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  1. Hi, I was looking at my G-plate commercial vehicle insurance terms and conditions. Realized that "geographical area" includes West Malaysia and 80 km into Thailand ! So I am planning to drive G-plate into Malaysia without getting the relevant permits from Malaysia side. I wish to know: How is the ban on Singapore commercial vehicles enforced? Is it aggressively enforced, or just another close-one-eye type of regulation? Exactly where do they do they conduct checks?
  2. wanna check with any bros whether have they bidded any car numbers from one motoring before? Qn is : i wanna bid a new car plate number. so what to do? and also do i have to give up my current number after i successfully bidded the new number?
  3. SINGAPORE - It will be mandatory for diners to return their trays and clear their table litter from June 1, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Friday (May 14). Table litter includes used tissues and wet wipes, straws, canned drinks, plastic bottles and food remnants left behind after dining. To help diners adjust, there will be a three-month advisory period from June 1 to Aug 31, during which diners will be advised to follow the rules and no enforcement action will be taken. From Sept 1, enforcement will be taken against those who do not clean up after themselves at hawker centres. First-time offenders will be given a written warning. Subsequent offenders may face composition or court fines, which can go up to $2,000 for the first conviction. The Singapore Food Agency will also work with NEA to roll out enforcement progressively at coffee shops and foodcourts in the fourth quarter of this year. NEA said the move, which takes place amid the public health crisis that Singapore is facing, comes after years of extensive educational efforts to change behaviour and mindsets of diners at public places. NEA's deputy chief executive of public health and director-general of public health Chew Ming Fai said: "We've been talking about these clean tables since 2013, and there's been a lot of education effort that has been put out over the years." One example is the Clean Tables Campaign launched in February to remind diners to step up the cleanliness in public dining places, such as not leaving food remnants behind after eating and clearing their dirty crockery. Mr Chew said: "Following up from that exercise, we've seen a small uptick in terms of tray return rates from 33 per cent to 35 per cent, but unfortunately, I don't think that is significant enough." To complement enforcement, NEA will also be setting up more tray return infrastructure across the hawker centres. Currently, there are about 900 tray return racks installed across 111 hawker centres. Good move lehhhhh but wasnt expecting the mandatory lai zhen de
  4. So I am considering to buy a Excursion Bus as my personal ride. What can you tell me 1) Insurance - need public liability also right? 2) Parking fees for HDB? 3) Can be driven to Malaysia I know - but what is the process for this? 4) If get caught speeding, what is the fine like, and points? Cus will be vocational license right? 5) Once reach end of COE can renew or not? What is process like to buy new COE - considering 7 or 8 year old van, to keep purchase costs way low, then just inspect well and fingers crossed. Am considering the Vito, also quite liked the fiat when I test drove - best thing about fiat was that seats could be lifted out to make cargo van (and could take out row by row, so could have 12, 9, 6 or 3 seater depending on needs).
  5. This was published in the Straits Times way back in Mar 07. 2 years on, what's the status? === Name your own plates soon for Singapore cars By Christopher Tan, Senior Correspondent ILUVROCK, BOND007 or even LIMTUATOW - these may be some of the special number plates on cars here, perhaps later this year. Also called personalised or vanity plates, they are a common sight in many countries, including the US, Britain, Australia and Denmark. They could hit Singapore's streets as soon as this year, sources told The Straits Times. The Land Transport Authority said it is still working on details and has not decided on the implementation date. 'This came out of the blue and seems to be in line with the loosening of rules here,' an observer said. In the meantime, said the LTA, it has been working with the motor trade industry and others to make changes to its systems to allow the use of personalised numbers on vehicles. As in other countries where they are allowed, such plates are likely to cost quite a bit. In Hongkong, tycoon Albert Yeung paid HK$13 million (S$2.5 million) for a simple '9', which in Cantonese connotes longevity. Other popular plates there include HANDSOME, K1NG and 1 LOVE U. The Straits Times understands the LTA is studying various pricing options, but a flat fee is more likely than an auction system. Various agencies such as the Housing Board, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Association of Hire Purchase are being informed of the plan. 'Apparently, the computer system needs to be upgraded to accommodate the changes,' said a spokesman for the Singapore Vehicle Traders Association. The new number plate may take up to 12 characters - compared with the maximum eight now. Motorists and dealers welcome the move. Mr Glenn Tan, chief executive of Subaru agent MotorImage, said: 'It is a great idea. When I was studying in the States, I had a personalised number, TCH18. TCH are the initials for my Chinese name, Tan Chun Hong.' Plates with offensive or sensitive messages are unlikely to be allowed. Five years ago, the LTA banned vowels in number plates in what was seen as a pre-emptive move to prevent SEX on Singapore's roads.
  6. We thought things like this only happens in the movies but as it turns out, there are people doing this in real life as well! As seen on a Facebook post by SG Road Vigilante, the owner of this red 7-seater BMW 216D Grand Tourer wrote in to the page claiming that another BMW 2 Series in a similar shade of red has been using their number plate, chalking up fines they were not responsible for. However, this red 2 Series is a 5-seater variant that is called the Active Tourer and it looks largely similar as you can see from the screenshots taken from BMW Singapore's website. Reproduced below is an extract from the rightful owner of the plate SGX821M that was in SGRV's post. Hi, I was notified that you posted a video back in July on a speeding car with my license plate #SGX821M. I would like to highlight that THAT is not my car. Someone is impersonating us using our license plate. I drive a 7 seater BMW 2 series while the car in the video was a 5 seater 2 series. We were issued fines that we are not responsible for. AND my husband literally drove past the idiot this morning bearing our license plate while we were dropping our kids off to school. We couldn’t give chase because we were on opposite sides of the road. I have lodged a police report and have notified the LTA. We are awaiting investigations. If you happen to see the car, please help update the police on its whereabouts. Check out the video of the imposter who was also featured on SGRV before.
  7. Hi all, i understand that we need to pay like 100 bucks to use back our old number on our new car. But what abt the replacement of the old car with the new number if the car is not for scrap but into the 2nd hand market by the dealer? Do we need to pay to give it the new number?
  8. Spotted on SG Road Vigilante's facebook page is this amusing photo of a motorbike's number plate. According to them, this was taken on 1st of July 2020 at Bukit Batok West Edge and the bike in question is a Yamaha Aerox. We have no idea why would someone flout the law to do this. To improve aerodynamics? To make the bike look bigger than it is? Or to make it harder to be identifed by the Traffic Police's camera and Traffic Police wannabes on SG Road Vigilante? What do you all think?
  9. I am looking to purchase a 2nd hand car either from dealer / direct owner. How do i verify the history of the car if its accident free, mileage etc..? What are the info that i need in order to check? Currently, i only have the plate no. of the car i am keen on. Beisdes checking with AD, can i check with LTA? Thanks for help!
  10. Hi , Anyone know how to apply for new car plate number when buying used car ? Can’t find the detail from one motoring , just wanted a new number without bidding . The bidding or retain old car number cost min 1000 . Thanks
  11. Say the small van with GXXXX plate, entering JB for a day? Must it have the permit, http://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/faqs Is there any way around it?
  12. Who drives these cars? are they cars given from our govt to bigshots? why are they entitled to such benefits?
  13. Hi, Is there a website that displays the car license plate series and the associated month/year registered? E.g. SGN - Nov 2006 SDK - May 2001 Thanks
  14. Hi all, Any idea which place can i buy Solar panel or solar plate Many thanks
  15. Hi! I realised used cars now have SKB, SKC....new registration plates. Is it because they bought a new 10 year COE or they just prefer new number? They can still use the old number that came with the car right?
  16. Friend shared with me. Quite fun for those interested. 1544433287345_Car_Prefix.pdf
  17. ok... im blur already after reading here and there on the process and cost......need help to guide me on the processa and total cost ok, let's say i have a car now with current number plate sss1234s and intend to bid for new number sss6789s. i know i can just go and bid for the sss6789s which cost me $1K. now, how should i swap my current number plate with the new one? how to handle the old number plate? how much it cost to do the paperwork?...any kind soul can provide a "guide for dummies"...
  18. For all those who like Euro plate, small plate, chrome plate, SMLJ plate....You will get caught: http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...626-150974.html Hundreds caught with illegal plates Over 700 motorists hauled up in first four months of this year alone. -myp Fri, Jun 26, 2009 my paper [top: A 7 series BMW that spotted the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) disapproved Euro car plates at Bencoolen Street. More car owners are using Euro car plates which are considered illegal as their font size and colour do not conform to the LTA's vehicle licence plate requirements.] By DARYLL NANAYAKARA THEY are bright, stylish - and illegal. And they are hot, so much so that some car owners are willing to risk a jail term of up to three months just so they could have number plates that look good even though they do not conform with Land Transport Authority (LTA) stipulations, such as European Union-style ones. The LTA told my paper that 726 drivers were caught in the first four months this year for such offences. For the whole of last year, only 2,039 were caught. Car workshops told my paper that such licence plates are still flying off the shelves despite the severe penalty. On the average, the workshops said they each receive between 35 and 50 requests per month from drivers wanting to switch to the illegal licence plates - which can cost between $40 and $65 each, depending on the size and design. Mr S. L. Teo, 32, from Autozone Motoring, said: "There will always be a demand for the nicer ones that are illegal. "The approved ones have too many restrictions in terms of how they should look and how big they should be." Another workshop operator, Deck Carcraft's Jackson Kang, 27, said: "Customers are willing to take the risk even after we tell them the plates are not approved ones. "To them, how their car looks is more important." Another reason smaller plates appeal to drivers is to avoid detection by the authorities. Illegal plates that use reflective fonts and contain ornamental marks alongside the vehicle's registration number may make it difficult to read the car's licence number when the vehicle is moving, for example, when it is involved in a hit-and-run accident. A staff member of a workshop, who declined to be named, said: "The majority of the drivers come with heavily modified cars they use in illegal races and the smaller the plates, the harder it would be for the Traffic Police to read them." According to LTA guidelines on the One.Motoring website, approved licence plates should have letters and figures that are 70mm high, 50mm wide and 10mm broad. However, illegal plates usually have fonts that are between 10mm and 15mm smaller than stipulated by the LTA. A spokesman for LTA said drivers caught with plates that do not conform to requirements face a fine of up to $1,000 or a jail term of up to three months. In addition, the drivers would have to have the defective plates made good within seven days or risk facing a maximum fine of $2,000 or six months' jail - the penalty for repeat offenders. [email protected]
  19. Spotted a Mini Cooper in Punggol with no car plate behind. Camo pattern paint with super dark windows. Anyone seen before?
  20. Recently I have been receiving comments about the Dumex plate I have used for my western food meals. Seems like some people in this forum has it. So who are the one have this plate? 1. DACH 2.
  21. Hi Bros and Sis's, do you know where can I get a new set of car plates? My friend's plate is cracked due to a bumper accident thks! thks!
  22. I can't imagine paying so much for a number plate....even the rich ppl might think twice abt spending $80K....or am i wrong abt the rich ppl mentality? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...595&DL=1000
  23. Hi guys, hope you don't shoot me... afterall, most of you been through this same stage as me. although I got quite a comfortable pay and should afford my own car but too bad i got some outstanding loans to pay off now hence dun have enough funds to own a car but very much want to rent a car over the weekends to practise my driving and parking without paying for a car of my own + other expenses on monthly basis. I found the below car rental companies willing to rent out their cars to P plate drivers: Neo resources - Located at Macpherson Dream car rental - Located at Paya Lebar car-rentalsingapore.com - located at Ubi 96228978 (got the num here from one of the bros here in one of the rental thread) - contacted this person and found that they dun have a website but they are operating in Yishun Any reviews and feedback for the above companies? Also... anymore rental companies you can recommend to me that is willing to rent to P plate drivers? Preferably in the west so I can return my car easily.... Thanks alot!
  24. if any bike owners 2408 (sorry i forgot the alphabets) found your bike sleeping on the parking lot instead of parked upright this morning at Jurong East Blk 150 car park, pls contact me. I saw what happen. after tat i went atm and toilet 10min but ur bike not there after i tot of leaving u my contact number on your bike. PM me if need my help. if anyone has member at bike forum, maybe can help repost. bike should be ok can drive off. but see liao juz offer lah...
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