyota Estima

    Launching in Japan on 16 Jan 06. It is said to be based on the hybrid version (2nd pic) unveiled eairler. The new Estima looks pretty good IMO 2006 Estima [inline "New Estima 2.JPG"] Hybrid Concept [inline "estima_hybrid1 (Small).jpg"]
  3. 2006 Facelifted New Beetle - First Photos May 23, 2005 source: Volkswagen of America Volkswagen of America, Inc. revealed its
  4. Ronn

    2006 Toyota Wish Issues

    Hi all toyota wish bros, recently realised that when my '06 wish is accelerating on expressway after 70-80km/h, car starts to vibrate very very ferociously. It's like the car is travelling off road man.. Went to the WS and he said nothing's wrong with my engine. What else could the problem be? Need some serious help here, the TWCSG site is not working for me I can't even register
  5. Hi All, Like to seek advise from bros/sis here, the Engine and AT light turned on earlier this year (Jan) and I cleared it using torque. It happened once in a while then, so I visited a workshop and they recommended changing the AT oil and monitor which I did. (car mounted kerb few weeks before, so not sure if it can cause this although we didn't see any physical damage undercarriage) Btw the gearbox was replaced with a recon unit when I extended the COE in end 16. It seemed ok until recently (start of this month), both lights will turn on whenever I move off from the carpark at the start of the day. The gear shifting is a little jerky from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 and then stucked at gear 3 where the lights will turn on. I will then clear the error and continue driving (sometimes it happened another 2-3 times) and once it managed to hit gear 4, then everything will be fine. I noticed this happens when the car is parked for quite some time(I seldom drive the car).If I had been driving around for the day, then the chances of the lights coming up is very low. The error code is P0715 which points Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit. As the error became consistent, I sent it to two workshops to check 2 days ago and both told me that chances is the ECU and the worst case is the gear box. But after googling around, some say is the TCM which sound more logical. Thus, I would like to seek opinions from experts here whether it is more of an electrical or mechanical fault and if there are any good workshops to recommend. (these 2 workshops say it's not the speed sensor which the error code indicated though) Thanks!
  6. Both same price. Which will u go for?
  7. Dear All, saw on the ad, both cars got my attention. I am thinking of getting a short term cars to tight over my sales business. Just started my business with my partner. So, we do not wish to fork out too much on car, but car is essential for me. Not considering van for now. Auto short term drive would be ideal, anything that is over 1.5 years would be good as once business stablized or doing better, will opt to upgrade and change to better or newer car. ** i am trading in my proton savvy 5month left car, with2.7 Scarp value plus abit on body. and i do not intend to throw in alot of down payment. max is use my trade in value to offset a little bit. Nissan March, 1.4C Auto. 2004. COE expired 2019 oct? selling 15800, Nissan Sunny, 1.6 Auto, 2006, COE expired May 2021, about 21800-22800 Which one is more ideal? heard sunny is very high FC? how about march? good for short term drive? and if mid way i wana sell off this car, to upgrade, what are the implication and things that i will foresee?
  8. Shouyi

    2006 Toyota Camry

    To be launched in Japan in Jan 06. Stay tuned!
  9. 2006 model Toyota Prius hybrid battery need replacement. Borneo quoted $5k plus plus....any other options workshops can do ??
  10. Guys , I am going to renewal my COE which is expiring this month. I am thinking of replacing to new body kit with a fresh coat of different color paint for whole car. Is it cheaper to do it in Johor than Singapore? Any recommend shop which are famous for Singapore car in Johor?
  11. Speed_ong

    Toyota Harrier or Rav4 2006?

    Hi, Thinking of getting either model. Any bros here can share your fuel consumption of both models? Any problems facing both models? Advise is welcome! Thanks.
  12. Does anyone here know about or own Hyundai Verna 1.4A, from the 2005/2006 model? I'm considering getting one and am interested to know whether it has ABS. Is the car ok, for simple day-to-day use, and does it have any major or common problem? tks.
  13. I am currently driving the above. Been having 3 unresolved issues up till now. Steering wheel sometimes pull to one side suddenly for no apparent reason travelling on an even/straight road. Do I need to do wheel alignment/tyre rotation and balancing? Steering wheel sometimes pull to one side during braking. Do I need to do wheel alignment/tyre rotation and balancing? Loud creaky noises from front passenger door when making full turns at low speeds (Occur whenever I drive the car out for the first time in the day). I don't know how to resolve this. Any kind souls can help? Thanks
  14. Mod : Please post in sgcarmart.
  15. Dear all, Need some help over here. Anybody replaced the above before? Any idea how much it would cost and can it be DIY? Got one workshop told me need to replace the whole meter
  16. Fcw75

    2006 Cefiro J31 2.0

    Anyone here still driving a 2006 Cefiro 2.0L? What are the things to look out for? Thanks!
  17. Vios73

    Chevrolet Aveo Sedan 2006

    Fully agreed with the statement made by this link: http://www.mycarforum.com/reviews/reviews.pl?id=1050 I observed the good points too....value for $$$ buy ride.....
  18. Baal

    Large jumps in PA

    http://www.tremeritus.com/2014/02/22/large-jumps-in-pas-operating-expenditure-after-2006/ Large jumps in PA’s operating expenditure after 2006 February 22nd, 2014 | Author: Editorial Yesterday (21 Feb), People’s Association (PA) gave a statement attempting to explain why its auditors had given its financial reports an “adverse opinion”. PA’s reply was duly published in ST (‘PA responds to online reports on its accounts’, 21 Feb). In the article, ST also wrote that PA receives more than $300 million from the government each year. It said: “The PA is a statutory board under the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and receives more than $300 million in government grants each year.” As a matter of fact, PA is receiving a whole lot more than $300 million grants from the government these days. TR Emeritus (TRE) went through the PA financial reports [Link] and found that beginning from the year FY2006, the government has been increasingly giving more grants to PA ranging from $257 million in FY2006 (06/07) to $434 million in FY2012 (12/13): And beginning from FY2006 till FY2012, the average increase in government grants given to PA was 9.3% per year: % inc in Govt Grants FY2012 2.1% FY2011 9.3% FY2010 4.9% FY2009 13.8% FY2008 7.2% FY2007 18.3% Average 9.3% This was not the case prior to 2006 when the amounts given were about the same. The smallest increase since FY2006 was in FY2012 at 2.1% after the 2011 General Elections, when PAP’s votes went down to a record low of 60.1%. Government grants to PA need to be increased because PA’s total operating expenditure has been increasing since FY2006. It was more or less flat prior to that time: In the last FY, PA’s total operating expenditure was $483 million. On average, since FY2006, PA’s total operating expenditure has been increasing at 11.1% per year. From PA”s publicly disclosed information, in FY2007, there were 1,139 grassroots organization under its charge. By FY2010, this figure shot up to 1,803 (‘BREAKING: Auditors give adverse ratings to PA’s financial reports‘). Interestingly, the increase in PA’s spending and government grants to PA coincides with the increase in the foreign population in Singapore especially after 2006: (source: DOS) Perhaps PA is trying to help in the integration of the foreign population into Singapore’s society for the betterment of Singapore. What do you think?
  19. I'm confused... Read that the following configuration for Honda FIT - Red dot is 1.3L (M) or (A) - Blue dot is 1.5L (A) 7-Spd CVT Does that mean that the above uses different transmission oil? The Red dot uses normal ATF, while the Blue dot uses CVTF?
  20. Darth_mel

    Brake kits for 2006 Kia Magentis

    Any bro knows where to get a good brake kit for this car ? :)
  21. My dad is looking at changing his car. All 3 options have roughly the same depreciation ($600+ for 2006 Mercedes C180, $700+ for 2005 BMW 520, $700+ for 2006 Mercedes S280). As they are all cheap options, he will pay in full. He wants a car with low depreciation and cheap, but he also wants to portray a not-so-poor Ah Pek image.
  22. Hkarwai

    Altis 2006 model

    Wan to do up this car. Anyone can advice the price of new body kits and where to do? Can break down the cost of each parts of the body kits? side mirrors. front grille. rear spoiler. thank you.
  23. Jamessoh

    2006 ls460 $99k only?

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...306&DL=1000 was just checking the prices for fun when this seemed to take my attention. ls460 so cheap? the others in the market are going for $30-40k more. Some sort of gimmick?
  24. don't want to sound xenophobic (again) but somehow i feel there's a link between the car population and government's open-door policy between 2006 and 2011 perhaps the authority should present some stats showing how many PRs and foreigners own cars in Singapore it will not really be fair to us with shrinking COEs qty and its soaring prices
  25. Devils88

    2006 hyundai azera

    hi guys, im thinking of getting a used azera as the depreciation is low for a 3.3L , think around 6k per annum. i need feedback of this car hopefully from azera drivers about the car fuel consumption and maintence especially azera is very rare on the road and i am worry about spare parts. thanks lot :) and hopefully can see good replies cheers