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  1. new ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033604323478407/
  2. Saggi

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    sure a not.. car still run well on 92/95.. dont let those advertisement con u.. petrol company got better margin when u pump higher octane !
  3. Saggi

    Opel Grandland X

    the front compartment .. no juke to be place.. small compartment.. so currently on average what your FC.. the 18km/lit is so misleading !! compare to the price , a tuscon turbo is very close match with bigger space??
  4. Saggi

    Opel Grandland X

    i mean the car will not slow down ler.. just LED indication.. u dont think opel maintainese will be same like BMW n merc ? also conti ler
  5. Saggi

    Opel Grandland X

    now most car offer 5 yr servicing liao... bmw after discount about 20K+ more.. actually spead 10yr is still ok.. but finally still went ahead to book the grandland... if they have the anti collosion like the opel insigna.. then lagi good..! now their only LEDS lwarning light.. driver may not notice during day time..!
  6. Saggi

    2014 / 2015 BMW 2 Series Active / Gran Tourer

    anyone got any coment on this model , the FC how far the performance and usage ? looking into one..
  7. Saggi

    Opel Grandland X

    went to have 2nd view.. really like the car.. sturdy and solid with good fc on the paper. spacious compare to vesel n other.. but other the servicing cost and high pricing for start. although high omv but still... u u paid out to them... worried the service cost of wear and tear compare to a Jap car. heard the some rattling noise from compartment that agent cannot solve.. is this true so far ? resale of the car might be an issue..? price is pushing near to BMW ... so was considering should i get a BM for the badge.. hahhah grand active see few on the road.. but the car is quite impressive
  8. Saggi

    Honda Airwave

    should be able to tong... so far no issue right.. ? looking for one too now...
  9. Saggi

    Honda Airwave

    yes good car
  10. Saggi

    Anyone looking to buy Honda Fit- Shuttle

    with the recent Volk auto parallel importer running away !! all will be worried to buy from parallel importer !! :( so which one is a better reputable one ...?
  11. Saggi

    Geylang property can buy?

    if you got daughter.. better not... environment affect the person staying there... it will be long life time effect like slow drugs..
  12. number one revenue for government ler.. easy money..!!
  13. Saggi

    Road trip to Chiang Mai Report.

    Anyone have any idea if our car can get into combodia ? I was trying to go by surin border into combodia.. anyone got any information on that ??
  14. Saggi

    Road trip to Chiang Mai Report.

    guy if on the way from huahin from BKK.. remember to stop over to see the million bats flying out of the cave from 545-7pm.. but after 630 pm will be too dark... millions of bats fying out become like a smoke chain..!! well , i did a Sin-BKk in 25hrs with 4 hr rest in Trang...Solo !! I guess that was one of the best part of my life driving.. free and relax... so close with nature... advice.. pump full at malaysia border... and fill nearer to BKK for cheaper fuel .......!! i guess at my currrent age... i doubt i can do it again.. it is just about 3 yr ago i do a Sin -BKK - Kanchanburi drive... well...!! age is catching up i guess there were a group trying to do Mymarmar trip but reject due to permit..!! signnn.!!
  15. Saggi

    ITB100HD feedback

    glass fix