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  1. hsl118


    Today marks the start of paynow, where you transfer funds to others using their NRIC or mobile numbers. No longer the need to get those bank account numbers. Several sign up promotions ongoing, from free cash to grab credits to chance to win iphone. In the spirit of MCF, you can go full cash and put downpayment to your dealer by using his registered mobile, up to 50k.
  2. Need some advice on transfer of car ownership: Suppose i want to buy a second hand car (relatively new car, abt 1 or 2 years) directly from a owner, i know that we can make a trip to LTA to do the transfer, which is relatively easy. However, if the owner borrowed a car loan from a bank, how do i ensure that the car will not be towed away by the bank should the owner failed to pay the car loan. How does it work? I saw a few such cases in the newspaper before, and it is really a nightmare to find your newly bought car towed away.
  3. It seems like you can transfer your NCD to your parents/wife/siblings. NTUC Income Dialogue Can NCD be transferred from one person to another? (eg. between parent and child, between siblings) Answer : NTUC Income has been quite flexible. For example, a policyholder wrote in saying that he owns 2 cars, and that the second car under his name is actually driven by his wife for the last 5 years. He wants us to transfer the NCD his wife We checked and found out that his wife has indeed been driving the car all along, and with good record. Thus, we will allowed the transfer of NCD. What is the pros and cons of doing this? Is it only with NTUC or with other insurance companies too?
  4. Hello Guys , have anyone of you sell the car thru consignment basis ? I got this deal , buyer interested to buy my car.. but the middleman ( car today ) claims that I will need to do a transfer first name to new owner first , then i get paid 1-2days after the car name transfer.. in all my car buying and selling , even buyer with loan , all full payment is done immediately after transfer name is done ? I found it very fishy.. anyone any enlightment me ?? 1) what is name transfer and this middleman dod not transfer ? 2) they charge super high % commission up to 5% if u want the payment done on the before transfer ! Maybe it their tactics to get instant commission rather from loan and insurance ? 3) there is no confirmation letter or agreement that fund is transfer own witheld by them ( middleman ) ... any member car to share.. Is this a scam ?
  5. If for some reason need to sell just after 1month how arh?
  6. The January 2019 transfer window is open. Which players will be on the move? Which club will take a gamble? Which club will make that astute signing that will propel them to greater heights? All discussions/rumors/coffeeshop talk welcome.
  7. Does anyone know the procedures involve to transfer car ownership while car is still under hire purchase? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am meeting with a problem and hope to get advise from fellow forumers on how to resolve this issue. My car is registered under my elder brother name. He is currently meeting with some financial problems and may be declared bankrupt anytime. How do I go about tranfering the car ownership back to my name. The car still have a outstanding loan with Maybank and the road tax and insurance expired on the 2th May. Please advise on the prodedures that I should be doing to transfer the car ownership including the bank loan. Is there any second hand car dealer who could help to do the transfer
  9. This should be a good starting point. Monaco reject world record £103 million bid for Kylian Mbappe from Real Madrid Many clubs after him but Monaco is unlikely to sell
  10. Officially confirm. BPL transfer begin at England time 00.01 am today 17/05/2018. Sky Sport News : PREMIER LEAGUE WINDOW OPEN Here we go ladies and gents, the Premier League transfer window opens today! Technically, it has been open since 12.01am, but I'm sure no deals have been done just yet. TRANSFER HEADLINES Arsenal to hold Arteta talks West Ham set to move for Benitez Papers: No suitors for snubbed Hart Pellegrini team meet West Ham What would Seri bring to Arsenal? Allardyce sacked by Everton Moyes leaves West Ham 'Neymar to Real would be terrible' When does the transfer window open? McGregor returns to Rangers Vieira upset after Arsenal contact Premier League ins and outs Link : http://www.skysports.com/transfer-centre
  11. Just to check if say during the period of december that I want to stay at my mum's place for like 2 weeks, am I allowed to transfer the season parking from my place to my mum's place (subject to availability I guess) for that period of time?
  12. Barcelona's Lionel Messi is the most valuable player in the world, what do you think? http://www.football-observatory.com/Top-transfer-values-Messi-outranks-Ronaldo-and-1141
  13. Hi, Seek advice on this issue Car title under father, but im the one who took the loan and paying thru my bank acct If transfer ownership from father to me, do i need to fully redeem my loan and take another loan? Reason for transfer is to build up NCD
  14. Pai say, start one new thread for 'Winter Transfer Window' ... So it's already 5 days in Jan 2018 and only 3 confirmed cases so far. 1. VVD to Liverpool for £75 mil 2. Barkley to Chelsea for £15 mil 3. Cenk Tosun to Everton for £27mil Unconfirmed:- 1. PC to Barca 2. Can to Juventus 3. Lemar to Liverpool 4. Kovacic to Liverpool
  15. Hi guys, I am getting a car from a local AD, and I am about to make the payment tomorrow. I was told that I could do an inter-bank transfer instead of cheque/cashier's order, is this a standard practice? Just want to avoid any possible traps. Thanks, 00
  16. i am doing transfer of name from my uncle to myself. for section C of the form (particulars of submitter), details of submitter should it be me or the vehicle owner? must the current owner be present at the point of making transfer? or can just bring his NRIC?
  17. Guys, please help advice! I am purchasing a used vehicle from Company A, but on the vehicle log card, the owner of the car is NOT company A but another company. (Let's call it company B) When I ask company A to give me the full UEN of the company that own the car, they refuse to give me. They explain that the reason why the car ownership is company B, is because they not enough cash to purchase the car from the seller previously, so they borrow money from company B. So company B keep the ownership of car to be safe. So should I still purchase this car from company A? Is it safe? Please advice! xoxo
  18. I have the following scenario to transfer the car plate which I can't seems to find out the exact procedure over the net.. I have 2 cars both under my name. Let's say I wanna transfer car A plate to car B, and car B to regenerate a new plate, how much will the cost be and how should I go around doing it? I believe this kind of job is a few mouse clicks away and I dun feel like paying a dealer 100++ just to do this job. Anyone have transfer plate like my scenario before?
  19. Starting the ball rolling will be Champion Leicester. Leicester City have agreed a deal to sign Genk midfielder Wilfred Ndidi for £15m. Will be completed early January.
  20. Anyone in the car industry can help? Without going thru a car dealer or middle man. I know sometimes car middleman is useful. But my father wish to try to do the sales himself, I am helping him because my father says the sales will free up some cash for his Hainan holidays and other future holidays. He just retired early this year. My father is trying to sell away his fully paid Subaru Forester 2008, to one of his friend. There is no loan on the car. The buyer has personally applied for a bank loan. I am not sure what type of documents the bank will issue when the bank loan is approved. I also want to know, when will the bank issue the cheque/funds in my fathers' name or account. Or when will the money be disbursed so that the car ownership can be effected. Anyone works in bank or car dealers who know the steps?
  21. Hi, i'm currently dealing with a direct seller regarding a car purchase. Right now my loan is approved and i'll meet him next week to pass him balance in cash/cashier order. I'm not sure whether he settled his full settlement with bank as I heard that even if he settle on the spot, it will take about 1 working day for LTA to allow the transfer for DBS auto loan. He informed me that his LTA pin is ready and will handover when I pass him the balance amount. I'm actually pretty confuse...lol
  22. Hi, I need some info from you guys. I am buying a car from a dealer (have already paid down payment last week) So now I can collect the car in a few days time. I am going to give him a cashier order and he will hand over the car. But he said, the ownership can only be transferred a few days later. Is this normal practice?
  23. Just changed to note 5 gold colour. Very swee but just notice got no hole for SD card 😢. Most of the things had transfer liao and now only left with watapps chat history. Can any expert teach me how to transfer the history over. Thanks q many many.
  24. First up, SSN reported that according to their sources,Newcastle will talk to Patrick Vieira about becoming their new manager
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