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  1. Evilernie

    Join Subaru Kansha Festival and try out the Subaru EyeSight

    Alas missed the event due to work.
  2. Evilernie

    MCF HangOut to Ishikawa. Here's how to rent a car in Japan.

    Enjoyed the presentation and gotten to learn know few more places to visit.
  3. Evilernie

    2015 Forester 2.0

    There was one similar set from Taiwan, however my contact doesn't doesn't bring them in. I agree those from taobao doesn't feed nicely.
  4. Evilernie

    MCF HangOut to Ishikawa. Here's how to rent a car in Japan.

    Update on members who are coming to the event: Picnic06-Biante15 Sdf4786k Freeder Kezg1 HoDan happytan redstuff Bloob HenryTan_207384 Kuankung RickLee RichardJany Zedj thamnet tangs Silverkris Robin Anthonycch Cypress Cherrich bmthian spattiselanno liverpoolultraman77 zjunhuang Fpchong Patronic Lordmazex 7hm Westguy ohspjwei Princey_anne EvilErnie
  5. Evilernie

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Hi folks, anyone know where to get the fender set for SJ similar to Kaddis from Japanpart in Singapore?
  6. Evilernie

    2015 Forester 2.0

    https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/tan-chong-opens-subaru-plant-in-thailand?xtor=CS3-17&utm_source=STSmartphone&utm_medium=share&utm_term=2019-04-23+16%3A28%3A08 Tanchong open Subaru plant in Thailand.
  7. Wish for smooth sailing for Liverpool this season and wish them well in achieving something out this season.
  8. Evilernie

    MCF HangOut - UnDiscover Tasmania with Jetabout Holidays

    Thanks MCF organising this event, another nice destination to visit.
  9. Evilernie

    Dashboard sabre light

    Is those similar to Mercedes Benz?
  10. Still good chance to win the title if they keep their mind and soul together.
  11. Evilernie

    [Post Event] MCF Hangout with VW May 2018

    Hi pChou, I had made payment on 12 May 2018, please assist to check for confirmation. Thank you.
  12. Evilernie

    LG/Samsung/Sony TVs

    Guys any recommendation of the brand and model of sound bar to if budget $500 and below? Thanks.
  13. Evilernie

    [Post Event] MCF Hangout with VW May 2018

    Dear moderator would there be MCF decal give away or on sale? Hope to get another pair.
  14. Evilernie

    Dengue death

    Remain vigilant and don't be compliance.