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    Mercedes C class W204 (Facelifted model) Reliability

    Drove a 1.6 W204 FL CGI 7G TRONICS FEB2013. Got it from trustable PI which come with both front memory seats and steering column. Most c&c model of this generation dont come with these. No major problem but the smallest thing that failed amaze me. Inner door handle broken. Parts replacement is the whole inner door panel! abt 3k to order brand new! Definitely a good car to renew. But backside itchy now.. planning to change.
  2. Chibibotto

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    No problem bro
  3. Chibibotto

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Bro, it might not be expensive in your opinion, but its not fake. Your pic is BBS F1, mine is BBS SR. Very much cheaper version. http://www.bbs-usa.com/road-wheels-detail.cfm?CLID=89&WF=4
  4. Chibibotto

    Proud of your RIMS? Post it HERE!

    Mine :)
  5. Chibibotto

    How hard is it to sell a lesser known car in SG?

    The design of skoda and Renault don't appeal to most. On top of that, for the same price, there are many other choices that have more appealing look. Ofcos it is known that looks is not everything when buying a car, but a very important one to most. The vrs combi look ok especially with it's LED daylight, but the price tag put some off as many Japanese counterparts with better look and expected better resale value are available in the market. The Renault on the other hand doesn't seems to be improving in the looks department. It's so unlike it's French counterparts Peugeot whose design is always sexy. Look at the megane, it's a good car, but the looks never change much over the years. Then compare the new Clio with the Peugeot 207. Votes are likely to go to the 207. If they start to make the car more appealing in the looks department, I believe the brand will sell better. Take Kia for example, their new range prove to be more appealing. Before this, most look at it as a budget brand, the image now is very much improve. And the sales figures... Hmm, look at the number of forte on the road...
  6. Chibibotto

    Pros and con of signin on as airforce senior tech

    I am not from airforce, but know a lot who is once from there. Good thing abt airforce as compared to the rest of the armforces is the timing is more or less fix. Even though there is shift work, if u need to work only in day for impt reason, it can happen. Many of them actually can further study part time, and come out with better qualifcation. If u have intention to further study, I think 1 way is to sign on and be financially independent, get a higher qualification and get out once contract ends. But really if u dont like the job, it's a hard task to endure for 7 yr. I use to be from navy, didn't like it at all.. Endure and come out after 6 yr. But sometime I think back, it's not a experience u can use outside, but it is definitely a different life experience in a good way. Oh ya, a plus for airforce, all my airforce friend pray they recall for reservist.
  7. Chibibotto

    2010 face lift Honda CR-V

    It seems like many of us here only go for looks...well its not wrong since a car here doesnt come cheap. Not to mention a SUV. But apart from the looks of a car, many of us actually spend many hours in a car on the road nowadays due to the heavy traffic. I myself spend like 3 hrs or more everyday traveling around. So a comfortable car is very important. I think my CR-V is very comfortable and very reliable. I drove a few Japanese brand and 1 continental. So far this car is the most reliable i have. While some may criticize that SUV is not earth friendly. I do not know abt the rest, but my CR-V is doing a good 10KM/L with my a lot of start and stop driving pattern. This is almost the same as a lot of 2.0L sedan or even better. Its definitely a good car to consider. Well but if you dont like the looks of the car..i think seriously you shouldnt consider it. I myself do not think it is the best looking SUV. But many of the better looking one i consider didnt give me the same comfort i am looking for. Not to mention the refinement of the car compare to those that i use to target at.
  8. Chibibotto

    Engine dies during cornering

    In a manual car, if the car is in gear and the car is in motion, release the clutch pedal is sufficient to start the car back. This is the same as pushing start a car. Engage gear, step on clutch, push car, release clutch, car started.
  9. Chibibotto

    Is this RX8 worth considering?

    I think it's a rays g-games 77m. Was shopping for rims and was quoted abt 500 per piece for 18.
  10. Chibibotto

    HONDA CRV 2.4: AD or PI

    Most PI spec on the 2.4 is low. Theirs is more like KAH motor 2.0L with a bigger engine... alot of function is not there..if i not wrong, auto seat, headlight, wiper etc all dont have...but they got purple color..kah dont have
  11. hmmm... unhappy that the korean car is tougher?? maybe someone in the forum can enlighten u that his '99 elantra rearended a BMW5 series and the boot was gone but the elantra only number plate cracked..... I dont think he dont believe that korean car are strong la...Its quite true that the height difference of the reinforcement bar will cause serious damage to the car with the lower height. During braking, the trajet rear is likely slightly lifed up and the ford front dipped causing this serious damage when it go below the trajet reinforcement bar.
  12. Its really ok. It was abit confusing in the beginning. But after piecing up all the helpful reply, i manage to get wat i want to find out. Thanks for your clarification too. It was loud and clear. You totally get what i am asking. My fault for not expressing myself clearer though. Not very good in words. Would like to thanks all for the helpful ans and wish all a happy 2008.
  13. wah very chim leh....hahaha..nvm..wonder wat number is tat. Anyway..thanks for your info :)
  14. hahaha...if it is more than 300, i wont even consider...100..can consider la..my number not very pretty..but a lot of admin work i need to do if i change car number...coy season parking is one example.. :)
  15. But why is it not him who pay the 1300 as it is to replace his existing car and not yours mah...u sell the number on an agreed price of 5k..how he want to use it is his pasah mah..if he is using it on an old car...then ofcos he pay mah..no?